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,.„^w«r .-t*•'^• 
•- tji-j' ^' ™-^ -'^-' 



*1W-— --»5 





>V«»r4 XiUrttWMMlt »•«!•• 

gre^'Tient \^ 

^d to d:;' 

■Slies Ship 

•" a. I lA ^•"' 

LBU.>. i>-« ^"-'yr,,e today a 
»i cf the r.pon t^at ^^^^^^ 

• MnntU. tliH Natlonal- 

.^,„.,„, int.rrn. 

aeiili" reifiird to the 

^«ii tt/iked if ho 

iliril- recov«ry 

Univeraitg Plana Which Won The Competition 



, Made for 1ht Ixte' 
sioif Prefemrtce inpase of 
Goqfe Cabled by Dirfct and 
Effifcnt Servico 

OTTaW, I> 

Lt the vV^ertiiku 

Tierce fri^ the ' 

lied i^<«-» •' 

^' thf «^:-. ■. 

rl»l!yi*'ho!i th« ivf'w ag«*«'ti««t 
C»nrt^ he (.me» effe<,ti.e. 
CMift4*'«l.-rft. - iMth the.lKlanUs last 
'ear mrgr^.U'. £t;g».M3. but. In^noHrly 
every ftistU"'. ' was luably behin.i 
the rnUc-(K>t''S i.r;rt:oi!'.irIy in fc- 
.|pect to fj; 
Ions. Wlti 

). (Isfuffs arwl -provU t 
ininro.ei. steams-'' 

fervid* pliini-i 


ti .11 

>jr»lati r of Cus- 

Tn the 1' 
iGeorg* F< > 

meht b?t\v t i; 
aria, ■ Th i 

sary will ■ i 
juice }»nil 
will hi- («) C-: .1 
Hon. M. K.I ' 

Hon Off), t' 

'pinc' 'I'Ur 

Ariiendi>i!n:._ t^ 
tro(Uice«i la,tii 

.Mr. ■ ■■ i^r ' "■ '<'■'■ '-tpUi ."! that in 
order n. fiflVi- u' W.^; liidl-s a »r- - 
fcrencp ^ 'Vi'. a il'i' wwn.l '.i»ve > 
be plft<''." n•sr'^ ■ (-^rvi^n en ititrtes O 
thi (,' iiT' (iin'i< V ,yn :. . . -" 

practinaV.y tV'\ I» r -^i 

Virefcrciv <• im io» S.ea 
l»ss thni! t6 cits Tl!ftr 
will h- ..Ut-i;ti>j frin 
trlfs. . Iiity n^ lis^,- 
.ttallon \' lild :..!•);■<. 
Xhe pr. ^ nl (i<'l v*. i>» 
On fre*h I'.mf a\0 pf i 
duty wi.iil.i ) .- I ">•' 

Unprecedented Development 
Portrayed by Chairman at 
Annual Meeting of Share- 
holders in London 



Figures Quoted Show Company 
Is Greatest Electrical Con- 
cern in British Empire--More 

■ lmprovemei>ts Contemplated 

Wa Electric i:.. 
held In Lon n 
on the deffi • <-" 

At the annual 

' ! ihr Urltish Colum- 

v:i> I'ompany, I-.lmitf-a, 

lay, a final dlvldcuU 

-loeh, at the rale of S 

of li 5 ..-spjtch on the 
Xiestioii of .le Panama 
.lanal E^pr^ssi'ci the Public 
feeling \i: d lind 

... ,x 1 " i\ . '. I 'r •■ ' >ndon 

niirning papor*^ pr -.'.»« IIib lucidilj and 

fir'ttcss .vUh T'-Mrh Ittr Edward Orey 

■ <-ian I'K- B-;ti.« \ a»e I" regard to 

fanama (una mi express tho 

per cent per annum, waM declared, which 
makes the total distribution on the 
whole capital employed utiiount to ap- 
proximately ■•'A pel" c*nt, ihe actual 
amount of cash capital ex.pcnded on the 
enterprise being t34,976,990 and the 
total amount paid out In Interest and 
dividends being $1. 4^7, 190. It Is 8ome- 
time.s tho\ighl that itif B. C. Klcctric 
Railway Company Is paying its Hliaro- 
holder« 8 per cent per annum on the 
money. This is not tlie case. Only 
the deferred capital, wlilch Is less than 
one-.seventh of- thf whole, nominHlly \ 
receives 8 per cent but actually re- 
ceives a very much lower rate as al- 
most the whole of the deferred stock 
has been subscribed at a larxje casih 
premium. Thus for every ilOO of de- 
ferred stock issued during the past 
years |120 of cbs'S- has been paid Intn 
the treasury. Over fourteen million 
dollars of debenture stock for which 
100 per cent has been paid Into th-j 
trea.'.ury only yletd.<s 4'i per cent. 
Otaalrman'a AddrM* 
Mr I!- M. }loruf-Va>;nf, lh<? chair- j 
man, said; — We hayc endeavored to i 




In resfsi't) t! 
plained that t!: 
by which "he 
import at tbi 
per cent "f ' 
would be do' 
mjsl be ••MiK 

Mr. V 
N. B..» '.-K^'.l 
any p. cc-.eren 
tv..'af ,.i()'-i9l''--. 
Ifb prA^cren 
for thrife y- 
dause Xuur 
prodded tba 
a prorlamat; 
fnir that the 
'.ended )n tjir 
shipped 41re<' 

. a .lul of '. 
'.i;nd?pd puui' 


ifelles will recog- 
)( i;:i of the df-niand 
* ) riited to arhltra- 

. <t The celi^hra- 

mco b.v siicli u 

1 ,. < ^ "iint Incident." 

«i,"it I nn<"it understand 

. n'l-,^ the Britisii ptm- 

lie foreign ■■ttiri' 

\ ;. a \>.'ry effe.'tivo 

Th* Washington 

. .,.■ ■ a Krave mistake 

n »ii'-h a mutter 

.>r !ier."*elf '•< he 

.,iv- ••Pre.'<!ilfnt 

.rl> an ''lec- 

, iia.s left a dla- 

II i the Amir: an 



to Cau. ilan ti 
said It ^M irr possible t pre«<"nt to fix 
the <l«fe.^ . , * 

Hon. WiUf*:n PuguNM iettrt|*'>' a^r"**'' 
wlt'i thlSii^rppoBal, but ».ild \f was nt ■ 
very saijflaciory ii n .ite coi^'^-^ "'■'• ■''^, 
rts-t.-ied. I^&t a«ked If ' was i "«* P"*' 
iribU: l6)Wi a MOA s Hmshlj J service 
with th*:^e.'t Tndlea once,' so that 
all )ia«Mn«»r and friitly fttrl ''f^ couid 



be carrlcf} SI: 
New fork. 

H T Mr, Kotter fiiplie;'**:"" 
a qui'stlon that troubled 
•rnment und^ troubU'i 
frlfnd «i^ the t«hi«> they - ' 
Fifteen' j»«ar» had paMe.1 
still an I'nef fl'-le«t nervl. e 
,ida jind the" Went Indie»;'^^ 
tho course of one yeai {I, 
^ipectea^'hJtn to solve r:^!'' 
fie heartlljr agreed tJiat • fi ' 
Into CanjMls- shouM 'frr r 
ports, tlowtever, unii; ' 
Itah a sathtfiictory sorv: 

The re«olui,on ■Wf* ' 
Fui»ier mov-'.' tli.j :i\tr 

* nniv- 

hl.'! wa.s 
Id gov-'e 


'rc was 

r. I'an- 
" yet In 

lOA. tloi* 

' ,'iculty 

li a st.i'.c ih, 
fsofli the B 'T<(i 
Hit: 'i and .fo ■ ! 

'.I ij-Ttrov.'r"*, 
! » ' impe^'fi' 

■ rr * 

., ,., . 

li.-? th»t.»i"( ek> 
fin wbo*?m ri »■ 
s;if>!ont ft. ■p'n'''^ ' 
Prt'.idenf 1 TRfl 
■'K'.yf* a .'-tM5r'' ' 
unU t*<d liirti'i;<'M' Brtt<-«' that Sir 

Ine exainpb^ of 

Ighould be and 

L^ with great 

bncUides: The 

knUrely s'i;»<i 

Bi Haifuf I ri- 

tnay rtn. it.* 

« ado.'' 

lian. oomrr Tt- 
.r'>H*es !*■.* ■>*- 
tVoadrow ■li- 
lted hlmsr to 
1.1 Bin. •» lid 

construction, and which have Involved 
Ihe expenditure of such large amrnints 
of capital, are iH'Kinnlng lo earn money 
In February Unt the first unit at .Jor- 
dan niver wan put Into operation, an»l 
It has successfully delivered power Into 
the city of Victoria ever since with sat- 
isfactory result.^ t.) the earnlng-s of the 
Victoria branch. The second unit was 
:Uho completed successfully about n 
fortnight ago, and we have commenced 
the work of Increasing the water stor- 
age capacity. In accordance with the 
original plans, so that we may be abU' 
to gradually increase the electrical de- 
velopment unit by unit to Us ultimate 
capacity of nliout 4B,f.>V HP Thus 
we are providing In advance for the In- 
creasing demand for power In Victoria 
and the surrounding districts where It 
seems probable that '.rade of all sorts, j 
and ■ ■ busmesR, 'Sill Increase rapidly 
* fintlniifd ■•« ■'••ire 10. Cot, 8. 

NEW rail 

Messrs. Sharpe and Thomson, 
of Vancouver, Are Awarded 
First Prize for Design and 
Plans of Buildings 



Prominent Part Taken in Com 
petition by Architects 
Province— Construction 
Proceed Without Delay 

Way Has Been Cleared for the 
Debate on Principle of the 
Bill, Which Will Go On From 

OTTAWA, Dec. 10.— -This was the 
first Government day of the ■week in 

Meesrs. .Sharpe & Thonaaon. «rv ■..! 
t^«. ^ U Oid-.ii&la ii.lOCJ5, ya.n'-;'>y'':f- . 
have'been successful In the notable co.n- 
petltlon for the high honor of i.^iih..r- 
shlp of the design and plans ' vi.-.on , 
which the various (buildings In the^r ^n- ,- 
tlretv constituting the Unlvarsitv of- 
British Columbia will be erect jd. In 
addition to thua winning the jrixe of 
ti 000 offered for the best deslga ilor 
this great Provlt»clal -worlt submitt'; In 
open competition, the auccessl'al 'ir'n 
win also enjoy the hlttorlcal dl«-it>o.- 
tion and by no means ln»Wfnl« ■»•"* • 
emoluments attachln* to the -preTara-aon 
of detail pHins and »ene.ral eui-ervti4on 
of the work of construction ^vTi'-: ', Is 
to be initiated forthwith. 

i^econd In order of merit aniyng.'the 
designs submltteil In competltlofi ' are 
adjudged those of anotJier talertf'd Jin- 
couverlte, Mr. Doujflas Scott V^ow of ^ 
Powell Street; while third an» t-JUrth 
respeclively *J"e Massrs. Phlltt'T. ;lur- 
ner and partners, 11« Board *t "'frade 
Building. Montr«al. and Symor.« ft ■ Bae. 
15 Toronto Street, Toronto. The njoney 
prises to <be received by thase ! four 
leaders in the notable eompeUtlcr-. just 
decided »T« re?pectlv'«l>r- H,0)0, .r»,900. 
12,000 and $1,000. 


make the report and- accounts clear to j ^^^^ Commons, and Kood headway "was 

everyone, and nmltlng occurs to me In I made wjith the business on the order 

connection with them -that reaulres paper. Practically all the minor Gov- 

further explanation. They record an- , ..rnmenl; measures were advanced, a 

other satisfnctprv- ypar in the history | staKe, ine resolution on which la based 

of the Company. 

I am very pleased to, be able to tell 
yo\i that our two hydro-electric instal- 
lations which have been so long under 

or f ' 


c*nteiit;op of 

d£ET SUG*^ ^ UTpuT 

the 1.111 ratlfylnK the ^Vest Indian ] 
I Trade Agreetnent wa.s passed and the 
bill Introduied. A large nuniber of 
motions for returns waro assented to 
and a number of formal (luestlcn ^ «n- 


The Naval Bill resolution wa-i adopted 
without dlscu.-'alon. and It was agreed 
that It would have precedence on Thurs- 
day over all other business. The 
speakers on Thursday .will. In all prob- 
ability, be Sir Wilfrid J,aurler, Hon. 
Geo. R. Foster, lloii. (ieo. I'. Graham 
and Hon. J. IJ. Hazep. l>r. Michael 
Clark (Red Deer) will move the ad- 
iournment and continue the debate whin 
the House meets on V^rlday. 

^VlK■n the resolution with respect to 
the Naval BUI was taken up tho Speaker 
said that in his judgment the bill Bhould 
have been initiated b.\ a resolution, but 
Bs tlie bill, with the consent and upon 
the instructions of the Ho\».».e, had bci n 
introduced and read a first lime, he Im- 
agined the present action on the resolu- 
tion wa."i the only one possible. 

The Navy debate will have precedence 
over all other business except questions 
until the House adjourns for Christ- 

The Liberals helil a caucus tonight, 
regarding which much secrecy Was 

Provincial University at Point Gre>, a'^ prepare t competition, carry- 



lit J^-»tiir< A 



1— win ''bB' 

Bfleetn '• ' 

.\«w T niv 
S— Tiel«»rnr>hi. 
" i-^Ark A; 1*1. 
i — Mpttre L«n 

.;•—»?*• ft* I' 


„, j,; l'.U< .... _-..,, 

5;_1M»*''>i. I ,-l.*w t\vr 
t*tai« A«vtt|i 

■'" """ ' ^' «iur. 

f>f(,':iCr«>\' ' "1 

■«i jf»r On >;anf Hon 

1:«i^> I 

' ». 

Btaanf M««*« t« «W»-' ■-. 


nrlal «Ullft.t'<'.!8 l^.*. 

fkrtorlffs a< .W^^ent t 
ft. la producel i' 
period of 13 1 . ' 
grown su^rkr t*er)», 
roundrf, or i*'^1» ' 
•iipar, ' as' >•.«,'■< r-a-i 
nds. or Iv.Sftf • 
wn of 3 » . « ; : 
he thre.> f^-t^t 
• n lnoe*>t»rg nn^f H' '^ 
l».tty»»orid, n A 

XtMlttlU»« -' 

M, . 'ling .Rl#!i' ■■ 
■y.'i.'' -(wmiMWi-at*^ 
K. -('op of th" i^ii^' 
■ ■ ■ R»y. M<r ■' ' • : 
1 *.ii«d)k. ^'o^^i 

-,w Aikl tt h»»o'' 
u.flfr,..iMl m* ibw ''•'^' 
^JacnV^^- ■is.le < 
ix*fi\m Mip»*mbly. 

■^ ttuv«r -'eel 

'ttawa Busy as 
lister Will Rep- 
resent Can; la on Imperial 
Defence Crtnmittee 

to What ivi 


DUevmoa la Oommong Hay Olo»« to- 
iity-~A JUdloloui ObU«»1ob 



i-fsjlon )n ("an- 
•''Car reflnin,? 
''■t If Canudisn- 
■1 4f IJ.ISMSS 
'■^na, of beet 
\ P^ J0,«l2,ni 
' th« prevlotM 

' > altuAted It 
h Ontario, aad 

« Y 10.— TlilB 

* krd Ijablanc 

»'\ Cfttlwllc 

4t. Jirtw by 

' '►|l dMAfate 

'»<»\i», 4tl»ht 

t ttf4 y priMli*) 

> ^»*Vcb too" 


L>a im- 

_-..„ -,,.. ^.'^■■'t*^' 

'^tMiii :iiik#«»»«i#«»tt 


OTTAWA, ni'.- r».--Who will be the 
Caradia-. minlatet -epresentlng the Do- 
mini, u ■ the In )orlal Oefense Com- 
mittee .' This f|U' tlon has been asked 
repfHtrdly <i1tice iremler Borden made 
his %nni>iMir»>ment n the House. 

Therv \n reasoi to believe that the 
•election, when le time comes, will 
fall upon Hon. orge H. Perley, Min- 
ister without 1 ifollo in the Borden 

Tl-.e renuonilt; ty Involved in »c- 
ceptlng U.f Important duties attaching 
to this new • port folio," is likely to be 
\-«ry haav «vu iiz. P«»l«y >»•« avvvc 
turned ;sid» f'om big twilM a«d ban 
n«ver bc.-M; 'dluT* In hia vtMef UiWng 
His work • rin< th« •*iimtq«r/ *»«» he 
dt»ch»rie<!» f^" .-«•» 6« AcUim !*?>*»*•*' 
and Miil*iW I f nvt^ than *»* «l»»tt- 
leentt mm'^*A hrni m *. man of ttHM^^l 

jtid«m*i>*. w« iii» «»w» Ikr. lw**2* 

■mi^';^ #»«d.^j^; fiu»ii»» *f 011*' 

LONliON. Uec. 10 — The discussion In 
the Hoone of Commons on the Home 
nijle Bill Is llknly to close tomonow. 
Today clauses 37 to 40 were passed 
and clause 41, safeguarding the right 
of the Imperial Parliament to legislate 
for Ireland after the granting of Home 
Rule, were added to the Bill. 

On clauae iZ the Attorney-Oeneral 
moved the oroUslOn of the provision 
that the Irish Parliament shall be 
called together in September. 1913, l.Is 
intention being to su«>atltute an ap- 
pointed day eight months after the bill 
has received the royal assent. Thl« 
was done. 

Latter Sank So Quickly That It. 
Was Impossible to Say What 
It Was or What the Loss of 
Life Was 


Two BavoxB la OaaaOk to siaovM OIomt 

BalkUoaa — ^Vtokvl sad Volp 


MONTRKAU Doc. 10. — Herr von der 
0«\en and a , oollearue, who are here 
from Berlin, are fi^ns to Ottawa in a 
few days t« endeavor to bring about 
closer trade reiatlons betweeh Canada 
and Germany. While here they wiah to 
arrange for the export of nickel and 
pulp to Germany. 

Another matter which they will t»ke 
up Willie In Canada is the adoption of 
some plan which will prevent their 
country being victimized by wild-cat 
mining or lan»l jtchemes. 

Stenu OB &A0 ■npotlor 
GRAND MARAlS, Mich.. Dec. l«.— 
The fourteen gteamera which have beon 
lying m ehcjter behind WhUeflel. Pol«t 
•Ince laat Thureday -bMaiMe of the bad 
weather all etarted up the lake for 
ouiuth kite yoW****? ****•*?* ^* 
three U ttifitt WW *»r«rt «» |«*»W «^ 
day »irf.M»Jn »"• *'•«« *" '*•"**' •*" 
hind tlMtwWU 

« 'l » i ' i| | i "S ' 

^ i«iiiiiii n i ''ii |iii*i n 

\, ■■ 



nEV0>fPORT, Eng.. Dec. 10.— The 
British dreadnought Centurion, while 
speeding at a rate of twenty knots off 
Portland ibcfore rtawn today, ran down 
,na Bank a small nnknown steamer. 
The battleehip returned to port this 
afternoon, leaking badly and with a 
battered bow. 

The steamer tried to croi«i the bowe 
of the wa.rshlp. which struck her well 
forward with- such force that tho 
steamers port light was found stUl 
brrnlrr after the collision on the Cen- 

mi a t««M» «« *w^ ,*»• ♦*»#'f» *^ I' 

VtBoA Vyomlor's Boa. 

WINNIPEG, Man., Dec. 
trate McM'icken today flr 
reporter on The Telegran 
Premier Rqblln, $10 for 
court with his hat on. ' 
ner protesting the mf 

"It Is not ertixugh." 


I J. robim. 

Kr,d on of 

I min- Iwio 

. 0.. A. Bo«- 

ffVat« said! 


Announcem6ir.«rt«I^F*l?t'" :^''«^* 
Indicated waa «ad« S^WtVrcti.y evening 
by the Mlnlater of Educatlot, li'-in. Dr. 
Young, upon the conclualon of a' Cabi- 
net session which 1« underettod i|> have 
been devoted almokt exclusl>H>ly to the 
consideration of the report 'it t le dis- 
tinguished committee of a»-».rd.j jind of 
the varioiw dealgua. The dkckMon of 
thla vital matter In contoctl^oh '^Ith the 
Provincial Unlveraltjf eafablilihment 
marks the end at % long eJiitd :;t;x1ou» 
period for the Minlater to « hos-i activ- 
ity in advocacy, unremlttent pntb.ualasm j 
and whole-hearted aympathj ■^ i jh the: 
cauae of higher education vl«s pnlver- 
Blty eetabllahment plan owei* bo jcnuch— 
Indeed Its evolution from *.va;:^e and 
alluring dream to an aaaure^ »'J« m-oat 
satlafa^tory fact of the ve-y ;«ar fu- . 
ture. Step by atep the projvii "ia been 
developed along ibreaid, pi • preaalve, | 
just and fair linea. and n >v rjiat the 
eaecntial matter of dealgn 'ias Jteen de- 
termined (and in a manner VViiph must 
meet with the iintjualifled apr-Tobatlon| 
of the entire country) arhugenjenta to- 1 
ward a comni>encement «< vcttial con- ^ 
atruction will be taken In ^nd immedi- 
ately, a preliminary C9ttBi;*ta'-'on with 
the successful archltecta hrlwg arranged 
for the latter part of the wesimt -week., 
when another eteip forwa^Hj. ytWl he 
taken toward the beglmrtiyg of active' 
work by the force* of bml^dwra-at Point 
Grey. -' f 

A. —mx w«i^ 
Soma time muat neoaoaarlljr be de- 
voted iby the archltect»~v-ho :;t may bft* 
noted en paaiant. are alai) ihvi. sucio/um,. 
ful competltora for the niw -^an^iwwer 
Club — to the organlaatlon <»f t^cfir ataff, 
the evolutlop of their pl*fl %t oroee-i 
dure, and the preparatfyQ ^f «at«it 
drawing* and apeclf tei^fi*' 4t u|en ^hUA 
tenders may be-1nvlt*« *« th» toulWlnt 
proper. U la a^ppro^lTO^ Hily f-eaUiaate* 
that tha vaxtoua atnicttu^i •JatttprUitnt 
the groupa eontalaa* In trfa' c«|flttal 4*- 
slgn will In their fractlojrJil for tH* 
expenditure of from |i,K'4,(>t jf u»w*ri|a, 1, 
The conatructlon antj «am»l'!iltoi«iiit oft 
tH» rnlveraity •• tf^'ture }|«r|ratlo«» of 
Canadlana are t* knoiv li is (ji work of' 
auoh magnltuA* t^l tt iQ»si; nee«a»ar« 
iiy catena otai^ pt «4*tial4<.^bl|| tkarlM o. 
yeara and p«8il|Iy ln*«l \r«' • , pubUc e^. 

pMmtmk m %i%,p^i^ rin* t{)«r#. t >t 

mr iM i#||rt|llat«r« 
Vi)§tAf ^ Ifce Oo^ 



• fi i [\ fa < y III ohiiWiAitWM 

.<iii» i iiBOiif 


Fine Yem^Aiom 



f; '.'i\''rft;?., 5 •,* •/. 

tlM C\f- ^> are f4a .o. *i»<M«VNi 
la%' fB'"'''''^' "' ^f^^i$^ 1'"^ ^r*- •• 

•■ — -i^ttt-.M -.Th»«|>e*»lw» h*l.»rif 

.) t« i«** ihv««hr *ii»?M«> 

£. 4"\' 


ti iW** ■■»♦-'■* •■*',•)-?»-' 

\ ^^.. 




r'i^--t7|iiiiBii|| III 


, i .^j ii . i« , if r 


The Gi ft Centre 


See Our 



Ad on 

Page I 8 


liabics" Sterling Silver 
Spoons, from 85c 

IJahies' Sterling Silver 
Drinking Cups, from $4.50 

i;abic>" Solid Gold Dress 
Pin?, from 75^ 

I'.abies' Solid Gold Bangles. 

from $4.50 

Solid (-old Rings. 
....•••••••••••• 75^ 



for . 

. ii ♦Jij^'i «• « • S^'' 

Babies" Drinking Cups, of 
d plate, from . . , .$Z.6p 


See Our 



Ad on 

Page 18 V 

■>^'t 3 j 


Successors I 

Com«r of Broad and Vi«w Street* 

Phona 675 

Danish Suffragist Proposes 
Compulsory Service In 
Nursing and Commissariat 
Work in Exchange for Vote 



A\'ENUE— Close to Cook Street. 44X- 





100 feet. I 'rice 

GRAHAM STREET— 50x218 iVet, 

SL'.MAS STREET— Xc'ar Burnside Street, ^ox!_^o 
feet. Price ^2000 

STEVEXSOIX PLACE— Glgs^-ift^Finla VMM-. :;ox 
107 feet. Price ||^BIi: $$5000 

SOMERSET STREET— 50x100 feet. Price iplMK) 

FIFTH STREET— Close Lo Hillside, 50x1.^^ feet. 
Price $2250 

FIILLSIDE AVEXri'.- F.nir corners. :;7xiJo feet. 
Each $.1600 

WANTED — Listings of lipuses on Bclinonl, Gbd- 
stone and Stanley Avenues. 

Wallace & Clarke 

721 Yates Street Phone 471 

COPENHAOEN, nermarU, Dec. 10. — 
All agitation for the Introduction of 
niilltury service! for women Is in pro- 
Kiftjs by till' women of Di-nmark as ji 
soiiui.'nce to tlielr cxpt'cleU roceptloii uf 
till' I'ranchtso. 

'I'll.' Danisli I'arllfi nipnt, tht^y hclievp, 
is alniOHt certain U> pass tin; .blH rIv- 
liiK women the votf this winter, nml 
m«iny women are bcR-innine to 
what wUl become of the orsunUation.s 
which, formed for Uio purpo«e of se- 
curmgr the ciifninchisement of women, 
huvo proilUtiJ many of them with In- 
1 , ri I -DimMlnios lucrative i) 

■HmnuL Gad, surrragi-st anil un- 
"'~ feat* a aolutioii of the (IIIH- 
Islner them to start a c&m- 
Mf,>.'^Uttlnlngr of Danish glrln 
In nuv4pjj|C>^j#H ootnmls^iarlat work, 
She arfi:u*« thai this Is the only thing 
for Women to do In exchange for the 
vole, since nieu are compelled to fftvc 
iplUtarx HServlcfs fM,: |te.«,,;i:l|fhtjB -which 


•Is Kotor Boats B«la« 

a«TMraaimt for rorwrt ••rrtoo 


1Xts'.''''i3i^:,iaj^ii^^ fTO t n the conditiont 
in liie Bi|||||m^':;^hat an itticlent <.cir^ 
of trained"''wotnen could take care of 
the nursinp: and provisioning of aJt 
army mri' ' '''-"i 1 " >* "rk is 

(lone at p: • 

The six motor launches for the con- 
Btructlyn of which tenders are being 
asked by the Minister of Public Works 
are for the use of the Forest Patrol 
Service. One launch will b<> employed 
on the Kootenay Lakes, one on the .\r- 
rowhead Lake and the other four nlons 
the Coast. 

Last summer It was necessary to 
rent launches for doluK tlil« work, but 
the Department has come to the con- 
clusion that to construct and own them 
will he more rconomicKl. They villi be 
In use for the greater part of the year. 
If not foi- the whole of it. 

In ijiiilltlon loactlr.R .-is a f rr^ patro!. 
tlipy will carry the employi'es who^e 
(Ivitles Include the making of land ex- 
aminations, the crulHltiK of tlmbrr ?r>r 
sale, and the inspection of logging 
iiperatlons. The 7000 miles of coast 
which they will patrol comprise the 
most \nluablc timber portlon.s uf tlic 





Late Premier and His IVIinister 
of tlie Interior Differ as to 
Command of the Mounted 
Police— Bill Increasing Pay 

.Ml mm 

Action of the Government in 
Cumberland Has Resulted in 

.Respect for the 
H/Vhite Coal Mit.t- 

Law — 
. jming 

OTTAWA, Ijcc. 10.- -Thp first bu»i- 
Me"M taken up wlven the llonso niet to- 
day was the conpldpratlon of the l''"''- 
niiPT's Bill In' rensing the pay of offi- 
cers iin.l men of the Ko.val Xorlhwest 
Mounted I'ullcc. The BUI wa,s put 
thnniwrli llie committee stage unJ nO'V 
Htaiid.s for a third reading. 

Hon. Frank Oliver -(^ggestcd lluit !i 
would be In the Interests of tlu- forci 
to name a deputy <'ommlssioner for 
each Province of .Saskatchewan and Al- 
berta, with headtiuarter.s at the Capi- 
tals of the Provinces. He said this hail 
been a matter of con.«lderatlon bftvron 
the Province of .Mbertu and ' ' '■ "' 
Crovernment. Owinfr to the absence uf 
any officer of authority of Alberta 
there had been serlou- In com- 

municating with the .1 i ics. 

Premier Borden said he wa.s speak- 
ing from memory only but could not 
recall that this suggestion had evev 
been drawn to Ills attention. 

Sir AVilfrid Laurler safdthat when he 

Cnly scQifLble gifts arct 
obtainable at "Wilson's"^ 
and a better variety^ 
coijld not be seen any- 

had been In charge 

ii>e- a.ppo i n n ne r u ' of t Tfi 
'jk^fm f**" ^^"^^ Province 


'llli THE I 

Organization Meeting Is At- 
tended by Dr, Bapty— To 
investigate Medical Inspec- 
tion in East 

PP£5CP/Pr/0/¥ SrOPE CO, 

.«!or.- there's a grciit as.oortnient 

..very memhcr of tli.- fnmlly. .\11 of CakSi«l oualits 
easy as the Oaiual himself. 

• re careful, and iiMi onl.y the l)e«t la our work 

\Vi,af.« liie connection.' Xonc. .xpfct that at the old Reliable Camel 

of u.'-eful, s-enaible, acceptable siftf for 
and all at prices as 

\V> are prompt, no 

G. H. Mumm & Co/s 


Dsed at All Important 
Public Functions 




Sept. 29- 

-Banouet given at Zurich at the Bnur au Uic Hotol 
>'y the Swiss Kederal Coun'-ll to Hl.^ Majeaty the 
flermnn Em'peror. 
('hampagne, «. II. MUMM, Cordon Unuge. 

-RannuM given at the v":.*.?**'* Palace, RInala Hotel. 

In honor of Hl.i Kmtnenc?, Rlr Oeorge Barclay, 
'^Brl«»h Ambassador. 

'■hampasne. O. H. MUMM, Corflon Rougr. 

-BHnnun :?lven bv the Swiss Royal Geographical 
So.lety at Stockholm In honor of the Kxplorer, 
Koala Amundsen, 
'•hampagne. O. H. MUMM, Cordon Rouge. 

Dr. Bapty, wtio, during' the ■.bsonce on 
loave of Dr. C. J. FaBaa. Is acting hearl 
■ t the Provincial Dcpaiiment of Public 
Health, returned yesterday from an ex- 
i";iil<>(l visit to the En«l. the -primary objevl 
y>i ivhioh wtt.i representation of British Col- 
umbia at the flr.>>t and orKanlzulloii meetint; 
,.1' till' recently-constltutcij Doinliiion MfUl- 
I al Council. 

White nothing deftnlti- »a- il-?cKled m 
this conference. It brought together Ihu 
r!>Dre»entatlve men of the profesBloii from 
ilie several pi ov1iub:|, and the alinj ami 
lohv-ntii of the Act. were dl»cu»(?d. and 
thlnKs placed on such a footing that It will 
soon be possible lo Fo ahead and have tho 
rules and ri>sulatlon8 In »ueh shape thai 
I hey can be passed upon by the Governor- 
in-Colinrll. The first examination uoder tlu> 
Kcilcial Council, and applylnn to the pro- 
r.-'.'islon throuithotit the entlro Dominion tvlll 
probably be held In about one yHttr's time. 
The ealabllshment of the Dominion Medi- 
cal t'ouneil docs not do away with the 
local or priivlnclal councllu. These will con- 
tinue to discharge their separate functions, 
liut It Is oxpected that eventually foe 
vounKer rnfn will all go In for the exam- 
inations and iiuallfylng rcgb-Uratlon ot the 
Itonilnlon Cnuncli nn<l the local councils 
uill Kiadually abrogate llielr present func- 
ilon.>< as unneces.sary. The new plan Is re- 
({arded us likely to give greater aatlsfacllon 
(u everyone concerned, its real funoilun )><•- 
Ing til establi.'th a commou ex.tnilnatlon for 
r-rriclcncy ibroughoui all Canada and lo 
standarUize medical ijuallflcatlon through- 
out Ihr- riomlnlon. 

wiiiip in the Ksst, Or, liapij took ocra- 
.sioii lo \l>dt New York and other Important 
i-cntrf.i where ior.HtemaHc mcdlcnl ln»|iei'tlon 
l.s carried on In the public schools. Ho 
fouihl that a number ot the problems con- 
fronting the authorities In so large a city 
ii.'< .'N>w York are In many rrspecls much the 
Bamc Bs those confronting us In so larg« 
a Province hk Ilrltlsh Columbia. The easl- 
orn rllloj cM'ectlvidy carrying out general 
mfdirol Insiwcllon were found lo have 
much the same genera! Bclieme fi» that 
adoplp.l by Uritl.ih Coliimbla-»an entirely 
preventive system, to ii. large extent, a sys- 
tem of reporting. In NVw Yorl:, -.lie policy 
adopted Is found to be having a tpily Won- 
derful iafluencc In the prevention ot In- 
fectlouH (Useasep amon.g the school children 
and the ocourronce of such slight arrRctlon.<< 
as ringworm, pediculosis, etc., ha\i: been 
).ractlcally reduced to a minimum; and 
•.vhile the system of Inspection may Inter- 
fere to a sHstht extent (»vhi\p such Inspec- 
tion Is in progveKn) With the «nrk of th,'; 
schoolroom, It Is for a few minutes only, 
and this delay 1* not to be weighed against 
the excellence of the general resuli 

p1o\ ed to represent the Crown in jiro 
ceedings agatiist persons accused oT di.-^ 
orderly conduct in connection with the 
strike at Cumberland, has returned here, 
and reports that everything has become 
rjulet at the colliery centre and that 
there Is little danger of any further out- 
breaks. Mr. .Shoehothain,. however. Is 
satisfied that the Covernment did nnl 
act any too soon in sending provincial 
police to the scene, and If there had 
been any further delay there would very 
probabl.\- have been bloodshed. 

'The company," says Mr. Shoebotham, 
"Is now building a large hotel, whicti 
will accommodate about one httndred 
men, and has also given notice to former 
enipb).\ees to vacate company houses. 
As .soon as the boarding hotise is com- 
pleted, it is the intention to import a 
number of white miners from outside 
points and to get rid altogether of those 
who have been responsible for the iire.s- 
ent trouble. Most of the men who are 
on strike have been taking no part In 
any <^f the disorder, and would gladly 
go Ijack to work If they had opportunity 
to do so, 

"Tlie prosecution of some oi tne wo- 
men and their release ui'on a promise 
that they would beha\e themselves n>r 
the future and would send their children 
back to school had an excellent effect. 
Three of the teachors are relatltres of 
men who remained at work, and for a 
while these teacherH had to be escortea 
to and from the school t)y the police. 

•'Although there is no more disorder, 
it Is nevertheless necessary to still Keei) 
the special police on the ground, and 
this Is a pretty expensive business. I 
expect, however, that the>- will ha\ e t<.i 
be kept there until the new men to be 
engaged by the company have avri\el 
anil those who are making the trouble 
have been weeded out. 

"It Is not true that tln' com|ian\ in- 
tends to put Mongolians in place of the 
white men, .\11 nf the men who will be 
l)ii>ught in 111 take the strikers' places, 
and who will be given permanent em- 
ployment, will be white merL" 


htiil' been urRod 

ita^tilm. He had u'bsolutely rejected 

J^oposal because it would mem 

. had 

fVlSfed authority- Then "'c 
ment of two deputj comm 
been su.ggested. This pnu-o.-ol 
was not free from Objections. The 
proper change, If any, would bo to name 
1 dcraiiy commissioner for Alberta, the 
chler to have his hoadiiuarters in Sas- 
katchewan, as at present. 

When tl.c Bill providing for extra pay 
was under discussion Mr. Oliver stated 
that 'an article which had appeared In 
the press had given an imnrcssion md 
borne out by the Bill. 

rvemtcr Borden explained that tit ■ 
sale object of tlic Clause was to en- 
able the Depr,rtment. In order to retain 
men specially (piaWfied for this ivork, 
til nlvc them a higlier rate of pay. 

.Mr. Oliver — '. t apld'es only to the en- 
listed men. 

Mr, Borden — 'i'cs. 


Boys' Overcoats, 

^I 2. GO It. ....... 

Bays' Cravenettics, 

tr. . . . 





Boys' Reefer Coats. $0-5' 

i(. ^3.0 

Boys' Sweaters ^l.S* 

Boys' Jersey Suits . .^Z.S' 

Boys' Caps, j^y :im1.. 50 

Boys" Hats, S^J-.-o lu ^1.3 

Suits, tweedsi double-breasted. ^UoO t... . . .^5.9 

>uits, uvce'l-;, Xorfolk st\' '• - lo.oo to ^^-^ 



Suits, serfje.s, (lonb]e-brea.--it--ii. ■';ii2.50 to... 

Boys'SuJts, serges. .Norfolk, $10.50 t(> $4.0 

Boys'Sujts, \'^'Oi'steds, double-breaste^ a^^^olk styi.'^. 

Boys' erseys, al) coltirs. $2. 00 ^^HHHH^Hp- * -^^^^ 
Boys' Iweater Coats. $4.50 to .. .T. . .'^^^. . .?1>0 

I Wi & J. Wilson 

ligi'. Government Street and J Trounce Avenue 



Choral 'Work Was Splandid — Mrs. J. 

Macdonald Tahey Scores Artistic 

Hit — Seattla Tenor Asaiats 

8«pt. 30— Bnnqufti given at the Capsa's, SInaia Hotel, In htfnor 
of M, Scheheko. Russian Amibaisaador, 
Champagne, G. H. MUMM, 



"Sophlensaal," Vienna, In honor 
f the International Congress of 

22 — ReoeTitlon at the 
of the members 
Hotel Kft«pers. 

ChampMtne, G H. MUMM, liJxtra Dry. 

Xarr Seriously lU 

WIN.NMPKG, Man., Dec. lU. — Albert 
(■'Hobby") Kerr, the former famous Ot- 
tawa hockey player Is still In the city, 
and It Is doubtful if he will play this 
Winter. Kerr was seriouslj' 111 at the 
hospital here for some lime, hut It js 
reported that he has completely recov- 
ered. .\lthough he signed with the Pat- 
rlcits Btmie time ago. he staled today 
that lie did not know what he would 
do. and stated that It was possilde that 
he would stay here all winter. 

25— Banquet glvtn vt the. "'BchloM Weimar'* on the 
occasion of the Christening <A th« Grand Duke 
H«»r of Sate-Weiwa.-. /' 

Chan»|)««T>«, O. H. MUMM, Extra Dfy. 


I.ocal trnWa rardi* PolxJol Board In- 

■tltutlny Xieoture Seriee on Teoh- 

nloal Snbjeota 

The Mdvlsablllty of instituting a 
.series of night lecture* In city schools 
on subjects ..f advantngc to men engaged 
In various trades in the city will again 
he urged upon the board of school trus- 
tees by the local branch of the sheet 
metal workers. Some lltne ago the idea 
was brouB'ht to the attention oi Siipcr- 
intendent Paul by the I'nlon, which 
pointed out that there may be many 
subjects of Instruction which would ho 
a great advantage to worWngmen 
who c*Lnnnt otherwise got Buc'h Instruc- 
tion and who have never been «>nablid 
to «fe»'ure a proper school education. 

The suggestion was then made thai 
clas.'es nrrlght bo held in the city 
icliocU, those attending to pay a small 
■um In return for the Instruction, the 
School Board to supply the InatructorB. 
In the aibaence of any inatiuctton a^ons 
th<? lines of technical tratrtlng, aiich 
nlffht elasse* would be a great advan- 
tage to hundreds of men ami youths 
In the city whose only tnnntier of He- 
curing <»uch inBtruetlon Ir ^o tindeHako 
a oouriie with ofte tf tbo many.corre- 
♦fpondence iwhoola, the auooeai^ ot which 
ha4 be«n tthftoul Wholly due to t|r« fku;t 
that tu« «fa«*«C«f>at MiMtoflUm 

Parchasas Home in Ireland. 
DUBLIN, l>ec. 10. — Uonl Northcliffc 
has Just purchased a in the vil- 
lage of Chapel, near I>ii!>llii, for which, 
in view of Its interestin.g h'.story, he 
had to pay naite a bl.g price. l/ord 
N'orthcliffe proposes lo pa.f." a consid- 
erable part of hl.o time in his Irish 

Kr. aodweU to speak. 

SK.'VTTM-:, Wash,, r>ec. 10, — IC. V. 
Bod well. K. C,. of Victoria, will Ive tlie 
guest of honor of the Seattle Bar As- 
sociation tomorrow' evening at the Arc- 
tic Club. Following a luncheon he 
will address the .Xmerlcan nttornr-ys on 
"Procedure in the Courts of Hrltish 

maal Batate Annaal — The first snnual 
meeting of the Victor'n Heal K.statc 
Kxchangc will be held n<^xt Monday 
evening in the room.-j of the PIxchange. 
I'emberton Block. It Is generally *:id- 
mltted that the first ,^ ear Of the i3x- 
change has hc«-n proiKictlve of good 
work, far In excess of what was antici- 
pated when the organlxatlon was In- 
augurate, and the annual reports will 
show that, through its operations, the 
buJiinojB of selling re^iKy In the city 
has been k'Cpt at a high level. Prom 
the purely commercial viewpoint It 
will of cotirse easily he shown that thu 
Exchange Is In good standing, the rrtem- 
hershlp being ever on the Increase and 
the finances extremely comfortable. 

Baalty Blnaar— Membern of^ tbe rank 
and nic ^t \\\t really buain«aa in th« 
eUy of Victoria who are anxious to b« 
present At the first anlvoraary dinner 
of the VlctoJrla Real Rstate fcxchange, 
to be held In the tSmprear. Hotel on 
Wednesday evening n«xt, ahputd loac no 
time In acquainting the secretary of the 
fact, as the ntyaat-i' of ticketa to be««td 
la atrictly llmfeK^. . ' 

The .\rion OUib last evening marked 
lis 'coming of age" by a most success- 
ful concert, which, was attended by ii 
large and appreciative gathering. Mrs, 
.1. Macdonald Kahoy. soprano, and Mi. 
Neal H. Begley, tenor, rendered valuable 
assistance. .Mr. H. Kent conducted. 

Starting off with Zollner's strident 
"Were the Atlantic Main." the Club 
Kave forth a sample of its voluminous 
power. In the ne.xt number "The Uittlc 
Church," by Becker, the Club displayed 
a fine restraint. Tdebe's 'in the 
Night" was splendidly rendered. Per- 
haps the best number of the evening 
was "Stars of the Summer Night." a 
symphony, and a great conclu.slon was 
reached with "The Beautiful Blue 

.Mrs. Macdonald Fuhcy's singing was 
M r -elation to many present. Her 
.• - voice fnynd range last night tn 
hi til. ^, unsuspected points. Opening 
with.' iciccilon from ".\lda," she niing 
with -.p idid ilramatlc verve, attaining 
Ilie high- altitudes without sacrlflcng 
a tithe o grace in expression. In the 
.secontl inr of the prof;rnmmc she pang 
Schumani' ',■ ^ridniung," .Scott's "The 
BUudtblrd',' ''^, ' and the Ballatella 
selection f ' i "Pagliacci." and \vas 
equally great n- all of them, 

Mr, Neal B<.'jj;I'>'"s tenor )»roiit;lii that 
artist Into g:re!it favor with the .'ludl- 
cnce, and the few numbers he sang were 
all too few for the satisfaction of his 
liearers , In "Ph'i'llii Ml Crcda," from 
Piiclni's oijern, "The Girl of the Golden 
West." he achieved a notable succe^ts, and 
in the accompan.vlng selection, "Vestl la 
Oiuhha," from "Pagliacci," ho exhibited 
a splendid cominand of technlritie us 
well as vocal flexibility. Uater in the 
programme he rendered happily '(Jhe 
c.cllda Maninn," from "La Bolicme.' 

Mrs. Gibson accompanied at the pi 
with charming sympathy. ,, 


Men'i. Tan Raxia fnlf Button Boo* 

madi- 'III .-^pfwllas!, with fuM round 
!o^ and high tcl, 

flame Boot a above In lace, 

.Men'* <;im Vslal f «lf Blurher Cil 
Bool, nimlr 0! SpevJ last, and hi5 
he«vv «r'lt«>i.l lolcn. 

Same Boot « ■borp In button. 

Men"* Velvf Calf Button Boot, liaJf on Kpcord 
to* .iiul Ha! he'. 

.''iimr Boo) i> «il>ov»' in lam. 

.M<n» VIri KUl I^eotber-Uneri Jilocfrer Tut Boots, 
lams, witli li««',v wel; jiofcu. ^ 
i TnoRr-'lairalf I.nee »oot>i/ eli Koo.i Iufik 
111-- u riorslielW, 

.Mill OrileN Promptly niHl — Broadwalks 

— ^tl 



W. Gatbcart «fe Go. 

i'ort Street 

llaultain St. <"|l!0 M" 

l.lnklea. Av- *'=nO •/»«« 

Foul Hay R,Hd.fcOx2n to ajna 

! tSOO 

jM'ice . . . . • -i' 


Field Men Bngagad in Preparing 
porta on the Saaaon'a Work 

I jcim/n* ft Qu«f n«i t>*< 


Ttip engineer of the wnter branch 
who spent the past Siimntver In tlie flisld 
have returnoil to thr city and are now 
engaged In preparing their reports. 
Durln^r the iiast few months th<"y cov- 
ered the districts of t:iolden. Cranbrook, 
Fernie. Grand Forks, Sslmllkamtfen, Kel- 
owiui. Vernon, Ashcroft and Lytlon. 

The obect of these surveyn has heen 
to a.scertain the nuanilty of water In 
each stream, the tiUAntity of land each 
record holder ha* now under cultiva- 
tion, liow much water each reoord hold- 
er Is using, and the amount of land 
thnt -o'lld be brought under cultivation 
under existing records. This Informa- 
tion will form- the basis of action by 
the Water BOhrd in granting licences 
for the use of water.,. 

The Board next year; will <:nvKv the 
district wlilch was gone over by jme on. 
glnecrs this Summer and will appor- 
tion the water In th^ vatloua locallt'lea. 

The vftrr branch during «»« B«a«on, 
Just closi I hag alao co-operated ,wlth 
the Do;"i' ion Oovemmi-nt Jn obtiijijaic 
Informution with r«gard IM .H«'v«ral 
streams on the Mainland Coaat and on 
tt e Island This Information -will b* 
put Into shftM at Ottawa vaA wlU nrob. 
ably be s callable ne»t Soriftg. 

" mil ft y^^\\'>'\X!iiMr x>\--^l 

>on *»Jttg siuppl'ett unit thi(t 

't^nh.tjjJHMMNH ** All "^ ^ 

Set?; in cases, 75c to 

irceand Four-Pair Scissor' Ca.f;2 
and Hantd-Bftgs. splendid lot o 

1«» e/oad Street F Q X 

,„K > Co., <hty 

1 find 

la Sii ' 

an in' I 


Prices, $12.00 


... ..f 12.50 

4oto fa.oo 

Testimonial o 

l' am in r»c*lpt o' the eampll 
ihene to b« a verj fr«« ajid 
. ,' ■ ti* 
think thst thli Coal is bAt^t '***" 
„oh eiisler to hand\«. I J 

, JO J for the sairtiHa, I am J 


and Beqatatalt M. 


'Sl^Mv...' *\ 


Ciain b4Fou 

619 TROUft^ 

^J!>n ami af ler XjiiirAdWr^ 

Rie^ Estate «|ul^l 

pve letter 1« on file in, our off !«•. 

Order Today for ffennt^dlato t>( 


-"■"'■■ \i 





^^^j^<M Oi 



etilto. «Wt/ln 

e,^ ^e home. 

ri appropriate 



or acccptabl 



^^ "Ow»" ■BEARING 


It makes 
Wife. Si8t« 

• conatant m 

;al Gift £or Motbef, 
Friend-rand -will be 

o£ the giver for Un year* 
or more, andM^"^'^ •"°"= genwiae comfort. 
«on-renience | plea-ure tliMi aay oihet 
vtO^Hr ilft tk^^^ ^^* co«t. L^asens the 

^j 95%, preaerves carpets, 
jjraperie* and furniture, and 
iplcaaure instead oi a drudgery. 



CoaUnoad tnm !>■«« 1, 

tlon progrftinme. It 1« to be erpeot«<J 
that a fiH-ther U\*«ir»l grant will tie 
sanctioned by thai Hou«o In Its adop- 
tion of the eatlinates of the seaslon 
oppnInK "'■''f month, ajid In all proba- 
bility an extension of the grounds com- 
prising the University reserve may also 
be founJ expedient and de«lrable to as- 
sure the frulHom of the government's 
plans for the provincial centre of 
hlght-r i:cl\uatlon along- the very best 
permanent lines. 

rrovinolai AroUtaoti 

It Is slgnincant, and a high tribute 
in the advanced standanl of archltec- 
1 1,1,1 1 genius In this province, that of 
ilio nineteen plana submitted In the 
competition Invited In March last and 
closlnK In November, a competition open 
to the entire Dominion, more than one- 
half are of provincial authorship, and 
those placed respectively first and sec- 
ond in order of merit by an Impartial 
and competent tribunal of Judges are 
tbe work of British Columbians. Van- 
couver city led in number of candidates 
jTor the high honor of deslgnlnR British 
Columbia's UnlvcrHlty, five designs be- 
ing submitted from the Mainland 
metropolis, with throe from Victoria 
city, three from Montreal, two each 
from Toronto and Edmonton, and North 
J.^ancouver, Kamloops and Regiua also 
'!■• I^lne most creditably represented. The 
•^inmlttae of award was coinposed, as 
f ^1», grenerally known fhroughout the 

t>vlnce. of the Minister of Education, 
n. Dr. H. E. Young; Mr. F. L. Car- 
ter-Cotton. Chancellor of the Vr^jer- 
aity, and Messrs. W. Douglas Capoe, of 
J^don. England; A. Arthur Cox, of 

incouvor, aji.,1 Sa mue l .M a cUre ot tLla 

jj% '',■>. 


city, dlstlnjrulshed members of the ar- 
chitectural profession, co-operating 
•with and assisted (by the Provincial 
Minister of Public Works, Hon. Thomas 

Committee's Report 

In the mpnioranduin ' submitted by 
this committee of awaird to the pov- 
f rumen t, the work of the selection tri- 
bunal Is thus pHrtlally reviewed; 

■'in making our report and award in 
llua coinpetillon, we are fully conscious 
of the great responsibility devolving 
upon us. The opportunity Is unique, 
and Is well referrwl to in the Instruc- 
tions as 'a great one.' If we look back 
to Great Britain as an example it is 
quite impossible to gauge the influenc '. 
for good upon busy centres which the 
recent establishment of universities has 
had. So much the more is it of im- 
portanci^ that the buildings, to be erect- 
ed upon such a site as la available, and 
likely to form such a precedent, should 
be in all respects of the highest order 
of design, planned and fitted In every 
detail to meet the needs and to be 
worthy of their destiny The buildings 
will remain as a standard of the taste 
of today in British Columbia for all 
time. They are likely to be commented 
upon or criticized the world over, and 
we feel It has been Imposed upon us to 
spare no pains In reaching our conclu- 
sions and to permit no consldrrations 
of any kind to influence us otlK'r than 
those <'!' Ill,, rr,' rits of the designs .«iub- 

"Tb.' -1 rnay Justly be ^lescrlbed as 
ideal. It Is so In Its commanillng situa- 
tion upon the bay, in Us natural beaiity 
and contours, which permit the most 
to be made architecturally of Its great 
possibilities. It Is so in Us comparative 
."cciusion. so suitable to a home of 
(■"^•arnlng, and at the same lime in Its 
accessibility to the city. 

"The prizes offered are almost on a . ^ , , , .. 

scale of lavlshness, and the competl-* . ■ _, . 

, ,^ ,. ,, ^ V • i. !»* urged, •srou 

tuiv* tUjMl entirely ^ gr»«]) th», 
MDtlals of the tr«»tn«at Cttuind and 

"Again, while freedom is glvea to the 
conipetitors as to style, a definite aug- 
gestlon iu made as to the appropriate- 
ness of three distinctive styles, vl«: a 
free rendei'ltjg of late Tudor or Eliza- 
bethan or Scotch Baronial. .Whatever 
our Individual feelings may be on the 
question of style, we were bound to 
consider the additional claim of thoae 
competitors who Ijave, in this respect 
as well as In other points, reflected the 
spirit of the Instruct loci*- 

"A dignified aiiupiioUy Wus also asked 
for. Here again, as well as In style, 
only one competitor has disregarded 
the suggestions and ho struck out on 
a line of his own In producing a clas- 
sical scheme of a grandiose and palatial 
character. It Is quite cl«ar that the 
Instructions had in view the dignlfleci 
but simpler and often domestic lyoes 
of the older English llnlversl [!<"(, 
rather than the more grandiose modern 
A/Tierlcan examples. 

•'Wo concur In this preference. 

"With one oxcoption. In which the 
in^lnor axis of the site is made to pro- 
dominate, all of the twelve competi- 
tors roforrod to deal with tlie site as 
dotnliiated by thn north and south axis, 
. althougii in the one case of the clas.sical 
design above mentioned, the axis is 
comparatively Immaterial, Inasmuch as 
the vistas are Ignored. We have ex- 
amined In groat detail cruh of the de- 
signs submitted, and api i I • •' a itli 

some .sliort iinl^s upon each. 
Beasons for Choice 

"Aitir mature deliberation, we con- 
clude that No. XVI. has best succeed- 
ed in laying down a well devised and 
workable plin suitable to the site. 
There Is much to be said In commenda- 
tion 0]K the ' straightforward and direct 

hsae memmri-itci'-i-z 

,\ViIl b^ intcrestiid 




to know that we carrv 
^LIME IFERTILIZER. Ask us lor pamphlet sowing mar- 
■ '"velbus fesults in growth of j)lants and all vegeta^pn- 

Pbooa ««. / «lf>andora Street. 

■ M l I. .11 I . .1.11 i (r 

tlon should have attracted all tho best- 
talent of the country. It was therefr'.^i'i' 
a matter of disappointment as we' 'vS» 
of some surprise that only nineteen '<♦.» 
of designs were submitted, and of"''.' s« 
one' could not be considered a 


fri- order 


J^ to the 

.■mes, and 



Surni Street- 

./^;tw«i) ■- 


— T w 


I 'its, eiich'50xii8. 

hi|iiilnJdry 'First- 
,p iprice , 'or the 


No. I la— 20.6x4.8. 

£{igme,. new 
• strofig* 


, 12 h.p. Kerniath 
s, 8' iind add very 



Keal E 

7ji|,.|iort Street; 

iwiiii*i#^j-iii. '"" " ""' " 

ai|^Map«Mmpp>MMmi II I 

jfot Ify^^iEjv. try on 
S>aacll. Buy tlTSt .^ 



effort. Five others wore merely t tatlve 
and of these one was out 
lis being signed with the <" 
name. We were thenf irr .lOC 
consideration of thirteen' sj^. 
on of thes w had to rej^f;«.jta having 
marks of identlflca tlnn Uf>e» It, which 
are disallowed by the iVnjijjii'uctlona. It 
■was therefore dlsriualltlcd, "ipven if other- 
wise satisfactory, \vhi<;h w*a far from 
being the case. Tw'e\r* sets w*r« lefrf 
from which to make our sel^MStloii. in 
other words one-tliXrd ot the wlpl* 
number submUtei^ could claim prWe*. 
Wo are unable tct point very ctear'y *o 
the reasons why thf j-eapoiiae ha.* ttot 
fulfilled our exjpictatlona. Ir me' pos- 
sibly r<st with tbvi fact that dc.«t»» «' 
ii>i«i kind Is of a very technl**' char- 
acttr, and Irr the Instruction* lf«?*t lat- 
<1ttudr -as left to the Indlvl'/uaa archl- 

tirct. ^^ ; 

"The prrK-eflUre adopted in 3*«ilVi«' 

with the plans and do'-uwntp »ttbinltted 

was as follows: The pajcels were 0|»«n- 

ed In fhe presence of '^o (t Ihe aweii- 

sors, and to f>ach d'cuinent dlncloaed 

WAS Immediately attiched a nurober and 

thp eamf number to the wrappHif of 

elteh s^t of plans mbmitted. The Mated 

e*iv( lopes were ;hen Aepoelted fn ihe 

fciverrm'^nt saf* and were flnal'y P*^- 

■ fred tharefroT. a»d opened In the prea- 

>o.«- of all the Board of Aaaeaaore During 

1; fsFimfnatian of the plans they were 

• 'if'nniiv kept under a sreclal lock, 

( ■» ill keys held only y the a»- 

ors. i?'\en the aervsnta within the 

"linsj ha* no acoflta to he ro m, 

M^fi* Mia «0 lUte 

l! dealing *lth **» Hlte tho dor- 

imnient b«i« very oloaaly la) 1 down In 

h^ r/^atruotlon« It* desire t'. maK'^ the 

moKt of the DMUtlful »f*Wi which it 

scheme which the author has devised. 
The buildings fit themselves naturally 
and in a simple and well-balanced maiv 
!;•■• upon the site, and culminate m lin 
iloriiinatlng block of the admlnisiratl\ e 
Kii>up, which forms a feature seen from 
all points of the compass. 

"■We think tnai No. XVIU. deserves 
to ho |)laced second in order of merit. 
'I'hls Kcliemo Is also well laid out on 
the filto, but has defects, to which we 
refor more particularly in our detallod 
rcmarl^f. The rc'iuirements gcnorfflly 
arc not so Kiiccossfpllj' met In some 
particulars, although in others there 
are effective points. The style adopted 
is .Scoti;h Baronial, without soniq, of its 
defects, but in other respects the treat- 
mont is somewhat hard and mechanical, 
and the author has missod some of the 
opportunities which the stylo affords In 
doaling sympathetically with tl a nia- 
torials of stone and rough cest nJopt- 
e.d by him. There Is, hownver, a dis- 
tinctive character of unity and some 
dignity In the whole architectural 
scheme. The estimate of cost i» naii/; 
factorlly stated. 

"We place Xo. XTX. th!r<l >'■ '' 

of merit. 

"We place Xo." 'XX', fouitli In o^dcr 
of morlt, on the feround that, the a»thor 
has shown in .\lls dotal! an apprw'^'B'- 
tion of collogliite work of rpile! char- 

rina XoiMlway Sousrht 

Messrs. W P. .Arnold, A. a McKen- 
zle, n. Morrison, John Weeki and Dr. 
Tanner ha^** be«n named as v commit- 
teo to vij'.U Victoria and IntJTView the 
OovernWeni. by the West fotnt Grey 
Improvement Association. Thoir m!'< 
sion Is to urge tliat tiv <iovfrnm<-:m 
Join with Point Orpy ?t"J[ilcipallty In 
connecting A'ancouver City with the 
new University groun»s hy a handfion'.e 
thoroughfare, »150,0»0, or thereabouts, 
bilng spent on a concrete archwav 
the rainc Such a structure, it 
Ifl i>e arcbllecturally do- 
sirablo. and Its .:ost no more than tl\at 
of a steel brlds'e. The OovernmefU \ef 
also to be ask"! to proceed immediately 
with thu inip'"^'*'^'*"''" ''*■ ^""""rt'n A\e., 
which w'lrte, It la claimed, ha? been un- 
duly delaycJ. 




*" : .■]■ -"" 


%■ . 



-^-y 1^ ,„,, ■T..„., .M. 

J{ AnguB Campbetl Sc Cfhrl-td, jl)08'W GoowniwiS 

■ii! d > ■ &<sS. .*»fi«i£ ' 

IWI I i 


Xmas News Frofli the Mantlc^ction 

Garments which place you among tljc Jajhionabls^dregged tor^ 

Evening Gowns 

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and among those wh- 

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We Open Daily 

at 8.30 a.m. 

end Close 

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'The Faah ion "Centre" 

Our Telephone 




Insist on mt 


Trade Mark. 





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« on* alifBt «f»«r rif ^^.u^ 


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p > ■ y 

m.oWBAii. W* eancur anttt 
ouBdmriM of tht* decirm 

.vitfttw hmf bam u^e<^tiv ' 
^ \j«n th» aJte ptaA. ^tbH *.t.s ^, 
'fff^pRroa to tiv«:tn 11(1,11 v-*if'yJ^ 

{|flBKk|.>>r<>- 'V^'t! 

■/iMj^;WJiiC'^»r:u^;i^-' *y 

•e tli4:a|n|iSiWliM»mi*'' a«t« •: I #>«' 
MM ..oWR'-f •4)' 

UMiee Arran«e*— Th* Yorkahlrc »<x'lct.v'ii 
ftaoce anil ent«rtaltimont win lie held a: 
Ctmnaughl H«ll on Thur»tlny next at i p.m. 

rilrt«' Frieadly *i>«-letx Bazaiir — Th«. Glrl."i' 
B*rt*n'lly &fx;l«,ly u:hrl«!t ''bmcb Cdrhedral 
Brsnch^ will hold a »m«U aalc of ■ lo- 
morrow (Thuriirtay) .ifioriioon, from ;; to 
t o'cK>fV In till: Cftlbeflral BrtiO'fllroom, tli.- 
proo»ed» lo b» dPvotiJd *)vvard» lh« Bh ^ 
Bfinefll Fund. Adfrnoon toa will be served 

Aall-irHbwronlowis 8<>c'tpty— A me,flung c 
th« Antl-Tuberculonli. Society will bo hoUl 
81 the r«ii«i(l*.'.npe cf Mi«. Cecil Itohert, Bur- 
dattr AV(nu«, today, «t 2 p.m. All mnm- 
btn «!•« sixclally rcquejtted to hr preutfnt, 
M mm:!' work h«j» i:i bo complftitd before 
the t'lvl of th» prsBcni year, 

fWto 0/ Work — The ladlea of Queen Alex- 
«ndra Hfve No. H havo thlnR* ■ifceH In 
banc) for their »«1'-' of work today in th.'- 
Forenter*' Hall, Hroa(t Strert. Mri. F. 
Andrew* promlTOi a short bin exteptlonally 
fln« proiframifie tiir the evenlns- 

tn. Mark's 8nle of >»i»rk— .There will b- 
*n excellent ««»>'r»ment of uaeful and finrv 
nffedlewo^ offered for nte' by the Ladle*' 
Guild of St. Mark'* In thejr hall, Boleakin 
Etnad, tomorrow Bflernot)H| Tho Blehop of 
Colunnbia and Mn. Roper ■will open the 
Droceedino al 8 o'clock. There will be a 
•oria) and concert In tfte evening. 

nim»Um**i t/vctare «■ Alaeka — This even- 
ing at 7.«5 an lllnttrntnd lecture win be 
ftvan by Mr». Charle* Rcplogle, who, with 
her haaband, is vJ»Rlnir Victoria and hold- 
ing. m«!«tlinrs< •• «followi In the Friends' 
Flail: Wedneaday ^fternoon, 8 p.m.; Wed- 
nie*da.y eyenl»f> llluatrated lecture, 7:<6: 
Thuiwtay; 7;4»t Friday, 7:46. The Wednee- 
day aft«4-ni>o« ineetinu win be of a m|«. 
oioanry natwe, and the lecture In the even- 
int '" c.oil»<K;tlon with their *ork under 
♦be Pr.ctatj' ot If.rl«e^« mmmimt \h- Indiana 

\< qn'yiMnwmU'.'imii tI>» »< 
the w<>fttW»-^ < i itni <-«N» mn k 
wtrv urifi vHMMlN «• j||| |B«««tn 
t>rn()t«Ht WMHK, wh«r« 'luL '||»t 
, - • ■ 


,M««#«I Willi t)W ««•. 

Wera of 

■nB for. 

_^ . . It Gov- 

WMHK, wh«r« .^Wl 'tttt' on hM 

kl»<l|yj'i»»fM«W« 40 •*t»rtlta t) n thia 

afM#f«)*ii m, 9«mM. ..^hm WM . fellow 

Ip. #. Vo^n* at 
■•* haa ravMed 

■***.* ^ Mn. a«BI»i. 

I!?*!?''.,..??'' "^^^ •iSNdir # 4lWrt nuawKi 

». will 

^ ^ ^^y .y .y ^ W'lipi'i*' u, will 
y .■?^,f yj.J'Siy y^^ y ^^•y* '' 'ta«t«»ii 


r. '' -■-"■- • 


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The Chipman Holton Knitting G>., Limited 




B.C." On Saturday a oomrantlon will b* 
held at the club roomfe, commeneinc at 10 
a.m., which will be attended by repraaanu. 
tWea of the enrlneerlni profeaalon from 
Vaneovvar. Victoria and the whole rroriaee 
of BritUh Cslilnbla. The convention will 
be foll«wa« bjr a dlnaar at the BatmorAl 
Cafe at T.l« p.m., to* Wbieh tlekata laay 
bo «btalae« al tho Seoretair. 




Ara abaoluta Md titwtlifiiL 
%m, |lra«a* feM «)» hwgMrt ~«dte«llafloii 
•f ea^ «Mmy Mwei>aper ta (a«aote,s^tli» 
pojt MKjiJlNtiCii. iwora af4pii|'^A»r Hw 

ih»f iMi, 9^ iMjot. TIM ««iii teiiMw 

..■,► ^A^sam ' 

Possessmg exi|uisite fresbness ami a 
Mtaets if flavor mt fmd k tiher teas 




*^v-f. ■ 




•***i ,#— 



■^Jf /T/"!?"r^ 

f "yr^ 



■mfiti tm ii n^wk 

^m" : 

.,%k^: .^O^tojltt *■ 

nc ana Publtsblnc 
!nm;ted liability. 


a. H. MATSON. 
Broad Street, VletorlB, B. C. 


)C 00 


_ j«ibaerlptli<n B»te» By Carrtuf 


f A- V«*rly , ; t 

.arterly .....,! ■ 

monthly • •• 

MubacripUon llnfM ?•/ M«n'' 
To Canada. Groat Britain, tbi tlnltcd *tat«ii 
and MetHco 

Y««rlr »5''« 

IlaU-rearlr *^*° 

All aubacrlptlon ratei payabl-j in advance. 

Mall fuhacrlbara aro reiiueetril t.> m^« 

ell remittances direct to The Dully Colonial. 

Eubarrlber* In uidarlnj; change or aUdreaa 

• hould bo partlr.ula? to slvo bJtU t^Lvr and 

old addrtaa 

Wadneaday, I>eo«inb«r 11, 19ia 


The desirability of colonial repre- 
Kpntation on the Committee on Dcf-ence 
Is not universally aclm.Vtte<l by !■ a i.i-^ 
111.' public thouglit- In the 'United Kuis- 
Uom and this neej occasion no e.ur- 
prlso, for th» subject is a .1. !> it;ii ii. 
one, not as to principle, but aa to Its 
practicability. The I3ritl!!li peopli 
everywhci'' ipnst lie content in make 
iJast^ slowly in tljls matter. \Vi 

ippoee that the most sanguis, . 
vocaite of such repres«ntatlon expects 
that anything more than a beginning 
A^Ul.--ba— inad« — in tho. l mm« dJa. t a.^ fitta | ^ 
On a question! of this kind it ' 'Ht 
necessary to look ahead, and liave In 
m.ind the certain developments of tb^X^ 
future. In our ol>servatlotvs whlcBr, ftlh' 
low wc -•shall -speak only of Canada, 
l)Ut it is obvious that, if we make out 
any ca-se at all. It will be correspond- 
ingly -strengthened if the other Belf- 
governtng Dominions are taltcn i-.itu 

The present population of Canada 
is probably mori' than eiffht nilllion-s, 
Bubstanlially, let us say, on"-tlftli of 
t;ie United Kingdom, At the prestMU 
rate of increase, it may reasonably be 
expected to reach twenty m.ilUons in 
the next (luarter of a* 6?nturj', 'by 
which timi? its relative prcfportlon i > 
that of th.' I'nited Kingdom will have 
greatly incrfa-^ed. But without Kolng 
into any calculations on this point. 
wliich would of n'?ces.'5it l^md to 

indefinite rfsulla, the fact n niaina that 
la the course of twenty-flve years Can- 
tula will become a country of too h'nni 
population, too great wealth ' and too 
great development to malvo it possible 
that her foreign relations sliall be de- 
tirminc'l \>y t' ho.l\- in whose decision.^ 
slie will have no voice. In fifty years 
it may well be that the population of 
Canada will be greater t'lati that of 
the United Kingdom. In the lifetime 
of a nation decades hardly count. 
Nearly a decade and a half have passe<l 
since the British preforencs was 
adopted by the Canadian Parllftmont, 
Hhd yet it seems only ye^sterclay that 
it wa.s determined upon. It i.'' n little 
over three decades since the Xational 
Policy tariff was adopted by Canada. 
The younger men in kVinadian imbllc 
life today will have to deal with prob- 
lems arising out of changes of a mag- 
nitude which we are perhaps hardly 
able to measure toJay. Hence it is ob- 
vious that -in .detci-minlng upon any 
line of policy affecting the Kmplre we 
must look tt ' considerable distance 

I'^or this reason. «■.,.;.• in cuminnn 
with per.'iuns who liave glvrn the 
proi^osal of colonial representation on 
the Committee of Defence serious con- 
elderatlon, we see difficulties to bo en- 
countered, there seem tu hr greater 
clIfTlcuUlcs to be overcome. If -some such 
plan is not agreed ufion. History 
ti aches that. If the evolution of the 
political fabric, wlilch we call the Km- 
)lrc, lifld been arrested at every stage, 
n there seemed to be lions In l)i<' 
path, tnc progresa mad" would have 
been smaflk We concede much that 
has been aai'd"iiW respect to tbo anomal- 
ous condition that may be created, but 
are comforted by the thought that the 
whole Empire Ih nn anom«ily. Possibly 
that Is why it ip m lCm,plr*. Our only 
fear in that peoi • in-.y try to m-ikc it 

We have this minnliiK ;i very full re- 
port of the pi-bcoedlngs at the. annual 
meeting of th« British Columbia Electric 
Rallwuy C<iinp»«y. l^-lmlted. held yester- 
day In London. The nddross of the ch.ilr- 
mfln Mr. Horn«-Payn' . levealed an amnis- 
Iftg. record of prngrrss. which constl- 
iut«» .the be«t possihln proof of the 
tremendous pac« charartorl.itlc of de- 
velopments In this Province: and no 
•J«M consplC'!'''!" was the note of con- 
fidence all through the speech ond the 
ggaurance that the Company intends 
embarklnior «POn even more .xtrnslve 
.#Ot«fprta««. Mr. Hc.rn'-.Payne mention- 
aj •om« thlnfa which win surprise 
most Ot a* ^P*,' '"■t""''". 'he nunibpr 
^f 1^1* |P«HH i*ve been few who- knew 
th«t tbl* P**o*in>9l poftseoaai in the Brit- 
lab OoUi|*W»i ,i<|^Dtr«c haiiwHy company 
' th« i^tjf*"^- •»<t*(*irl«e of the kind in th^ 
' ■»!»•**«***•• *•'**'** Empire, and this 
' |*((kHta» W**""*a'^'l*^ 'n ^fourteen 
fii^' ■(>««-"■ 'ttier »tat«ment¥ nl«« 

uimt the Co 

^dl iqjne $»l,0O0.000 Hi 
caah up to the present', that there are 
now 9000 stockholders; \Ua.\. over »U,- 
0000.000 has been paid out ib wages j 
since 1898, this not Including wages | 
ptild by contractors; that it Is planned j 
to ultimate develop 45,000 horKt-powr j 
at the generating stations on Vancouver | 

Altogeilier the allowing made by the ' 
Company is one of outstundlng excel- 
lence. Naturally -Mr. liorne-Payne In j 
his address did not fall to make refer- | 
cnc'.' to the fact that the public has been j 
critical of the policy oif the Company 
in regard to keeping pace with the re- 
quirements of the situation. In respect 
to adequate faeilltle.t for transporta- 
tion. .-\nd in reply to .sui'h crlticlHm. lu- 
again starlles uk by declaring that the 
Company haa not been iirepared for an 
iurl-cesc In bil.sincss of evf-r ."0 per cent 
In six months. Most of tis will agree 
that any business concern would be em- 
barrassed" in similar circumstances. Such 
a gratifying report Is especially wel- 
come as It affords the most eloquent 
testimony to tlie truth of the boivst so 
"ftcn made by th»|Ajpf',of this Prov- 
ince—that itHr^n g«HW%wines8 manage- 
ment here i» » tUltkr W*' *!»« profltaM© 

inuat b* vary diura 

that everything a pa 
Unionist party may 

ment here i* • »««' '-•^'' J'™^'*"! J tp%t^^W0¥^''^^'^^^^ »» »«> »»«^j 
investment of c«»tt«l irtifcjk'^ -iWJi^Ptr ^ tli V^fcW X)omlnlon where the go.*.'^ 

i ;^|Wt|p* and fame of the M<»tber Opuntnr 

a 1^]^ the worW. 

aaftt «b<|ii4d that itot' ^Itr 

ing feMUra about tbe 

tlon of the Cbmpany as shown by the 

British Columbift. 

ih Columbia, and for that 
matter, all Canada, is Interested In the 
new University to be established in this 
Province. The acceptance of the archl- 
1. ct's plans for the building Is a matter 
of considerable moment. It marks a 
great advance towards the time when 
the University will be an accomplished 
fact. The general deslpn of the build- 
ings afford an Indication of the charac- 
ter of the institution, ns it will im- 
press visitors to this Province. We are 
not In a position as yet to examine 
(io.'ieiy the plans which have bf'en nc-' 
cepted by the Government,, but in a 
general way it Is possible to -say that 
they combine modern improvements 
with those features of a unlv.^rsity 
which have become Inseparable from 
such an Institution by tradition and 
iisai<i'. We understand that there are 
still some alterations to bo made in the 
general design before the Committee 
wliicli ajmllcati'd Is f<atl.sf ifO, atul un- 
til such time as th(.i«e are effected It is 
too early to comment on the architec- 
tural facilities that will he affordei! Jn 
British Columbia for higher education. 
It Is enough at the present time to say 
that Dr. Young, the Minister who has 
been largely responsible for inaugurat- 
ing and carrying thus far this great 
work, seem* to have brought to bear 
upon hi.s task excellent powers of dis- 
crimination, a wide knowledge or what 
such an institution shotild be, and a 
desire not only to make It equal to sim- 
ilar establishments, btit to afford an ox- 
ample v.-hlch win In the future ho 
pointed to, if not wiil: pride, with envy 
by communities from all part.? of this 

flT'iiTfi rijifiii^i;' j¥ 
L about aaanmlas 
supporting ttia 
L,on a <)iieatton 

not in issue, reflect, the V^-^^ °' »"»» 

party. Of late there ha* been much 

suld in depreciation of th- value of the 

Territorial Army, and yet < a. f«w 

.v,« Hnocial ndlUary corre- 
montliB ago the special 

spondent of The Dally Telrgraph, one 
of the most influential of the fnlonlst 
papers, expres»-d the greatest s^ttlsfac- 
tlon with that body of men. and U is 
worth mentlonli.Jf that at the cutset he 
had regarded Hk-' Territorial movement 
as foredoomed to failure. 

]t Is quite unneceasary for a 
Camullan paper to form, much 
more 80 to express, any opinion upon 
tlie merits or demerits Of conscription; 
but It Is not out of placo to say again 
that the constant statement,'! of British 
decadence, tlMt are being sent out to 
please the .Vui.rlcan taste, are having 
a very injurious effect upon Canadian 
public opinion. Tlie influent- s or Hi- dis- 
patches is being augmenteil by tli'.- pts- 
simism of many Kmrn.".'-. p-opie living 
In Canada, who ar 
and out of season 
England Is golfg to, 
being done right, 

iP^g.?Wl:DNfiSDAY, Pf gl 



[Uitary aervtce for women, it Ap- 
p««.r«t,, Is to ba the climax of their 
having won the vote In Denmark. 
Their suffragette Bisters in Great Brit- 
ain are already trained in guerilla war- 

If, as la rumored, Mr. Ijeorge Perley 
Is to be tlie Canadian Minister on the 
Imperial Council of Defence the choice 
should prove a popular one. Mr. Per- 
ley, It will be rem?mbere<l. was tlie 
Actiing Prlm^e Minister d-'urlng tlie ab- 
sence of Mr. Borden In Ivondon last 


The Information comes from Ottawa 
that the 88th Kuailiers will receive a 
full Khaki uniform. We are Informed 
that tills Is due to the efforts of Sir 
Itlchard Mcljride and Mr. G. II. Barn- 
ard, omi-i-rs and iiK-n of llie new regi- 
ment are niucli grateful over this mark 
of favor. 

nt In Dcason 
itmlng that 
jOArq^ lit 

Hy what right can the City Council 

!ire\(-nt Sunday fuiioralsV If lii- ■■i- 
trol of the cemetery Includes this 
power tbe excuse that the action Is 
taken to allow • taker some lib- 

erty N hai cut It would be 

more to ^yj^yv."- -' provide an aaalst- 
ant for*^l8Si|^^~7he setting of a date 
• i^ a funen^^||3i^|>rtvat« MM| f^tnn 

Xv&uld tinder noram^,4Dliti^yifia$C!bl$ taatt 
highly cherish^ 4m^ ^i^ ''^^t what 
can b« «xpeet«i'^tt^Aative-born Canadi- 

Mttatai^Mottiar 'iMt Atf^j|i#M»Mil-'^. ^-tSKm^^ib^irii^itl^ ^t fM>tt home" 

'*4Hit tuttm home' 
to wear out tiMRlV ftrat pair of boots, 

COiUMBiA's oaiVEKSiTT-ii yiftlll^, ''^JB^MW^^S'^ i^^ England and 

•Jaaw wilf. If #e '■w'nSbt adopt con- 
scription, the Mother Country wJU be 
wiped off the map? 

'TlBliilL''airiiiiia i 
-*t*ongJy tt 
. aaya tltt? «#l*iRr «P«i' \v««» 
contemporar^>''ij(^ .Ih* Wi< ti *W»tt#i- of 
knf||||^l|lfi|wto It IhW exceptl6h -l. 

Tax: sooKE contkact. 

\V' ;i:, .'iuri' that the citizens will 
approve of the course of action adopted 
hy the City Council, on tie recorn- 
mendsitSon of the special <xinwniitt*e, 
in respect to the Sooke I..ak6 watei- 
contract. The city's Interests hav<- 
heen properly safeguarded, ami the 
contracting , company has been tieated 
in a generous spirit. This is just ic^at 
the citizens desired, without underttk- 
ing to say how the details of the ni- 
rangement should be .Inally detir- 

It is earnestly- to be liopfd that noth- 
ing further will ociur to int-^rfere wlih 
the rapid carrying out of the contract. 
It is certain that. If the contracting" 
company is unable to complete Its 
work, the fault will not lie with the 
ninnlHpal nuthorltles. 

more W^)mi9Wfi'^)»^.m*^^^i^ 
tlonable to the PeoP>»>t,;i^,.fifepce 
than almost all other Iriftuenc** com- 


The^ report of the Protestant Orphans' 
Heme makes gratifying reading, and It 
Is well to know that this eminently de- 
sirable Institution Is In what may be 
(■;;lled a flourishing condition. I^is ac- 
compli.«hing a noble work; has earned 
the good will and respect of every class 
"f the community, and the Increasing 
circle of Its staunch supporters Is a trib- 
ute to the place which It holds in the 
estolmatlon of the public. We wish the 
Home Increasing and prolonged success. 

DaatruotlOB oC Blrdi 

Sir— Your timely and well-merited 
editorial on the subject of birds 1" fun- 
eral Is deserving of the highest commen- 
dation, and 1 hope will result In bring- 
ing the subject to the thoughtful con- 
sideration of all classes In the commun- 
ity and to that of tlie authorities. Th« 
article in your issue of the Oth Instant 
on the "Big Horned Owl Bounty" shotild 
also be productive of Inquiry Into the 
utility of such ill-considered enact- 
ments and whilst the action of the »"' 
thoritles Is to be commended for abro- 
gating that In question, the thought 
naturally occurs as to the querftlonahle 
wisdom of offering a bounty, 1" t''^ 
first place, without first obtaining all 
pos.slble information regarding t'"* 
habits and customs of the unfortunate 
animal whose extinction Is aimed at- 
Now whilst It Is scarcely credible that 
the i-normous sum of $18,000 has been 
paid In bounties for tlie destruction of 
the horned owl, as Is asserted in your 
article. It Is to be presumed that a large 
sum has been paid. Had proper steps 
been taken to ascertain the habits of 
this bird before committing the coun- 
try to a course calculated to its ex- 
tinction. It could iTaslly have been as- 
certained that far from being injurious, 
owls generally, and that in review la 
particular, are the best friends of tlie 
farmer. This fact baa long ago been 
recognized In ^ti|||j<^ Country and in 
the United St«lS^|#liire, Instead of en- 
actments aimed at their destruction. 

-^^JJ^***'"* proceaa of turning 
■ST ta "*"' "'^'"'^'■y Into gain, tjkd H 
^" o» '" "'"'"»»* Columbia «oir 

.^•*Slle there Is no doubt that a 

^ fcl* **' """^ present prosperity 

^> the quietly effective adver- 

[•'loifers throughout the world 

'Bay was relatively aa well 

|*''t. Andrews, It is belleverl by 

the ttine has come -wrben we 

' freater benefit by taxing 

' a conversion Into real es- 

rthey are prot 
-^ily to birds 0} 
of the 107, # 

heae remarks ap- 

general, for out 

ember aright, of 








the 1 


the t1 



by Vft, 

torts I' 

ioge tl 


out th 

an u 


the Ool 

Bay Coi 



years— i 


.'iliall ()(>' 
period 0: 

acres of 
tul privll 
100 a~re 

\ iSk, On the contrary, that 

I \ » come to perpetuate the 

at neither Point Qi-ey nor 

^elghta may be advertised 

•'as attractions that Vlo- 

irpeutate (for 44 years) or 

B at once, for the Golf 

continue to plan and carry 

(luiifite Improvements with 

nty of taxation held over 

'iflew of securing its position 

''^ttb.has petitioned the Oak 

1*^1 to submit a Public By-law 

Plr.stly, that the current as- 

'tali not be increased for 44 



ipoondly, that 8 1-2 acres 

ni Beach Drive to the sea 

w«d from the links to the 
"y free of rent for the same 
>''"<»rs, to be used as a public 

BEADZWa BETWEEir iiimss 

Every now and then some one call? 

on The Colonist to say that certain 

I statements made In Its edftorlal col- 


I uinnK ar.- not JiLitlfled. When a.^ked to 

point out uhe.-eln the statements are 
I wrong, tliey have to admit that there 
has not been a word said or an Idea ad- 
vanced that can be assailed success- 
j fully. They have said, however, that 

these militant creatures advise Is be- 
• yond anything ever dreamed of by the benighted men claniorlng for a 
return of rights of which they had been 
deprived. They strike at the Innocent 
and helpless. Set a gang of the worst 
ru'flans of tlu- male rfex to securo 
sorac privilege by violence, and they 
win respect women and children 'I'lu-y 
will not seek to injure the Innoccr.t- 
These mad, unsexed creatures are rapid- 
ly demtnstratlng that the last thing In 
the wor',1 with which they should be 
tni.Kf-d s a voice In the affairs of 
Stat-'. T).iusands of people, who were 
not unfriendly to woman suffrage, tire 
bi-ing utteily disgusted by the tacti-.s 
of the crazy 'fsw. 


Miss Christabel I'ankhurst .iustlfi'>s 
tl-Mj destruction of the mails by tlic 
Mllltant Suffragettes by saying that, 
although some poor woman may 
tbereliy be deprived of her week's Wages 
that may have been sent her through 
the post, slie will have the satisfaction 
of knowing that she has arrived one 
stage nearer the coveted goal of Ihi; 
vote. Miss Pankhurst is evidently 
crazy. By no other explanation can 
the utterance of such Irresponsible bal- 
derdash be accounted for, us try 
to put ourselves In the place of tho 
"poor scrub woman" of whom Miss 
Pankhurst speaks. She lias worked hard, 
and on Saturday night goes to the post 
office expecting to get her week's pay. 
She finds it gone, because some fiend 
In petticoats has seen fit to destroy Jt. 

they can read between the lines as well 
as any one else. A\\ do nit know af 
any greater complliii.-nt tliat can be 
made to a writer than for some one to 
-s.-iy that he has read between tlie linos 
something- that ''as not been written. 
-An in.-^tancc occurrr-d not very long ago. 
.\ lertain person complained of a cer- 
tain aitlrle. Ho was asked if there was 
nnytliing In it that was not true; he 
replU-il there was not. He was then 
asked If he could point out any fallacy 
in the conclusions drawn, and he said 
he could not. The truth came out. It 
ajjpcared tliat a truthful statement of the 
! larts app-arod and the reasonable con- 
1 elusion from them ran counter to certain 
prejudices he had formed. There are peo- 
ple who are constantly on the alert to 
discov(-r hiddin meanings in what Is 
written. If such people only could get 
into their minds tliat when an editorial 
writer has supplied a couple of coluinn.s 
or s.() or matter, on perhaps hall a doz- 
en .'<ubj<'c-ts, he has no time to work up 
what he writes so as to convey some 
hidden meaning, they would save thi-m- 
srlves and others a good deal of an- 

The I„ondon Daily Xews has some 
sound advice to offer Mr. Andrew Car- 
negie on the subD^ct cf getting rid of 
his riches when It says: "Mr. Carne- 
gie lias failed to g»t rid of !il« for- 
tune by building his fifteen bundled 
libraries and his six (hous<\n<l church 
organ.s and hi.s palact-s ,-,f ju ar.- and 
his Institutions and by ♦'oundliig his 
Scotch University schemes ind his hero 
funds in all cnuntrii-n. W»y doesn't 
he spend the rest of his days and ills 
resources In warring against tlie 
twelve-hour d.ty and the seven-<];iy 
wti-k of the.,stc<'l trust? Tliat tin.m 
is the most colossal monument tiiat tj.^ 

m,-immoii of modern Industry has con- 
ft'i ved." 

that ela^s of bird In the United States 

4«a^lA M being injurlotis, and two of 
tbItf'Jtiimber a.pi^^0rc,- as not worthy 
to WconsidertfitSiSi/btlier hawks, owls, 
and eagles are classed aa useful. I 
speak from memory, but I believe T am 
correctly stating the findings of the 
United States Government published in 
a report entltleid "Hawks and Owls of 
the United States." it is unfortunately 
the hiibit, especially amongst some 
fruit grower.?, to condemn on Insuffi- 
cient evidence, some particular bird, and 
often birds In general, and to demand 
Government assi-stance for their exter- 
mination. This was asked In the case 
of the common black old crow, whose 
character Is certainly none of the best; 
but after careful Inqiilry In this I'rovlncit 
and in the adjoining .States the evidence 
was so much In his favor that I could 
not recommend the course proposed, and 
in consequence no action was taken by 
tho then Government. When the Na- 
tural History Society undertook to Im- 
port useful birds from England an out- 
rr>- was raised by a certain number of 
people with the ro.sult that their intro- 
duction was prohibited; however, on Us 
being sliown to the Hon. Mr. Bowser 
that the birds in tiuestlon, far from be- 
ing Injurious, as had been asserted, are 
the best friends of tho fruit growers 
and agrlcuUuri.sts permission was at 
once accorded for their Introduction. 
Your article dealing with other classes 
of birds all point In the same direction; 
so let us hope that the ignorance and 
prejudice against these friends of man 
may in time disappear. I hope I have 
not been too prolix; but let the import- 
ance of the subject be my excuse. 

J. R. ANDEU.'50N'. 
Victoria, B. C, Dec. 12, 1912. 

She returns to her family, and when 

she has to send them supperless to bcKl, ' no^ance. It sterns hardly ire<llble, but 

she consoles her children with the 
thought tliat their mother has advanced 
one stage neari r the right to place a 
vote in the ballot box. We fancy she 
and they would find this a pfior sub- 
stitute for food to put In their mouths. 
The cowardly Infamy of such tactics as 
Th? Buccessf-ul flolAtlon of an Aus- 
trian loan In X'-w York indicates that 
no fear Is felt In flnanclal circles of 
ony Interruiptlon of the peace yt Eu- 
rope, after the Balkan trouble is set- 
tled, and also that an early and peace- 
ful (wttlement Is anticipated. 


Co'lon*! Seoley, of the War Office, haa 
made l« clear that the present British 
Government has no Intention of resorting 
to conacr;|^tlon,, , It wfli be interesting 
toiee how this JfleiSlaratlon of;poUcy/la 
received .by thc' tIiilo*% h>a4PM'i We 
nevi«i^nl^lpateA foi^fc!)W«iM«t that the 
Llheroia had t»e leii»rU** ^f adojjtfftg 
the Contincrt^i nrtUtW ayatam; our 
only ilcMibt has b««n as to how far 
those, pewouf. who «•. raflly "apon 
aibU for ,«h« lOoliter wir the 

It is true, that there are people who 
think they read between the lines of an 
article on the foreign tr.iil-' of the 
IJnlted Kingdom n libhlen argument In 
favor if Home Itule. Sometimes we 
will print an art'cle siiggeHteil 'by som-e- 
thlng that has occurt-d In New ;Yc<rk or 
Paris and forthwith some one reads 
Into It a reference to something whic"!! 
he himaelf has done and come In to 
complain about 11. A pretty good plan 
in reading newspaper editorials la to 
conclude that they only mean what they 
say, and that they are written for the 
reasons expressed therein. If people 
would only get thot Idea Into their 
heads, they would not SO often think 
they were being put on the gridiron. 
Like most other papers The Colonist, 
when tt'has anything to sayy saya It 

la print and "not batwa*n the lines. 

, h I. , . 1 . ' _ — ^ — ~-^- — W— 

'■Vf\M \Bt(^f the Jr^sh Ct«ow» J^wetar* 
Is a-qui»ktloii ilrhtch rau«t ^ gattihc 
nwrly a« b*«1tn«y«d ea/1^ow old Is 
Annr* The rwUi'wftc!(»"jj the (Mfcs* «f 
paragraph* wBatlnf ;\o the »utojf«it *•- 
wkiMM m Of ^'Xm^^tiyn %o thaNufW 
THu rakh»aJ^an* ruMTa aiilR annM i-Jt/UlShMk 


Bupreme Conxt 

t>odds, Ella and others, plaintiffs; 
City of Victoria, def--iidant. 

The above action wa.s tried today be- 
fore the Hon. Mr. .lustlci Gregory. It 
appeared that the City of Victoria ex- 
propriated 8 feet of the |,!alntiff,-< 
property for the purpose of widening 
Fort Street. When the city workmijn 
began work they took II feet instead 6f 
8 feet, claiming that the extra foot was 
an cncroHehmenl on the the street and 
that the city did not have to pay for U. 

'The plaintiffs liave been In possession 
for hi yptrs and the wall of their 
property was built on a street lino 
given them by the city 20 years ago. 

An Injunction was granted by Hon. 
Mr. .lustlce Morrison on Nov. 27. His 
l.,ord.fhlp decided that the city was a 
trespasser and liable for damages. 

Jiulgmont was given in favor of the 
plaintiffs for $400 damages and co-sts, 
and the Injunction mn-'e perpetual as ti 
the extra foot of land. 

Mr Thorn tot^ Kell for plaintiffs; Mr. 
Roherison for the city. 

Saocumbs to Injarles—Thc death oc- 
curred ye-oterrUy morning at St. 
.lo. eph's Hospital of Mr. William Cut- 
ler. The deceased su-ccumbed to the ef- 
fects of pneumonia brought on by 
severe Injuries which he received last 
week on the Princess Mary. Unable 
to obtain < mployment on the boat, the 
deceaspil stowed away In the stem of 
the ve?«el Just ^before It left Vancouver. 
When the rudder '*as turned \he chain 
caught htm across the chest, It.fllcting 
serious Injuries. Several of hit rlb.-> 
were fractured, being bent In s\i»h a 
manner that they penetrated his, 
while he also received Injuries to !.'<» 
head. }i*^ cries aroused the attcntlor 
of the er*w, and the unfortunate man 
was made a« comfort able as oosslhle 
until the arrival of the boat In Victoria, 
wheh he was taken to St .loiwph'e lins- 
plta;. I-lttle 1« knowu^JiliXi^lliqaBcJ, 
jrhoge remalna t^VffZt^n n^wsm'^, 

^t by-law is ready for sub- 
"fill explain further why I 

;*' a free park adjoining 96 
'fgreen meadow Is a better;; 
fw Oak Bay than the doubt-| 
^ of increasing the taxefl on 
'th tho consequent financial 
W'Hiid follow. 
[fiuu for your space, 

•'HERRicK McGregor, 

'^'«=t*'^*.*' g- - Dec. 9- 1912. Bay^ 


Ings for u v^eek ended Tuesday 
totalled »4,)95g^ compared 
$:^.7:i.i,442 foithp -preceding week 
Boof Firs 


Oak Bay Oolf Kinks 

Sir, — I saw a reference In last week's 
newspapers to a supposed ln<-qual!ty 
of assessments at Oak Bay and citing 
in particular the Oak Bay Golf Links, 
which con.<?lst of 100 acres valued for 
njisessment purposes at $60,000 or $600 
per acre. 

The matter of an equitable assess- 
ment of these lands Is partly a ques- 
tion of law and partly one of economic 

From a legal (and ethical) point of 
vlf-w I rto not think It would be an al- 
together easy and ?.lmi)]p thing to 
the existing valuation. 

The pre.-ient owners (not the Golf 
Club, but The Gon-/ales Point Land 
f.'o.) b.iught the lands from the Pembor- 
(on Estate six years ago for $50,000. 

The purchasers are bound In their 
title not to sell any portion of the 100 
acres nor to earn therefrom more than 
1. mt rental of fi per cent on $50,000 
(ir B per cent on $60,000) per annum 
fn- fifty years or until such time as a 
g-^'f club ts unable to pay that rental 
and maintain a golf course. 

New It In impossible for the total 
share'iolders of the Gonzales Co. to 
show their stock as assets for mpre 
than $t.n.O0O, earning 5 per cent for 
fifty years. 

And I tdink that the Municipal Assee- 
sor was rl^ht In not going beyond that 
sum. for 11 he did so the validity of 
his decision would undoubtedly be chal- 
lenged and iinaslbly upset. 

If thr. leRMl question were decided 
against the Gon-nh-f, pr,int Land Co 
the Golf Club woftift be forced to sur- 
render their right of lease and the 
whole 100 acres woidd quickly be sub- 
divided Into attractive building sites to 
the grrnt benefit, cf the. Gonzales share- 

Wheth.r It would be to the profit of 
the Minilcipnllty Is the question of eco- 
nomic policy. 

Twenty years ago the Dr*>Hent Beach 
Drive from Shoal Bay to the northern 
boundary of Reeve Oliver's garden was 
laid out and built by thi Pr.ivtnclal 
fjovernnient as n scenic drive to con- 
neet Rencon Hill Park with Oak Bay 

This wn.«, I think, the ' firot road 
huilt for the sole purpose of oWnIng 
up views of our beautiful scenery and 
It callc.l for .-^ome foresight to do HUch 
a thing when neither tallyhos nor 
motors were thought of. 

The late Mr. .T. B. Pemberton, al- 
though he was then qult<» an old man, 
took a great porsonnl Interest In the 
locntltm of the road and In the effect- 
ive view point obtained. ' 

Ko p!»n of posslbte future aubdlvll 
Blon was allowed to 'Interfere wfth tWR 
selection of a route that gave aHiirnfil^ 
approaches to and recessions fro\h v'the 
sea. with Mount Baker aS the ciilaf 
vi<-w point from onti direction "Mtd Sj^o&i 
»g,y with Its black background ot (iaa* 
(rtpfl rocks from the oth^i*. 1 

• he effect of this ^ttf oiD VIc< 
■a;ulO«k Bay.'ilraa t1»*««*M.'; ' .r !,: Vvi§^i 

Uvreattd Ow tiiilir»« MMtri 

(uauoaa Brigade— A roof 

fire at tho nuience of Mrs. Dvimble- 
ton, lir.O Widand Avenue, called 
out the Are dtartment yesterday morn- 
ing. Tho daiago was small. 

Fruitless S«rch for Body — The search 
for the body f Harold Moro. drowned 
on Sunday aflrnoon in the Inner Har- 
bor, near the iallngfs Company's wharf, 
was continue* yestirday but without 
success. The loiico'; have little hope of 
discovering it mill it rises to the sur- 

Swimming Cnteit at Y. M. C. A. 

The third we^iy contest among the 
inenilrf-r.^ of t* physical instruction 
classes in the ". m. C. A- was decided 
over 180 yard-im the tank last nig'U 
with the folloing results: Class A., 
1- Godfrey; 2, 1 aark; 3, Potts. Class 
B-, 1, .Schutz; ; Rowlands; 3, T>owell. 
Class C, 1, Mcsagt^; 2, BagBha.we. 

Hero From \t jrorth — Mr. Robert 
.jmart, of the Doilnlon Assay Office at 
W'hltehorso, Yubn, \ is at the Hotel 
-Strathcona on o acatlon. He confirms 
the statement"! Mr. Rohert Lowe and 
of Dr. .Alfred lompson, M. P., that 
things arc boomig in the southern part 
of the Yukon, ar, like all Northerners, 
i» anxious to p back to the clime 
where it Is sunslny and cold. 

Oet Prison Terj — Convicted if boln-j; 
frequenters of artlaorderly houiso. A. 
Lewis and .1. Ivell, arrested early 
Sunday morning i 2617 Graham Street, 
were sentenced towo and three months 
respectively by Jtglstrate Jay yester- 
ilay In the PollccCotirt. The woman, 
Bornice Sheridan, irrested at the same 
time, was fined 100 or 1 wo months. 
Lovell has a pdc« record, having 
t^erved a sentence in the county Jait 
at Tacoma. 

,„rt Of Canada in raw 

.tated that »♦>» b««d» 
,lher commercial "od^ J 
•oaeh the Provincial Oover 
that counsel «1'»^\ ^ ' 
present Brltlab Columbfc 
10 understood on the 
he provincial Oavernt 
ound that US powera 
.well defined that the 
jny decision by any 


ment t 
but It 
hand, tl 
takes tH 
no need i \ 

■atUfaA Bsport— The direct 
the Y. M.»A. of the city »»•«■■ 
encouragii»port presented to *°"^ 
their n;onM meeting yesterdajf^ 
fact, Mr. ma. Mitchell, the 
stated that M was one of the best 
placed befoBkhom both a« regardi| 
anclal mattSand alao ^he fonew 
being of thli'jsoclatlon. It had 
hoped that nlw of a new General 8a 
tary would Aire been forthcoming, 
this not bel* do, Mr. George BeU. J 
director, hasTneen appointed honorair 
secretary, wl* full powers, to "CO"* ^ , 
the post until'* sulUble candidate hM 
been found, j&nong the minor p-wlf" 
which the ho&td are seeking to fill ai^^ 
those of a stenographer and c. book-., 
keeper, but iheso. It Is anticipated, will little difficulty In sele-.-tion. 

The KUlk OoounlaaloB — The com ml s- 
niou aiipolntod by the Prbvlnclal Gov- 
ernment t# inqiire into the .supply of 
milk and til nutations relating thereto, 
held a .se-wion iAChilliwack last weeU. 
Its members, Dii A. Knight, Or. Proc- 
tor and Mr. V. kiinting, tho secretary, 
made an n.vhauKllve investigation into 
the aanltftion of-the farms on whicn 
Is proficed in that district, 
nsed to handling It when 
and tl-i jirecautlons taken 

tll« milk 
tbe care 
, shipped, 
against tijborculo 
were exanined, b 
a whole the ranc 
showed l| ttle des 
and! gl-vefHvformat 

Various wltno.«i3«S;.; 

It is stated that as' 

s and cow-Ueopers 

to come forward 

though ilie cc^rtl- 

did QvoSEhlng in their pow- 

;e them sll that In doing !« 


er -to ^ , -^ . 
W«ek'. B.v. - ^^W Wl?l|i'5 he rfri^cing the lntere«jl»-ii 

week. B,k aiearlng—Bank clear- j,^^i,e Industry ^orally- ^ * 

Aa Attractive vn;i^w— The southerly 
window ol the offfceiT^cjupIed by Majflf 
Beale, of the 88th l^wlUers, on Dougl^ 
Street, next the S^jf^icona Hotel, pri* 
sents an attractive) strht to passer-T-M 
by its reproductfen of an imaglna^^ 
ramp nn the shorj] if the Sound, W 

which the reglmerfllj' nobly doing it! 
duty lo its countrM]r: 

irhe execution of 
the work is excelfckl^ and while tht 
soldiers are onlj- oll-U j>la.ybOA variety' 
such as the youngi 
Ills Christmas mo 
have bt>en so well 
fairly good idea of 
the rpiflment on p 
and the ambulance 
evidence, and, ef co 
T'nion -lack files fro 
ought lo be a persuakl^ inducement to 
recruiting for the neVWglment. 

likes to find Irt: 
stocking, they • 
yed as to give a vj 
lltla camp with 
The sentries 
s are fiilLv In 
, the srood cAfi'i] 
t) flagstaff It 

^ttaMT— How to 
Interests of 
der the voca- 

Boaid of Trade 

furthe- the agrlcultijr 
Britisl Columbia and 
tlon o' land scttlemenlmore popular 
than 1| Is today will be tie chief topic 
of dlf^ussion at the 
Board of Trade 

tniy i.meetit»g 

m-Tfl^r aft«|^- <9 

Recently a comllttef of the "'' 
submitted a repoi on thfl^ywhtir '^4 
the Council, and iHg thie 

of the 



joct tl 

ment vhich will form thi basis 

dobatt The report inaiid povor 

omme|dations involvin:,' Ae glvl*Hf '6f 

greatf^ assistance to setthrs, and the 

establfehment of a loan a'stem. — 

meotlr^; will also be asled 

the reiirt of the Committed 

and xivigatlon, with sp^ 

lo what should be done OflMH- J^ 

("oast \t Vancouver l~liiil .'itiE'^'Pllllu ,f- 

render (shipping in thes^'isatet^ I .1- 

mune fipm possible dange>. 



Xisdy Douglas Qitpter Meeting— The 

regular monthly meeting of the Lady 
Douglas Chapter idthe Daughters of the 
Empire was held yelerday afternoon at 
the Alexandra Clui, the Regent, Mrs. 
R. B. McMlcklng, inthe chair. A Quan- 
tity of business wb dispatched, and 
mention made of tie fact that before 
her recjnt departure from th« city the 
Chapter IiB.l )iresent»i Itn former Trea- 
surer. Mrs. McArthir, with a silver 
Jewel box, suitably cnfraved, as a n^rk 
of appreciation of her eervltes. 1 

Practical Work AxMsg the ramura 

— Profe.«sor W. T. MarDonald, l,k-e- 
utock Commissioner for the Proviace. 
reports oxcfilent attendances at Ihe 
Farmors' In.stltiito nifietlngs at Ladrfcr, 
Huntingdon and Chilhwack last we«k. 
At(*^the last named centre he placed be- 
fo^ his audience the actual animals and 
ih«n proceeded to lecture on their points, 
good or bad, and thin practical demon-i 
stratlon attracted tbe keenest intereau 
Prof e.-^.-- or .MacPonahl left .yesterday to 
attend the Washinirton State Dairy- 
men's Convention, -Rhcrc he ha."» been 
Invited lo take part in the stock-judg- 
ing demonstration. 

Betirinir From Council — Mr. W, 
Brown, Councilor for the Willows dis- 
trict In the Uuk Bay Council, etated to 
a reprc-ipntatlvc of The Colonist yes- 
terday that It is not his Intention to 
seek re-election at the forthcoming elec- 
tions. He helleves the experience 
gained In the last year to have been 
most voluaJile In glvlnR him an In- 
sight lnif> the hiindllnf? of municipal 
affairs but finds that the tlm-e which 
must neccpsarily be devoted "to tlieih In 
ft modern Council Intprfere."- too n^oh: 
with his private hn»lne;>f' and he ^ Is 
therefore compelled to withdraw. 

T. M. C. A. SwlmaJng <nnb_At a 
meeting of the y. M. C A. Swimming 
Club last night It was decided to bold 
the postponed meeting oO some date In 
■Tanuary, when 11 Is hoped f'at It may 
be possible to get th« Vancouver 
sociatlon team over. The secretary 
been Instructed to write t" 
forming them of the r«a«otf 
vented any offer of «♦/' 
penses being made by t1i»^^ v 
"oclatlon at the time oti^' 
arranged for the coi 
ahio heac^tllv^-cndorWj 
made by the Ma'yfi]^ 

' SWteiimIng bath In tfr]. W^iii fl J 1 

'' .OMvMtoa' OaaaV 

statitd oaae m to th 
rttrht* of the Prbvlnc* <«" 
oon^Mltaiaa la. of the highest 
to '^^ »#ravlnoe^ po action fi 
j^ the provlnetal 
oeuMM to rap 

AUlaaee Franoalse Ueetli^r— The Al- 
liance Trancalse held a reiy pleasant 
meetlnj last evening in the! .Vlexandra, 
Club, tie feiiture of -whicli wis the vei 
interes Ing address given U' Madami 
Sanderfeon-Mongrln on "Un^ Promen> 
ade daris Paris," whlcli was 'illustrated 
by mirrorscoi* slides. Haste: Walter 
DoBville acting as operatcr. The 
speaker commeiu;ed with a modest ref- 
erence to her oW daring ;n Irving 
describe so unlqtW and beautiful a c 
The charm of PalU lay not only in 
beauty, but In the place itself, 
people and its atmisphere. EVen thoi 
who did not like the French pe 
visited Paris agatn^ and again, dral 
thither by Its charnt No i^attcT fn 
what ptilnt one vlew^ it, Paris was 
ways beautiful, and mthough It was no, 
longer the capital ot a monarchy, Iti 
possessed many beautiful palaces whl<jh; 
had been turned Into ihuseuma contain- 
ing beautiful paintings and other works 
of art- The slides shown Included views i 
of Place la Concorde, the Church of the| 
Madeleine, the Louvre, Rue de RlvoU 
and tho tomb of Napoleon In the chapel '■ 
of the Hotel des Invalldes. At thei 
close of the lecture, which was much| 
enjoyed, Mrs, W. B. Home presented 
\ Madame Sanderaon-Mongrln with a 
beautiful bouquet of carnations, and 

ilrs. Luxton presented Mlaa Leiser, 
ecretary of the Alliance, with a foun- 
tain pen- The Alliance Francalw? will 
hold Its next meeting on the first 
Tuesday in January. 

014 rolka' OoBoart — ^Very enjoyaihle 
and,8uooesaful was the Old Folks' con- 
cert- held in the schoolroom of the Met- 
rop<|lltan Methbdlet Church last eaigjafy ■ , 
und»r the wuspiees of the L|**'^'e^^'^lull«l- 
Tho»e taking part Uv'***'* Programme 
wpr^ attli*d 'ltt^«lK*"*"'''o"*d Costumes, 
I|ntt**»t5tti^'"*""'^^^^^« Wlualon of 


arid Vdi 

with k> 







programme oonunenced 
<iuartett6, '■Hall. Smiling " 

•■^m ^^^ ''•'^^' Lucretla 
rmm- Crawford), appropriate- 
»n black gown, white tace c«p 

fmng "Bo kind to Anld 
wing It up With an e£ 

^,% IVjSe." Mrs- J, B, Mc- ^ 

«*'?*'*****••** on tba pro- / 

fW lAMtelaii Parsons, kitd who ' 

"foot *ffiMtlvc costume, g»Ts an 

Jf recttauon, another reclta- 

m ||i<V»n later on by Mrs, 

*1«»;;»I««ion). entitled -^ow to 

"Wre Buchre.'- The pro- 

fWSi td^^hiortgage the Ttitm." 

Vart In the per. 

It^t and Mr£. ^diroTd 

litim. Miss Pomli, 

i^tott, Mrs. OCl^nr^ 

eji, ICr. Hj T. Knott. 

''fif'>,,1i^-IMjr and JItt.;-. 
the evaiiHlf 
funds of th« 



■ -<«*iia<® jt«6e?r- .sift^'4iis^*„*awu»i^^ 

^mir;!'- ■■'„■'■ 


■ : 1 ri'"'5J'wT VT'^wWr"*!^ 



The Breakwater 


Comer — 120 x 130, Belleville ard Montreal Streets, producing 
revenue. Until_ construction starts on the Laurel Point 
Bridge, we will sell this cheaper than anything else near it. 

Corner— 140 x 150, Montreal and Dallas Road, producing rev- 
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is the key of the whole block on Dallas Road. Very choice 
for warehouse site. 


The above CORNERS are better situated than anything else 
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toNlSr/ WW&^ VANdOtjHl^ ISLAND. B. C. WEDNE^, DECEM^EjLil^ 


Oo«a to Ttt&ooaTwr yirm. — The bid 

of Messrs. Stanley. Brook, Ltd.. of 
Vaacouver, for the supply of n«oei»- 
■ary laiundrj- uppUanoes for the l«,undry 
of Uie Old Men's Honie, will be ac- 
cepted. The prlo« to be p«,ld U |1,16C. 

■iBllOp B^ptlBM OtalAWM OOBT«*t«. — 

At th« clos« iyt the C. E. M. S. »ervJce 
at Chrlat Churcli Cathedral, on Sun- 
day afternoon, un Intereatlng little 
cerenfony was heUI wh«n Right Rev. 
Bishop Roper, baptized throe Chinese 

JKo OI»»nr« in Beg^ationa. — Deaplte 
the re<iue8tB made by vurloua labor 
orgaivlzutionjs of the city, no chungo 
will be made Jn tile Streets iy-law re- 
Kardliiff street speaking:. The City 
Council, Monday night, unanimously de- 
cided to I'cave the by-law unchange^l. 
which means that the Chief of Police 
will continue to be the authority to pass 
uiion on all Huch requests. 

Bhawolgau X>ak« Eotel Sold.— Mrs. 
Koenig 'ha« sold the Shawnlgan L^iko 
Hotel, which for years has been a 
favorite summer resort with' Victorians. 
With the hotel go 1-1 acres of ground, 
the price paid for the whole being 
jr.O.ono. The purchajitr Is a w«n- 
Itnown pioneer mining man of the In- 
ferior. Mr. A. von Glrsewald was liu; 
."t'lllng- ag-ont. 

Coiuplete Clugter Ughtinff.— To com- 
plete all the cluster lis-htlng Installa- 
tions passed to date, the city will 
order twelve standards at a oost of $44 
eacTi, these poles to be Insiallcd on the 
work recently passed for harbor front 
I. King on Belleville Street. The pur- 

:.....->- oj: .20 T Hng gt« in_la.m p? ,..f.o' : ....*Jj'' 

system will also be made to malntJiln 
an adequate .supply 'tintll the number 
for next year can be secured. 

CommlanlonerB and J.P.» — In accord- 
anot; with the .statutes of the Provlnco 
the council of Ksqulnialt has elected 
two license commissioners and two 
justices of the peace for tlie municipal- 
ity Colonel Pet'ers and Councillor Rae 
were unanimously elected to sit on the 
first board of licence commissi oner.«i 
for the district: and Mr. J. Saunders 
and Mr. J. Oliver were appointed Jus- 
tices of the peace. 

ZncreasisLsr Re»«rv« Supply — Since the 
mrthfxl of IncreashiK the reserve sup- 
ply of water In Smith's Hill reservoir 
by curtailing- the service to consumers 
between the hours of 1 and 5 a. m. each 
mornlnff hn.s been put Into operation, 
the level of llie water has been gradual- 
ly rising, the depth yesterday morning 
hcing eiglit feet, nine Inches, and the 
supply is being qdded to at a nightly 
rate of about ori<- foot. 

P«tition« for Koadi — Two petitions 
fur improvements were lotlged with the 
ICsqulmalt council Monday night, the 
first being for a sidewalk on ViowfleUl 
road, and the other for a now roadway 
to run westerly from Dominion road 
nil- Phoenix street. In the latter case 
the property owners are agreeable to 
giving half the desired width of the 
road if the council will undertake the 
work. The council referred the mat- 
ii'i' t.i till- engineer. 

Seek Annexation — jx petition, slmi- 
i;ir to tlint iire.sentcd to the .Municipal 
CDuncll of South Saanlch, praying that 
Hfv-tlons -.iS, 26, 27, now a portion of the 
municipality, be ennexted to the city, 
presented to the City Council and re- 
ferred to City Solicitor Robertson to 
report upon the steps to be taken to 
deal witli the petitioners' request. Tito 
V>etltion purports to be signed by over 
nl per cent of the owners in the sec- 
tion referred to. 

Snnday Tire Alarms. — .\n overheated 
stove pipe In the residence of Mr. 
W. Andrew, 1844 ' Cressoenl Road, set 
fire to the floor and resulted in a call 
for the Fire Department, on Sunday 
evening, at 5.15 o'^clock. Damage to 
the amount of JIO was done. At noon 
on Sunday a pot of grr<Lse on the 
kitchen stove at 1446 Camosun Street 
caught fire, but the flames were quick- 
ly .subdued by tiie brigade, no damage 
being done. 

Horae Siaeaae at "Waldo — Borne un- 
known disease, said to be akin to ty- 
phoid fever Is reported to have broken 
out among horses in the n^elghborhood 
of Waldo, B. C, and no fewer than 
twenty animals have died within the 
past few days. The Department of 
Agriculture here has been asked -by resi- 
dents of Waldo to send an expert veter- 
inarian to look Into the matter, but a» 
It comes properly within the Jurisdic- 
tion of the l'"V<lenil authorities the re- 
quest has been handed over to Dr. Tol- 


Affalnat Pool Boon OambUag'. — Re- 
ports of the prevalence of gambling In 
some of the pool and billiard rooiTia In 
the city will result In action by the 
police. Notices ore l>elng Issued by 
Deputy Chief Palmer to proprietors of 
all such premises to the effect that no 
gambling in any form will be permitted, 
and that violations of the by-law regu- 
lating places of that character will be 
promptly <lealt with. Parents of some 
young men who are tsald to shave lost 
considerable sutns by gambling In pool 
and bIHlard rooms of late ihave been 
complaining to the authorities. 

CHty'B Bank Ctatns. — According to 
the monthly statement issued for No- 
vember by City Comptroller Raymur 
there was au« the bank at the end of 
last month »567.35».18. Coniitructlon 
««count showed an overdraft of $2,107,- 
158.71, made up of noten h«ld by the 
bank, |20S,624. and current account 
overdraft, $1,901,684.71. In addition, 
■undry overdrafts totalled $16,084.07. 
nrMtdng an agrmirate overdraft of 
|2.12S,243.07, Credit toalanoM. Includ' 
inv $936,453 of general purpoae «nd 
local improvement alnklng funds, Ufytl- 
led |l,6'kG,g8l.g», la«Tta« a n«t over- 
draft of |S«7.3S0.18. 

•IrM a*««M or •oM^-A ploMtnf in- 
olda^t of ^^p«t<k m tjIM er«et!on of «gc 
nim F«rlla«iMnt BtttMtuvi w«« otoron- 
ieitd Oil Mif ardny <|f|i»rnoon Ifuct ^Drhwn 
Hbe. 8tAiili«ir tttfii^ "'°Aiid«inii»n "'iriui- 

by Mr. N. C. Hall. 6uperintendent oC 
WorJce, who feUcltou»*y ex^vresaed the 
kindly feelings the contractiors, fore- 
man and Mr. Anderson's fellow em- 
ployee*, who had joined In the presen- 

3>ste of Blsotloa — Gaqulmalt will 
have lt3 municipal election on January 
18. Nominations will be made on the 
second Monday of the month. The 
clerk will act as reiursU»g officer, and 
the polls will be held at the Boldlcrs 
and Sailors' Home. Talk of the elec- 
tion brought up the (tuesllon of a pub- 
lic meeting 'promised by the Reeve. 
Councillor McAdam thought the meet- 
ing should take place lmine.d!utely prior 
to nomination. NotliluK was decided on 
the subject however, although It Is un- 
derstood that the meeting will be 
called as stated by the Reeve. 

Vew Ponndkcepsr — Wltiiout intima- 
tion of the fact that the first appointed 
poundlteepHr of K.squimall liafl retired. 
Councillor McVdam introduced a mo- 
tion Mondiiy night to appoint anothir 
man. namely Mr. G. Brydon, The ex- 
planation ^as to the effect that the 
property of Mr. Dawson, the first ap- 
pointee, waip not exactly suitable for 
tl^e purpose^ and also that he was not 
particularly ^nxlous about the Job. Mr. 
Brydon was \therefore appolnt-ed. His 
property, whj^ will henceforth be tho 
pound. Is locatid near the Junction of 
Lampson street knd Esquimau road. 

Conetable's Ptompt Action — By 

prompt action MoLiutia Constable I"os- 
ter captured a runaway horse on Doug- 
las Street yesterda;^ afternoon, and be- 
sides giving the miny on 
till- tlioroughfare an', exlilbitlon of horse- 
i»ui.niihlp, in a,U lik*-»iihoad prevented In- 
jury to those crossling the street. The 
animal was In full cVreer northerly 
the City Hall when y* constable saw 
it approaching. He yaited until the 
frl,?hlenod horse was ^Just passing htm 
when he spurred his own horse ahead 
and cleverly catching ^ the trailing lines 
brought the runaway to a stop his ac- 
tion being heartily applauded by by- 
stiuiders. I 

Seamen's InstUnte Wpetlng- — The reg- 
ular montlily meeting bt the Seamen'^ 
Institute was held yeJ^terday morning 
In the Empress Hotel Kvlth the presi- 
dent. Mrs. Jenkins In the clialr. Very 
satisfactory reports wer'c received from 
the Knterlainment Conmilttee and from 
the committee appointed\to Interest the 
Men's Committee In the new building. 
The Port Missionary. Mr- Wright Hill 
also gave his report, which showed that 
satisfactory progress had been made. 
A request was received for book.-*. 
Bibles, hymn books and pictures for the 
present quarters at the Outer Wharf. A 
warm vote of thanks was \ passed to 
Mrs. Stuart Robertson for ai'ranging and 
lending her house for the bVid.tre tour- 
nami'iit which was held last nnonth In 
aid of the Seamen's Institute, and 
which netted $81. 

Hoapltnl Probrem — A of sudden 
illnts.s taking place in 12.9<iuinijalt was 
the means of raising tile question of 
what the municipality of K.s5i.ulmalt 
shall do In order to have patients ac- 
cepted at one or other of the hosjpltals. 
Two suggestions were offered, v one 
that a fixed cliarge siiould be madls ^V 
the hospital for patients, and the t'other 
that the municipality should sul>Bc\rlb'> 
to au ho.'spltal and thereby ensure ^hat 
they deslic. The i<ipa of a fixed rate 
appeared to meet with the greater faVor 
however, and It was decided that tjhe 
different ho.spltals should be commuPl- 
cated with regarding their rates for n<-i- 
mittance. When this question Is de'-- 
elded the police of the municipality wlllv 
know exactly where to send cases. 

Sustain Xnllug- — An appeal against a 
ruling of the building Inspector, who 
refused to pass plans submitted by Mr. 
S. n. Rlrd.s for a three-storey brick 
stores and rooming building to be 
erected by Llm Bang on Herald street, 
near Douglas street, was considered by 
the board of supervisors Monday. Under 
tlie new building bylaw complaints 
against rulings of'tho inspector may be 
made to a board of supervisors com- 
posed of the chairman of the fire war- 
dens, the Are chief and city engineer. 
Tlie building Inspector refused to Issue 
a permit for the structiire because the 
plans showed wooden partitions In tho 
upstairs portion and a'ooden ceilings, 
which do not come wlthlji tht3 building 
r'.'gulatlons. The appeal was considered 
by the supervisors, who approved of the 
stand taken by the building Inspector. 

msTlBlon Court VEsats — Revision of 
the Municipal 'Vot'Cra' List for 1913 -was 
comemnced yesterday morning at the 
City Council Chamber, when the Court 
of Rc'.-islon, composed of Mayor B«ok- 
wUh and Aldermen Stewart and Porter, 
sat to hear complaints agalnut names 
on the list or applications to havs 
names added thereto. Practically no 
complaints were ■presented. A Hat of 
thirty-two names of householders who 
took the customary declarations in Oc- 
tober, but who, it was discovered later, 
had not paid the regulation $2 tax, -wa^i 
submitted by Tax Collector Oowei*, -who 
asked that these names be struck from 
off the list. The board decided to no- 
tify each Individual named to appear 
and show cause why the collector's re- 
quest should not be granted. The court 
will meet again this afternoon In tbs 
council chanvber at the City Hall. 


Mel«orolo»lc«l Office, Victoria, B.C., St S 
p.m., December 10. 1»13. 


The prcBiure li K'vlnc way on th« British 
Columbia Coast, and rslny condition* majr 
Iw expectBd In th»«e districts. The weathar 
today. I>nth on the Pacific slope and is 
the Prairie ProvlncM. nas he«a tanerally 
(air under the Influence of an abnonnally 
high presiurfi area, which ovarltas the 
Rocky Mountain ration, and Is xenrrai #> 
Ssskatchnwan, where and In Manitoba else 
there li s decided oold wavs, with tempera- 
tures below sero. 



Vaneovrer . . . . 
jesmlsops . . . . 
Clii%«rvllle . . . 
PMnee Rupert 

A01» ,,. 

M#Mn. T. r 
naiaanr. alia. 



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ceivable leather. From |1S 
to f3.00 

8oUd aold Mssb Bar^, the fash- 
ionable Parlslenno's most popu- 
lar style Just now. From J17S 
to 950.00 

BUvar Kesb Baffs, as used in the 
fashion centres this season, 
Lovelv goods, from HO. 00 
to ..." f4.00 

White Katal Mesh Ba^s, very 
newest creations. From $18.00 
to fl.25 


Certainly welcome gifts in this 
.country to any lady, old or 
young. These vie with Hand- 
bags in popularity this aeason. 
Ours are the finest of the fine. 
Plenty of variety, all prices, 
from I2B.00 to fS.OO 

Store Open Evenings 

, W.H. 


Th* JswSlsr. 
9fi5 Oh>Tsnuasnt Strtst 

^^IVedaesday Morning, December 11, 1912. 


^Beautiful new home of nine rooms on a 

ler lot, 50 X 120. Full client, basement, fur- 

^i-.~t heated, beamed <^eil^^K)aneled walls, 

""" l^lcd plate glass windo'jipllipje electric fix- 

|hiis, billiard room. Overlooking Oak Bay, be- 

^ >^gless than two blocks away. $2000 cash, and 

I"*, -Jhebalance on a mortgage. One of the finest 

m thc^city, and one thousand dollar* under 

Price $8500 home of seven '^WBBBl large lot. 
Hole is; well built, the rooms are all large and 
conmieitly arranged. This place is close in and 
connieAt to two car lines. 

i>riced at $5850, on Tenns 

JCtksltow you this place today. 


E. 3#oo4 6-roomed house inside ^-mile circle, 
nel d ^11 built. Lot 58 x 120 alone is worth 
th^'Dnel asked for entite property. 

\ strean^. 

\ Priced at $5300, on Terms 

';Thisace is close to Yates Street. 



639 For^t. Phones 2445 and 4049 







iVy it today at 

The Tea Kettle 


111* JtitugUm ihW-OPP- ▼totsrts 

DfiaiiKDinid Meb 

We offer ur r^ilar fine quality Diamonds in three-stone 
rings, at the allotig prices: - 

S4C5.oliR247.50, $135.0O, $90.00, 
HI.50, $40.50, $20.70 

No gift wouUlAse her more than a Diamond Ring, and 
three-stone rings st A to be favorites. 

Remm & Son 


Itll-1* Dooslas SUM* 

Estnllsbed l«6t. 

Ttctorls. B.'-'C 



3,200 Acies 

On the Willow River, \ear 
Fort George 

$8.00 PER ACRE 

Terms Arrange 


A. S, B^rtoi 

Member of Victoria Real 
Estate Exchange 
215 Central Building 
Phone 2901 

On some lines we're 
rather heavily stocked, both 
on men's suitings and wo- 
men's, and for the next lew 
days special prim «fe?df- 

To Builders and 

Be?fore ordering material 
for Interior Finishing, ex- 

Am-I-Wud Panelling 

In Plain and Hardwood 


Samples and Price* on 



1 105 Wharf St Phone 1x64 

"This, Sir, k Our Home. 

We bought it fi-oin.the Blgalov Construction Co., Fort 
Street, Victoria, les^han ot j^earygo. Tom had only $800 
cash at the time aid the bmpanV were willing to accept 
that sum as first pa; ment, dsbite tile fact that the li«t price 
of the house wa.s ov r $4ooo| ^he purchase was actually .the 
beginning of our gj>d hickj Tom'.^ wages were ativanted 

able rijoney on various small 
we ikade the last payment 

soon after. We ms e cd 
real estate deals an lasf. 
though the Compan w^R^i 

time. We are prou< of 
What good wife f ;s ni 

Our "home buildi " _ 
office or phone rega ing it. 

to alfew us two more years' 

and li»ve no desire to •eM." 

_r , *t^. 



'' "!r>^*<ry: ' '-*'■• 

■■%x'<"»- ^.»-l»' 


n'' - iliS'lP!^''" ""' 

'" ^l' .~.«o.wT«^n t r\ iMAn wo"'* ««lt «on«i.«tltlon be •« A» l^i, i^ ' ' '' ' ' $}^ ' Sf 




Doctor Reed's Cu 
Sole Boots 


nc Bt of Sch. 

Vici Kid and Gunmetal Calf. Also a i 
Grass Bedroom Slippers. 

Men s 90c, and Ladies' 75c a Pair 

, 300 pairs of Boy Scout Boots,|^«dfciaiK tan. 
Come and sec all tl 





Old/Country festors Acquire 
;ontrol olusiness Prem- 
ises at Bvernment and 
/Yates SWs 

new no 




ally, (-.-••pel 
f the intoij 
Vail-' .^treel 


Dou£?las Street, Phone 1^32 Odd Felloes Blocj 





. iii.'>'> 

ri'rtl'le i':n- 

rockrt Knlven, with tionn. Ivniv and pearK liandlM, 25c to 
Safety Ra/.<ir». C.llUtt.v Kwi-KeuVy and Yankee. 
ShiiviiiK Hninhcs, iiicluiUns llic wnll- known Rubbfttsct Brush* 
(Irifron StroppiuB .>li»cliinc !"'• Safety Razors. 1 

i;i"iiric Irona, Kloclrlr Toftuicrs, ImHor' Manicure Sets. Hail 
lory, Cftrving' 8et.>i in all gra<l.?«, llroniio Inkslan 
Watch fni- nPxt Sittiiriiiiy .^^iioi.-ial— Ufcembrr 11. 

B. C. Hardware COmWcI. 

Phone 82 8l<-.rt Street 

KK.\I>IN(; I,0(KS 


stiflioiia of la to liavft 
In GovernuufMl Street 
y In tlif ntighborliood 
Ion of GovuriiniiMU and 
As a result of negotla- 
Uoiis ri i;en« completi'cl, M.e8Sf.s, Monk 
& MoiUcUjrt'al estate agents, have 
secured, njl'i'lialf of old country In- 
vestors, aMenty-tlve year leeae of the 
ft.v ■ ll'"5 n"''t-'>^'i'''t corner of 
rnntW''"<l YateK Street from Mr. 
,^#. :ihaum, proprietor of the 
Pal^' • •-#'"" ^'"' property has a 
fronlatre»> (<ov< rninent Street of t\fty- 
kIx fe?t»id on V'ates Street of tHrvy- 
jd Includes the Palace na- 
clgar store and the 
ll'immediately norili of the 

The Agreement. 

the tir 'i-i •■!' iiiJ Icu-se >l:. 
laum will receive an annual 
of 111,200, belns: Interest at the 
rat^Mt seven i;er cent upon a present 
vaiJbton of trie premises nt JX60.000. 
jc termlnati'-n of the let jj; all n i- 
I '^rc^ ments m.'. le on the n, <\'.t-t ; v a I ' 
frt to Mr. .sicbenbaum. 
iilorts were also mad:: f>y the e»mf, 
]/,ither partie.'^ f -nrr ' v'- - on 

nninK prop. '-ht 

nipus Cafe, duuciI hy L. J. QuaK- 
tti; the Excelsior aaloou and the 
KtiKland Motel, owned l?y M. 
num.', and also on too pmperty to the 
i..rtii r.wned by Mr. Norria, but theec 
otiations were not suetssafuL 
M-ysrs. Monk & ]Moutelth stated ye.s- 
l.r'liiy that the lease of Mr. Biftben- 
lii'ini's property had been si-^cur<>d. 
What rll«poa-ltlon will be made of the 
property, or what intcre«ts have se- 
cured It they refused to make public 
at this time. KoiprhbQring own-ers «ire 
greatly interested In tlie tratisnctlon, 
arid look to .see a large Uuainf'H* etruo- 
ture erectoil, pointing to the fact t'lat 
t ii. present buildings on the alte woiild 
in no .?ense return a revenue eufflcieni 
tc warrant the payrevent cf thean«»u«Jt 
to be paid Mr, Sicbenbnum, Mr, S- . 
bonbaum relinqui.s'-ies posaession 
pr(»perty on Ma>- n<-xt 

Plan Kan>rnie Elook. 
If planu mi- nMrtert"^ 

Th" Tnvestmeni > ". j'fi.n.uu of Cai.« 
lire carried out. UouKlas Street wlU '•''• 
adorned no.\t Another hand- 

.some i »■. a ten-story 

would t^y «o»p«tltlon be ■« red. A» ^^ 
rroundt fpr hU a«»«<rtlon, tn cited * 
recent . .perlencc ©t the Cil;' Purchai- 
In* \g u. who went lo a local firm 
to seci ., three of k c-'rtam «!»»» •! 
article rhe Purchaalns Affont *« 
not ki ,,, i„ ii,at cupiicUj. and he re* 
ceive, nuotation of |50 per artlcU-. 

He w >,ttcK to UlH office «nd ordered 
"'c! 1;,, biii when it was Ktw^wn h* 

was .iiy official the price In aoiue 
myt- rio'iB raannc'r jumped to ISi*. 
Thtt: ihp Purchasing Aa«>nt went to 
tho AHreliouse of tl>« nnxuc flrtn, an<J 
thwi , again, he waa unknown and 
promptly «ot u qiiotatioq of |60. He 
IniDiedlaiely ordered tlie KOoda »t that 
fi«iire lo be Uellverod to the city, but 
wi'iu he got back to Uie City Hall, a 
lolcphone inessava from the ware- 
house told blm a mlstalte had been 
made, that the proper price was $««. 
Thi.s, Aldermnii Stewart declared, 
wad but « sHinple of tlie manner lu 
which the city is being repeatedly 
held up, though private peisoiis can 
i;et the same articlea ^t lowftr fisfires. 
The city, lie averred, wan tiirowiut: 
away thousands annually by tat throw- 
iner open li» doofB to outwidjs cfni(^ell- 
tlon. He had no desire to ' sen local 
conccrnH outdone, hot they mIui tld *enrn 
that the city i» not In exist«)ice Kimply 
«B an easy aubjecl of hold-up. The 
city, be BtattMl, ts also being oyW- 
otiarged for haulaitre. unji he fHTodue-d 
bills rendered by Hind«'« a« showing 
tUat the Oriental had ./lot been alow to 
take after liiH white brother in an ef- 
fort to iTiake laJty money ii'n nf i,.- 

The resolution wqls pajtised, and bidn 
will lie called shortjv for >• ftrcul var- 
ittcle inaterifti.'i 


The Shrine of Fashion 


Novelty Leather Hand Bags 

rted fine tnoroc-o an.l seal lealluM- l.aRH of the I'ineM 'lualHy in a pij^aB; 


Ing array of f^tyleH and 
up from 

fill n-iiLju-i i/.iis.' •'• • — - r>,-i,^oa 

colore. Von will find th- newest ^'"'^^^^I^q 

TrnltgToware' v^Aaeoiuttona — Ti:. 
ShU!<wa»> t.Rke I'tliflt^rowei .s' 
lion ba.s adop"'-'-) ■' r< w.>lTit kok 
upon the Gov- i ■ ; ., " ■ 

loaning money lariii'i-' »i .i imhhp 

price, urginK an increase In the Catuv- 
dlan duty upon 'auic 
iM." f;nn 

inspector at all Ifuse .American slilppins 
centres In the I'fllted Htati-.s to sec that 
all fruit «xportc>(ll to Canada 1h uf good 
duality. ' ' %J^ 


duty upon 'aiiiorted fruit, and ad- 
vocating tlie aM.-^nment of a Canadian 


ExQuisite Display of Silk Scarls 
Tailored Silk and Fancy Wais5s 

Xovelty imported .tyic in plain >-'— ^;^^--,- '^^ '':''L':^T'''^:i^O 
style." are here in larwc .n-r^,y. Prices ap rm.i, 

Furs, the Most Acceptable Gift 

in superior ..uality mink.s. I-cr.ian land., idack f„.v .rcy, mink 
maZot etc. Compar.^ our prlce.s before buying. 

RobesDierre and Fancy Neckwear 

our neckwear deZnent. over^ wUh^^den^iafui, ^^^ ^. 
neckwear. Any pu<>. "•' '■> 

Directly Imported Irish Unens 

Vi«lt our linen departn.,-„,, it ■-^Xs\u:^"^<:i!^^''i^''^^^^^^ 
£ar^"ady:^^c';:^;e^!;;l^«."x;nualities are the very best and 
our prices comparatively low. 



What Have f ou 
to SellPj 

We ha^■c purchasers wailing for certajf «|eage pieces 
.-in.'J ready to Iniy their if they are offered air-'aJiable iincc^. 

! building, wh;. 
.southeast corn 
morant .^i ■ . i 
City Hall. 
The site, w 

We Want Partii 

Five acres of got)d land in Gordon 1 1 Id D|trict. 
P^ive acres of good waterfront lant 
Thirty acres of first-clas- land in 4anic^. 
If You Can Offer Any of These Wc Qn I>o Business With 

You Right Awa^ 


Tracksell, Dtjuglis & Co. 

All Kinds of Insirancc \ji"ittcn 


722 Yates Street, Phc^es 41^ and 4177 



. .IS.OO' 
. .93.001 

Why not give a Uieful «n«^hlc preaentT 
Elrctrlc Ironii — Best selection In the city, ?«/ 
Eleitrtc. ToB«ten.. $6.00 and ....W.38 I jWrTIctera. uP frem 

FlathU»ht», up fro,in »».«6 I Jl# lampa, up from .. 

Electric Stove*, Ban| Oven«, Etc. 


Phone 643 Electrical c|r«<i^rs X607 Douglas St. 

Oppoeito <^ 1K*]^ 


Will There Be a 



Style X., $too 




Horte This Christ*? 

/? A Siall Dcpsit Now Will- Keep 
/ [ Otj for You 

Froni' 911 

f'cupy tbe 
\.is and t7ar- 
^•pposHe tiie 

'ia« a frontage At 
seventy-four feet on Pouglaa erreet 
and a depth of lOt feet, was pecor*-*! 
some time «go by tlte company. / 1 
present thQi-e are on it a number of 
frarri- structure* which have beerf con- 
demned toiify the city, but the company 
is now «oelring to retain tlie present 
buildings .iiintll next .Spring, when t^lan.* 
will he pW'pHrerl for the new atruciure, 
imd w.irk tliereon wMU commcnc . 


Amonnt Available Is Xxltlali Oolnmbla 
To Be Xatlmated 

Mr., G. G'ay-Oonald. of the Provincial 
W.'itei- Branch, ha« returned to Itie 'ityi 
after four months' absence. during, 
wliich time he h,;s been engag-'d ii,l 
malting an e»llinHte of the water powe?-.^ 
0!i ;the Colunih'a, Pend d'OreUle arid 
IvDOtenay Rlvf-re In tills Province, f A 
sii^llar eSitiiniite iu to be made of ,all 
tlte water powers in British Col\tfiy\ij;i. 
Mr. Gray-l>o!iald has rcHChed fhe.^on- 
eluaioii thai this work cannot l.i/ tlone 
in iwwB vViAV, f'.vr y-=.'?, ««'' ' mUht 
easily extend ovf^r twenty yea^rs. All 
. depends upon th^' amount the /L/cgmla- 
ture is wiilins i > approprlAt; /aHT-.v.nlly 

* for this [lurfiopp. 

The r.xpediition!? tinderlBiicni during 
the Summer .lUNt idoperl yieldi;!(l results 
that are !=oniewhat surprinljhjj in that 
the water powera are found/to be much 
greater than was generallv t^uppcsed. 
Invewtlgation sliows that l^e: amount of 
avaimblr water power in i'thc dlsti'lctt^ 
visited wil' apinoximate ten, times what 
I had pri-'vi .usly been supij.ofwd, and 
i therii '.s every renaon to aellevR that 
J the same proportion will apaiy |n othf, 
i Hections of the FTOvlncp. / Tlie cstt-' 
mates ii.adf thim year, wlftii, not nup- 
I posed t.. iw absolutely acc/urate are auf- 
i flclentl,\- near for nil ^'practical pnr- 
, poses. They are such ifliat anyone de* 
airing to lease & Wdjif^r power will be 
I able to B«certnia/*yy con.<iuUlng tlie de- 
partmental rj«>ord« whether the power 
Hvattsble /^^Hi be sufficlait for th 3 
content pi aftKj purposes. togrther with 
all oth.jf necessary incldentiil data. 

Thlsy year's cxpoditictrt nnder Mr. 
aray-I*onald, bcRldes exploring Ihe riv- 
ets nfcentionsd, waji(i^vlso d'^lgned 

Jpraetlcal traiKirt^ In the work to 

her of younir ''^sn who will thu.s 

.«bl«d next seawip to take diarge 

offnapcratA oxpedltju^tofs and thus grcat- 

fftCtlitate Bccompl^hmeni of the 

of Bttouring desired ittiormativn 

bfoafhout the entire rt^rovlnce. 


»...i ■ ' 

•MwMt AWMHrtB Vhat THrnf 
«MAirMimftI« ••« a««l«r TtUm 

Vluuk Obt|)0t«ttom 


i^ 144 

litH»t ttofi ctlij- •• k corpontton can- 
froM loeal 1ni»ln««i *»««* «>» do indi- 

vtftMH A«wiit» ^ ««y» «?«*»« ^- ^^, 

(MrttrHltfl l» ftb^^lut^Jy tditlf^rtd, wm 

^SmI MJ<lr On^NN' .* 
(«^i*4- :i„-a»fU*-«.J« livgM that 



Unrivalled Fur Values 

Our Furs stand alone for P^^onounced excellence and 1^^^^^^ 
cost Our creations are unrivalled in (luality of iur and masteiship 

''' Sal of the lines in our Fur Department ^-ye Ix^com^ 
leavino a few odd sets and pieces, which presents us ^^ ^^.^ '^J>P\^" 
Ilicl^ opportunity of inducing you to become acquainted with our un- 
paralleled Fur values. 

Wc Arc OMcrlng the Following 
Reductions lor Wednesday 
and Thursday Only 

No 9244— Genuine Russian Fitch Scarf, regular 

$25. Special Price r ^^^- ^ 

No. 2254-Genuine Russian ^^^tch four-striped 

pillow Muff, regular $25. Special Price $21.00 
No. S-405— Marmot Stole, regular $16.d0. Spe-^ 

cial Price . .^>i.i.ou 

No. S-()03-Large Marmot Pillow Muff, regular 

$i:i.50. Special Price • .f/^'}^ 

No S-245— Fancy Marmot Stole, regular $U.oa 

Special Price / ' * T ?u 

X,, s-(U~-Fancv Marmot Muff, trimmed with 
" "tails and claws, regular $12. ^pecwa 

Xo 204— Natural Canadian Mink lie and No. 4 
Natural Canadian Mink Muff, three stripes, 
regular $105. Special Price for this set. . .^80 

Barn Marten Set, scarf trimmed with natural 
lailfi and claws; large pillow muff, 7 stripes, 
regular $1 15. Special Price for^set i ,^ 

No. 231— Muskrat Tie, regular *11. Special 

Price ^V^ 

No. 61— Fancy Muskrat Rug Muff, regul^ 

$22.50. Special Price $l».Uu 

The chief point of interest in these unusual 
fur reductions is the saving opportunities they 
present at a time when ai)y saving serves a big 
purpose. A reduction ofi regular prices in our 
Fur Department means an increase oh an estab- 
lished supreme value. 

We do not deem It necessary to niention, beyond this sentence, ttmt Furs can't 
be surpassed as an ideal Christmas gift for ^ Ja4y» 

Ivt'.v-' !*7J3'^ ' "h ■ ^v - y« 

aaf^ -• ■■<* ^'.- t "'' 

" ■"■ft ni Xi ^^i^ii gTi i 'ii iiM i ii f t f^ ^ mm 

■■ttig)^ ..* :«». vM«An ■ ■ j»- • 






Comer— 120 x 130, Belleville and Montreal Streets, producing 
revenue. Until construction starts on the Laurel Point 
Bridge, we will sell this cheaper .than anything else near it. 

Corner— 140 x 150, Montreal and Dallas Road, producing rev- 
enue. This lot is just inside of the assured Breakwater and 
is the key of the whole block on Dallas Road. Very choice 
for warehouse site. 


The above CORNERS are better situated than anything- else 
in the James Bay District. If you're in the market for GOOD 
investments that will reap tremendous profits when work 
starts on the Breakwater, investigate them at once. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
Corner Government and Brouerhton Sts., FhontMMBl^ 

An Astonishingly Gooi 
Value in Ladies' and 
Misses' Coats at 


In chinchillas, blanket cloths, heavy 
tweeds, pretty mixtures, diagonal 
weaves, I)lack broadcloths and white 
polo cloths. 

You won't discover another coat 
value in Victoria to approach it. 
You'll be wanting a stylish and com- 
fortable coat this season — why not 
take advantage of this strong value 
and be smartly attired for the holi- 
days? In any event, come in and see 


Dynes & Eddington 

High-Class Ladies' Ready-to-Wear 
Phone 3983 728 Yates Street 


Monogram Oil 

Lubricates Autos"' 

And It does It better, with better results, than any other lubricator made. 
Higher flash and flr« teBta, lonKer retention of body or •visco.stty" under 
heat, and the fact that It Is a stralgrht run product untouched by acid 
ire som« reasons why Monogram Oil is dlspiacing all others. 

M- ^g^mnm '■•OWOG-UAM V. — An oil of llpht wolght. partl<-ularly 
tlllU^I Ulli adapted for low compreaslon motors requiring a 

•For Autos "'^'^' bodied oil. 

MOirOOBAW tSSmiW—FuT Mg-h coniprcs.-ilon wntcr- 
cooled motors and modern types of a!r-co<>le<l en- 

VLOVOGtVkJOa. HEAVT — For gas engines 
h<:avy oll.s. anrl for motor cj'cles. 



1302 Wharf Street 


Phon« IS 


neWs of the city 

ao«a to tmMMnm Firm.— The bid 
of Messrs-. Stanley, Brook. L.t4., of 
Vaar^ouvt'^r. fur the supply of neceB- 
sary laiundry appUanoea for the laundry 
of the Old Men's Home, will be ac- 
eej-vted. The prlo« to be paid la $1,160. 

aisbop »apti»«« Otdnw Oouwxim.— 
At t!i« close i>( the C. K. M. S. service 
at Clirlst Church Cathedral, on Sun- 
day afternoon, an Interesting Utile 
ceremony was lu-ld when Ulght Xiev. 
Bishop Roper, l>ai>tlzed three Chinese 

iro Oboaff* In »»«rnla«on" — Dt^splte 
tli»' requests made by va-rlous labor 
organizations of the city, no change 
will be made in the .Streets By-law re- 
garding street speaking. The City 
Council, Monday night, unanimously de- 
cided to K-ave the by-law unchungini, 
wbicl; means that the Chief of I'ollcc 
will continue to be the autliority to pas.s 
upon on all sucli requests. 

Shawiilg'an, X.ak« Hotel Sold — Mrs. 
KociiiK lia-s .sold the Sliawnlgan I^ikc> 
Hotel, wliich for ye.ara has been a 
favorite summer report with Victorians. 
With the hotel go 14 acres of ftivrunC, 
the price paid for the whole being 
$50,000. The purchaser; l8 . a -well- 
known pioneer mining: man of the In- 
terior. Mr. A. von Girsewald waB th« 
.■jflling Hgent. 

Complete Clu«ter IiighttMjTTiTjJ com- 
plete all the oluater Ug^l^Hl'fil'***'^*' 
tions iKUised to date, tlwsir «iy will, 
ord«r twelve BtandardB at a cost of $0| 
each, these pole« to be lnstaU«ft;?ji^;."6itt 
work recently paased for hj^^SO|!|''Tfitefat 
lighting on BeUeviUe Str«et. .Thp piir- 
chase of .Am,;i}Wjr|t|ttyiW||^ 
. system ^ ^iMiir^liMKV^M^ 

The N ewest Material s 

.-J " ■' ' . ' • , ' ' . ■' " I I r ■ I II, 

Of the highest quality, imported and domestic, aic shown in 
a variety of choice patterns. 


74a Fort Street Phone 2264 


Of Every Description, and for All Purposes 


All «i*es, delivered complete from works or set up at any 
elevation in town or country. 

We «re now located in the largest and best equipped barrel 
fjictory in Western Canada, and prepared to handle orders in 
amall or Urge quantities. 

Write or Phone for Prices, etc. 


p. O. Box 1430. Victoria tclepiio^^* ^4496 

{)0C^l|l|i'|toR4 i|»d E. and N. Ry.^New Lampson St. 


^Ji 'M J'J^' ^ 

for next 'jliipirjl: 

CommlBBioneifu ana 3.T^n-^in accord- 
anc« with the statutes of the Province 
the council of Esquimau has elected 
two license commissioners and two 
Justices of the peace for the municipal- 
ity Colonel Pet^erB and Councillor Rae 
were unanimously elected to sit on the 
first board of licence comml.ssioner.s 
for the district: and Mr. J. .Saunders 
and Mr. ,1. Oliver w.-re appointed Jus- 
tices of the pc.^c»^ 

Inoreaslnj Beeerve Supply — Plnco th* 
mptho<l of iiareu.sing t!ie reserve sup- 
ply of water in Smitirs Hill reservoir 
by curtailing the service to consumers 
between the hours of 1 and 5 a. m. each 
mornins has been put into operation, 
the level of the water has be«n gradual- 
ly rising, the depth yesterday mornlnK 
being eight feet, nine inches, and the 
.lupply is being added to at a nightly 
rate of about one foot. 

Fetltione for Roads — Two petltion.s 
fnr improvoincntH win- lodged with tlie 
lOsqulmalt council Monday night, the 
first ijclng for a sidewalk on Viewfleld 
road, and the' other for a hew roadway 
to run westerly from Dominion road 
off Phoenix street. In the latter case 
till- 'Property owners are agreeable to 
giving half the dcslre<l width of the 
road If the council will undertake the 
work. The council referred the mat- 
ter to the engineer. 

Seek Anneiatlon. — A petition, simi- 
lar to that presented to tlie Municipal 
council of South Saanich. t>raylng that 
.sections '2a. 2C, 27. now a portion of the 
municipality, be ann<5Xted to the city, 
presented to the City Council and ro- 
ff.rrcd to City Solicitor Robertson to 
report upon the steiv? to be taken to 
deal with the petitioners' request. Tlio 
l>etltlon purports to be signed by over 
t)l per cent of the owTiors in bhc sec- 
tion referred to. 

Sonaay JTire AX&rBlS — An overheet.^d 
stove pipe in th.': rciildence of Mr. 
W. Andrew. 1H4 1 Orescent Roa/d, eet 
fire to t'H! floor and resuilted in a call 
for the il-'lre Department, on Sunday 
evening, at 5.15 o'olock. Damage to 
the fuiiount of $10 was done. .-Vt noon 
on Sunday a pot of grcaae on the 
kitchen «tove at Hi6 Camosun Strict 
caught fire, but the flames were quick- 
ly subdued by tlie hrlgade, no damage 
being done. 

Horee Dlaeaee at Waldo — ftom*? un- 
known di.seu.'ie, said to be akin to ty- 
phoid ftver is reported to have broken 
out among iiorsos in the n'Cighljorhood 
of Waldo. B. C, and no fewer than 
twenty animals Imve died wltliin the 
past few days. The Department of 
Agriculture hor^:- tia.=! hern asked toy resi- 
dents of Waldo to send an expert veter- 
inarian to look into the matter, hut as 
it comes properly within the Jurisdic- 
tion of the I'VMleral authorities the re- lias been handed over to Dr. Tol- 

Affalnet Pool moom OambUnf — Re- 
ports of the prevalence of gambling In 
some of the pool and billiard rooms In 
the city will result In action by \>ha 
pollco. Xotlcos ore being Issued by 
De-puty Chief Palmer to proprietors of 
all such premises to the effect that no 
gambling In any form will l>c permitted, 
and that violations of the by-law regu- 
lating places of that character will be 
promptly dealt with. Parent.s of some 
young men who ere «aid to have lost 
considerable sums by gambling in pool 
and l)IHiard rooms of lute 'have been 
compialning to the authorili-es. 

CltT*. Bank Ctatwfi. — According to 
the monthly statement Issued for No- 
vember by City Comptroller Raymur 
there was due the bank at the end of 
last month $667,359.18. Construction 
account shOMCed an overdraft of »2,107,- 
158.71. made up of notes h«ld by the 
bank, $205,524, and current account 
overdraift, $1,901,084.71. In ftddltton. 
■undry overdra.fts tortalK'-t $1B,084.0T, 
makina: an aggregate ovcitlraft of 
12.128,243.07. Credit balances. Includ- 
ing $9a6,4 5S of genemJ purpose end 
local Improvement winking fund«, total- 
led $l,5^B.883.s», leaving a net over- 
draft of $R«7.8.'>».18. 

<Hv«B VWTM Of •oia— A pleading In- 
cident of work ia th« erection of Uie 
nev ParManMnt BulMlngi WM chron- 
kiied on Saturday «^«rRoon l««t. when 
Ifv. BUntey RunMll Anderson wm 
i^i«de Oie reoHplcAt of « i>urfle of gpld 
taii tii« heater oo»«r<^tuUiionft of 111* 
emloyera dttod' fellow atembeni of th* 
oonetructton Vttft on tM ooiSAVloiR wf 
hte awrrtn«»> whleb ir«a < Uwt 1»re«k 
••tMpktivd. tli. »r«*«i1*«M»tt 1l*» *!•«• 

by Mr. K. C. H»ll, Superintendent of 
Works, who fellcltouffiy «JCp*-e»aecl the 
kindly feelings the contractors, fore- 
man and Mr. Andereon'e fellow em- 
ployee*, who had Joined In the presen- 

Date of Xleotlon — Esquimau wUl 
have Ita municipal election on January 
18. Nominations will be made on the 
s»cond Monday of the month. The 
clerk will act as returning officer, and 
the polls will be held at the boidiers 
and Sailors' Home. Talk of tlie elec- 
tion brought up the question of a pub- 
lic meeting promised by the Reeve. 
Councillor McAdum thought the meet- 
ing' should take place immediately prior 
to nomination. Nothing was decided on 
the subject however, altiiougli it is un- 
derstood that the meeting will be 
called as stated by the Reeve. 

■Tew Ponnakeeper — Without intima- 
tion of the fact tiiat the first appointed 
pounUkcepter of iOsqulmait had retired, 
Councillor McAdani Introduced a mo- 
tion Monday night to appoint another 
man. namHy Mr. G. Brydon. The ex- 
planation ^as to the effect that the 
properly ol Mr. Dawson, the first ap- 
;-.c!r.t."r, WBfi not exactly suitable for 
the purpose) and also that he was not 
pavticularly Wnxious about the Job. Mr. 
Brydon was '.therefore appolnt-ed. His 
property, whl^ wlU henceforth be the 
pound. Is looatfed near the Junction of 
Lampson street and K.squlmalt road. 

Constable's Prompt Action — By 

pt acUoa Mouuted Constable Fos- 
T^icaptured a runAway horse on Doug- 
IRB Street yesterda* afternoon, and be- 
eldas giving the miny pedestrians on 
the thoroughfare anlexhiblUon of horse- 
mjBWishlp. m all llkeiihood prevented in- 

"* to tboae croBOltog the street. The 

'%'" approaching!'''' ' He ■ 'wiStia^lllStll'. : '"-'the 
frightened horse was \Just passing him 
when he spurred his own ahead 
and cleverly catching '■, the trailing lines 
brought the runaway to a stop his ac- 
tion being heartily applauded by by- 
standers. \ 

Seamen's Institute Meeting— The reg- 
ular niontlily meeting bf the Siuimfm> 
Institute was held yedterday morning 
in the EmpreHs Hotel Hvlth the presi- 
dent, Mrs. J(nkln.s in ihe chair. Very 
satisfactory reports werio received from 
the Entertainment Comrnlttce and from 
the committee appolntcd\to int-erest the 
Men's Committee in the new building. 
The Port Missionary, Mr. Wright Hill 
also gave his report, which showed that 
satisfactory progress had been made. 
A reque.«it was received for books. 
Bibles, hymn books and pictures for th'.> 
present quarters at the Ou'^r Wharf. A 
warm votj? of thanks was \ passed to 
Mrs. Stuart Robertson for aT;ranging and 
lending her house for the blj^ldge tour- 
nam«-nt which was held last month in 
aid of the rieamens InstUi'tc, and 
wliieh nftt^:-d $81. 

Hospital Problem — A case or sudden 
illness taking place in Esquimalt was 
the means of raising the question of 
what the municipality of K.s^^uimalt 
shall do in order to have patients ac- 
cepted at one or other of the hospitals. 
Two suggestions were offered, "no 
that a fixed charge should be ma<fe by 
the hospital for patients, and the <'<tl\er 
that the municipality sliould sul>8c\rib" 
to an hospital and thereby ensure wihat 
they desire. The Idea of a fixed fate 
appeared to meet with the greater faVor 
however, and it was decided that t'he 
different hcspit.Tls should be oommnril- 
cated with regarding t'lclr rates for ft».1- 
mlttance. When this question Is de^ 
elded the police of the municipality will, 
know exactly where to send cases. 

Sustfttn Ruling — An appeal against a 
rilling of the building In.spector. who 
refused to pass plans submitted by Mr. 
S. B. Birds for a three-storey brick 
stores and rooming building to be 
erected by I^im Bang on Hernld street, 
near Douglas street, was considered by 
the board of supervisors Monday. ITnder 
the new building bylaw complaints 
against rullng.<» of. the inspector may be 
made to a board of supervisors com- 
posed of the chairman of the fire war- 
dens, the fire chief and city engineer. 
The building Inspector refused to issue 
a permit for the structure because the 
plans showed wooden partitions In the 
upstairs portion and wooden ceilings, 
which do not come within the building 
rCRUlBtlons. The appeal was considered 
by the supervisors, who approved of the 
stand t.-vken by the building inspector. 

mevlalon Court Meet* — Revision of 
the Municipal Voters' List for 11)13 was 
comemnced yesterday morning at the 
City Council Chaml>er, when the Court 
of Revision, composed of Mayor Beck- 
with Aldermen Stewart and Porter, 
sat to hear complaints against names 
on the list or applications to have 
names added thereto. Practically no 
complaints were presented. A list of 
thirty-two names of householders who 
took the customary declarations in Oc- 
tober, but who, it was discovered later, 
had not paid the regulation $2 tax, was 
submlttefl by Tax Collector Gowei', who 
asked that these names be struck from 
off the list. The board decided to no- 
tify each Individual named to appear 
and show cause why the collector's re- 
quest should not be granted. The court 
will meet again this afternoon In the 
council chamber at the City Hall. 


We are welmpared to 
supply vour w Jj|n Hand- 
kerchiefs, us <^tock \B 
larger and bettea|„ gver. 
Ladies' Lawn flbtidker\ 
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Special value, 2M ,26^^ 
Ladies' EmbroideM Hand- 
kerchiefs. EachAf^ IOC 

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Men's Linen Hand||iiicfB, 

with initials. E»^aluc 

at, each A25< 

Boys' Excelda IjRker- 
chiefs. At loc, ^and 

G. A. Richardson |o. 

Victoria House, 636 Ya| St 

Agents for Butteric 



MeleoroloRlcal Office, Victoria, B.C., at • 
p.m., Pfffiinber 10. 1913. 


The prc»»urc U irlvlng way on the BrUUh 
OoIuml!la roast, and r«lny condition* may 
be *xpectnd In theM dUtrlct*. The weather 
today, both on the Pacific ilope and In 
the Pralrlp ProTlncee. nas been ganerBlly 
fair und'sr the Influence of an •.bnonnaDy 
high prpsiiure area, which overilea the 
Rocky Mountain region, and •• ren»r*l #» 
Saakatchpwan. -where and In Menlloba aJto 
there la it decided cold ware, with teenpera- 
turea below aero. 


MlB. M#s. 

VIcterta. n.C, ♦• *• 

Vancouver ..••.•....•• •♦ *• 

Kamleopa M It 

BarkarTllle ................. * JJ 

Prince Rupert M «* 

AtllB .... it U 

Dliwacn. T, T * Ifcelowjero 

datcary. Alt* 1» «« 

Winnl^ei, M«a. .,,.....;... 4 fcelew « 

t-'ortlAfid, Or* n M 

San rrencleee. Cat. .• ** ** 

TomOAT, DscttMBan m. 

Kl|t!hMt * *'t* ««.•»• * tw • • • •«»•••••«•*«•* ^^ 

^)^««*t»:«j|««W I ^ •>«*»« •»« • • *' 


Veflncsday Morning, December ii, 1912. 


„^utiful new home of nine room.s on a 

}pt, 50 X 120. Full cement ha.sement, fur- 

llated, beamed, paneled walls, 

Opiate glass windows, fine, electric tix- 

tu^ b|liard room. Overlooking Oak Bay, be- 

ingesslthan two blocks aw^y. S;2000 cash, and 

heba!a|ice on a; mortgage. One of the finest 

itUc city, and one thousand dollars under 

Price f 8500 

Xmas Gift Is a 


A present tliat a gentleman can 
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We would litte every man In 
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Shopping Satchels 
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Store Open Evenings 

..Tee fit^M -ef 'StfrdP'Mfttts. large lot. 
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yon^nieAtly arranged. This place is close in and 
^onnieiE|t to two car lines. 
\ priced at ^5850, on Terms 
Jtrkstiow you this place today. 


6-roomed house inside }i-mi\t circle, 

:! v«*cll built. Lot 58 x 120 alone is worth 

asked for entire property. Paved 

\ stre;ani 

Priced at ^5300, on Terms 

.Thisace"is close to Yates Street. 

639 For^tei Phones 2445 and 4049 


Tba Jawalmr. 
9^5 OoT«nuaant Btrvei 







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The Tea Kettle 

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We offer wr r4ilar fine quality Diamonds in three-stone 
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three-stone rings stn to he favorites. 


RedfeM & Son 

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•ui diajIond mebciiants 

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TIetmio, B. C 


OF \ 


On some lines we're 
rather heavily stocked, both 
on men's suitings and wo- 
men's, and for the next few 
days special prices are' of- 


3,200 Acks 

On the Willow River, \ear 
Fort George 

$8.00 PER ACRE' 

Terms Arrange. 


A. S. Barto] 

Member of Victoria Rea\ 
Estate Exchange 
215 Central Building 
Phone 2Q0I 

To Builders and 

Before ordering material 
for Interior Finishing, ex- 

Aml-Wud Panelling 

In Plain and Hardwood 


Samples and Prices on 



1 105 Wharf St Phone H64 


"This, Sir, s Our Home. 

We bought it from; the fiigaloW Construction Co., Fort 
Street, Victoria, less! than ofc j-earYgo. Torn had only $8oo 
cash at the time aid the bmpanV were willing to accept 
that sum as first pament, (fffiite tile fact that the Hat price 
of the house wa."^ ov r $40ooilrhe purchase was actually the 
beginning of our g Dd lucid ',Tom'.4 wages were a:dvanced 
soon after. We ma e constable lioney on various sm^f 
real estate dea's an lasj^^fcc we made the last payment 
though the Cotnpan wj(|s|w»g to allow us two more years' 

time. We are prouc of om h\t and Have no desire to •dt.'' 

What good wife d;s nof^JoytpNt" ^o^^^ 

Our "home buildi " plal^L. flifciiteoblem. Call at our 
office or phone rega ing it 3 


reet, O 

^^ ji< 


V^^:J'^■^ ! 



R ■ 


[v « 

Wescott's Xmas New 



The Xma's trade has now starto! m wilh ii rusli. 
well- prepared to handle all tiic customers withuiu 
Our many customers are ah'. ay- well satisfied with 
teous treatment thev receive at W escott s. 




When you see the special value.- 
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A beautiful showing uf this dainty" Neckwear, 35c 
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wl 'H^l.lLp 

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^-^1 i ' ' i(lk,--\t I > i t ■ - ■ • i nf il l] I • '! ii jn ii ■! Ill II II . yii i I i .mi ! , i P' . i' V ' ".J.. ' , ' ! ' " "," n n T " * " " ' ' " " " ' " " ■* - __J^_| _^^__i;____mi 

Reports- at Annual Meeting 
Show That Institution Is Wfell' 
Supported by Friends — ' 
State of Finances 

Water rates (....,..... 

Fuel accouht > • • •;. •, 

Bank 1>al<>.Dc^ at pci^ember 9. 
1912 *....... ',^..1 



Total 110.001.94 

Balance of current account 
Balance of aavlngH account 
Balance of uavings B3ft8 .. 


. 244.04 


Total ..... . 11271.64 

Lens due Bpeclal Trukt account. 728.88 

Balance avallal)le 
». 1912 

at December 


Open Daily Until 10 p.m. f 



When you visit Ui, don't overlook a 
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Silk Knitted Shawls. Resular !?2.oo. Xo^j, 
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Table Covers. Regular S5.00. 
Silk Opera Cloaks, very handsome and 

broidery. Regular !siS.20. Xow .... 

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handwork em- 

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larof.jiiy pacl# In cage* «nd forwarded 

lf!>. or i: botil*«. 

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SHnd«>man|l Back, Old Shwry, per 

l."tt)» I.W, 11.80, J1.25. II, and 

, , .. .„ 7»r 

Nallve l'«« iWne, vipr bottle .. »«<- 
Handemau'; (|ld norl Win*, per bottlr- 

J !;.'•. Jlifc M--8. $1.00, and 7Ro 

Old Tom }p« per bottle ..... Hflc 
N. .rnhnMtlil Son'a French Claret, 

: ' I iiniti| il.oo. '6ci SOc and Sfic 


Hudson's Bay Cattipany 

1.112 DOC0LA8 8TRKKT. 
Open Tin 10 pan. 

Motor Delivery. Carriage P.Ti.i 

FboiM 425.1 

;Ul flainpera 

Tlie fortieth Annual Meeting of thj 
t:iiiiiinUiee'of MunaKemeht of the Pro- 
ifstant orplmnB' Home was held yester- 
tliiv afUTiioon In the Ctty Hall. Mr. 
Chnrles Ifuyward ppcsldetl. and tl:ere 
was a larse attendance oi" interested 
ludie.s a'l'l iientlemen. The proceedings 
-.viTf opened by prayer by the Rev. 12. 
a. Miller. 

I'lPHUicnt Hayward prnsentcd the rc- 
ri-port of Llie Committee of Management, 
which reads: 

Tlie excellent report.s attached hereto 
ndicate that the past year has been u 
most succeasful and encunraginK one. 
Jj'clue in a great measure to the pralsf- 
worthy efforts of j'our hadles' Commit- 
tee; to the liarmonioiis way the various 
committres and servants of the Society 
have diacliarged their duties; and last, 
but not least, to the continued Kenorous 
support and sympathy of the subscribers. 
It has been the desire of your man- 
agers to secure as far as possible tlic 
safety of the little ones committed to 
their care, by making the sanitary con- 
dition of the 'premhses as perfect as 
,.,,,,,nf ii.ii- i.^rHvitt*-.!, »-»hI -ttl»t> t*».^j>rt>- 
vicIl ,. flu' I'll t .'safeguards against fire. 
For these inirposes.a laryc expenditure 
1.1 beinR incurred, In ordei' to connect 
with tlie city system of sewerage, which 
for tlie first time Is now available, l.y 
way of Hillside Avenue; and also i" 
install, under the kind personal super- 
vision of Vlre Chief ])avls, new modern 
steel fire ladders, witli iirotectlni? hand 
rails, for both ends and rear centre of 
the buildinfr, besides some Internal al- 
terations and improvements in the same 

The aniount of coinpensailon for tho 
exproiirlation by the city of seven feet 
OI land the entire lenKth of our iiortli- 
erii boundary, for widening Hillside 
Avenue, has already been agreed \ipon, 
on ii. fair and reasonable basis; and it 
is .suiisfactory to note In this connection 
Che greatly Increased value of the re- 
maining twelve acres, comprising the 
present sita of the Home. At the time 
the purchase was made there were some 
who doubted the wisdom of investing 
part of the John G. Taylor legacy for 
this purpose, and criticised the action 
of the then managers for doing so; but 
it is now, as it always has been, a 
splendid atid increasing asset, whicli no 
doubt, in due course, will be fully utiliz- 
ed for the benefit of the Orplianage. It 
is hoped that In the near future lunds 
will he available for erecting close f. 
the Home, an outdoor gymnasium, suit- 
able for children's use, and provide th • 
atipervlsion necessary to sfecure the best 
results, in development of character 
and physique. 

An analysis of tlic Hon Treasurer's 
audited financial statement shows a 
yiitisfnctflry Increase In the revenue re- 
ceive*! from: 

Hubscriptions of ; % .3ii5.90 

Donations of 71.50 

Maintenance fees of To4.70 

Total 11182.10 

The House You Are l|)oking For 

$500 Cash D^ It 


Modern, y-Roomed House, on corner, distant 250 feet from car 
line. House is well built, piped for furnace, ^nd pantflled. 
, Ground is in lawn, and {\-\\ figure f« f 5,400 

See us aboud this at once 


i 836 VIEW 8T. f»HOIIt»<t 






Men and women who are 

pajCticular should come 

to us. 

John Browne Co. 

Merchant Tailors 

Z0i8 Goveminent Street 

Phoiw 4463 



n«M> ■•«V«9i*«,'*«:M«»»4*l^.-W**«in«>er/ 

Your Boy 
His Present 
Our Store 

Of course he eirpecti* a present 
from you, and you certainly are 
goinf to give him one— or perhaps 
more. I* yo" are In doubts as 
what to get him Juet com* down 
to our •tore and lets talk It over. 
Here are a few auffKeatidne: 
Poritet Knivea, 10c to. .....91.78 

Skatea. per pair, f 1.35 to. . .tiXM 

Razora. Il-^S to ..98.00 

Shavtnf Bruahet,.3»c to. ...•!.•• 
Itazor Strops, .40c to 9t.40 

Tool* of atl •orta, all pricM. If 
your Mr !• '^ re«l boy give him 
a real prcaent — h« haa no um for 

But, on the otlier hand, the higiior 
cost of living, and other outgoings more 
than offs'-t these additional receipts. 
Thf principal items of expense have In- 
creased as follow.'?: 

Supplies $ 6T5.fif) 

Printing and advertising 42.05 

Fuel 3(tli,5ii 

Wages 315.8.'; 

Totol $1343.09 

Tills shows a net Increase of expendi- 
ture over the additional receipts of 
1161.90. Tt Is therefore apparent that 
the cost of the administration of the 
affairs of tho Home Is Increasing; und 
it must be expected that, with the 
rapid growth or the city and province, 
more necessities will arise for its pro- 
tfffing, sheltering care; but your man- 
agers, from pleasant experience In tiie 
past, have no fear but that when our 
present resources are ineufflcient, abun- 
dant means will bo provided. 

Your committee, we regret to state, 
has sustained a .«ievere loss In the datli 
of Mr. H 1). Helmcken, K. C, who, for 
many years was a member of this board, 
and who gave to the Interests of the 
Home the tmstlnted service of lilp 
kindly heart and clear tjead. 

The appended Interesting report ot 
the Ladles' Committee deals fully with 
the Internal work of the Home, and re- 
fers in some dotail to our many friends 
who during the year have contributed 
Bo much to tlie comfort, happiness and 
well-being of the little Inmates. We 
Join the .ladles Jn expressing our appre- 
ciation of these kindly efforts, and to 
the Ladle.s' Committee also, we desire 
to gratefully acknowledge the valuable 
assistance rendered by them. 

Balance In bank ...| ] 161.53 

Interest 894.80 

Donations 877.S0 

Subsc'riptlone ... '1810.90 

Maintenance fees 2836.60 

Rent from E;«qulm«l|i,property. . 84.00 
Insurance refunds of premiums 
Rae Street property, re I^ta 82 

and 83 r>ayment on acount of 

^purchase money 

Tradeamens' acceunta, refund* 
and discount* 





iMortfasre ri^pnynseiit of prtncipail 1500.00 
Tot»^ ....fio^flOl.M 

Tradesmen's accounts |t4l4.4l 

eommtseton on colloetlon of in- 

Adveirtlatnc, printing aitd ota- 
tionpry ;.... 

Inaurariee .', ,. 

Ught Account ». .. ....,.:.. 

Loan on.JiortirMo. Ptr, fc,-<3rV; 
Land A Inveatmtnt Agency, ,, 
Lt«Mt.« :...V..;;, \:..^'mm- 

^"tw--- — , .y.-^vrT^<, 

a»lari«fe fta4 «ni«^,,.v. . . . , u v , i|??.« 




Audlted and found correst. 


Chartered Accountant. 
Victoria, B. C, Dtccmber iC 1912. 

In reviewing our work for the past 
year, we reallite with thankful hearts 
the loyal support ticorded us in our ad- 
mlnislration of the internal nmnage- 
nient of the Home, tJur hands have 
been upheld and our spirits strengtlien- 
ed by the kindly deeds and practical 
asoiatance rendered by friends in the 
city and from suburban ix)ints. it Is 
wltli deep tlmnUfiilMtss to the Giver of 
all that we record the satisfactory close 
n..' one year's labor ot love. Harmony 
has prevailed alons ;ill lines, and health- 
ful days have been granted, llie Inmates 
or tho Home. Under the gkllful care of 
Mrs. Kay the chlldi'in are being trained 
to face the future. ,ind riur worthy ma- 
tron Is ably secoritad In -her work by 
Miss Mose, who Jbinod tire staff in 
March. There are 52 childreij under 
tlieir care, 27 having been received dur- 
ing 1312, and 3-1 removed by guardians 
or piaced at service or in other positions. 
We highly appi'eoiate the many pleas- 
ures provided 1 ■• ":oughtful patrons 
fro m t i"n fe t o' ! .1 rs. .T. t)'. PcT n b i r - 

ton personally [iri stiitcd to tiie chil- 
dren Coronation mugs and souvenirs, 
thus implanting a germ of lojulty lii 
each youtliful lieurt. 

By the kind Invitation of Messrs. 
Curtis & Priestley, the moving pictures 
Hi the Victoria Theatre were much en- 

Mr. Mclntyrc nnd a number of friends, 
on Clirlstnias nuirning. and again on 
lOaster Monday, pnivlded the unusual 
iit-at <jf a motor ride to all the children, 
and in September free admission to the 
Kxhihitlon was given by the iJirectors 
of the Victoria Agricultural Association. 
Ctarlatmai Featlvltles 
Xever have the children spent a hap- 
pier Christmas than that of IHll. Ke- 
turnlng from the motor ride, happy and 
hungry, a bountiful Christmas dinner 
was waiting Iri the big dining room. 
The B. Wilson Co.. Limited, most gen- 
erously donated the huge turkeys, and 
at each child's pbue was a shining lialf- 
dollar the liberal «lft ot Mrs. Wm. C. 
Todd. The Christmas tree, lield on 
Thursday. December 28, was most nrtls- 
tically trimmed by Mrs. C. F. Todd, tho 
Misses McTavish and Helmcken and 
.Master Alnslie Helmcken, The children 
from tiie oldest girl and boy to the 
youpgest baby, were seated on the plat- 
form, and rendered a short programme 
Tf song an(J story, under the able direc- 
tion of Mr. Pollanl. who had generously 
given his valuable time to training them 
for some weeks previously, .Miss Parfltt 
kindly assisting at the piano. 

The Committee greatly appreciates 
tlie gifts of toys, books and gix)d cheer, 
which rounded out the purcha.-ses made 
for the tree, and enabled them to give 
generously to cacii child. Kspeclally we 
would inentloM .Mi'ssr.s. ]-'ield Brothers, 
l>. Spencer & Company, Limited, the 
Fifteen Cent. .Store, and Messrs. deem- 
ing Brothers, who sent a sai k of silver, 
each child receiving fifty cents. Tho 
visitors were .served refreshments, and 
another happy holiday come to a close; 
Pound Porty 
Thf ,\nnuHl Pound Tarty was held 
on Wednesday, .lunc !»• ""il notwith- 
standing the 'almost Impassible condi- 
tion of the approaching streets, was at 
tended by man\ friends of bygone years 
as well as man> interested new ones. 
The long tables were speedily hoeped 
witli many of tlic necessaries of llfo 
and many of the luxuries, and the treas- 
ury WHS enriched to the amount of 
1177.75. Mr. Artliur Lonfffield. always 
so willing to idace his talents at thu 
disposal of the Home, generously pro- 
vided music lor the whole afternoon, 
-adding to the succesq of the day and the 
pleasure of those present. 
Vacation Joya 
Once again Mr. arid .Mrs. S. R. Newton 
extended the liosiiltallty of their Jiomo 
to the children, who, under the care of 
the matron and lier assistant, spent a 
glorious summer day by the sea, royally 
entertained by the kind ho«t and hostess. 
In August a idi nlc at tho Oorgc Park 
was provided by eight little friends of* 
Oak Bay. By Hie considerate arrange- 
ment of .Mr. A. T. Goward, the children 
were transported by special tram to and 
from tlio park, tlius bringing to a rul- 
filment a perfect day. 

TlianksfflTlaf Say 
Thfh day w»s happily spent, and we 
v.lsn to record our gratitude to the 
many friends who gave practical demon- 
stration of the spirit of the day: Mfister 
Charles T. Du|iont, who donated the 
turkeys for the dinner; the city and 
suburbafn cburclies for harvest fruits 
and vegetables, Snd to Mrs. Suttle and 
the pupils of St. Ofrorge's School, for e 
generous gift of money, as well as a 
large box of fruit and groceries. 

The grateful appreciation of our 
Committee Is extended to Dr. Bapty, 
our honorary physician, for Ivls dlalnter- 
eated kindness to those needing hla at- 
tention. Never has he heen too busy to 
visit an invalid or proffer hla valuablo 
advice during the paJt twelve months. 
We are also deeply Indebted to t)r. 
Lewis Hall, another staunch friend, for 
profestlonal services throujihout the 

The months have not alippe« away 
Without brtnging with Ihf Joy« m. ineaa- 
ore of lrfeparabli» laslr. In the Wirtdom 
tit tbe' Most High, our -eMteoined C(H. 
w^rlMr, Mr. H. D. Hetmoken, K. C, hM 
boon ^tleid sCway to greater uii«ruln«i«. 
W» f*el' Ills placo cannot be flU«4. AJ- 
wmyotht first to protfor tho hand sf 
4iia nod voice of aympathy lo tli« li«idyr 
a«|l an active mommr «if tho BoMiA «| 

lengthened span of life. May the daya 
a« Ihey pasa/bo full to over-flowing with 
ever-increaaing blessing, and may peace 
be his portion. 

In cloaing, we wish to gratefully ac- 
knowledge the sympatiietlc response tu 
the needs of the Home In every form and 
rrom every source. To the .Jubilee Hos- 
pital, whose doors are iievei' closed to 
our needs; to The Colonist and The 
Times, who, month by month, publish 
our reports, thus keeping us In touch 
with our donora and contributors; to the 
Victoria Agricultural Association, the 
Duncan Aid Society, the City and Sub- 
urban Churches, the S. P. C. A., to Mrs. 
McLennan. Beaver Point; Mrs. Htevens, 
Bait Spring Island; Mrs. Tuckey; Mrs. 
R. Porter, sr., "Cloverdale "; and also to 
tho."5e hundreds of well-wlsiiers through- 
cut the Province, who helped the good 
work along as time and epportunlt'y 

The election of the Committee of 
Management for the en.-iuing year re- 
siille! as follows: Mr. A. W. Brld(,nian, 
Rev, \\. Leslie Clay. The Rl^lit R'>v. 
Bishop Cridge, Mr. A.' D. Crease, Mr. 
Lawrence Goodacre, Mr. Charles Hay- 
ward, Mr. R. S. Day, Mr. James H. Law- 
Don, Rev. K. G. Miller. Mr. Wm. Hcow- 
croft, Mr. A. R. Wolfenden, His l.,ord- 
ship Bishop Roper. 

After a hearty vot^ of thanks had 
been passed to the offict?rs and man- 
agers for their untiring efforts during 
the past year, the meeting closed witli a 
benediction by the ReT;;-W. iieslls Clay. 


' < i ii'ii m 


Addltiona to Oarbaga Collection FacU- 

itlag Will Be in Operation in 

Short Time. 

\\\ a week or two ciie new sy.'item of 
mrhnge cTTltectttm introd ticgd ' t h ts ' yea r 
\vii! be In operation. It was the Inten- 
t!'>n of the health conimittec of tho 
council to divide the city into districts, 
in each of which sub-stations would be 
erected to facilitate tlie collection of 
garbage. Two of these stations have 
been completed, one on Woodlands Hoad, 
in the soutlieii.stern portion of the city, 
and the other on Queen's Avenue. The 
other stations were Intended to be erect- 
ed, one behind th.c limp.-css Hotel and 
the other on the wharf at the foot of 
Turner .Street, but the strong objection 
made by neighboring property owners 
and others to the choice of those loca- 
tions blocked tl-.o programme outlined 
by the committee, which has carried out 
this scheme only to the extent of erect- 
ing the two stations now about vo.u- 

The new structures are neat in de- 
sign, and 80 constructed that refuse 
collpctpd during the daytime will be 
htiuled away at night, each district to 
have a certain number of carts and 
terns allotted to it, the night collection 
to be made by the motor truck purchas- 
ed earlier In the season. 

The sub-station idea, which Is being 
adopted in all the leading cities of the 
Kast, will also facilitate the street 
cleaning operations in the outskirts, the 
sweepings being nlglitly deposited at 
the suti-statlons and thence hauled to 
the city garbage wharf Instead of, as at 
present, the teams requiring to be 
driven from the outskirts to the wharf, 
a method at once slow and e-vpcnsive. 

The residents In the vicinity of tlie 
new sti-itions now completed at first 
were strongly antagonistic to tlie 
scheme, hut since they have seen the 
Blructures in actual being the protests 
have ceased. 


KEMP— The funeral of the late Mr. 
Richard Kemp will take place tomorrow 
at 2 p. m.. Itev. F. H. I'att officiating. 
Interment will be at Ross Bay. 

HAROliNO — The funoral of tlie late 
Mrs. lillzabeth Harding will take place 
today at 1:16 from St.' John's Churcli, 
where service will be conducted by Kev. 
Stanley. Ard at 2 o'clock. 

.r.V('K — The d*»ath occurred on Mon- 
day afternoon at Mayne Island of Mr. 
Robert Jack, aged about, 70 years. The 
deceased was a farmer by occupation. 
The funeral will take place at Mayne 

wdxG CHOW YOW— The funeral of 
the late V»'ong Chow Yow will take 
place this afternoon at 2 o'clock to tho 
Chines* Cemetery. 

FAIEMENT— The funeral of the lata 
Mr. Joseph Palement took place yester- 
day morning from St. Andrew's Cathe- 
dral where Requiem Mass was held by 
Rev. Father Macdonald. Rev. Father 
Leterme officiate*! at the graveside. The 
pallbearers were Messrs. Ford, Neery, 
James and Edwards. 

MICK'EL— The funeral af the late Mr. 
James MIckel took place yesterday at 
13:80 p. m. Rev. Fathet- Macai'onis, of 
Seattle, ofll(datlng. There was a large 
attendance of friends of the deceased, 
and Several beautiful floral tributes 
covered th« bier. 

OFFER — The death occurred at the 
Jubilee Hospital yestcrrtiay morning ot 
Mr. Charlea Offer, aged about 38 years. 
Th* deceased wijs a native of England, 
and leaves a mother residing in Bourn- 
mouth. He had resided hero for several 
years. The funeral arrangemnts will bo 
announced later. 

NOBLE — The funeral of the late Mrs. 
Nichols Noble took place yesterday af- 
ternoon. Rev. Joseph McCoy officiating. 
Many beautiful floral tributes covered 
the bier,- and the pallbearers were 
Messrs. John Madlg^^n, E. Brown, A. H. 
Bay n ten and J,. A. La very. 

girths, Ma rriag es, Deaths 


BRBWRTER — At Mlh etanley Av,, on Dec. 
10. to .Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Brew«ter, a 

daug hter. _._^ 


SCIIHEIBER— At St. JoBtsph's HoFpltal, 
yeaterdsy morning, JP>«c«mb«r 10, Bleahnr 
Oertrud* 8cbr«lber, beloved wife of Owen 
p. Hchrelbe^ of Htnith I'ender, B. C, and 
eldest daughter of l^ollingwood Schretbor, 
C- ¥. a. of Ottawa. Ontario. 

BARIIADALIS^-At L» Jollo. ?an XAtff*, 
Cab, 0«ea^b«r 4, Itlt. Richardson J. H. 
Barradalte. eldest son ot the late Oao. B. 
■S»yrfcdal>o. ; ■ 


hla en4«it««r 'M|»- ftiufvyi^ 

fgi''!' tho -welfare »n* .pt^iWMty:'.^-*!*: . 
Otilp|Ui#:;«ome. W* W«h to ;i^-.<y|,lj|! 
Tiii^tt^'Mf trtbut«,9f loVlWf,,«^'Mlo«ry'iMi| ' - 


Harding, retlet of ThonuM Ijtgrdlp 
Vt yokri. .■ ||^. LftUdoK, KniHnd. 

HJ|»m»0— On 

■ -M»»y 

day •t.^i^^.^, 

m. .m^ 

the eth inai., 



Let This Be a 

Haven't you thought of 
making a good piano one of 
your Christmas gifts thi.s 
season? Yes, a good piano 
fosls more than one cares tu 
.spend recklessly and with- 
out thought. That is one of 
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noiit; bill a Really Ciood 
f'lano. .\nd. you don't buy 
a ])iano every Christinas. 
.A. good piano lasts more 
than a lifetime. Really and 
1 1 111}', no home is complete 

without a good piano even 
though it remains silent a 
good part of the time, such 
is the character of the well- 
to-do home of today, the 
piano is at once a part of 
the proper furnishing of the 
house, a part of its social 
life, apart of the very SOUL 
of the home. Think seri- 
ously of a good piano as one 
of your better gifts this sea- 
.son. Make it THE gift! 





, Si.xteen brand new Men- 
delssohn Pianos have just 
been unpacked in this store 
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good as the Mendels.sohn at 
its price. Of exceptional 
durability throughout the 
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finished. In design it is 
simple and rich, with the 

refined appearance charac- 
teristic of an instrument 
that has been turned out 
with every care and atten- 
tion to detail. And the Men- 
delssohn has the tone that 
lasts, a tojie distinguished 
by rich singing quality ; a 
deep, round bass and a clear, 
pure, bell-like treble. 

The Mendclssohns just 
arrived will be sold at 
varied prices and all on the 
easiest* terms. - Th4y are 
finished in figured walnut, 
mahogany and mission oak. 

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thtffg is'fltlfthliiig'Wltter liilAe | 

on this continent. It is the 
BEST 'in C«n»4^ *tld eqttit 
to a^ III t^c t^^t0 Stattt, t 

cariBS^n«ft"''vW&a^ ID% .|r^ 


No quest for a piano 
would be complete in any 
sense without an investiga- 
tion of Canada's Best Piano, 
the famous GERHARI> 
HEIXTZMAN. This piano 
has stood the test for nearly 
half a century and stands 
today in the first place, rec- 
ognized as the leading piano 
of Canada. Recently, when 
The Mail and Empire of 
Toronto was preparing an 
industrial edition a reporter 
asked a leading citizen— not 
connected with the piano in- 
dustry — what could be said 
of that industry in Canada; 
"Why," said the citizen, 
"Canada is surpassed by no 
country in the world in the 
manufacture of pianos. Take 

And Yet This Sterling Inatrumtnt ^^^ttt No More Than 
Many Inferior Mfkei md If ti#9^^^ Kasy T«nna 

»>*f ' 

nientioft. j 

the Gerhtrd H4t|iltai#A 
Piano is a pertoii|% 
vjs^d pi4it^: tlM Y« 
^f ttte ^i&nmf intnl ^ 
person^ly inspect eVI*f 1 
strument that is turned out. 
As evidence of its durability 
note that the first eight 
Gerhard Heintcman Pianos, 
ifiadf by Grfirharfi Heintx- 
liif n in ^ small hc^usci in To" 
j^f0 ,«^ut liS^, ARE 
f A||1^rVyWl4#HEM FOR 






.t.*:.^. *■.•* J.^rf*- 

■ " '"^iMIf,"' S^ ''^"Tter ' ' " 



If your Christmas Gift is 
to be a piano or a play«r- 
pizino let it bear the 
n^ime "H eintzman & 


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Piano or a Player-Piano? 

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as it bears the name....v..j 

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That name has been a guaranllifefif the highest quahty for 

further need be said. 



^a?«^-:«'-'!W ■. WSfif.'*^"' 


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Price ' ^75 

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Gideon Hieks Piano Co. 


t'.fi.'i — f'liiiice of ma- 
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The Real Heintzman Pianos — Victor Victrolas and 


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Overland Model 69tR 

Nlodcl (tij-R ir. the ideal car for the man who wants to travel 
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To carry The Daily Colonist on three 

eood routes. 

Fomil Bay 
JJames Bay 
Wor k Estate 

Apply to The p«Uy Ck>loaist Circula- 
tion D^wrtment 

Y.M.C. A. 

Day School 

Classes Preparatory to B. C. 
L. S. and Matriculation Ex> 
ami nation — Arithmetic, Al- 
gebra, Euclid, Trigonometry 

Course, $50 

Including Y,>M.C. A.' Mcni- 
bcf^ip * 

Classes Start Dec 16, 1913. 

. Sec E<lucational Secretary 



At the (Jhlltlreii's Aid Home on 
l^t-mlirukc a»ireet tliorf is ImiTii-'dlale 
and crylnif need tin (nort' accommoda- 
tion. There are iwcnty-one children 
there who want the nio»t careful sup- 
ervlaloii. . In the environment* trom 
which they were taken, they have ac- 
quired . hablta th^.t; muBt be tjradkated. 
TUey want h doublo iihore of the oars 
and patience and . watchfulness which 
boys In the ixidlnury hpmc rt-tiulrc. 
Thtie are l»ut thrt-e p«oplo to do ttll 
the work for the nineteen boys and 
two Klrln, -vvho muBt for the jiroseiit 
remain uncltw- thi; cure of Mr. and Mrs. 
Spotfurd These bo>'B are under four- 
teen, and most of ihem are heulthy 
little fellow.M In every sense i>C tli<' 
word. .liiBt *<tionK, noisy, hungry chil- 
dren, who want a chance to be linpi>y 
atid to Kfow up t" bf useful n\en. Tlioy 
have l)f;en sent tu the liomc, either b^■ 
u Moclety thai li.iH Ih-mi legally om- 
liowered tu care for children who are 
homeless or whose g-nardtan.-? arc un- 
fit for thetr oharK''. .r they ar- wards 
of the juvenile court. 'l'h<" Chlldren'a 
Aid .Society i» composed of citizens 
who know tliat the uncared for boy or 
girl Is likely to grow up to be a crim- 
inal whj during a lifetime will be n 
charge upon the community. To pr.- 
vent thla, thoy appeal for aid to Hhi 
community, wltli. It must be admitt-ed, 
not very encourasring reeuUs. The 
city gives a modest grant, which by 
very great economy has been made to 

chair. An attack of aoi*^ heart 
trouble had l*^'i him ner\ouae and <!•' 
preaaed. No one except the deft-handeil 
and tbciful nurse coulii r^ellevK his dis- 
tress, una even ahe must often have 
felt her own heart ache with uynipaH'l' 
for the paJn ahe <vuuld do little ^^ 

Surely tlie mothers and futhers "f 
VictTia will not refuse to provide to'' 
the afflicted little ones of our raplJlV 
Slowing city the facilities for surgical 
and medical treatment which will "**' 
their Uvea or preyeni lifelong suffei- 
Ing. Thanks to the LiaughlerB ''( 
I'lty, the children's ward is supplied 
with all comforts and Is a beautiful 
room. It Is not overcrowded yet, ft's '" 
the case with other wards. But it '^ 
necesMury for the children's sakcs a» 
well us for those of their elders to 
proc-c-eU um rapidly as poaslble wllli <»"' 
erection of a new liuspllul. Nu '^"'" 
who has It In his or htr power to con- 
iriljut« Id the paHsIng of a byluw tu 
pr<)\iile f^.r thu needs of the sick should 
neglect to record a vote in its favor 
on Thursday. 

meet expenses. "fhose pareiitS dT" 
guardlans who can afford it pay a 
minimum rate of board for the children 
for whom they are legally responsible. 
TheHe are facts which the general pub- 
lic should know. AVhen the private 
Ivius. now occupied was rented les-s 
than two years ago It was far larger 
tlian was needed. Since then many al- 
terations and uddltlon.s have been made 
und, it l.s stated, th- funds of the so- 
ciety are exhausted. It is propcsed to 
build a new institution on city property 
with modern equipment and ample iinrt 
suitable ground.". Hut this cannot be 
done, and should not be done, hastily. 
^VUnl is wnntfd now is a temporary 
building which will contain a batlirooni 
nnd n inrge, light, cAmfortable room 
which can be used this winter for re- 
creation nw\ .study. .\t present these 
twenty-one children spend all t^l^. ev«'v 
ing in the dinlngroom. This room woul 1 
suffice for half a dozen children. With 
more than three times as many it i = 
unhealthy. There i.-* no po.ssibilUy of 
freedom for the children, and, what is 
almost as Important, of proper super- 
vision, tt win he no wander, if, 'le- 
prlved of the opportunity of giving ex- 
pression to their natural love of fun 
and exercise, th- boys crowded together, 
become mischievous and b.^d-tempered. 
.Such a building or addition as Is nreded 
could be put up In two or three we<>ks 
and wo\ild cost a very moderate sum. 
Tn this city there are hundreds of men 
and many women who spend such a 
Slim on luxuries, Itousekeepers. especi- 
ally, will understand hDW \^ery hard it 
Is for tho<=e wlio have pharKe of all 
these children io manage willi only 
ono bathroom and a single mom to 
serve as dining, living and playroom. 
The wlnle community is concerned In 
keeping these boyi< from straying 
again Into forbidden pathn. Rv.^ry bad 
boy or girl is a centre of contamination 
and no one knows what child may be 
exposed to the Influence he or she may 
exercise. The peoide who are engaged 
in the very difficult of training 
and uplifting the i-hildren who are 
ptaeed in the Oliildren's Aid and De- 
tention Home should have every a.s- 
sl.«tance and eneourasement. The 
children themsely^.s have a riffht to 
su(-!i an evironmeut as l.s needed for 
healthy development. 

Tli» ChllAreu'i Wsrd 
Pe-iide who have no chlMren, or woo 
are rortimate enough to have healthy 
little ones, have no conception of the 
great necessity for a children's ward 
in a hospital, or of the hlewlng it Is 
to the community, A vi.'dt to our own 
children's wanl will show this very 
conclusively. It Is hard to convey in 
words the sfflse of minpled pity ninl 
thankfulness with which one leaves tli'- 
sick children's room. On a recent vl.«iit 
five cases were noticed which are, 
perhaps, typical. A boy "ho wa.« look- 
ing forward to his tenth birthday was 
eagerly pushing his irtvalid chair to 
the window that he might catch a 
last gllrnnap of his father, wiio had .lust 
ben in to see him. For nine weeks 
the boy had been a prlson«r, and th • 
coming birthday must be spent in the 
hospital. The brave little man was a. 
typlioid convalescent. The cot near 
him was occupied hy a pretty little 
Rirl who wan face Rave evidence of a 
long illness and great weakness. A 
tiny doll and some scraps of silk 
showed that she had found occupation 
for the weary hours. She had been suf- 
fering from ahscesses that required 
the cDPstunt and skillful attention of a 
trained nurse.' It was evident th .• 
acute stage of the sickness was over, 
but many a grown tip woman might 
have envied the cheerful patience of the 
tiny girl. It was touching to ••• her 
neighbor wheel his chair to the side of 
her cot and amusfl her with hln picture 
book. A merry llttl^ rogue, wht)8« lisp- 
ing tongue could scarcely frnms Intel- 
ligible words, danced up and down in 
his cot. claiming the attention Of 
nurse or visitor. It was with a nhOck 
tba' one found that a piaster of paria 
*a«t encaaed the little body, and that 
the weak aplne waa being strenfftliened 
«o that the beautiful b«y wouM eacapj 
th« tciTlbtc affliction And pain of a 
llf«Ioat datortnlty. Several time* th« 
naraa pMaad qulAtly back and forWarda 
CArrylnr' ft tiny lNibi< In her arm^. K» 
he l*Ly In hia cot an* asplalned ttmt tra. 
had had (L MverestiluBk of pn«umoiii« 
Ifhldh fciU Wither w^th <l»*r large f»n». 
f kf 'vf" ebiMr4a In a ama}! house ir^ttld 

Oiilnaaa Snffraga 
A late issue of the New York Out- 
look has tile following article In which 
thu political status of women 1" China 
is . reviewed: "'J'lie imprcsKlon ha.s 
K;>ne forth that women in China have 
already been granted euual suffrage 
with men. The rumor obtalnod be- 
cause, when the provisional 
was In session at Nanking, il.i ..;i^-i"i^ 
i,"hlnese capital, a number of native suf- 
fiageiies marched into the Assembly 
and petitioned that the, auffragc be 
iniiiiediately granted to women. This 
1>- inr refused, the ladles acted exactly 
a Britlah BlBtera haVC dwg—- 

th'-y .^iomted and shrieked and sniasliea 
windows. They petitioned the Asesmbly 
again and again. Finally, In order to 
free Itself from further friction, that 
IxkIv pHMsed a resolution fxprcKsir.s an 
opinion In favor of equal suffrage. Now 
the Assembly was only a provisional 
body, and lience could not make any 
final decision on this auestion for the 
nation; but It did recommend favorable 
action to the National Assembly. tlK-n 
being organized to represent the coun- 
try after the definitive union of the 
north and the south, a body soon to be 
.superseded by a regularly elected Par- 
liament. Rtit the suffragettes took a 
different view'. They acted as if the 
KUffrajre liail alnady been granted to 
them. When the National .A.ssemhly 
opt ned its sessions., last'"June, at Pe- 
king, the capital, a, potltlon was pre- 
."cnted reminding "ihnt body of the pro- 
vi.slonal Assembly's promise. But the 
petition was in vain. If we may judge 
from the Suffrage -Act passed in July, 
which will soon be . tested hy an actual 
popular election to a permanent Parlia- 
ment. Tho Act made no provision for 
women's votes. Even the vote tn mai^ 
citizens was granted only under Htrlct 
limitations. Any male citiz.en of the 
riiincse Republic over twenty-one years 
old may voti- If he has resided two 
years in his election district and has 
l.aid a direct tax exceeding two silver 
ddiars. or owns real estate valued at 
more than five hundred .^ilver dollars, 
or is a graduate of a primary school. 
But no citij-^-'n may vote if the Govern- 
ment had suspended his citizenship, or 
if lie is an illiterate, a '.lankrupt, an 
Insane ]ier.''on, or — last but not least — 
an ■opium-smoker." 



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Vancouver Get$ Lead In 

Coast Hockey League 

New Westminster Champions 
Outplayed at Every Angle— ^ 
. Cyclone Taylor Sensation ot 
Game — Record Crowd 

VANCX)OVER, B. C, I>«c. 10. — Out- 
pUky)Dtf their opponent* at every angle 
oiS the sa,m^ Uie V*ncouver hockey 
t«am got iiway In front in the Coast 
Liea{ru« hockey rao« tonight by defeat- 
ing New WestrhinBter, holders of the 
Pateraon Cup, by a score af 7 to 2. 
Over tAx thou«and apectHtors, the larg- 
est crowd that has ever attended a 
match on the Coast, witnessed a hard- 
fought battle. 

Assuming the l«ad within seven 
minutes Of the •tart, the Vanco^vers 
had the edge on the champions 
Ihrovighout the Kame, their nttuck be- 
ing of a grand order with sensational 
Individual efforts and fine combination 
work, while the defence proved almost 

The form displayed by the Vanoou- 
vers was a surprise ev-en to the most 
ardent supporters of the 'home septette. 
The champions were comi)letely out- 
played when it came to forward rud 
the Patrick-GHffls-Taylor comblntt 
work ofTsettlng anytliing that the Coast 
champions undertook In the war of 
attack. .Parr, had the best night that 
h*f hft*- evr-r ■Pi&p«r.Uiac«d-*lnco.-tlie_.iru 
oeptlon of profp.sMional hockey on the 
Coast, and with Patrick and Grt 
In front of him. the defense of the 
oouvers wa.s impregnable. 

The last ten minutes of the ma.tch 
■was most sensational, individual da«hes 
keeiping the fans on their feet cheer- 
ing every effort of the men. Fred 
Taylor, the sensation of the N. H. A. 
for many years, stood head and shoul- 
ders above every other player. There 
is no ques.tlon about the "Cyclone's" 
abUity to "come hack." He demon- 
strated that much tonight 

Goals — First perlfid — 1, Vancouver, J, M-- 
Donald. 6:08; S, Vancouver. Harris, 7:17. 

Second Period — 3, Westminster, Gardiner, 
14:28; 4, Vancouver, Taylor, 4:17. 

Flynn All But Out in Sixteenth 
—Fireman Was Game and 
Strong, But No IVlatch for 
Younger Opponent 


■yhe big sensation of last night's he 
game at Vancouver 

¥hfrd Period — B, Vancouver, J. McDonald, 
7:35; 6, Vancouver, Kendall, 8:41; 7, Van- 
couver. GrlfflB, 1:57; 8, Westminster, Tobin, 
3:55; B, Vancouver, Kendall, 8:1«. 
*-PPTnft1iCTr=- l^Tst- >erind^ H MoP on a ld 
(Westminster). 3 mlnulei; K. :■ ^ \ nncou- 
), 3 nxinutes; anni* (Vancouver), 3 
ilnutes! Mallen (Westminster), 5 minutes. 

Second Period — Harris (Vancouver), 3 
minut«»; H. McDonald (Westminster), 3 
minutes; Harris (Vancouver), 3 minutes. 

Third Period— Gardner (Westminster), 3 
minutes; Mallen (Westminster), 3 minutes; 
Oalman (Westminster), S minutes; Harris 
(Vancouver). 3 minutes. 

The teams — 
Vancouver. — Position. New Westminster 

Parr Goal I.ehman 

F. Patrick Point Oatman 

Orlffis Cover Point Johnaon 

Taylor Hover Toblu 

Harris Right Wing .. R. McDonald 

Kendall Centre Mallen 

J. McDonald .... l-eft Wing Gardner 

Referee — Walter Smnlll. Victoria; judge 
of play, S. Poulln, Victoria. 

LOS A.\'ORI.,BS, I'al., Doc. 10.— Lu- 
ther Mc(.^arty beat Jim Flynn In the 
sixtocntli round of a good fight to- 
night, hitting the fireman almost Kt 
will after tho eighth round and hav- 
ing him all but out In the sixteenth, 
when Rofcreo Eyton stopped the fight 
to save Flynn from unneccsHary pun- 
iHlimont. Flynn was so weak he could 
not have withstood another blow. 

Klynn showed that he was gamo and 
able to. take i)unishmcnt, but was ut- 
terly outcIas.s<id by his younger op- 
ponent. Fight exports ■ agree that Mc- 
(.•arty is p. mo.stly likely looking man 
to fill Johnson's shoes. He will meet 

1 Palzer on New Year's Day. 
If Flynn weighed in an hour before ring 
Ime at 188 pottnds. McCarty tipped 
the scales at 205. 

A line of ticket huyer.s several blocks 
In length clamored for cliance.s at the 
box office lODK after every seat had 
been sold. Promoter McCarey estimat- 
ed that at least 1000 fight fans -were 
Mirnnd away. , 

West Coast Champions Want 
Game With Wests— Island 
League Meeting— V.W.A.A. 
Social Gathering 

Salt Will Bring Two Boxers 
and a Wrestler to Tourna- 
ment — J.B.A.A, Loses Ser- 
vices of Featherweight 

Tile Ballard Athletic Club, of Seattle, 
will send over two fine boxer.s and a 
grappler to the tournament here on the 
lUth. nan Salt, athletic dir.-ctor of 
the Ballard A. C, ha.s written the local 
promoters to the effect that he can 
send Archie Wyard, 125 pounds. Char- 
lie Gilbert. 135 pounds, and a 136- 
pound wrestler. 

Wyard Is known to be a clever boy, 
and Messrs. .Sxuco and Davles are in a 
quandary as to whom they c*n send 
up against him. Urauhart Is the boy 
they were figuring on, and he in every 
way would fill the bill, but unfortu- 
nately Urijuhnrt is leaving for Toronto 
shortly. Unuharfs ho- \e Is in To- 
ronto, and he has ibeen 1 \lng forward 
to payli^g his folks a visit for some 
time. It is said that his return has 
been hastened by his disappointing 
failure to beat Patton In the A^mcou- 
ver tournament last Friday. 

Counting out Urquhart, there i.i «tUl 
plenty of 12B-ppund talent In the .lames 
Bay s^lns, but It Is do'ubtful If any 
of th«. other youngsters ere aufllclent- 
ly deVeiopcd to stand much chance 
with st boy of Wyard's experience. It 
Is nicety that either Motherall or Cror- 
per will be selected tb meet the Seattle 
boxer.' Scotty McKay Will meet (Jtti 

No word has ibeen received ot \iifi 
boxers Vancouver and New Woatmln- 
Bter -will send, and tin til that comes the 
promoiers will defer the drawing Ito 
of the programme. 



.limmy Clark, lawyer and pitcher, is 
tlu> first Northwesterner to Join the 
holdout class. Bob Brown, of Vancou- 
ver, sold Jimmy to the Chicago Ameri- 
can League Club last Fall. The White 
Sox offer .Tlmmy the nuinilloent sum of 
$218 per month, and Jimmy says he will 
not play for that amount. Clark Is 
smart enotigh tc know that he has only 
an outside chance to make good with 
t^« i^ox and he does not propose, to qtiil 
his ,1ob here and tn'^s r. chance In Chi- 
cago for such a small salary. Jimmy's 
younger brother will got a tryout with 
Vancouver next Spring, 



Mimmt, Xfta for WIMnn Bm Xoftaldar 
'Wmi to Xar* B«Mi BzoliuiirM, 
"&«iBoa" IMMrt ••Mron. 

•the deal bjr which Clyde Kellar was 
to have gone to Seattle In exchnnge for 
a Seattle Infl-elder has fallen through. 
Slner. the man for whom the local club 
WMi dickering, vua. It has been learned, 
a "lemon" last season, arad when he 
heard o* this L. A. Wattelet promptly 
called of .all negotiations. It will be 
remembered that Slner came to Seattle 
last ^ejMKtn heralded as a "And" and 
went ^A}o^g nicely in training. He 
wTMchcd hlB back one day and, an there 
waa no hope of him being able to get 
haek Into the game in time for the opcn- 
iDt -of the season, he was allo«**d to 
rstum to his home In the East. Later 
hf vol Into the ^ame back there, hut 
ti(hr«r seemed ful^y rerovwed from his 
injury and had a very »>ad season, 


¥lM VfctoHa West AthletW Chib tuu 
Uitfnh. \ MUMIiils for wMSb IrfU #• 

The Bugby Tangle 

The Victoria Kugby Union seems to 
have a bigger job on Its hands than was 
looked for in the settlement of the Dai 
Thomas case. The Welsh Club is de- 
termined tc make the Union declare 
openly whether it will abide by the rul- 
ing's of both the A. A. U. and the Rug- 
by Football Union or only those of the 
former in regard to amateurism. As the 
rulings of theise two bodies cannot clash 
H Joint subservience to the two Is quite 
possible, but if the local footballers 
can, after breaking away from the R. F. 
A., still compete as amateurs In other 
parts of the world, as some say they 
can. it certainly would be preferable to 
sever connection with the R. F. A. A 
definite decision on this point might 
lead to a clearer understanding and a 
better feeling all round. 

The Old Whssss 

Like a Jumplng-jack that old wheez; 
to the effect that the Coast League is 
going to expand and Invade Northwest- 
erii League territory, Is always spring- 
ing up when least expected. The latest 
story If) that the Coast League is after 
the Vancouver and Seattle franchises. 
Anyone tn his sober senses must see 
that that Is ridiculous. Even were It 
possible for the Coast League to got 
these franchises, what good would they 
do' It? Th«' Coast League could hot 
oi>erate In those towns without the con- 
sent of the Northwestern League, and 
thfere is no chance of that being granted. 
So«k«]r trudsr Waj 

Last evening in Vancouver the Pacific 
Coast Hoc'itey League opened Its 1112- 
'13 season, which it believed 
will produce the greatest round 
of hockey that the world has ever aeen. 
This belief Is based on the fact that 
the finest talent In the game is concen- 
trated In three teams, making it possible 
foir the managers to send on to th<» ice 
what. In each case. Is almost an all-star 
aggregation. Two of the brightest 
lights are Ernie Johnson, New West- 
minster, and Fred Taylor, Vancouver, 
better known to the hockey world as the 
"Big Moose" and the "Cyclone.'' These 
twr> come with reputations already es- 
tai>lished, but local authorities hnvc it 
thfat Prodgers, the Victoria hop«, will 
pr«ss them hard in popularity before the 
season is over. 

BltoiUs'a mg Xaada 

Champion WIlUe Ritchie, of the light- 
weights, goes on reoord as having the 
largest fists ever owned by a man of 
«l0iil«r alM. Reecnilr anr tiOMtrer of 
Ritchie's remarked that Willi* was the 
possessor of • pair of re««rd-bre«klne 
Itaitdih and lie proTed it tajr ieoinpiiMns 
the ommploii's hand* with th«i« of 
WmOi moxfcn, th«i Pltuburt IwMtifjr- 
#«l«bt.\ IliiQlijli! Iul4^l^• inrair 9*«g. 

Al Palzer was introduced as the op- 
ponent on Now Year's Day of the win- 
ner of tonight's mill. 

Bound One 

Time was called two' minutes after 
9 o'clock. McCarty sent three lefts to 
the stomach, and thoy clinched. Mc- 
Carty put a right to the Jaw as they 
broke, and avoided Flynn by jumping 
away. McCarty uppcrcut Flynn, but 
tho fireman kept plugging in. Flynn 
landed a hard right to Mccarty's jaw 
as they broke. Flynn spat blood as 
he took his corner. 

Bound Two 

Flynn rushed and swung two lofts to 
body. McCarty aimed a hard right to 
the faco, but missed. Flynn apparent- 
ly was unable to roach McCarty effec- 
tively in tho in-flghtlng. McCarty put 
three hard lefts and rights to Flynn's 
face and body. McCarty staggered 
Flynn with a volley of hard rights and 
lofts to the face, Flynn was groggy 
as the round ended. 

Bonnd Three 
Flynn rushed McCarty, and received 
a hard left on the jaw. McCarty •-tag- 
gored Flynn with a right Jolt on the 
Jaw. Flynn bored in and landed a Jab 
on Mccarty's noso, but tho Missourian 
countered with a stlngor that drew 
blood from the fireman's no.'sa. Mc- 
Carty shook Flynn with a succession 
of lefts to tho face. Tho Mlsjiourian 
appeared too clever for the fireman. 
Bound 7our 
Flynn again rushed. McCarty stood 
off and lashed In lefts and rights to 
tho face. Flynn landed a loft on the 
jaw. McCarty jabbed Fl.vnn In the face 
twice, and once more rocked the fire- 
man. Flynn swung wildly, and Mc- 
Carty landed another hard right to the 
face. Flynn managed to reach Mc- 
carty's face twlco In a mix, but re- 
ceived an nppercut In return. Flynn 
rushed in and landed a straight left on 
Mccarty's oar. Flynn hooked McCarty 
and rocked his head. Flynns round by 
?. shade. 

Bound rive 

Flynri Repeated his tiii'h niid fell 
Into a clinch. They exchanged hard 
rights and lefts to thft face. McCarty 
hooked two lefts to the jaw, and the 
men clinchod.. Flynn Jolted McCarty 
with a left to the face, McCarty up- 
percut Flynn, and followed It with a 
series of right and left Jabs to the face. 
The round onded with a fierce mix In 
the middle of the ring. 
Botmd Six 

Flynn again rushed, and landed two 
lefts to Mccarty's Jaw. McCarty re- 
turned the compliment with a right up- 
per-cut to Flynn's Jaw. McCarty re- 
peated the dose and Flynn sw\ing 
wildly. The men brought the crowd to, 
its feet with fierce In-flghtlng In 
Flynn's corner, both flailing away with 
rights and lefts to body and face. On 
the break, McCarty shot two stf^f rights 
to Flynn's ribs. The fireman countered 


Who won from Jim l^'lynn la.Ht nii;lit und 
proved himself likely man to fill John- 
son's shoes. 

with one arm free, beat McCarty's body 
Into a brriUaut red. They broke, and 
Flynn landed several short-arm Jolts. 
McCarty landed a right upiier-cut 
lightly. Flynn landed right to Jaw. 
Both men showed signs of weariness as 
the gong ended the round. 
Bound Eight 
Flynn jumped in and launched a 
right for the face. McCarty blocked 
and put a stiff right squarely In the 
face. Flynn worked on McCarty's body. 
Plynn rushed in and landed hard right 
and left on McCarty's face. Both wen- 
a trifle weary. Tame round 
Bound Nine 
McCarthy .slopped Klyiur.s rush with 
hard right and loft to body. McCarty 
landed hard right to jaw, p\ittlng Flynn 
down for the count. Flynn rose groggy 
and Inmg on. McCarty showered rlghtn 
and lefts to the Jaw and Flynn went 
down again. I'^lynn rope again wob- 
bling. A hard left put Flynn down for 
the third time. McCarty stood wait- 
ing for tho count, smiling. Flynn made 
a romarkahlo rally and landed rights 
and lofts. As Flynn wont to hia :or- 
nor there were calls to stop the fight. 
Bound Ten 
Refreshed by the minute rest, Flyr.n 
rushed McCarty and landed rights and 
inis.^ed a right swing. Flynn wont to 
his knees, hut was up in a flash, and 
McCarty voliejod rights and lofts to 
his face. Mc-CaCty cponod up, inviting 
Flynn to ru.^h. Flynn did. Thoy 
clinchcxl, hut no damage was done. Ti.c 
crowd yelled to McCarty "Knock lilm 
out." McCarty landed a hard right or. 
Flynn's Jaw, but Flynn. shakinj; IiIm 
head, countered with a lef": to thr! l)0dy. 

Bonnd Eleven 
McCarty came up smiling, Flyim grim, 
'j'ne fireman seemed wealrcne.l McCarty 
landed at will. Flyim i-ushed, but his 
blows wore weak. MoCivrty tried le- 
poatodly for a knock-out. F/ynn was 
sent back reeling with rl.' to the 
jaw, bu,t rushed back in and met an- 
other smash. McCarty put hl.«> left on 
Flynn's head and swun.g two rights on 

The Port Albernl football team, 
which has won the cluimpionshlp of 
the west coast of the Island, has Is- 
sued a challenge to the Victoria Wests, 
winners In the Victoria City League, 
Hud wants to play before Christmas. 
The clKillenRe was sent through The 
Colonist, and the Wests have been 
notified. Their secretary will get In 
touch with the Port Albernl Club, and 
if possible arrange: a^game or a series 
of ganK>s. 

This evening the organization meet- 
ing of tin- Lslaiid League will be held 
and arrangements made for the open- 
ing of the season at an early date, 
it Is expected that practically all of 
the senior city teams will enter. 

In celebration of their victory In thp 
City League, and also as a means of 
getting the players together for a dis- 
cussion of plans for the Island League 
season, the Victoria Wests have ar- 
ranged a social gathering to be held 
at the cl-ub tomorrow evening. A mu- 
~»lc,ql programme Is being arranged, 
refreshments will bo serverl an<l ti!c 
plcH.sant time that ha-s always attended 
these affairs Is assured. 


AVhat has become of the International 
Hockey League which was organized in 
tho East with a great hurrah some time 
ago? Teams from Toronto, Hamilton. 
Syracuse- and Detroit were Included In 
the circuit and, according to the pro- 
moters. It was going to be the real 
thing in a hockey sense. But apparent- 
ly the new league has died aborning, 
as nothing has been heard about it for 
some time, and the men who were be- 
hind tho "Victorias," the Queen City 
team, have flitted to the background. 



The Law Students have selected their 
team to play the Welsh Club in a Barn- 
ard Cup League match at Oak Bay Sat- 
urday. It Is: Boggs, Galllher, Scott. 
Milne. Ogden, C. Martin, Shires, Morton, 
GUespie, Pemberton, O. Mlillgan. A. Mil- 
ligan, McCallum, Ross and Mcllree:re- 
serves, Monteith, O'Halloran and Norris. 
All players must be on the grounds at 

with a straight left to the Jaw. Flynn 
staggered McCarty with a left swing 
that sent the Missourian to the ropca. 
mound lieTeB 
Rushing to the centre of the ring, the 
men came together with a crash, Mc- 
Cartv landing straight lefts to the face. 
Flynn countered with rights to the body. 
McCarty upper-cut Flynn with his right 
and landed a left jolt above Flynn's 
eye. Flynn rushed in and clinched, and 

' * • .} < i- 

■«. 9>m 

»-.*ii! I' ^i^^ 

the flreman'.'»*'Jaw. The .'aw snom'sd to 
be armor-plated. 

Bound Twelve 
McCarty put his iianl :igain <n 
Flynn's head and launcinid a left, hut 
fell short. McCarty rushed Fivr:n 
across the ring, landln.g luirO rights and 
lefts. Flynn tried vainly to reach Mc- 
Carty's face. Breaking away ''roni a 
clinch, McCarty sma.^'iel I'lyun in the 
stomach with a right. Mo'"ai-ty d'low- 
nred Flynn with rights and lefts as 
tho rotmd ended. 

Bonnd Thirteen 
Flynn rushed McCarty and Innded 
lefts and rights tO 'the body. McCarty 
countered with vicious to the 
face and followed wltn a iL;erlen of up- 
por-clts. Flynn was grugpy hut still 
able to \vii'istand tho terrific pi.nish- 
mcnt. Mc<:;arty baiteiod away at 
Flynn's pitiably disfigured face, but the 
fireman kept coming Iri. McCarty's 
round by a wide mar;;i;i. 

Bonnd X'onTfcoe'/t 
Flynn waited for McCr.rt." this time 
and tho Missourian accommodated him 
with left and right to body. As McCarty 
BtBpped away Flynn rushed and landed 
hard left and right to the body. Mc- 
Carty Joltod Flynn on the sore Jaw, but 
the fireman refused to give ground. 
Flynn's head went back with the Im- 
l>act of a right to the face. He clinched 
and landed right to McCarty's ribs. 
The Missourian shot a hard left to the 
stomach. On the break Flynn smashed 
McCarty on the Jaw. They clinched, 
McCarty driving two hard rights to the 
stomach as the round ended. Flynn ap- 
parently much stronger. 

Round rifteen 
Flynn sailed In but was stopped with 
Upper-cuts to the Jaw. McCarty boat 
Flynn back with body blows and Flynn 
missed a vicious swing for the Jaw. 
The fireman followed with a right to 
the face, but McCarty ;jinrcl. A cut 
under his right eye was McCarty's 
only mark . In a navag'e onslaught Flynn 
landed hard right and loft on McCarty's 
face. He got In return a stiff right In 
tho stomach. Flynn came In for more, 
but was growing weary at the boll. 
Bona« Mxtoen 
Moi^arty smiled as he smashed JPlynn 
jn the face repeatedly. Flynn coun- 
terod with an upper-cut and received one 
in rotum which sent him down for tho 
count of nine. As he rose KoCarty sent 
rliftati and lefts to face and riynn 
iatUMAiitt. MtCartK broke %w*jr , and 
SBXHiklifA Flynn on the J^w. rem ««- 
i|Mta V«fit down again and Bgferee 
Btfltan sto^iMiil the flcht. 



8AN FUANCISCO. Cal., Dec. 10.— Another 
San Franciscan, WMlle Hoppe, may be (riven 
a chance to nclntlllate among the great 
men In the lightweight rank*. Promoter 
.fame* W. Cetfroth has seen the Butcher- 
town boy in action, and thinks him tor- 
mld.^blo and a lad of great promise. 

Promoter Cotfroth Is figuring on match- 
ing Hoppe with Frankle Burns, that Is, If 
the Oalilander Is willing to agree to such 
a match. Burns did not seem particularly 
anxious to box Wolgaac. Coffrolh will get 
Into communication with Burns' manager. 
Jack Perkins, and U I'erklng Is agreeable, 
Cotfroih will try to get the maich. 

Tho bout will be hold under the auspices 
of the Canal Club, and the date will prob- 
ably be on the night of December 37. It 
will \)e a twenty-round contest. 


PHILADBLPH:a, Dec. 10.;— The Phillies 
have actually been sold. It Is not a rumor 
this time that the National League base- 
ball club's franchise, property, real estate 
and goodwill nave been • purchased for a 
sum close to fl. 000. 000. The report comes 
officially from banking Interests, and 
Robert A. Balfour and Governor John K. 
Tent'r. of Pennsylvania, are Interested In 
ihe (leal, 

'The ilub has been bought by a syndicate 
of local bankers. Balfour would, not deny 
that ho was one of the purchasers.. The 
sum of M86.000 Is paid for tne franchlle 

Charlie Dooln probably will be retained 
as manager. 



6trA,WA, »K. l»v^«W «•»• iMU the 

' K. S. A. h«d «eekle« «» ^lar OMK^f M 

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Y. M. a. A. rootbaU 

Next Saturday the Y. M. C. A. foot- 
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Wrtaty BntwrprlM 

Our great liydro-electiio development 
at Lake OoqultUm and L^ke Buntzen 
ia deacrlbed at aome length In the an- 
nual report. The completion of this 
nilglity and costly enterprise 1» now 
well within Bight, and 1 think It la safe 
to say that It will not only be one of 
the greatest developments In the world, 
but also one of the moat satisfactory 
from the standpoint of producing cheap 
power and of requiring comparatively 
little expense for up-kecp and maln- 
tpnanro. We should have been derlvlng 
Bonie of the boneflt of the Increased 
storage during the past month but for 
the great delay In the manufacture of 
elfitrlcal innchlnory, owing to atrlkes 
In this country. Your directors ordenU 
thl.s machinery so well in advance that 
It seemed Impossible that It would not 
be ready and would not h>- delivered in 
time to uHslst in carrying the present 
wlnior load. 


great enptlnerr- 

..»,._, ^..^^ »»_.»_« *» t«,ji 

nrew Biillway 

In addition to these 
ing undiTtuklngs, the Company has con- 
structed new linos of railway In many 
directions, iind has carried out im- 
provements on Its old lines, to m. .i 
the demands of traffic, and it has 
greatly extended its llgljt and power 
aystem. This work cannot be dc- 
-scrlbed In detail, but it has Involved 
large expenditure and a vast amount of 
thought and planning and work to your 
MarisRement and also to your Dlrectorn. 
■I". ■•■ are two matters In connection 
with the Com P B Ti y' g nff -ftira whieU hav« 
''•'•S'iiiiiifct deal of publicity In 
In this country and In 
! Canada, on which you will expect me 
to give you some Information, and i to trespass on your time whilst 
I deal with them at some length. It 
has been stated that your Company 
has entered Into a contract for th.,- of power from the Western 
Canada Power Company. The facts art- 
that the General Manajrer of the West- 
ern Canada Power Company approached 
your Directors in an entirely business- 
like and courteous way, to ascertain 
whether your Comimny would be pre- 
pared to purchase power from his Com- 
p;iny. Your Directors caftie to the con- 
clusion that nlthougli the works at 
Lake Coaultlani will supply «" <bo 
power we shall need for several years 
to conic, it would be wise to secure an 
alternative supply of power from the 
Western Canada Power Company, if it 
could be obtained cheaply enough. Th" 
subject was thoroughly discussed be- 
tween tlic representatives of the two 
Companies, but unfortunately the offer 
received from tLe Western Cannda 
Power w-ts not acceptable to 
your Company, and a counter-offer put 
forward by your Directors has not been 
jiccepted by the Western Canada Power 
Company. That Is all there Is to say 
on '.hr subject. 

Caae of Point Oray 

A^"!tli regard to the long negotiations 
which Jiave been reported In the news- 
p.Tpers between the Municlv>nl author- 
ities of Vancouver and your Company, 
the facts are as follow.s. The area cov- 
ered by what is really one great city 
and which may be called Greater Van- 
couver, Is for administrative purposes 
divided into three municipalities of 
Vancouver, Point Grey and South Van- 
couver. The elty of Vancouver origin- 
ally covered a comparatively small area, 
and has been extended in recent years 
to include the areas formerly known as 
Ha.stings Townslte and District Lot 
:!0I. Your Company owns franchises 
empowering it to carry on its electr'c 
lighting and electric power business 
throughout the whole of the above- 
named municipal areas, as well as in 
many other districts, for very lona 
periods of years. Your Company also 
owns franchises authoriv.lng it to carry 
on its electric railway business for 
long periods of years throughout the 
whole of the above-mentioned areas 
and districts, with the exception of the 
old, not the extended, city of Vancouver, 
where our old franchise may be ter- 
minated l>y purchase on fair terms in 
1919. In particular wc own franchises 
In Point Grey and South Vancouver 
which have still 37 yejirs to run before 
these municipalities have their first op- 
tion to purchase. At the end of 37 
years these "options occur at Intervals 
Of 10 years in .South Vancouvei5 and 
Point Grey, and In the case of old 
Vancouver at Intervals of 5 years after 
1919 These franchises constitute the 
guarantees on the strength of which we 
have invested your money Your Di- 
rectors arc satisfied that they sufflci- 
, ently protect the future. We have not 
Inlt'ated any steps to get them changed, 
nor have we asked for further advant- 

Qvaatioa of rraaotaiaaa 

In the last few years a desire has 
sprung up In Vancouver and Point Grey 
and South Vancouver to consolidate the 
three Into one great city, thereby secur- 
ing the financial and commercial ad- 
vantages which accrue to great cities, 
I and It was thought by some people to 
I bo desirable to at tho same time con- 
solidate our railway franchises wlth|n 
the three municipalities so that we may 
operate under the same conditions and 
charge the same fares throughout the 
new city. 

We were first approached by the City 
Council of Vancouver on this subject 
some thr*e years ago, and we had ev*ry 
desire to meet the wishes of the people 
fairly and even generously, but tv- 
were compellod to brvak off negotia- 
tions becauwe we found that the op- 
portunUy was being taken to put for- 
ward a number of extravaifant demands 
upon your Company. We could not con- 
* cade theac d«nuMids, as, bad we aon*, w« ahould hav« b««n unaAtla to fin- 
^ ance, and ahouM aottially have laoded 
the Compajty In bankroptcy. and wa 
found that In refiialnir them we wtere 
maktnc enemlatt who InteBtlonally or 
f;^ntntenti»n«lly pntollahed atatementa 
f'whieh wkra vttmrlir mWlcAdinc— «ome of 
theni te^tMtM^. >intnM~^( til* de|rt 

time we hav« been comv-dl^-d to with- 
draw for the same reaaoMs, and atlaat 
we had to dacUna to again discuss tha 

OoouBUttaa'a Vropwahi 

A few weeka ago we recolvetj h writ- 
ten proposal from a Committee com- 
posed of representatives of the Coun- 
cils of the three munlclpalltk'B. The 
terms of this proposal being reasonable 
we accepted It, but were it not that we 
have d<-Blred to avoid the uppearance 
of unreasonably standing In the way 
of ihe develoi)ment of the City and the 
wishes of the cltlKcns, I do not think 
that we should have accepted it. The 
terms included the consolidation of our 
franehises In these three municli)alltles 
into one franchise for a period pf 
twenty-five years and 5-cent fares 
throughout their area, an Increase in 
tlie percentage on the railway earnings 
payable to the city, and the retention 
for five years of certain cheap tlckola, 
a prlvlle!,'c' which we liH\e hitherto 
voluntarily conceded to Ihi' iiublie, but 
which we had decided to wllhdruw in 
consecjuenee of Increnslng of 
every kind in the Railway Depiirtnunt 
in Vancouver, This . would have in- 
volved a con.slderablc financial sacri- 
fice to the Company during the next 
seven years, and we also i)roposcd to 
give up 111" last twelve years of our 
franehises in Point Grey and South 
Vancouver, and it Is thesi- li-i nvilve 
years of the franchises which will be 
by far the most valuable years to us. 
On the other hand we would have gain- 
ed a further eighteen years In the old 
City, which would have enabled us to 
better centralize on Vancouver our 
plans for iiie development of the sur- 
rounding districts, and have l., :.d 
sioirie other nd-vantnge s: ' ■ ' I t Is ■^•>' o.>t- 
qulte certain that we would liuve ac- 
tually gained a full eighteen years In 
the City, for It Is by no means certain 
that Vancouver will be able In 1919 to 
raise the very large sum of monev 
necessary to buy out the Railway and 
Its appurtenances, even within thf old 
City limits. Or if able to <lo so, will be 
willing to cripple herself and ppslpon? 
nil other municipal developments for 
several years by doing so. 

enterprise In the Province.. As one re- 
sult, we have now »,000 stockhoJdera. 

Xuffe Bxpaadltnre 

At a rough, but fairly reliable, esti- 
mate the Company has Itself expended 
^K wages since 1898, »U,430.OO0, not 
including Contractors' wagce. During 
the past year alon« we have spent on 
Capital and Revenue Accounts |l-',564,- 
?17, of which 1674,689 repreBents sal- 
aries of the local officials and staff 
and $3,«7C,T20 the wages o-f other, em- 
ployoeu, leaving »S,213,369. a large pro- 
portion of which represents wages paid 
by contractors working for the Com- 

The total number of employees on 
tho Company's payroll at June 30, 1912, 
was 5,660, and the estimated number 
of crnproyees paid througli eontracicra 
was 2,500, making a total of 8.160 om 
ployees in the service. As-fumlng an 
average number of persons dependent 
on each wageearner as two we have a 
total number of persons maintained by 
the British Columbia Electric Railway 
Company directly and through its con- 
trnctors, of 24,tS0, or U per cent of 
the total iiui)ulation served liy the Com- 

At the end of 1808 we had 40 mil s 
of track, today we have over 280. In 
1898 we had 2,000 H. P. available, to- 
day we have 128,000 H. P. In 1898 v.e 
were operating 14 passenger cars, in 
190!t we had 71. In 1909—97, in 1910— 
128, In 1911 — 240, and today we own or 
have \inder contract for prompt o- 
llvery 339 passenger cars. 

It may be that the service that -we 
provided In the early part of last year 
seemed to the public to lag 
behind the Increasing demands of 
. traffic. There were unavoidable causes 
for thla, among them the large amount 

n« M# 

.rM. tam aiiklMN 

Company's Position 

Tho committee ri;terred to. n^preaent- 
ing the three municipalities, in d-ue 
course reported to the Vancouver City 
Council unanimou.^iy recommending 
their proposals and requesting them 
to be laid l)cfore the ratepayers, but to 
their astonishment and to that of 
everybody concerned, the Council did 
not approve of the arrangements and 
summarily rejected a motion to In- 
.strlict the City Solicitor to prepare a 
by-law for submission to the people. 
This closed the nuitter. I think the 
company Is directly the grUner, but 1 
nevertheless regret the decision of the 
Council, as ttll that iii-neflts Vancouver, 
benefits us, and thu advantages of tho 
arrangement to Uie city were. In my 
opinion, very great. A single trans- 
portation .system, giving a unlvir.-ial 
fare, over t'he whole of the untied muni- 
cipalities, would do much to consoli- 
date I'helr Interests and to help to 
establish Greater Vancouver in the eyes 
of the world as one of the greatest 
seaports of the Kinplre. Repeatedly 
during the last three years we have 
met the advances of the city more than 
half way in this matter of franchise 
consolidation, and, if we refuse to re- 
open the (luestlon again, wc cannot be 
accused of standing in the way of the 
clty> progress. As I have wald, we 
desired to meet the wis-heft of the citi- 
zen.'* and conceded a.s much as could 
he safely conceded. Our permanent 
stability as sn enterprise la entirely 
unaffected by the failure of the ne- 
gotiations. Our position, briefly. 
Is, the City of Vtinenuver can 
purchase. In 1919. our lines within 
I!\" original limits of the city (exclud 
ing our intcrurban lines) and no more. 
These lines comprise only a very small 
portion of our 280 ' miles of ralUvay. 
In the districts recently annexed to the 
city, our railway franchises cover n 
long period, and in South Vancouv.T 
ond Point <lrey our franchises, I have 
already mentioned, have at least 37 
years to run. Accordingly, if Van- 
couver exercises its option tn purchase 
in 1919. people travelling between the 
outlying suburbs and the centre of the 
city must xiay double fare. 1 think 
this is likely to be so id)Jectl(>nable to 
tlie people and so Injurious to the bu.«l- 
ncss interests of Vancouver, that the 
option to purchase in 1919 will not he 
exercised, and thai we will continue to 
operat- as nt present throughout the 
city and surrounding areas for another 
n7 years, when South Vancouver and 
Point Grey will have their first option 
to purchase. Our llgliting and powvr 
business is not touelied In any woy by 
these negotiations. 

District Well Serrad 

In the ordinary course I should closo 
my remarks at thKs point, but I feel 
that It is due to the Management and 
to the Company itself to make some 
reply to some of Che misleading state- 
ments wlilch have been publ'.nhed by 
various people In their efforts to 
cudgel us into accepting ' impossible 
terms. It lifis been alleged lyfulnst 
the company that It has not . shown 
energy and enterprise in providing for 
the requirements of the citle* and dis- 
tricts it serves, and fhat It is grind- 
ing untold wealth out of the public. 
The trulii Is that no city or district 
on the American Continent — I say this 
deliberately and with full consideration 
— ^has ever h^*" served so >plendklly 
or h«d Us Interests so m'uich advanced 
by any company aAd for so small a 

Th« pro«pertty of Vanoouv«>r has, to 
a very large extent, been create;} by 
the «nterprt(le of your company dur- 
ing the laat ten years.' 

1 will glre you facts In support of 
this, in fourteen years wc have grown 
from n^thlac to be the largest eleotri- 
oal entf»prt«o IP the BrlUgh Bmplre. 
with |MM«tbl)r one exception. W« have 
expended $»i.9«9,9M «t CMh uy Jto th« 
pre«ent, fe.nd In ordvr to raise that wim 
we have had to Iwtp Brttteh Cotamtiti^ 
and Itn motnww d9iMl|a^t1r h«f or* Kh» 

of repavlng work undertaken by th« 
city, which dislocated traffic in four 
or five places at once throughout tho 
year, and the fact that n certain firm 
were six months late In delivering car 
frames, but, in the main, it was due to 
tlie unexampled and unprecedented 
growth of buslnes.s In British Colum- 

Amazing Pxogreas 

We foresaw great pro.sp'-rlty, but we 
cou'ld not foresee that our business was 
going to increase 50 per cent in six 
months, and on the above facts I 
challenge any company in the world 
to show an equal record of effort and 

Wc have kept well ahead o-f develop- 
ments by building lines into territories 
practically unsettled when we first 
wont there, with the object of building 
up these districts. We are today giv- 
ing a splendid service on several lines 
which do not even pay operating ex- 
penses. We have at enormous cost and 
at considerable risk, built up an enter 
prise in Vancouver, of which a town 
or district three times the size need 
not h<i ashamed, and In doing so we 
have been the means of putting much 
money into the pockets of thousands 
of wage-earners and of all the land- 
owners in the district. At tho present 
•.nonient we have extensive develop- 
ment plans mapped ooit, which will 
benefit all concerned, and I would ap- 
peal to the common sense of British 
Columhian.s in their own interests to 
Hs.slsl us In every possible way In 
their power and to rigonously put down 
all such unreasoning oi)position to our 
plans, as was recently raJsed in con- 
nection with the Point Grey Franchise. 
With regard to the profits which we 
•have made, there is no secret. There 
is no method of distributing profits 
other than that of paying dividends 
and Interest on our stocks, and ooir 
accounts, audited by two well-known 
firms of accountants, are open to all. 
T have taken out the amount of cash 
Invested In your enterprise In each year 
since 1898, and the amount paid out In 
dividends and interest. Tlie figures In- 
volved are too numerous to be read out 
here, but I have had some copies 
printed for your Information. I find 
that in only one year, namely, 1902, 
have we paid more than 5 per cent on 
the caultnl actually employed. At the 
end of the past year, the amount of 
ia.-iltal lnvolve<l was $34,976,990, and 
the amount paid out, including Che 
dividend which you are asked to de- 
clare today, will be »l,4Fi7.l90. or say 
4Vi per cent on the actual cash In- 

I think that none of the Vancouver 
■gcntlerren. whose property ha>s do^ibled 
and trebled in value djiring the last 
few years largely througli the efforts 
and cntarprise of your Company, or of 
those who are lending their money on 
mortgage at from C per cent to -B per 
cent, will again say that our proiflts 
are too high. The fact is that you are 
entitled to receive a higher return on 
your money than you have In the past, 
and I think that in due course .as con- 
ditions In British Columbia become 
more settled, you will receive It. 

rigurea Bhow Orowth 

In conclusion, 1 would like to say 
that youT enterprise has been carefully 
and patlenlly built up in a conserva- 
tive and thoroughly sound way, and 
that your Investment Is in the opinion 
of the Directors an absolutely safe one, 
and that we believe the success of tho 
Company Is absolutely assured for 
many .years to come. 

The figures above referred to: 





Sen „ 



Intereat a 


















4. to 




















a. 00 





























1*1 1 






. •.!»♦,§•» 




Too Late to 

Bttlldera' Opportonltr — 4 Ixita, n.-«r 
Hlllalde car line, 40zLO0 «Bch; fnOO 
each, We will give bollderi" terma.- 
Cottaf«a built on tlieae lota will; 
Hell very readily, ataurlnK the 
builder a good profit. Brltl»h Can- 
adian Home Builder*, Limited, jrj- 

315 Say ward Building. Phone lOSO. 


Port Angelea— We have a ellfni whu 
wants to buy acme vacant U'lg In 
Port AnKolr.. Will pay cash If 
priced right. What have \ou to 
submit? Britlah Canadian Home 
nulldern, lyimtted, 312-.115 Riiyward 
BullcJlnK. Phone 1080. 

Oak Ba.v Special— 7 -roomed house, 
one block from car line, full o'-ment 
basement, all modern conveniences. 
$B,000 purchase price; |700 cash, 
balance over 5 yeara. Britlah Can- 
adian Home Builders, UnaJLted. JJ,3- 
aiE Sayword Building. t| | wPi' tjpiO 

Choice Acreage I 

Ttttj Aeree — Near Royal Oaki 
the V. * 8. and B. C. Electric 
Railways. This Is splendid 

* land, all cleared, charming sit- 
uation and convenient to tran- 
sportation. Price, per acre, on 
terms •!*» 

aoo Acres, on Portage Inlet. 
lak'ge waterfrontf^ge, fine land« 
beautiful view. Would make 
a choice and surs-selUng sub- 
dlvijion. Easy terms. Price,- 
per acre $1800 

a.60 Acres — On Cedar Hill cross 
road, near Junction of Maple- 
wood road. A splendid piece 
of cultivated ground. Price 


lO-Aore Ranch for Sale— 4Jl|l nnfler 
plough, deep chocolate UpW, ftfes 
of roeks. An Idea! hOIBM tvt a 
bualaesa nr nrofesslo naJ . tnan. no t 
too far out, on main Saanlch road. 
<«8 feet road frontage, all fenced, 
with excellent view ot lake and 
mountain. Price ViO .jm. ^''- 
quarter cash, balance l.'.^*' »»< 2 
years. nrltlah Canadian Homo 
Builders. Ltd., 812-316 Sayward 
Bunding. rione 1030. 

Near Inside Business 

lao Feet — On View, Corner of 
Vancouver (60 feet). Price. 

on terms $34,000 

The best buy on the street for 
an advance. 

100x136— A corner on Govern- 
ment, for, on terms $46,000 

Another Good Buy 

60x190, on Herald, near Douglas, 
opposite H. B. Co. Bite. On 
terms $30,OOC 

Sound InTe«tm»n*-Purcha«e shares 
In British Canadian Home Builders 
while you can a.t »1.25 per Blmre. 
In addition to profits from our 
Building Department, the Real Es- 
tate and Insurance Departmem < on- 
trlbule to the dividends on Home 
Builders' shares, Send for pros- 
pettus: It will interest you. 

Empire'ii . . • . — • . 
J 600 each cash 
and 18 mpnths. 

Streat — Two lots for. 

... MOOO 

balance 6, 12 


L. H. Ellis 

Phone 940. Room 8, Moody Block 
626 Yates St. 



Corns, bunions. Ingrowing naila. cBllouBea. 
fetid odors and sweaty feet aclantlflcally. 




Real Eatate Department 
Members Victoria Real Estate Ex- 
Agents, Royal Insurajjge Company. 
Third Floor, Sayward Bldg. 
Phone 1020. 
Ernest Kennedy, Managing Director. 


Quality and Quantity Is Our 

Hall & Walker 

USa Oorenuaent ■! Whbn* 83 

Incoming Pralric Men Who 
Arc Looking lor Homes 


On McClure street, between Cook and Linden. Ten well- 
lighted, spacious rooms— double drawing room and music 
room dining room, kitchen, bedroom and den downstairs, four 
bedrooms and bath upstairs. Lot is 60x120. Basement is full 
size with toilet, furnace, stationary washtubs. Splendid 
garage. This home is situated in Victoria's best residential 
district. Every modern convenience known is installed in this 
house. |i 2,000 on good terms. 

We're the Exclusive Agents 

Phone or call at onc6. 


606 Sayward Building Phone: 874 , 

Th* report *nd Mewnt* 4n>rt) xmrnaV 

lA^ 4l»ettWMM( the Ch*It«wn'« a9 —t », , 
^ «. vfu^inrtioiatff taprmaeH th* tuiv* tlifct 

._. .! 

Christmas Gifts 


, 'Could anything be more acceptable to the young 
lady than the 


1 ■ 

^-%*cra(t,rfffll^f',)^^ j*(5*-^'T^ir««|M3 

#*^l-W«njk»|^,'<«(R»;TWfiMWr-''^^ -^irrH-.. 


-«ft^;;■i-^^£J»;4aS ..~..-<«5J:Li:" 

''i'tt.'^'"^ ■'^p-Tpt'*'fr t""^ ?!* " 






■ iwi I i p ga^-w^^'i'— I I , 1 w »■ #w^ . 


We Will 

Tell You 






Island Investment Company, Ltd. 

Sayward Block, Phone 1494 

Uranch Uflices : 510-515 Rogers Block, Vancouver, B. C-, 
and London, England. 



Two lots close in. on this nuiin Victoria West thoroug^hfare ior $1500 each 
and on easv terms. Tltcy are hi^-h and dry. Besides having the host kind 
ot a street' car service, they enjoy all other conveniences. In a liigh-class 
residential district, within easy reach both of the city and Gorge Park, they 
will make ideal homesites. 


A cou!)le i>i lari^^e building lots to be secured at $1800 each, third cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12 and 18 months. These are in line with the new street car exten- 
sion to the Uplands Subdivision. 


A lot adjoining the famous Uplands Subdivision, 55x133x117. It has all 
the characteristics that make Uplands so popular, being large and level, 
and commanding a splendid view of the Straits and Mountains. The street 
car will be running within shouting distance at an early date. One-quarter 
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. 


• Two lots within a few minutes' walk of the Gorge and in view of the 
Gorge Park, having waterfront privileges, at $800 each, quarter. cash, balance 
6, 12 and 18 months. These are desirable building sites. 


Block of three, comprising in all over three-quarters of an acre, with more 
ihan 150 feet of' Avaterfront, at $6000, one-quarter cash. I)a1ance 6, 12 and 18 

Single lot. 7-xv5'"^23T. with beautiful trees, including many arbutus, 
nt $2500, third cash"^, b'alance 6, 12 and 18 months. Has beautiful view of har- 
l)or and Straits. 

Another large single lot, with a seafront of 60x145. without rock and treed. 
at $2000, third cash, balance 6. 12 and 18 months. 


Here is a lot in the centre of the district now commanding attention. 
It is a fine. level property, cldse to beach and car. Located in the best 
i)art of a select and popular residential section. This is cheap at $1425, third 
cash, balance 6. 12 and 18 months. 


Another desirably situated and altogether first-class building site. It is 
:;oxi25 feet to a lane. Is level, without rock, and is nicely treed. Price 
$1425,' third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. 

Wc Have Good Buys In Waterfront Acreage 


.Always in stock. Wc specialize in artistic Ironj doors, 
f. teamed slush, grain fir, and Howard's flush. 

Lemon Gonnason Co. Ltd. 

I'honc 77 P- O. Box 363 

rzwB^ tfj^or^MrMS saved Mr usnsro 



Sold in»i»ek»lin' A^yin^ 

and i»KAOvSni«M!»»forF«fW>t»««» 
and all Pfltstty 



Wholesale Diatributoni lor Canada : 


Phone B56 

The Idea 



Everything that's nice and new* and 
spick and span for the ladies, children and 
infants,, and some new little trinkets for the 
men, and some dandy Xmas suggestions for 
everybody, from a couple up-to-the-minute 
Jadies who know, are to be found at the new 
store which we arc pleased to call 

the New Idea 

■■-'" ' ■ * i.iu,.., i 1,1 i , ., ',r,t ir l;, i i,irii.'r.J.'.'U.,.i'„',r.ui ae3= 

You may have to go out of your way 
just a little to find this New Store» biit w« 
save a little in rent and are going to givfe the 
public the advantage of this saving. We 
open today, and we want every mother's 
son and daughter of you to come and sec us. 
We are old-timers in Victoria and #|int your 
b«(»in«i».Cimie everybody, 


There is a way to do this that will brinp; 
)'ovj much larger returns than you couUl 
hope to get otherwise and IT'S. A S.-\T'b 
\\'.\Y, TOO. 


For the detailed facts about the Syndicated 
Properties copyrighted plan for bringing to- 
gether numbers of investors of moderate means 
to handle the largest, best paying propositions 
and at the same time enjoying the protection of 
insurance.. Our free booklet "Money for You" 
tells the story. for it today. 




A Useful Gift at a Moderate Price 


Guaranteed for 10 yean, and outlatU tht; guarantee. 
Neatly packed in holly boxea for preaentatlon. 

Hinton Electric Co. 

Qoverntnent Street Phone 3245 


Friends of Institution Desirous 
of Getting Out a Full Vote of 
the Ratepayers at the Elec- 
tion Tomorrow 

Tlic friends of the ViLloria JuWleo 
Hospital are leaving no stone unturnsd 
to secure a favorable verdict in the 
vote up on the by-law which Is to be 
presented to the ratepayers tomorrow 
for a civic gmnt o-f »200,000 towards 
that instllullon. With a view to get- 
tinK out a large vote the directors 
liHve aiH)olnled a committee for eacli 
of the words whose duty It shall Ix; 
to Bee to it th-it every legltiniate voter 
is taken to the polls. These commit- 
tees are as follows. 

No. 1 Ward— .^.Id.' Okell, Aid. Beard. 
Mc8sr.s. Harry Callow. T. J. Redding', 
Wlllkim Mfthle, W. J. Steplicns. .1. 
Mann, C. W. Kirk, II. Maynard, W. B. 
Deavillc,. A. E. Whlttington, I>unean 
,Mei3eaLh, B. Boorman, R. Crowther, 
Oliver E.lchar<l.s. C. J. Savage, S. 
Greenhalgh, N. BasHO. W. .1. Cave, ,1. 
K. PH'lnter, Capt. W. Grant. .\. Hftls^all, 
W. N. Mitchell, Dr. Lewl.s Hall, Kev. 
D. M.cRae and W. A. Armatrong. 

No. 2 Ward — Aid. R. H. Humher, 
Aid. G. A. Anderson. Mpssrs. George 
r.'^nUrth, A. ,f. .Morley, 'P. OwukVi, IT. T. 
Jones,, L. Goodacre, Sln:ion Leiser, W. 
B. Burrldge. H. W. Fawcett, - Dr. Hall. H. J. Sheer, W. D. Han- 
bury, F. H. Sehl. A. Llne^ham, 1'. W. 
Davey, Stanley .A.rd. Capt. Mcintosh. 
George .loeves, Capt. Belcom. 

No, 3 Ward — Aid Stewart, Aid. W, 
.\. Gleason, Messrs. .T. W^ Bolden, E. 
1 It. ,fones, .\lec Rendry. .1. Renouf, W. 
K. KuUerton. Kd. BraKpr, .T. B. Mo- 
Cullum, W. J, Gower, K. A. Andrews, 
Watson Clark, .las. Martin, T, Potter. 
T. W. H. Hicks, W. Fyfe Wilson, 
Ernest Campbell, Dr. GeorRC Hall. C. 
Moore, Dr. O, M. Jones, C. .Slvertz, H. 
I,. Martin, Joshua Klngham, W. E. 

,\o. 4 Ward— Aid. J. H. Baker, 
Messrs. MoKeown, D. R. Ker, H. M. 
I'ullcrton, R. L. Drury. M. B. Jackson, 
Frank Higglns, Dr. .Fra.ier. J, A. 
.Mara, .\l*c Wilson, A. B. Fraser, 
.■Vrthur Lee, Randolph Stuart, L. W. 
Bick, J. J. Shallcross, F. A. Pauline, 
.Vndrew Wright, R. H. Swlncrton, G. 
Carter. F. H. W. Behnsen, L. Cam- 
suBa, J. Hart, J. H, B. Rkkaby. 

.Vo, ,'. Ward— Aid. Porter, Aid, Wl- 
worth. Messrs. A. Klrkpatrlok, F. W. 
Vincent, A. G. Sarg4son, R. S. Day, H. 
B. Thomson, J. E. WMlson, A. W. 
Brldgman, W J. Pendray, W. G. 
Ciimeron, Carl Pendray, Col. Hall, H. 
a. Shanrtle, 1^. .V, Oenge, A. Collts, J. 
11. McGrcffor. H. E. Kent. 

Any citizens wUUnff to loan motor 
cars for use tomorrow are a.«ked to 
communicate today with ilrs. Rhode.';, 
the Chairman of the Motor Car Com- 
mittee, at No. 610 Cormorant Street, 
or, falHnsr such notification today, their 
offers will be sladly accepted tomor- 
row. It 1h desirable that a full vets 
should be polled i id all citizens who 
are qualified are asked to poll their 
voles as early as possible. 


BosB Bay 0«m«t«r7 Olos«d[ on Sabbath 
to 01v« Carttaktr a Saat. 

• Hereafter, except In cases of emer- 
gency, and . then only upon the special 
order of the Mayor, no burials may be 
made on a Sunday at the Ross Bay 
Cemetery. By a unaniraotis vote of the 
City Council a rejK>rt of the Cemetery 
Committee recommendini? this step was 

The reason why this innovation was 
recommended was In order that the 
caretaker at the park and some other 
employees may hereafter have a day of 
rest upon the Sabbath. As there may, 
however, cases of urgency arise where 
burial Is necessary, permission will be 
given by written order of the Mayor. 

The Committee's report, which was 
signed by Alderrhen Porter, Humbor, 
Baker and Gleason, was adopted with- 
out comment. 

tuuait nature. 

It is used mixed 
with fresli new 
milk and forms a 
delicate and nutri' 
tive cream which 
i^. enjoyed and 
assimilated when 
other foods dis- 
agree. It is eii'* 
tire^ free from 
r<>llpi and indi'^ 
|i^tii^ pirdcief 
K^kit pr^oiice 

e«t^ i^iiiikski. 

me Want Your Lktinda" 



Choice building site, 50 x 120, facing 
on* paved street. Price. $i;575. $55° 
cash, balanio 6, 12, 18 months. 

Th is is one of the choicest lots in this 

desirable district, and at the price is a 

positive snap. 


Investors — Rcmem])cr, we have the ' 
most coniplete listing of Bay Street 
property in ilie cii}-. The announce- 
ment regarding ihc car line on this 
street will be made soon. "DON'T Bl^ 

Open Evenings 

Phone 862- 

809 Government Street 

Opposite Post Office 


Phone 552 

Useful and Sensible Cioods 

For Christmas 









** Wear Ever*' Alimiliium Ware 


IO%to 20%Dls. 
count for Cash Witb 


As Well as Re^ 

«iQcti|)ns on All 



Ladies' Silk ^^if||j|(|j;:p9gMl«if^.|^ f 1.^ 

Ladies' Silk Shawii, regular $1.25— now .fll.*00 

Ladies' SiUt Scarv«i« regular $2.50— now , . .fll.OII 

LINEK QO0I)'8*«rBig reductions on Bedspreads, Table' 

Cover*, €i^trie Pieces, Doylies and Tea Cosieft. 

Silk tittjr^J^l,^W»,^ifl« price, only. • . - • • -l^t^' 

/ M* 

^^j,M*<?.A,T5'^r; »:■■ -If.. 

.*3fe.'. l^^iW;!^'). ^,. -*fll* 

-' ^^^^^f^/f^^F^ff'^^'^S^^^^^^^^m^^^Y?^^!^. 

i ^■^■^J^'■ '^jep^' 





Home Buy 

St.— Close in. 5-room modern cottage, and lot 33x104 
Price |»aT50 

Oak Bay 

Tcrm« to suit, or can be had for 12350 cash. 

Oomtr IiOt — 60x120, with small, new, cottage, modern. 1500 
casli, balance f26 per month, at 7 ner cent. Price f3500 

James Bay 

■imco* BtrMt, 60 x 121, west of Oswego Street, with a five- 
room modern cottag?. PrU:e $5,000 

Third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. This la in the 
vicinity of the improvements about to be curried out. 

Two tot* With frnnlago on Kj^qulmalt road and Rlthot and 

Stanley streets, with dwelling. Price JflOjOOO 

Third casli, balance arranged. 


The Gorge 


XtUIoum Boad — Just off Gorge road, a number of lots, each 

averaging 50xl€5, close to car. Price, each ^1500 

Easy terms. 

B. C. Land and Investment Agency, Limited | 


,•;•.v^;/;^>>h,^^^fr?^Hv^A■••^^^:^■;:^^ ^ ^■^■ ^^^v.^^ 




Wc mean by this that you will make money by taking up any one of them. See these, compare pricrs. then come in this 
morning and let us show them to you. ^^ 



This is near Foul Bay Road and faces Irving Street and 
Foul Bay's beautiful beach three minutes' walk distant. 

ONLY ^2500 
Third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 month.s. 


This is directly at the rear of the property described in the 
space above. It is beautifully treed and faces one of the finest 

homes in the city. 

PRICE ^5500 

Same Terms. 



This is the corner of Chandler Avenue and Foul Bay Road 
and adjoins the property described in this space. 


Same Terms. 



Ground floor and basement, No. 1016, Douglas Street, just 
south of Fort 

New garage, Yates Street, 30 x 100 — modern. 

Lot, Pandora Street, just above Douglas, 61 x 120, to lease for 

twenty years. 

^ ^ APPLY 

p. R. BROWN 

Phone 1076 

Fire Insurance Written 

Mon ey to Loan 

P. O. Box 428 
1112 Broad Street 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 



This lies close to St. Charles Street and will make three 

lots with frontage only six feet less than the ordinary 50-foot 

lot, and with an area in each greater than 5oxi20 feet. 


Same Terms as Others 



..This beautiful residential sub- 
division in Cadboro Bay District, 
next door to the famous "UP- 
LANDS." has no equals at any- 
thing like the prices aaked. 
Commands wonderful view of 
Bay, Gulf and Mountains, as well 
as of surrounding property, in- 
cluding "UPLANDS." 

Tba X«w 0trM« Oar Ida* WUl 
Ba mnimliMr Xmrlj Mazt Month 

Values will surely go higher right 
away. Th* chance you have now 
will be gon« then. See "HIOH- 
LANDS" and pick out a lot right 
now. today. 

PBXBEHT rmianu f850 ttp. 

One-tenth ca«h, one-tenth quar- 
terly. One-fifth cash, «, 12, 18, 
24 and 30 months. One-quarter 
cash, 1, 2, 3 years. 

Buy One 'SOW. 

Benson &Winslow 



This propertv at its original price was cheap, compared 
with values in its vicinity, but in order to dispose of it at once 
the price was dropped to rock-bottom. It's a fully modern 7- 
roomed house on lot 60x135, near Beacon HiU Park. Owner 
will take good building lot or agreement of sale as part pay- 
ment. Reduced price, $7,000. 

See us about this, first thing this morning. 


Wm. Duntord & Son, Ltd. 

Investment Specialists 

311 Union Bank Building 

Phone 2315 


DoUKlas Slref't — 30 foft iiouth of 
nurnslilt>, one of tlio bP»t bu(ilne.>iii lo- 
cations 111 vi,;torlii. Store would rent 
Imni'-dlalrly, Jd.SOO. 

Snanlch Waterfront Aoreago, ».bout 
17 iicrec. Just north of Haanlcn on 
Cordova Channel; Ipsa than 5 min- 
utes walk from tram llnr; cxcolkint 
land. KO(i(] beach and harbor. This 
III an Ideal situation for a home. 
$775 iior aoro. 

Victoria Land Co. 

no Pembcrton BIk. 

Phone 280 1 

Special — Mile and Half Circle — Special 

Good lots, 50x120 each, 4 blocks to carline, high, level, good 
view. For quick sale, each, $900. Only a few left. See us at 



MW*td BlAOk. •rowkd Vtoov. 

moaw aM«. 


I have for sale the 
finwt piece of property 
on Dallas Road, within 
the area of Outer Wharf. 


George M. Watt 

R4«l lUtata. 
Room n. PromU Blk., 100« OoTt. 81. 
P. O. Box SIB. Phone SSIO. 


Now S-Roomed Bansslow — UIdIob 

room, parlor, kitchen, I boUrooms, 
inthroom, full ba»ement. e«m»nt 
walks, etc. Lot 60x110. |gOO cash. 

126 monthly. Price **.'•• 

Bolow Market Valne 

TllUeam— 60x130. MtO cash, «, 12, 
\n. Pric* 9M» 

AIMml, — 60x113. $200 caah. «, 11, 
IR, Price ••»• 

aiAfmovr av.. off tolmm 

New, ••roomed ll«niie^> piped t6r fur- 
nace, cement baaement. dining 
room pannelled t.nA burlapped; 
electric fixture*, etcf; furniture c»n 
t>« bought aepAratoly. fliCO ouh, 

«, 12 and 18. Price 94M0 


Bee my aplendld list of propertiM 
In theae fst-orlte loceUtlea. 


On and after Monday. Decem- 
ber 8, Tve win be located at our 
spacious new offices at 207, 208 
ana 209 Union Bank Bulldlnff, 
corner of View and Government 
Streets, Victoria. 
Real Estate A Financial Agta, 

W. Locke, Managor. 
(Lal« Green Block, 1216 Broad) 

Boundary Road 

Level, Grassy Lot 

Just Off Beach Drive 

$300 Cash, 6, 12 and i8 Months 


We ere removing to more 
spacious offices on second floor 
of the Union Bank Building, and 
wlU be located there on and after 
December 9. 


Fiscal Agents for B. C. Cafes, Ltd. 

A. von Girsew^ald 

Real Estate, Cor. Fort and Quadra Streets 

P. O. Box 900 Phone 3936 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 




Tiia R«ffl8ter«d Offl«« 0* the 

B. C. Cafes, Ltd., will l»o removed 

as from this date to M7, 208 and 

S6» Union Bank Building. cArner 

of Vf«w and OoirerBmMtt 6ietmUi. 

Vjctojrtt. _^ 

By OW*r 0{ ttiit B<Nrtd,0f • 
• , IMrpetora. 

.inM*Mti<a^ nan. .V. llftft. 

For Sale or Exchange 

ONE ACRE, magnificent scenic homealte or subdivision overlooking 
Oak and Shoal Bays. Will sell, exchange for good hou««. or take good 
view lots in part payment. 111,000.00 refused for this acre during past 
Summer, but owner now decided to part with it. Make offer to: 


118-119 Pemberton Block 
Members Victoria Real Estate id^xchange 

A Moneymaker in Acreage 

We have 25 acres within a mile of Deep 
Cove. This is good— we know it, 

>350 per acre 


Corner Johnson and Broad Streets Phone 727 

If You Have Acreage 


Poul Bay Boad, corner. .50x100, sacrifice sale *1160 

Monterey, close to Mc-Xell, S'lxllO, only $1425 

This Is $300 below market value. 

King's Koad, fine building lot. 50x139 flOOO 

OordOB Street, nice level lot, 50x125 $075 

Sbalhooxiie Street, a beauty, 40x168 *1200 

Olympla Avenue, grassy lot. 46x125 $1250 

Olympla Avenue, magnificent view lot. 50x120. close to beach. A genu- 
ine bargain at '522^2 

Orohardway, 2% acres, beautiful homesltes «7500 

IKoss Street, rairfield, 50x120, cheapest on Street $2300 

Bualiby Street, raitfleld, a real nice lot for B1800 

OoUlnson Street, close in, 50x120. Apartment house site $4500 

Ss&c2iirood Avenne, Foul Bay, 50x120, way below market value; for quick 

eale, price $lToO 

Very easy terms on all albov'e. 


rire-roomed House, bath, pantry, full basement, double constructed, well 

built. A very neat house. Only |650 cash. Price $3000 

Sia-roomed heantlfta Bungalow on the Willows car line, lot 50x125. 

Price f4000 

Seven-roomed very fine, strictly modem House In very best location, 
Fairfield. Price f6500 


From five acres to 500 acres at prlcea to suit youu 

Leonard, Reid & Go. 

420-1-2 Pemberton Building 

Phones 221 and >45 

• <*■)■•• ■>».t>/r4' 


Owner leaving town, will sell his house on Moss Street at 
a bargain. There are six large, square rooms, and the house 
being new, is modern. Size of lot is 53x114. If you are look- 
ing for a house, you should see this one. 

Price, on Terms, $6300 

rnrther Farttonlara Gladly CHran on X««««rt 


Phone 3308 Merchants' Bank Buildihg 

Business Corner 

Blanchard and Chatham Streets, 40x100 feet. This la a pleoa of apluuUd 

business property 

f 260 v>» »ovT roo« 

One-third caah. balance extended over i years. 
Also inside lot, 40x100, Blanchard Street, near ChaOwm 

f 200 m rmowt voot 

One- third cash, balance extended over i t«u»- 





Real Bstate, Stock Brokers, loauranoe and Financial . As ' l t S i' 
Offices 101-102 Pemherton Block, Victoria, B, C Tinp* lUf 

Cheapest in 

(1) Forty acres at per t^cre l|4aS 

(2) Thirty-six acres, at, per 
acre f350 

Easy Terms. 

Look at ms.p. Corner of Keat- 
ln«« Crosa Road awl W«at Saan- 
ich Road. Absolutely the ohsap* 
sat property obtainable. Worthy 
oC your iBvesttgation. 



A new 4-room bnngalowt 
open fireplace, comprtslied . 
brick mantel, bath« tdltet, 
light and water. Dining^ 
room is burlapped. All 
hard wall plaster. I«ot 
50x138, 5 mhitit«l from two 
car lines. Only 






Salt Spring Island Farm 


Eighteen acres, all cultivated. lO-roomed house, hot and cold water, bath, all conveniences, 
goad gardens, excellent water supply, barn. .^Laijlcs. modern dairy, large chicken house, incu- 
bator house, brooder house, duck-pond, two orchards. 

There is aLo a new concrete tennis court on the property. Church, school and post office 
within short distance. 

PRIGE $12,500 


Phone 30 , 620 Fort Street Established 1<S90 




Here Is an opportunity for you tr acqulrp a fine piece of property for >»villd- 

. Sou;:; p: i-n:y:in Arentt';; 395x140," with "•mil"'' 

tusr purpoaes-'on -Bank s' 

-nice "tree 

s^-w.-r «irf«.|y inift; hainnre of 'Btrea t — I mpi ' o v uM BaW ' K 

be flnlshedf Jn -the Spring.^ . 

PRICE $9850, ON «i<>01> TJtltMS 

I20I Broad Street, Comer of View 

Olympia Avenue 


All modern improvements, garage, fence<l, close to car and sea. 

Price $6500 

Terms arrenged. 


phone 2612 

641; Kurt Street 

Fort Street 

30x112, south side, between Blanchard and Quadra. Per 
foot ?900 



Phone 1094 


302 Pemberton Building 

Extra Special ======= 

Artistically clesls:ne(l arul well-constructed Bur>.°:£ilow, consisting of 
five rooms, with all modorn conveniences. Large lot, with garafie and 
chicken run. Fire^laco with masnlflcpnt (Queen Anne design) .'nantel. 
elegantly decorated throuRhout. situated in best location in I'alrfleld. 
Price, which is by comparii'.ivp prices, much below vaUU', $l,fiOO, about 
$1,000 enah, balance as rent. Quick action is artvlanble. 

We have JS.OOO for the purpose of discounting asreementa of sale. 


700 Fort Street 


riion." 81 in 




91 ft. on I>allM Boart by aao ft. on OlympU Are. 

fWiilth of lot at rear 112 ft.) With, nu.dern anrl 
well built eight-room house, gara;fe, etc. Draw- 
Ingroom panelled in cedar, furnace, etc. 
Third cash, balancn 1 and 3 years. 
£«t ns allow you ttal*- property. ' Zt la %■ ana.p. 



fhoae «91. 

IZOe GorerntnoBt St, 

■I I i 




On 9hak«apear4 and King* Road 

For b,050 

Tfcls U rcrj- tob«ap and has a 
- eommandtnc kucatton. 

CaiiierW ini^tmeot 

Prior Street — 5-roomed 
house, modern. Tcrni.c;, 
$900 cash, balance as rent. 
Price $3500 

Queen ',s Avenuf, opposite 
City Park — 7-roomed 
house. Terms arranged. 
Price $7650 

For rent — 17-roomed ' fur- 
nished boatdiing ho'u.Hc. 

Byy Xgi-eeptteiits of Sale 

Oak Bay 

■■» - ■ A - : -lit vv ; u , I..,,;. .(\ V li-'ii^C 

containing 6 -rooms, on 
Monterey Avenue, close to, 
Oak Bay Avenue. Furnace, 
built-in effects and all mod- 
ern conveniences. 

Price, $6500 

Third cash, balance i, 2 and 
.^ years 

Let Us Show You This 

& Co. 

1210 Broad Street 

Prior Street, close to Bav 

Belmont Avenue, next cor- 
ner Kiiii^^'s $1050 

Avebury Street, one lot... 

Maddock Street, next cor- 
ner Ivinnia $llO0 


643 View Street 
Phone 2307 

Six Months Ago 

I bought property that 1 can 
prove ■will increase immensely • in 
v.'iluf during the next few 
Tnnntli.H. I have ten -different 
a^rreemonts for .sale on each of 
which I have mad<' the first pay- 
ment, but I. am not aure of being 
able to provide for the coming 
payments. So t um willing to ac- 
cept one man or ..several small 
investors Into partnership at the 
original pUfc'Aase price. I can 
ehrjw you that you will be fully 
protected ■ and will have no fur- 
ther payment to make. Tell mo 
what money you caa. invest and 
I will give you full partlculara. 

Box 4360, Colonist 


BUT nr 

Port Angeles 

Only good, desirable propertUa 
handled. 1 have some goo<l bar- 
halns. See mo before buying. 


1014 Broad St., Vaubairton Block 

Established 18»0 

Godwin & McKay 

We are. pp.en to .bu^, 
Agreements, of Sale in 
amounts of twenty-five hun- 
dred dollars, twenty ■• tliou- 
satid ^4nd twieft|y-fjv|f thou- 
sattci *'d6tlars. Moitiey wait- 

The Hoil^JMLeti 

We Have Daily 

From clients who wish to rent houses or stores in tlie 
city. These inquiries pertain to all .sections of Vic- 
toria. If you have a house or a store to rent, see that 
it is placed in our hands, and we will secure you ten- 
ants without delay. 

We specialize in all matters relative to PROP- 
ERTY MANAGEMENT, and would solicit your 
patronage for the New Year. 


Agi»eements for sale discounted. 

Members Victoria Stock Exchange. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Excliange. 

Douglas and View Streets Phone 766 

In a Few Weeks 

The cars will be running right through to 

Deep Cove 

We have some beautiful acreage, y> acre blocks or 
more, and waterfrontage. 


Grant & Lineham 

Money to Loan. a|^, 633 Yates Street 
Fire Insurance Written 

Unique Opportunity to Secure a Country Home 

Mount Nev/ton, South Saanich — Modern 7-roomed house, hot and cold water, septic tank, on 4^2 
acres, all under cultivation. Garden, 200 young fruit trees, all bearing, only live minutes from splendid 
bay on Saanich Inlet. Good boating and fishing. 

P'or further particulars, apply 

Rerts Collected 
Estates Managed 
1205 Broad Street 


Real Estate, Financial and Insurance A^ent 
Manager Branch Of/ice Great West Life 

Mortgages and 

Loans Arranged 

Phone 65 


Cook Stroat — corner of Rockland Avenue. 3 1-3 lots, 120 feet 
on i.'oolt by 200 feet on Rocklaml. Exce,ptionally fine location, bclnx 
on main streets, with car lino and only eight minutes' walk from the 
Post Office. 

Exclusive Sale By 


Members of the Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

looa Broad Stract. Tlotorta. X. a 

New 6-room Dwelling. Easy terms. $500 cash, balance in 
monthly jjaymenls. Price ^4,750 

New 7-room Dwelling, Irving Road, "Hollywood." $1,500 
cash, balance monthly payments. I'ricc ^5,500 

Six-room Dwelling, "Govcrnmc-nt Street," Lot 50 x no. For 
quick sale. Price ''• • • $8,500 

Lot, 50 X 129, "Roscberry Street." Price $1,350 

2 Lots, Blackwood Ave., 60 x no. Each .$1275 

Terms— $275 cash, balance i, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years at 7 per cent. 

McPherson & Fullerton Bros. 

614 View Street Central Building Phone 1888 



Tito Fine, Dry lotii, with oak tr«e», 
facing up Monterey avenu«. 80x110 
each. 1-3 cash, balance 8. 12. 1" 
months. Each f 1,«00 

Gordon Burdick 

Fhon« SAOA. 

Femberton Block. 


Improved Farms 



Hickey & Thwaites 

Parksville, Vancouver Island 



8. E. corner of the Avenue 
and Davie, 120 by lOO, 8pl?nclld 
Bite for stores and apartments. 
Price flBO.OO per front foot on 
long and easy terms. 


BOOB 10, MMioa Blir>ok 
r. O. Box 790. »)iomo lilt. 

A Pair of Xiots, 50x150 each. Haultaln St,, west of Richmond. Xo. 1271, on 
terms, each flSOO 

One or Two XiOts — 18x120, each, on Lee Ave., between Lelghton road and 
Fort .St., No. 12r)4, on terms, cacli f 1700 

An Acre on Cowan Ave. — Near Foul Bay roaJ. No. 1001, on ea«y 
term.s fSOOO 

Bamslde Slstrlot — \ double corner between Burn."3lde and Gorge Roada, 
one block fiom Harriet Road. Can be subdivided, making three lots. 
No. 1275A-1277A, on terms ^2850 

■ ' ' ' ~ 


Real Estate and Investments — Insurance 
Rooms 101-106 Hibbeu-Bonc BuildUiff, Victoria. B.C. Phone 1462 

Cheapest Inside Property 


Humboldt St. — 30 ft. with 42 ft. frontage on Burdette. 
Price $18,500 

4-Acre Blocks on 33^-mile circle. Price, per acre $1500 

City Land Co., Limited 

120 Pemberton Building Phone 1675 

W. T. Williams Albion Johns Sydney €. Thomson 

I James Pay 

Corner of Michigan arid Os- 
wego, 60x140, with 7-rc»omed 
burtgslloi*. " 

Store Street 

North of Horald, Lot 51x2261 
Deep waterfront. |1 2,600 cash 
handles this, bal«nc<ft 1, 2 an& 
I years. 

Herman Erb 

Sl« Central Bldg. 

Phone 2092 

Toms. PtUi9 ^,....3....|iTWM 


Lot on Michigan Street $500 below value for a few 0ari only 

Price $2500 Cash $1000 

Balance Ea*y Faytnenta 


rhone 1400 

Member Victoria R«a'l ISatate Exchange, 


King's Road — Close to Foul Bay Road, four lots 50x126 each. 
Price '. . : .f4SMM> 

$1200 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. 

Fort George 

For a short time only we will sell the remaining TWO-ACRE 
LOTS at the original prices of $300 per two«acre lot, on th« 
very easy terms, of $60 cash and balance $10 per mbntli. 
Ko interest, no taxes. 

The Nechaco Vay^ land Co 

Ptmne 4$|« 









■ ... ,- ',;.B'--''-.-:---'»f -■' : 




^ IH W Wi! iW' 


I, -V 

A deep gilt frame sells many a. picture vyliich 
might aptly be described as a "DAUB," and a gaudy 
band and label sell many a cigar whlcH iniiot full 
value. The 


"Perfection" Cigar 

3 FOR 25^ 

Is quiet in "get up" but supreme in quality. The 
"PERFECTION" Cigar needs no tinsel to make it 
"appear" good. It is good— it is the'best at its price. 

It was made so, !)}■ a firm wlio have made Cigars 
and nothing else, for over a century. 

"PERFECTIOX" is a 1)leml of the wurld's 


S. Davis & Sons, Limited 
—------— Montreal :--r-:-v-:'^ 

Makers of the famous -NOBLEMEN" 2-for-a- 

quartcr Cigar. 



Survcved and Subdivided into Eight Piece* 


Phone 3314 Ilamley Buildinf? 

Union Bank of Canada 

EstabUshecl 1865 

P»ia.up capital 'M2?'S^S 

Re»t and Undivided Profits |3,5»l,00O 

Total Assets (ovar) $&7.000.000 


▼lotorU, ▼aaoouTW (Ht* offices), Prtao* »np«rt, K«a•ltox^ Endwby, 

▼•moB and WanAlmo 

Zntarest Allowed on Z>«pOBlt« 

A branch of the Bank has Deen at 61 Ibre»di»»«dU BtrMt, 
£«Bdon, Ung., where Letters of Creiilt, and Drafts payable at aU Im- 
portant points In Canada, and the United States, can be purchased, and 
Money Transfers by cable or by letter may be arranged. 

Clients of the Bank, when In London, are Invited to vielt the branch. 
Information will be furnished on all Canadian buBlneee inatt«r«. 

A. E. Christie Manager Victoria Branch 

Christmas Suggestions 

FOR THE CHILDREN— Toy^ of every description. 
FOR THE WOMEN — Furs, Umbrellas. Handkerchiefs, 

Glovp and their boxes, Work Boxes, Manicure Sets, and 

Dressing Cases, etc. 
FOR THE MEN— Tics and Racks. Shaving Pads, Shaving 

Stands, Collar and Cuff jBoxes, etc. 


His Gun-Play Failing to.Secure 
Money, He Robs Bakery of 
Batch of Hs Procfuct--Goes 
to Asylum 

■Foiled in hj» awempt early yesterday 
mornlim; to «xtjatl/ai the point of a re- 
volver money from Robert Proctor erd 
Thomas Hall, bakers employed at the Gol- 
den West'BaKery, tinnier of Quadra- Street 
and rrlncfc«» Avenue, John Rlgby contented 
hlnmeir with nurlolnltiB an arniful of 
frcshly-haked ' bread, and,' backing: from 
the bakery "and keeping the others stfll 
under cover of the gun, disappeared Into 
the -night, A few nilnuten later he wa» 
arrested' on Douglu.i ytreol 'by Constuble 
Jones, who. In respoiiae 10 the call tor aid 
sent In to poUce headnuarlerg from, the 
b«k»ry, w«jit oui m tiuv iiolti-e motor patrol 
and »iopi«?cl RIgby on Ihc street on the off 
chance that he mlnht be the hold-up man. 
Rlgby calmly .•idmltted he was the bold 
robber and the tieadatufC, plus ^ revolver. 
further Identified him. TlTh gun was recog- 
nized as one reported stolon eariy Monday 
mornine: from the «econd-hand store ot 
Jacob Aaronson, Johnson Street, and con- 
sequejitly RUby's participation In two of- 
fences was ahown. 

It was shortly before 4 o'clock yesterday 
morning that Rlgby entered the bakery on 
Qiiaiira Street. Hall and I'roctor were busy 
handling a newly-bakod batch ot bread, and 

until ■ thfljK litiaxd .t.Uu. iuiuuctloji: '^Hauds 

up. I -want your money," they were un- 
aware ■ qf the presence o£ a third person. 
All they could see was A big revolver 
pointed In their direction, hold by a small- 
sl7,ed man of elderly appearance. They 
pleaded they had no money, though they 
obeyed the balance of the order and ele- 
vated their dough-coverod hands into the 

"Give me ,>!ome bread then," answered the 
robber, who proceeded to help himself, after 
which he bucked to the door, still ordering 
them to remain as they were. When tlie 
hokl-up man departed. Hall and Proctor ran 
to an lipstulrs window and saw their visi- 
tor walk along (Quadra Stre.-t and turn 
westerly along Quce'i's Avenue. They noti- 
fied the polite station, and when Rlgby 
reached Douglas Street the p»trol came up 
with hini. On the supposition that anyone 
on the street at that hour was there for no 
good purpose, (.'onstable Jones slopped Rig- 
by. with the result that the right man 
was arrested. 

The revolver carried by Rlgby answered 
to the description of one stolen from Aaron- 
son's store, Johnson Htreet, early Monday 
morning, when th<» front window was 
uniashed, and two revolvers and three 
wa(ch>.:B taken. A search of Rigby's cabin, 
on the water front, resulted In the discovery 
of these stolen articles. 

The robber's demeanor while in the police 
station conilnced the officers that he was 
not nienldlly sound. Testerday afternoon 
hi> was examined, and his insanity certified 
to by Dr. G A. H. Hall. He will bo sent 
to the asylum. 

Rlgby staled when arraigned In the police 
court yesterday morning that he has been 
a rosideni of the city for about si.x years, 
and latterly has been working for the city 
but was laid off six ■weeks ago. He w^ns, he 
said, hungry, ar.d had not the wherewithal 
to purchase food, so he thought the euslest 
method of securing money was to steal a 
rev.jlvcr and hold up someone. 



Capital (authorized) $6,000,000 - Capital (paid up) $2,666,983 


President - - - Sir D. H. McMillan, K.C.M.G. 

Vice-President - - - Capt. Wm. Robinson 

las U. Ashdown - H. T, Chamnion - Frederick Nation 

Hon. D. C. Cameron W. C. Leistikow Sir R. P. Roblin, K.C.M.G. 

General Manager - - - Robert Ca"mpbe11 

Supt. of Branches - - - - L.. M. McCarthy 

Money tratiBferred by telegraph or mail, and Drafts l8«u*«1 on all part* of 
th« irrtrld tn «ny Currency. 

Oollooiiona made In all parts of Canada a:nd !n Forelirn Countrtea at mini- 
mum oo«t. 

A General Banking Business Transacted 

GODPRBV booth. Manager 


Cltlsena' Xieara* Propitiated by Fro- 
posed Boheme — Will Support 
Xospltal By-law. 

The proposed eati mates by the civic 
authorities for the sewerlnj? of their 
district orcupl'Od the attention of the 
Cltlzqn.i' League of the Northeast sec- 
tion la«t niwht at their meeting at the 
old riakland.s Are h»U. Mr. W. Clark 
proHldi'd, kind, aft^r it had been pointed 
out that the llHt of atreels as mention- 
ed by the city en^lueer omitted refer- 
ence to Mvenal important streets in the 
nelKli'borhood, for insutfice Edge'ware 
Road, Wostall Street, Lang Street, and 
Amethyst Road, the !««cretary was In- 
structed to ■write to the City Council 
calling their Intention to the omission, 
but also Infortnlng tl>em that if In the 
by-la'w proposed specific' mention is 
made St all «i««e streets to be done, the 
league will give It hearty support. Other 
by-laws disotiased were those relating 
to tlie hospital and the further im- 
prov«?nient of Beach Drive. The first 
of these the league unanimously en- 
dorsed, but in regard to the second, in 
which the meeting wae Informed that a 
sum of $40,000 left over from the build- 
ing of the sea wall was to be used in 
the betterment of the drive, the general 
opinion we« that, considering th* ur- 
gent need In the Interest of the health 
of the cHy that Its sewering should 
without Ipse of time be put into a thor, 
oughly sanitary condition. It would be 
as welt If at any rate a portion of that 
sum should be> devoted to th»» latter 


MCan and Wtf* Vna«t Arrast and OnMis 
Badly Battnvd. 

Victoria Brancji 


An the rp«ult of a brawl yMtcrday sfter- 
noon St. 6 o'clork in the room occilpUd by 
a Mr. and Wr£ Timothy Delaney at «'.!^ 
Humboldt Street, Percy White and Harry 
Slater wora badly brulied and cut. the In- 
terior of the room wracked, knd lielaney 
and hU.wlfe arr«»t«d on a oharce of aggra- 
vated assault committed upon the persom^ 
of White and ftlater. Uquor plared a prom- 
inent psrt IB th* melee, but the quantity 
drunk during the festivities leading up to 
the assault was small In proportion to the 
supply which was In stock In the room 
when the police arrived. Bister bad re- 
ceived a vlol«6s Slok on the iaw, his nose 
war badly cut, smd his elethlng covered 
with blood. HVHIte was also badly mauled, 
and' HSd sougnt rsruge tw the tolist when 
the poHos w)m*i »». reiponss. t^ -* csM ftom 


,.,^'^ - 

' ^ (i, "> 

> iii 

fO^-"' -' 



P < 



^^%^ir^4*> •■(•vi; 


y \ , 


^ <,.-'^i 

. V 

This Illustration Is an Exact Reproduction of One ot the Magntilcent Hard 
Sand Beaches Which Extend tor Some Nine Miles Along the Open 
Pacific Waterfront of the Property Now Being Developed as ''-.., 

Canada's Greatest 
Pleasure Resort 

On the West Coast of 
Vancouver Island 

AppUcatlpns For Lot ReservaUons Are Noiv 
Being Received at This Office 

This property is. as described heretofore, absolutely the finest natural playground on 
t he open ocean to be found anywhere in Canada. It has attributes of sport, medicinal 
water, climate, absence of pests, etc., that no other pleasure resort in America possesses. 
and no other resort has a single natural feature that this property lacks. 

Don't let the omnipresent and omniscient "knocker" mislead you. There is not a 
single misrepresentation in our advertising of this property. The facts are just as stated 
—conservative, if anything— and every photograph which we represent as having been 
taken on this resort property HAS BEEN taken on this property; not under "staged" con- 
ditions eithe r, but in the month of October when the bloom of midsummer was past . 

Figure it out as an investment in health or an in- 
vestment in wealth, and you will realize that you can- 
not, afford to let this opportunity pass you by. 

The hotel, sanitorium, beach baths, sulphur spa, 
board walk, steel pier, etc., that this property \yfll 
provide the ideal setting for, will be provided inside 
three years. 

Think of Atl antic Ci ty, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles and a score more. They'll nev er be 
cheap again. ^But you can reserve a lot in this splendid Canadian resort NOW for an ab- 
surdly easy payment , 

$10,000 lor the Best Name 

This is not exactly a prize. It is a payment for injj^enuity and orig^inality. Every purchaser will have an opporttintty to 
suggest a name for the resort. The names will be judged by a representative committee whose members will be announced hi 
a short time. The name finally selected will net its originator $10,000. Full details of this oh application. j 

Reserve a lot or two in this splendid ocean beach pleasure resort now. It will be famous in a few years, and tHis oppo$tun- 
ity will never coTOe to you again. This property has the most glorious sand beaches, "singing sands," sulphur spirings, mag- 
nificent natural woods, incomparable sport and scenery that relieves and refreshes the mind. 

Approximate Quarter Acres 
May Be Reserved Now at . 

10 p«r cent with ipplicttion, 10 per cent on delivery of contract lor agreement, «ttd 10 per cent (minimum f 10) pir 
month thereafter. All lota have wi^terfront rights, and every lot told it a good building lot. 



•m > ms > m^ 


,v» • 



♦ .■.'.•..■-.' 

» , . , » ., ' ■ ,i.. :. - ' ,.,,i . ,. ; ! , ■ ^ 'C„. i u -._..>.,■■ — }:^.a:.H ' V: ■. ^ " -rr^ ■■■ y - j - g ' "j ' j» '■ • jkjit.- t. ■' ;■. ■ ■! ^. ... i;'.;;.!!. ■."'•■. •■..-..■■^.' ^- -■ -^ . .■ ^.- ■ ■ ■ .- : .'-■ . ...■'"„>;..,',- ....^ 

--• • -•' ■ ■ I ' ■ - ■- ■ ■ -■'•'■ ",;' ' ■ '.'-...!'■'■" ' ' ' ' "■ ' " III. . ■ ■ i ' , .i. ,..,.-.». .V . 





High School Cacfets Inspected 
on Arrival by Colonel Roy, 
M. V. O.-^Death of Former 

Varw^m0sr Hi^^^ Return Home 

■ *• iiritil. ■! I «i I III I 

ll, I III . II ^>. 



Ship Dimsdale Destroyed Light- 
•ship When Entering Adelaide 
= iHarbor— Had No Pilot on 

with a loudly eheerins eorp* of 
sixty-live Vancouver High School Ca- 
Uc-ts .HaUitlng Victoria, tho K. M. S. 
'2s<alandl», CUptain Phillips, arrival at 
the Outer Wharf yesterday morning 
{Shortly after 10 o'clock. She arrived 
Off WUlt^rn Head a lUtle after el^ht, 
having been delayed by the fog In th.- 
Straits, which, however^ commenced to 
lift after if! r ■.'i- >t-nmcr Mf----' 
qiuartuitiut . 

A committee, conslstinR of I.k-ut.- 
Col. Uuff-Stewart, Rev. Mr. Sovorolgn 
and Mr. W. E,. Flumcrfelt, from 
oouver. was on tho clock to welcome 
t'npta.ln I'uviy and his charges; as well 
as niitny of t!"? imy.e;' relatives. .All oX 
tho Caileta looU'Xl remarkably well 
after their rtvf months' tour of the 
Commonwttilth an<l New',. .i5ealand, and 
in tlK-ir trim uniforms, lined up oin the 
deck of Ihfe nmilboat. forMnsp^ectlpn- by 
Colonel Roy,. M. V. C'tire-sented a 
."smart appearance. 

Colonel Roy, who was accompaniod 
by Major Snow, Inspector of ("adft 
forces, expressed himself as hlj^hly 
fjratined with the- smartness of the 
youthful .soldier.s, ahd' added that they 
would compare favorably with iiny 
corp.i he had seen In tli«^ Dominion. 

All the Cadet.s are enthu.<;ia8tlc ovm- 
their trip to the Antipodes but were 
<-.3jgerly looking forward to their rirriva.l 
at their homes In Vancouver, where, 
elaborate preparations had been made 
for their welcome. 

PI«as«d With JLaatralla. 

"On the subject of Australia," said 
Captain Davey, comimander of the 
corps, to The Colonist. "I am dec-ldcdiy 
optimistic. It is a splendid country, 
anrl nothing could have been more 
spontancou.s than the welcome evei-y- 
Where accorded us. From His Excel- 
lency Oovemor-General rn-nriian down, 
.eiieryone exerted them^ielveB ,to. Sive 
"'■^" a good iiiip'resBlon of the country, 
and none of iia can speak too hl^'hly 
<»f their courtesy. All of the State 
Governors ent^-rtained us and the fiov- 
trnm^nts were only too eager to make 
our trip as pleastint as possible. in 
.'Sydney, partlcularl.v. we had a de- 
lightful time and I don't think there 
in a menil>er of the corps who Is not 
<'ager for an opportunity to retnrn 
pome day to renew the many cordial 
f riend.s'hlps wliich were established 
while we wore there. 

"We vl.'slted rraotically all the cities 
and towns of importance along our 
route, and every facility afforded 
the boys to observe and understand the 
Indu.striai and cominorcJiil life of the 
Commonwealth. Wo were entertained 
at Xeweastle and «hown over the great 
coal mines there: we were entranced 
with Sydney's beautiful liarbor and 
many fine puWic and private buildings; 
we were shown over the great Irriga- 
tion works of Victoria and the varl- 
oiKS phases of the wool-growing indais- 
try carefully explained to us; w<; In- 
spfcted the great Government small 
arms, ammunition and clothing facto- 
ries, saw the biggest farms In the Km- 
plre In Aiistralia and New Zealand, and 
Jn, Western Australia we were shown 
the great gold mines In t'he famous 
Gulden 'Mile near Kalgoorlle. The 
Bcencry of New Zealand Is mlracu- 
loUBly beautiful, and seeing It, and 
Btladylng the Industries of tho I>oitiin- 
lon, the C&a-etB came away with n 
Btrong senxc of the I'aKie of It to the 

In conolualon. Captain Davey saM:- 
"After all the lipapltalUy fihown ttfl,'-'' 
we only hope now that sometime soon 
we will have the opportunity of enter- 
taining their Cadets In British Colum- 
bia. If we do we «hall endeavor to re- 
Pfty our colonial cousins for t.h&ir mag- 
nlfleent hospitality." 

XCr. OoxftU DMUl. Zealatvdia brought news of the 
death of Mr. Percy Coxall, formerly 
on that steamer, and one of tho most 
poT)ular jkursers on tho Australian run. 
The l«te Mr. Coxall was well known 
among trhlpnlng men on th 1.5 coast, s^nrt. 
■Ills sudden death, -frmn an affectioh of 
the heart, at the age of forty-three, 
xrlll be deeply regretted. Mr. S. Faailk- 
n«T suewwd* tilm aa purser of tho 

The cargo dlncharged heire amounted 
to flfty-four tons, consisting of 1,075 
ca«e« of butter, 150 of canned pine- 
apple and twenty tons of general 
trelirht; as well as a larg» amount of 
Chrlxtmas mall for resld«nts of Van- 
cotiver Taland. For Vancouver she haa 
«,000 cttMVM of toirtter and ,1.800 tons of* 
ff«n«ral frftirht. /^ , • 'j-. 

Captain! S. D. sl*WiHltW repwrt^ a 
nn« panaas* all the way' trom Sydney,-, 
the tMaa«l««Mni - iMici«lnff:>^ th« Utile M> 

vwoav rmvmmn 
Ar* - AbMlute and. Truthful. 
La FrcAM) haa the larfeat ciroulatton 

of any daily ncv.-npapfr )n CanaJo. 
without exception. Sworn average for 
the yaar 1911, over 100,000. The beat 
li none too tood. for you. Send for 
rates and further particulars. 
■. J. MoTiatoliy, m. O. BopMaantettT*, 
S0T-S9< Crown Bldg., Vancouver, 

., ]*A nuinn, movtbbaj* 



The Vancouver Cadu't.s on the Deck of 
the Youthful Soldiers Homeward From 

the Zcalundin, as th<' Vessel Docked at the Outer Wharf Yesterday, Convey ins 
Their Trip to tho Antipodes 


'iriiV 'Child; ^,'NItchpll' ajid. infant ami 
I'hlld, Letcher. W. Rlggald and child. 
A. Al. Carne; Messrs. p. T. Hcrford, W. 
II. Boolimo. ,1. Mink, Letcher. W. Illg- 
Kalil: MLsa A. M. Carno. Vancou- 
ver — Me.sdames Hartwell, Whyte, P. 
.Tam.eJS, Oahill^and two children, K. A. 
S. ■ Valpy, E.. Gayfoi-a, !>;.•;« oimson, u. 
G. Cohn; Misses Hartwell, M. Binclalr, 
Rutherford, M. Watson, J. La Roach.'. 
M. A. Vaughnn, M. Wylle. T. Gordon. 
Isabel Collln.s, IC. Kreldlir; Messrs. .1.' 
Ilosenberg. Capt. I'". ' W. Kvans. B. 
Murray, Kngineer-Commander TI. W. 
Kvans, N. B". Perk'Ns. Hartwell, W. O. 
Clarke. D. A. Parrolt, A. Tuck, Whlt- 
ton, ,T. Fernandez, G. Brewer, D. Max- 
well, D. Williams, L. Volgm«t. H. L. 
Mig-glns. G. Carter. AV. Scultliorpe, P. 
D.» Baxter. H. S. Losan. W. A. Robert- 
son. W. Barton, J'. Riissell .Sheppard, 
Prof. Gabbatt. K. A. 3. Valpy, S. Har- 
greave-s, U. H. Jensen, T. K. Ha)!, A. 
V. Gooch,- A. R. Ipsen, P. Keeves. D, 
McMuj-ray, A. A. Wilson, .1. Turton. E, 
J^jhnson, T. Scrimflliaw, K. .7. Moore, 
W. J. Conniy. J. W. .Tamle, G. G. 
CohK",©. B. Kelsey, W. Gulstat.'l. BtT- 
rlo, T. Blower. G.nS. Wright; also Cap- 
tain Davey, Dn Gibson,, and Corps of 
\'ancouver Cadetii. 65 In all. 
X^igrhthouae Destroyed. 

At 2. SO a. m.. November 17, the Woin- 
g.a Slicai Lighthouse, a struct\ire 80 
feet high, slttialed a short distance 
from the Semaphore J<?tty, near Ade- 
laide, Smith Australia, wa.s destroyed 
■by- th« sailing .ship .Dimsdale, which 
came wp the gulf and entered the Sem- 
aphore anchorage without the ser- 
vicf^s of a pilot. Both keepers on th<> 
lighthouse were drowned. When Ma- 
rine Board representatives arrived on 
t.ho scene of the disaster they found 
nothing but a few broken pile.?, Vho 
lighthouse being completely wrecked 
and submerged. The Dimsdale beers 
evidence of the collision on her stem 
and port and starboard bows. Captain 
.Tones, of the Dimsdale, offered no other 
explanation than to f&y that the light 
was burning all rlg'lit. but his ship 
took 0. sudden sheer. Ho did not think 
that he needed a pilot. This ws.s his 
first mishap In thlrty-flve years. 

The lighthouse deatroytxl cast JlOO,- 
000. The liglU in It cost $17,500. It 
was built in 1900-1001, and stood In 
IS feet of wateir at low tide. It flaslied 
every thirty s<'Conds and was visible 
for seventeen miles. When the (bodies 
of the keeper and Ills assistant were 
recovered It was found that th'cy had 
been killed by tli-e crush of fh* col- 

Secrecy In Dockyard. 

Historic Cockatoo Island had been 
transformed into the first naval dock- 
yard of the Australian Commonwealth. 
Around Its shores is a posse of consta- 
bles, whose vigilant lookout for all In- 
truders of all grades is as keen as 
that observed at Devonport, Ports- 
mouth, Kiel, Cherbourg, and other 
large dockyards. 

■ T'he building crt famt tor.pcdo-boat de- 
stroyers and a fast cruiser has already 
been oommcnoed for the Australian 
?^a,vy, And officials state that they ex- 
pect, to bo able to commence the con- 
struction of battle-cruisers In the near 
future. Most of the men employed 
are Australians who were specially 
trained aomo years a*o In the best 
naval construction shops In England. 
The strictest aa»p«rvlslon Is maintained 
and great secrecy characterizes all tlie 
work done there. . Cockatoo Island di- 
vides Sydney Harbor seven miles from 
the entrance to Port .Tarkson. 

The war vessel* now under con- 
struction, 'Which in (being carried out 
at high pressure, comprise t'he Bris- 
bane— -a B400-ton protected crultror, 28 
knots — and three destroyers of the new 
River Class, to be named the Derwen-t. 
Torrena- and . Swan. A thousand tona 
per hour dredge is aiwo being built 
The destroyers will be launched In AU' 
gust. The Brisbane will be launched 
within thirteen month*. 

The cruluer Melbourne, recently com- 
pleted In Gngland. making successful 
trials In October, Is due to arrive at 
8yd««y In Febiruai^y. The proitrannine 
of Writ aasuren 44^p^}rta«ht to alMut 
1400. A*n foic mnlM i^MB,<to'coin«. i^d 
it'ta.antlctpAVM ihatl tbrM times tbU 
nUWbW,' will t^,i««|»1Vf4VW'<i0-**\w),t»>. 

jL/.LiV; VAIXli XX Lr±XX\)\AJLJ 

One Time Famous Sailing Ship . 
Has Served Its Time— Was 
Last in These Waters Ihrte 
Years Ago 

One by one the ojd time sailing craft 
are dl.^appearing from the fleet of lun:- 
ber carriers which did so much to mak" 
the Douglas Fir famous in the lumber 
markets of the world. The wind iiro-' 
pelled vessels are giving place to those 
using steam for the latter not only 
save time and money in their delive;rle."<, 
but also provide, room for the greatly 
enhanced cargoes which must now b-j 
taken to make a profitable voyage. 

Til* old sailing ship Abner Coburn. 
one of the crack windjammers twenty- 
flve years ago, and which has loaded 
many times at different British Colum- 
bia ports will soon sail from San Fran- 
cisco for Puget Sound and may neve,- 
again be seen unde.r sail. She has been 
sold and will bo converted into a barge 
and towed between the Sound and Alas- 
kan points. 

The Coburn Is associated with many 
of the best-known characters In North 
Pacific shipping. Many of the old tim- 
ers were onc-e employed on this fanioun 
ship when the Coburn came around the 
Horn twenty-four years ago in charge 
of the famous old skipper Captain Eve 
Nichols. He was lost overboard that 
trip, and Dewey Nichols, son of the 
<lead skipper, who commanded the Co- 
burn the next trip and also died bv'fore 
the end of the voyage. 

During the first voyage while round- 
ing the "Horn" a huge wave from tho 
ITort Bide swept nine of the crew Into 
the sea on the starboard side. All of 
them clung to the brace upon which 
they had been hauling and the next sea 
swept all of them back to .safety. 

The last time the Abner Coburn was 
in these waters was three years ago 
when she came norfh lo load th<> cargo 
of the wrecked ship William H. Smith. 
The Smith loaded lumber at Chomalnu.n 
fo r&outh Africa and encountered a 
tremendous gale when half way to Hon- 
olulu, losing her foremast. The Smith 
waa p* ^jSliiid tender and her seas started 
prdfl^ing up, so Captain Murray In 
charge of the craft headed back for the 
Columbia River, arriving in sight of 
that haven only to be driven back to 
sea by another fierce gale which carried 
away hl» mainmast l«avlnK the craft al- 
most a helpless hulk. He was picked 
up by the steamer Washtenaw but iost 
again for a week, the eyes of the ship- 
ping world w«re centred on the Smith, 
buffetted and thrown around by the 
storm and a salvage prlie sought for by 
half a dozen valiant tow boat men. The 
Smith was finally rescued and towed to 
Heattle whll« her cargo was unloaded 
Into the Coburn which went back to 
Chemalnus to complete that part of her 
cargo which had been lost In the storm. 

Captain Murray of the Smith went 
out as master of the Coburn undaunted 
by his experiences * on the Smith. That 
Toyage of the Coburn was notable 
as being: a race betw<>#n that ship and 
tho big sevon-masted barkentlne Everett 
O. ariggrs, both being bound for South 
Africa, rteavy wagers were made ou 
the voyage and the barken tine won. 

There was keen rivalry ih^twntkn »h* 
masters and crews of th« two vesnels be- 
f.-re they left and when the son of 
Cm>t»tn Sterling of the Orlggs a^nouno- 
ed that he was going to instal wirelesi 
telegraph instruments on the fi)re-and- 
af ter, the Japanese coOk on the Coburn, 
who bad been In the signal service in 
thiili n»vy of his country and^^whoj^was 
MfMfli' tn t«l«gr*i>by Alao rl|lp*A .^ • 

^f^Pti:. not <it,'mi^tm$»^ 

.^>4»ai°d,-w4t4i4t-4(i-vAkHN4 Ht tn*-enorii«>u« 
figure of $2,075,000. She will dock here 
and discharge her passengers, proceed- 
ing to Seattle and Tacoma. ,wher>e the 
silk will be taken aboard u spicial train 
iind ru.'<hed across the lOriiinent. After 
that the BelU roijhon returns to Seattle 
(lUd Liitjn wo lIiIk i>c»rt to- compiStc dis- 

The Teucer, of the "same line, holds 
the record, for silk for New York, 4;rom 
YokohamS' via Tucom'a, and an effort 
Is to be made to ltt\Y,t'r this record. 


(By Gov.-'rnment Wireless) 

8 a. m. I 

P.ilut Gri'y — Foggy; calm; 30.30; 34. 

Cape La/.o — Cloudy; calm; 30.22; 32; 
sea smooth. 

'Tatoosh — Raining; E. 25 mlU-.s; 30.14; 
43; sea smooth. 

Pachena — Overcast; S. E.; 29.!>7; 46; 
.sea moderate. 

Estovan — Cloudy; S. K.: 30.00; 02; sea 
moderate. Spok''.\ 6:30 p. m., S. S. Zea- 
landla; S. S. Mexico Maru, ]0:4n p. m., 
position at noon SI 2 miles from Vic- 
toria, eastbound. 

Triangle — Cloudy; S. E. gale; 29.30; 

fk'da — Cloudy; S. V>'.; 2ii.70; 46; sea 

Prince Rupert — Ilainlng; S. E.; 29.!»S; 
31; sea smooth. Spoke, S. S. Spokane, 
U;50 p. m.. ,southbound. due Prince Itu- 
pert 8 a, m. 

Dead Tree Point — Overcast; S.E. gale; 
sea rough. 


Point Grt'y — Cloudy; calm; 30.31; 40; 
thick seaward. 

Cape Lazo — Cloudy; calm; 30.18; 40; 
sea smooth. Spoke Camosun off Camp- 
bell River at 7:10 n. m., southbound; 
Princess Beatrice off .Sisters Light at 
9 a. m., southboiind. 

Tntoosh — Cloudy; wind E., 20 miles; 
30.24: 46; sea smooth. In, schooner A. 
F. Coates at 9 a. m. 

Pachtna-^Ralning: wind S. E.. 29.99; 
40; thick seaward. 

Estevan — Cloiuiy; wind S. E., 29.94; 
44; sea moderate. 

Triangle — Overcast; wind S.E, strong; 
29.30; 47; heavy swell. 

Ikcda — Cloudy; wind S.E.; 29.65; 50. 

Prince Rupert — Clear, wind ft. B. 
light; 29.97; 45; sea smooth. Spoke Spo- 
kane at 8:30 a. m. 


r^ 1 1 I mm ' 



OVBR 400 


In the World 





Panama Canal 


West Indies 





(•,000 tONa.) 

Leaving JAN. 23--FER. 10 

Vlie Mettt llA«t« ff«i^ mswrtots 
fwlik W«M*nk Stattes.' 

HI I'tiM 


When at a loss to 
know just what to 
give a lady at 
Xmas, you cannot 
make any mistake 
If your gift takes 
the form of a pair 
of Dent's Gloves. 
The gift of a pair 
of Gloves can 
stand duplication 
many times over. 

aooD sTossa 







We want a lot close in, 
suitable for a motor garage. 
Frontage most be 50 or 60 
feet. Price not to exceed 

Beckett, Major 
& Co., Ltd. 





No rock, a sacrifice at 


Onarter capli, balance in 6, 
12 and 18 months 


Over Northern Crown Bank 
Phone 1650 

AstKxna CAtArrK 




■•TA«uaMB» lanr* 

A tlaipto, nte and airMtlv* treatant lor broo- 
ehlal troubiM, wltbout do*iBt tin Momash with 
dni«a. UMfl with auoccMfortfelitr run. 

The air oarrrlatf tha aatlaafitte vapon lMpli'«< 
with rnvrr hrmth, makaa hrtathiaa aaar. aoothaa 
the WM* thnwt. and ctopa tit* Oough. aararla* nwtM 
otghia, CrMoiao* la iavahiaUa to notbam with 
rouiHi otOUraa and m BOON to wiffaran from 
Aatbma. Saod «a pottal tor daaeripUra toohlat. 

TABLETS forth* irriutmi 
throat. Tiray ar« atrnpf*. 
•ffactlvn and aatlwttlo. 
Of irour drudtlat or froa 
•1, fOe. In auata. 

Vapo CrMMtlm* CSo. 


Laamlni MlhM aalUh« 
HoatruJ, Caa. 4 




VU the Only Doublo-Track Line Between 

Q g i OAOo, Bwmon, xiaoaba tmv**> 
TOmOXTTO A«B ito«irBaA& 

Finest roadbed In Canada. Modern and luxurious trains Cottrteoua 
employeea. Beautiful scenery. Tbe be«t of everything on thla popular 

maadard and Tonrlat aiaeplar Oara 

Throuirh Tickets from Victoria, with Choice of Routes to Chloag* 
C. F. EARLE, City Passenger and Ticket Agent 
Office, Wharf Street 

Near Post Office 


Canadian Pacific 

To Merry England 
For Xmas 

Travel in comfort and ease in one of our Special Through 
Tourist Sleeping Cars, which leave Vancouver on the Imper- 
ial Limited, 7.45 p.m., December 7, connecting at West St. 
John with Empress of Britain and Grampian, sailing Decem- 
ber I3j after arrival of above special sleepers. I have still a 
few vacancies left. Secure yours before all are taken. 
No hotel expenses or baggage transfer. 
Write or call on 

L. D. CHETHAM, City Pa.ssenger Agent 

1 102 Government Street 

General Agency All Atlantic Lines 

The Union Steamstiip Co., Ltd. 
The Boscowitz Steamship Co., Ltd. 

B. C. Coast Service 
STEAMER win Sail every WEDNESDAY for Campbell River, Alert Bay, 

Port Hardy, Shushartle Bay, Rivera Inlet, Ocean Falls, Bella Coola. 
SATURDAY^, for Bella Bella, SUeena River, PRINCE RUPERT, Naas, 
Granby Bay, S-tewart. 

For Further Particulars Apply to 
JOBV BABVaXtZT, Afent - 1003 Oovernment Btra«l 


Y. M. G. A. Day School 

Mathematics Glasses Start Dec. 16, 1912. 
See Educational Secretary, 

Blanchard and View Streets Phone 2980 




For San 

■otnrmtBif oautorxia 

rrom Victoria It •.«». .rery Wednasdajr, tJMA«LLA or crtT OF ITJBBLA. and 
10 a.m. •vary I'^tday (rem Heattia. S.A 
OOVBItKOn or PUBBIDKMt. . . _ _ 

For Boutheaatern Alaaka, t>ta tl, 8. 8. 
CURACAO uavoi BMttte at » a. m. 

Ocean and rail tickou teUew Torli aad 
all othor oltlee via Ran rranelejj, „^ ^ 

rrclKht infl Tieket Offleea lliT Wharf 

It .sustains and cheers. 


(^ — 

One Man's, Youth's 



A Trunk or Valise 

Arthur Holmes 

1314 Broad Street, Duck Block 



Dl*trlbn««r*t VaaeoHver letawd. f«r 





Prices to 


Colei t-^O, fullr aQVlppeo tooivo elactrie itarter 

CM*, *— M, fuu» ettulppeA Daico eltetric atarter 

Ctm% 4—40, (lUIy equipped Oelco efMtrle atarter 

Write ua far Cole inue Beek It wlU latarcat yo*. 

mnieh^wr. <r-4K, fuller equipped Wagner, aelf atarter 

(MMMMivr, «— It, fully wDUlppkd Wa«ner aelf atarter ...... 

m^Mttt'n. 4— 9|», fully equipped Preate er eleotrio ll«hta 

itfiMH^. t^n, fully «4Ulpt>«d Preato atarter 

AUraoid* itor detmenatrKtliNia, thwf are frea. 

■ emmttimmaioiimm 

■ tf a • f- •■ • 

, * • » 4 * <i » I 




W I ! > ■ ■■■!■ 


._ __ ^ ■ , . ^ I I, , 1 1 1 I I ' _ ' ■' '■ ■■ . ■iii.i. m ill i.iiiii 1.1 1. iif fj ia i i - . I I - I ■ ^ ■ 

... i \ ...i. I ' ■ — ■ — - "II- 111 , . -'■ .. ' ;u ' : - "" "'■' ' -' ■ . . ! " ' ' " » ■ ■■' v:n ■' . '■ ■j'lv; ' , ' J ■ ,- ' ; ' J ' "" 1^;. ' ." ' ;,, '' . , '..j- . ^ r . ' ,, ' x.jy>..i ' wii.. ! .!i.i. ' i ' u ' .'ij.' 

4; I ,'f I w i ii ^ l i ii^i I IIP! 


Hotel Green 

t4BaIly situated In Pasadena, "The Crown 
City of the Ban Gabriel Valley. " 

Enropran or American I'lao. 

Many Improvements and aillltlons will hv 
noted this season. Lawn gulf course and 
tennis courts have been added to the enter- 
taining features oT the grounds. 

Write for colored Illustrated booklet and 
' ates to Davi d B. Pluiner. MBt\ 

Moat Beautiful Spot In Southern California 


Where many tourists are building thpir 
winter home. Home of thp, famous Stral- 
'"«"? Inn, overlooklngr the sea, MaRnlflc^ent 
marine view, t'omblnes both mountain and 
o eaa n. — ^Hu»t4««, FloMnni txt-thi^iiM, nxUnrUifr, 
ind horseback riding. On main line Santa 
Pfe Railway between I,ob .>nKeles and San 

Write for Booklet Del Mar to South Const 
I.And Company, Kerckhotf ISIdg.. Los An- 
geles, Cal. > 



U«UvhtruIly altvatetl In its 700-acre estate, 

it mlleM e»Ht of San Diego. Opens l>ee. 


High class. American Plan. Every mod- 
ern convenience. Southern style of cuisine. 
(Famous for that milk-fed chicken.) 
Countle;9s outdoor diversions. Famous golf 
course, raradlse for rest seekers and lovers 
Qf outdoor life. Shooting. Rates $21.00 per 
week up. For reservations and Free Illus- 
trated Story of Lakeside Inn, write 
-■^^ WALTER 

:,-'-*- HEMr-SL, ■— '^"^ t 


1L CAt. 


C:im3t cilly sltuaipd In. th?. most Ideal 
» >ot In California. Every winter diversion, 
"Write for folder to E. P. Dunn. Irfssee. 





Close to the Rhythmic .Surf. 
Lonx Beach, Cal. 

A region noted tor Its equable winter cli- 
mate. Hotel Virginia afforcis luxurious ac- 
commodations for 400 guests. Is conducted 
on the American plan, and noted the world 
over for its excellence In cuisine and thor- 
ovijjluiess of service. Hotel Virginia Is easily 
acccasiWettr" tile famous Virg'lnla Counify 
Club, maintaining the sportiest !)-hole Golf 
Course In the West, and all other outdoor 
diversions. Long Keach offers miles of the 
finest macadamUed boulevards, the delight 
of the aiitolsts. Scenic roads for horseback 
riding and driving. Winter bathing, tennis, 
yachting. • 

"The Centre of .\ll Hperlal Winter Attrac- 
tlon« and Hooial Activltle»i." 

For Folder and Rates write Carl 6. Stan- 
ley, Manager. 


Ideally situated in Moutnern Calitomla 


Elevation 700 feet. Five miles from ocean. 
Equable winter climate, no fog. Mag- 
nificent marine view. Macadamized boule- 
vards direct to beach and Los Angeles. 
Cose to Los Angeles Country Club, golf, 
tennis, etc. Excellent cuisine. Illustrated 
booklet with rates upon request. Ad- 
dress Captain E. H, Morres, Prop, Mounl- 
morres, Weslgate. Cal. 


An Elegant 

A Welcome 

A Practical 
Gift, a 


Kodaking puts the witching art of 
photography within reach of every- 
one. Loading, unloading, develop- 
ing and printing, all by daylight, 
and — simplicity itself. Anyone 
can Kodak. No trouble to learn, no 
bother — no-limit to results. 

Send for a catpy qf the Kodak catalogue and 
select pour gift at home. Your dealer will 
gladly explain everything about operation. 




582-592 King St, W., TORONTO, CAN. 

Doctors Use This For Eczema 

Pr. tirtMB, E}jt-C0raml«8lon«r of 
^«yAlSu MMimi '^Thw9 l» Almost no r«»)a- 

tl#[b''rMtw(|Mi kkln dtsewMH and the 

.! ,W«ia4> Vli« sktB ifMMi^ IM ouMM throtttb 

t^L*t»Aaam: nt*- Kdrm«- noat im iraahad 

r*medjr tor yeara- 

W« «iur»elv«a vouoh for tltf t>. &. D. 
PraacritStlon for ocsAna fad i^toMolittaiy 
b«ll«v« that It will iak* ««ray tt» lion 
tha Inatant you atttil* 1£^ 

Desire pf Settlers in .Columbia- 
and Western Railway Area 

. —Government Official Back 
From Exploration Trip 

After spendtiif a couple of months 
exploring the. lands which formerly 
confltltuted the Columbia and Western 
Railway grant. Mr. H. K. RoblnBon, of 
the Provincial Forest Service, ha* re- 
turned here and will prepare an eatlm- 
ate of the value of the»e lands, ao far 
as their timber and ugrlcultural pos- 
alblUtles are concerned. Of their min- 
eral wealth Mr. Koblnson has nothing 
to say, as he iloes not profesa to be 
an authority on mlneraloglcal mat- 

The expedition cohaiated of Mr. Rob- 
inson with seven assistants and the 
necessary paclters and guides. During 
the six weeks they were in the flsld 
they covered about four hundred thou- 
sand acres. The weather was for the 
most part extremely disagreeable, 
and a number of private exploring 
parties which were operating in the 
same localities turned back for this 
rea.ion. Mr. Bobinson, however, per- 
force stuck to it until he had finished 
th<? undertaking committed to him, 
since the Minister of Lands especially 
desfFcancriiave "the Inrormation ias sonn 
as possible. 

It Is generally understood that the 
valuation to bo made as a result of 
thl.^ exploration and reconnaissance 
will have some considernble effect upon 
the negotiations which were not long 
ago instituted for th« purchase by the 
P^o\^nco of Mr. F. August Helnze's un- 
divided half Interest in these lands. 
Mr. Robinson- will report that while 
there, is a certain amount of timta«r on 
the land much of this tim-ber is rather 
Inaccessable, and considerable also that 
is covered by mineral claims. Non<> of 
the tlmher is at all equal to that found 
along the coast. 

There are also considerable patches 
of good agricultural land, but taken as 
a wholo it is rather poor territory. 
Among the people in the district there 
Is said to be a strong sentiment In 
favor of having the lands thrown open 
to pre-emption. 

The explorers experienced little dif- 
ficulty In getting around, apart from 
adverse weather conditions, as the 
country is networked with trails, and 
deserted shacks arc numerous. After 
completing their work, the party took 
their horses, about twenty In number, 
from Greenwood to V-ernon, a distance 
of about 130 miles, the Journey being 
accomplished In four and one-half 
days, this being the most pleasant por- 
tion of the trip. 



Hla liordahlp tha Blaliop of Columbia 

Spaak* of Haad of Workara 

for tba Olitizcb 

An interesting men's service was held 
at Christ Church Cathedral on Sunday 
afternoon under the auspices of the 
Church of England Men's Society. The 
clergy present were -His Lordship the 
Bishop of Columbia and Very Rev. 
Dean Doull, and the hymns sung Includ- 
ed, "Onward, Christian Soldiers." Th« 
Bishop, who was the preacher, took aa 
his text St. John, verses 13 and 14. "Ye 
call Me Lord and Master; and ye say 
well, for so I am. If I then, your Lord 
and Master, have washed your feet; ye 
also ought to wash one another's feet, 
for I have »ct you an example, that ye 
should do as I have done to you" His 
Lordship, who»« excellent disclosure 
was much appreciated by all who heard 
It, said that he was heart and soul In 
the C. E. M. S. Movement, and that both 
he and the clergy felt at the present 
time more than over before the need of 
men In the work of the church. "What 
would one think of an army that was 
simply made up of offleers, without any 
men. Very little could be accompllsh- 
PXi, and yet exactly similar conditions 
existed tn tho church today. He pointed 
out that one of the duties and privil- 
eges of a member of the C. E. M. 8. 
was that in cane of slckneaa or need he 
was able to take his minister's place at 
morning or evening service In out of 
the way and remote places. The work 
of the C. E. M. 8. was a wonderful and 
far reaching one, aomethlng for every- 
one to do. It might be a simple piece 
of worjt or it might toe an important 
one. but the little dally aervlce were the 
ones that so often counted — possibly not 
much noticed by others, but Indeed no- 
tlced and remembered by th«!r Lord and 
Master. A strong appeal was being 
made for men to do this wofk. The ca- 
thedral parish, said the Bishop, could 
easily find IBO or even more men, who 
would prove to be of much benefit to 
the Church and clergy In th«lr work, 
besides banding themselves into a 
brotherhood from tho Influences of 
which It was Impossible to say what 
beneftta micht not result. 

One vary human touch In the BUhop> 
•ermon was hla reforence to tho fact 
that ot>J«oU of the society wora work 
and aenrtce. almoat of any U,lnd, even to 
UshtlBC th« ehuroh ftreafor early morn- 
ing aervloes — a ttMk while Hla I<ordshi|> 
stated he had performed hundred of 
tltnei darhiff hU| ministry. 


SINGl^E ' 


On Wildwood and Ross 
Streets, Hollywood 



One-third cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12 and i8 

Paved streets, boule- 
vards and trees. Facing 
the water. 

Apply Owner 

Phone R3836 

Prepare for the 
Rainy Days 

*nd protect yourself from cold* by 
havlnf your boot* and ■hoc* fitted 
with *ub«tantla.l 

Soles and Heels 

That win re«l«t the worst weather 
that we get. Good upper* deserve 
to have good »ole*; It pay* to have 
the best, no matter what the co»t 
jnay be, but In thi* caaa the ooic la 
■ light. 

becauae I employ eklllful men and 
use nothing but the be«t of leather. 
If In a hurr>', that'* Ju*t the time 
when I can please you tha beat. 



646 Fort Street 


BpMtal Attraction With 

Miss Elste Ed^vards 

BnffUab Bonobrette 


rrof. Tomer'a TTarl railed 

BvsxT BTxinara 

6 to 8.30 to 10.80. 

flUfh Vlrthriii #it«i1ii»rt 

Victoria Theatre 


wxovxBOAT, DBOxxaam ii. 

Doors open 7:30. Curtain 8.30. 
Tho Drcunatlc Sensation 


And a company of fifty In 

**A Romance of 

tlie Unden/vorld" 

By Paul Armstrong 
Prices 50c to $1.50. Boxer. .$2. 
Mall orders now received. 
Seats on sale Monday, Deo. 9. 


In an up-to-dat« comedy playlet, "The 
Olrl With a Taking Wr^r." There's a 
laugh In av^ry line. 

My lady dainty in pretty aonga 
A Natty Duo 


Preaentinc a refined mutlcal offering 

The Unotuoua Comedian 


Original monologue and ayneopated 


The Clever Canine Comedian* 

nriMOHT PIC1t7|tB8 


nUSAT AJTO ■▲«vm»AT 

Baeenttar 13 <ut4 14 

John Oorl OCan 

His' Big Mualcal SueceM 

"The Rose of Panama" 



VlM cnuunBlay mmtih Mbm Bobb* 
pr(cea SOo t.o 12.00. 
Se*t s»le vpens DecemtMr It. 
Mat! ordLra now. 



i|li4wityft^n Ooo4 Taste 

-Tatrtt Gobd Atwikji$: 

Fine cat ftrwn **01c Virginy" 
—yintagc wpe Irom Turfcey 

— the choicest lieaves ot the 
tobacco — rich, browii «nd ivUl 
of flavor — careful studied ctg-^ 
arcttc making-^'thcac are tni} 
elements that unite to make^ 
Tuckett's Cigarettes such a 
corking good smoke. Mild 
and mellow. • fure and allur- 
ingly fragrant as a tobaccb 
field in bloom. Inhale their 
delicious aromatip smoke: 
taste their rich, natural flavor 

— experience the enjoyment 
of smoking a cigarette that's 
pleasureful from tip to tip. . 

Tuckett's Club Virginias 

Half a century of experience, of knowledge 
and sltiil in tobacco makin|f — this, and this 
only could produce their exquisite flavor and 
naturally fine dclecatc aroma. 

Fifteen Cents For Ten 

Tuckett^s Special Turkisli 

When you dine, include a package of Tuck- 
ett's Special Turkish Cigarettes with your 
order for coflfcc. Their full-bodied flavor 
and fine fragrance make an occasion of the 
most ordinary meal. 
Fifteen Centa For T • n 

Tuckett's T & B 

A rare blend of Virginian and Turkish tobac- 
cos. You forget the price in the delightful 
discovery of surpassing quality and the keen 
enjoyment of a thoroughly satisfying smoke. 
Ten Centa For Tan 

Yotir dealtr aetla them 
and has fbr years. 

■^ Xi'. 9.'' 

'. / 



1) / I 





A Slight Turn of 
the Screw 

will a4Jotll tlM Corbto poor .Cl»«ck. to any ««»|^ of 
dtnuight. The door in iiraoght rairfdty to within* two 
inchM of the ftwxM, ckwed iH Hee heal y and hdld ahitt. 
The Door;Chwk la made in.aisM io Mk an tequire. 
meota. We aell it. km 






IIlckman4>e Hard^ Co./ iM 

•H^MYiMiSiraef fi^ INIIce Mhmic M« 


THE DAILY coi.oyist.vx<;TOR):A> vAi^couvBK i$|.A TO,ji|r fe w ^n ^mmY^ xmmumR ^hmi 

Hiiiw to make 
a stow— 
a really good 

Here is just the weather for a 
^rand, hot, steaming stew; below is 
just the recipe for one of the finest 
stews that ever a good cook made — 
a renl, good Irish Stew. 

The secret of a successful Irish stew is 
in the last few lines of the recipe below. 
Make the slew as the recipe tells you — 
don't forpei the Edwards' Soup— and — 
wcil, you'll be sorry to seethe bottom o( 
the plate through. 


"■"""""^ SOUPS 

5c. per packet. Jk 

Edwards' Soup im- 
parts nourishment, 
strength, flarour. 
and colour — it's just 
as good for acores 
of other things as it 
is (or Irish stows. 
G«t a few packets 
and see. 

mrt made in :ki-fet'a''iefUt 
^-MrtVfH. T»>tti\t9, li'Mttf, 
Tkt Bfrmu Xvri4ly it m 
thicks Hou-riikiHC I**'/ 
frtf*rt<i frtM t4t/ and 
friih Vtg*l*M*s. Tkt 
tlhtr nut «« pttrtly 

r*t A 

Thi» is how 
lo mnke it — 

IRISH STFW. Put ina'auc«pati 
twplvr pcpJed potaioe., *lice<l io 
thickno-* i»t* a penny, four Urge 
onions slice;!— a tiycr of €*ch— 
with ^i^U jntl pepper to t»ile. By 
vucofts«,i»e Ur«r* tvlfAU yout pan. 
Then takr fovir chop* of* neck, of 
nnnton—the ncTkif emi— lay thena 
on \hr potlto«s and oniou\ and fill 
up *:th addition*! la>*«Ti of 
potatoes, onion:* etc. «» befor*. 
In one*nd-a-haif pinth of w«ef 
boll onp -and -a -half ounren of 
ABM'. SOUPfor thirty minutra ; 
«dd tr to thr cnnt*nt« of the ate*- 
pan, and Mmni«r«Uoc«tberK«ciU.T 
for two txiurk. \ 

W. 0. PATmiOK ft CO., TancouT^r, 
R«pr«a«iitatlT« for B. C. 


Im l> I Il«m4 Tkit Will Stop H 

Do you realize the danger in a 
neglected couffh ? 

Then why don't you get rid of it? . 

Yes, you can shake it off, even though 
it has stuck to you for a long time, if 
you go about it right. 

Keep out in the fresh air as much a.^ 
you can, build up your strength with 
plenty of wholesome food, and take 
Na-Dru-Co Symp of Linseed, Licorice 
and Chlorodvne. 

This reliable household remedy has 
broken up thousands of hacking, per- 
sistebt coughs, which were just as 
trouhlesom* as yours, and what it has 
done forsomanyotherstt will do for you. 

Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Linseed, Licorice 
and Chlorodyne contains absoUitely no 
harmful drugs, and so can be given 
safely to children, as well as adultl. 
Your physician or druggist can confirm 
this statement, for we are ready to send 
them on request a complete list of all 
the ingredient*. 

Put up in 25c. and 50c. bottles by the 
National Drug and Chemical Co. of 
Canada, Limited. 317 





CoroAr Fort and 
MtBdacoDa Are, 


Because they act -c gently (no 
purging or griping) yet so 


ar;e best for the children as well as 
the grown-ups. 2Sc. a box at 
your druggist's. 

MMMi ang isi CIWMlcal Ci* tf Ctiaffef IMM 



iTWo Ways 

Of treating a cold. One way 
In to dry up the eoufh with 
medicine* oontalutiur opium, 
chloi-otorni, etc. The lietler 
way Is to take. 


Which eontains no hartttful 
drug, but ouraa by looamlriiit 
the couffh and aHlatlny xpu to 
throw it off. 

FMcc «k! aa4 Me 


Provincial Government Denies 
Agreenient Regarding Faulty 
Pipe— ^Skinner's Flats Prob- 
lem Reopeneo 

.^.•cfrtalnJnr, throu»h the Mlnlater 
of public Works, that Ihere w»s no 
agreement betw««n the City of VJo- 
(fijrta and the ProvlncUl Government 
r««ardtur the laying of a pipe by the 
city througu to a i^rtlcular point In 
KsQulmalt, nam»ly, to Florence KoaU. 
w-hc"ebj' fonislderable nulaonce lias 
i: •;!• tccaaloned the realdents O'f the 
muulclpallty, and belnu dMfrous of dis- 
coverinK by wlmt aulliorlty the pipe 
was laid, so as to be in a poeltlon to 
have the present condition remedied, 
the Council of Esquimau retained In 
MC-rvloe th-e committee appointed to in- 
vestigate the nuitter and inatruoled Us 
members to Inatituie Inaulries at the 
Clty'a offloe«. 

The letter of the Minister stated 
speclficaaJy that there was no con- 
tract or agreranent between the City and 
the GovernnieiU reifHrding the pipe. 
"No asreoment or imderstandinie: ever 
existed between the city and the de- 
partment rt-gardlnsr the drainage of 
Skinner's Flats. On the contrary, the 
department ha.s protested from thru' to 
time ajrainst ■ certain works begins car- 
ried out in this connection." The illn- 
iat«r enclosed correspondence between 
his department nnd Mr. A. Smith, who 
was the City KnRlneer at that time, 
which showed that not only was there 
no agreement or contract but that 
there was no giving or accepting of 
authority on the clt>'a r-art in under- 
taiclng the work in question. 

Included in the corre-spondence was 
a letter from -the Minister of Public 
Works to Mr. Smith, acknowledging 
that ho was aware of the clt.V.s inten- 
tion to construct the Une and asking 
by what authority it was being done. 
The reply to this letter was that the 
city was desirous of relieving the low- 
lying lands In both the city and Esqui- 
mau district, and also that the whole 
expense was to be borne by the city. 
Ijeter, the Minister wrote another letter 
to Mr. Smith otringly protesting 
against tho unauthorized digging of an 
open ditch on Florence Street, as it 
was a menace to school children, and 
a barrier to traffic. Again the Min- 
ister wrote to the city official on the 
subject, asking what steps had been 
taken to repair the situation; but as 
the condition still exists the answer 
received Is Immaterial. 

Councillor .-Xnderson, who brought the 
matter up in the first instance, and 
wlao was a member of the committee 
appointed by the Council to look into 
the matter, stated that the arrangement 
appeared to be that the city ahould se- 
ctiTc tlie ip€riTilK.«lon of property owners. 
Xo doubt they did secure permission 
from some owners, but he was satisfied 
that they did not have the permission 
of the Hudson's Bay Company to dump 
stuff on their land as they had done. 

On the suggestion of Reeve Lugrln, 
the committee was asked to take up 
the matter with the city authorities. 

n il II m J nf ' " 



Docombar This Tear ITiW Sbow a XiKrf • 

Xncroaa* Ovar Sama Month 

a Year Ago. 

With but ten days of the month pass- 
ed, the value of the buildings for- which 
permits have been Issued this month to 
date Is almost equal to that for the 
whole of I'pcemhcr last year. To date 
the figures are $207,000, compared with 
$242,000 In December last year. The 
total for the year to date is 17,542,000, 
and with the permits likely to be issued 
during the balance of the month and the 
additions which will be made to the 
year's figures for work for which no 
permits have been required, the twelve 
months' aggregate will reach $8,000,000, 
or double that of last year. 

Permits for buildings aggegating }n 
value $4.T,000 were Issued yesterday to 
Lim Bang and W^ong Jam Way for a 
three-Btorey brick store and lodging 
building on Herald Street, to cost 
$26,000; to Mr. J. F. MacFnrlane, dwell- 
ing on Oliver Street, $3000; to Mr. H. T. 
Knott, alterations to premises on Yates 
street, $2000; to Mr Richard Harrison, 
dwellings on Bank and Bond Streets, 
$30(10 each; to .Mr. H. Strceter, dwelling 
on Chester Street. $4000; to Messrs. 
Cummlngs and McOasklll, dwelling on 
Clare Street, $3000. 


Itave you aticndtd our 


M*dl«»l mealtb Ofloer ▲■orlbea Maa/ 

Oltjr Xafeottoine Owiaa to Ontaiae 


That the health regulations are not 
as atrlctly enforced outside the city as 
within Is the conviction of City Medii 
cal Health Officer Dr. G, A. B, HaU 
Who. In his monthly report submitted 
to the City Council la«t night, avated 
that while the «carlet fever cases »o 
prevalent In one aectlon In October 
have decreaaed and the diptheria & 

have also been conftned. there are 

occurring outside the city and tbaaa 
are reaponaibte , for many of the olty 
oacea. In November .list cases of i»ear. 
let fever were admitted to the laoUu 
Uou HoBplUi, two of which were from 
outaMe the etty: nine of dlphtharia, 
two of which Also were from ovtalda the 
ott)r..an4 two caaa^ of meMlea. No 
deatha occurred. • Ktshtean indigeiit 
OMta were treated at the iubtlae Hoa- 
pltat At 4Jm Clty'a e|ip»aa« 

511* tfeathk in the citr diirtat the 
month aaoiberedi. f<irty*two, w&teh It 


A.sciiiith Street, 50x123, fruit' 
trees. One-third cash. Price 
i.s 1^1,250 

Bay Street, 50x120, clear and 
level. Oak trees, \4irice 
is ?i7^»- 

Belmont .Street, (;)ak Bay, 
directly overlookiui^' water, 
8ixi57x6ixg7, frontage St 
:cet. I'rice ^3,950 

Beach Road, Foui Bay, ex'^ra 
choice lot, 50 feet water- 
frontage. Price . . . .$6,300 

l^each Road, Foul Hay, beauti- 
ful waterfront honiesite. 
Price ?5,000 

Beach Drive, Shoal Www 
57x120. Price $3,500 

Beach Drive. ()OT^87." ma.ijnifi- 
cent site, glorious view of 
Straits. I'rice .... $6,500 

Bc.-'.ch !)ri\e. Shoal T.av, 
ic>:>x2oo. Price ....$4,500 

I'jeach Drive, Shual Bav, 
50x200. Price $2,000 

Beach Drive, Gonzales. ij-j 
acres, close to sea ami car. 
Price $10,000 

j»eaciiwav .Avenue. 70x1 so. 
Price ■ $2,400 

Beechwood and Ross, double 
corner, 100x107. Price 

is $3,350 

Belmojil Street and Ryan, 
nOxiio, no rock Cash $^00. 
Price ■-.... $1,500 

Belmont Avenue, 52x100. a 
quarter cash. Price $2,800 

Berwick Street, the cheapest 
lot in lames Bay. Price 
is $2,250 

Beta Street. 60x120, level and 
grassy. Price $1,500 

Blackwood and Scaview, fine 
double corner. I02.\i35, less 
than a quarter cash. Price 
is $5,250 

Blackwood Street, corner 
54x120. Price $2,000 

Burdick Avenue, 5ox'i20. 
Price $1,500 

Bushbv Street, between Ade- 
laide and Dallas. Price 
only $1,400 

Cadboro Bay Road, fine store 
site, 231x175x153. Terms, a 
quarter caL-h, balance i and 
2 years. I'rice. .. .$3,000 

Cecil and Kiuf^s, donldc corner. 
100x112. Price ...$2,650 

Cedar Mill Road, cash $100. 
Price $750 

Chaucer and ISurns, 100x102. 
Price $4,000 

Cookman and Transit. 50x120. 
Price $1,700 

Craigdarroch, lots up /rom 

Cranmorc Road, 45x110. Price 
is $1,800 

Crease Avenue, 50x110. Price 
is $600 

Crescent Road, beautiful water- 
front. Price $6,000 

Dublin Street, fruit trees. 
Price $1,175 

Dundas Street, Oak Bay. 
Price $1,926 

Dunsmuir Street, West Bay, 
lots at all prices. 

Edgeware Road, 40x120. Price 
is $050 

Empress^^ ^ Avenue, soxrao. 
Price fMTft 

Foul Bay Road, 50x120. Price 
is f 1,2S{» 


Gonzales Street, lovely water- 
front honiesite. Price $4200 

Hampshire Road, 50x113. Price 
is $1,500 

Ilamiota Street, 50x135. P'"''^ " 
is $1,500 

Haultain Street, corner lot. 
45x135. J'rice $1,400 

Hillside -Avenue, 80x120, rev- 
enue producing'. .A tjuarter 
cash. Price $9,000 

llollywood Creseent, lots at 
$1^975- $2,950 and.. $3, 150 

Howe Avenue, 521/^x113. Price 

IS . . . '. . . . , • i . . f; » •. • • $.^,«>UU 

Hulton Street, 53x115- i'rice 
is $1,600 

Irving Road, 47x100. Price 
is $1,600 

Island Park, Shoal Bay, Ck) x 
163x148x114. Cash $800. 
Price $2,800 

Kingston Street, 60x120. Price 
is $6,5j00 

King's Road. Price. .$1,650 

Lafavctte Avenue, 50x115. 
Price ....$1,225 

Lillian Road, between Rich- 
mond and Irving. Price 
is ^$l,680 

Linden .Avenue. 50x130. Price 
is !$2,600 

Linkleas .Avenue, 50x110. 
Price $1,450 

Linkleas and Oakland, S0X256X 
80x256. Price $5,250 

Longbranch .Avenue, two fine 
60-ft. lots for $3,750 

Lvall Street, 50x100, cash $500. 
'Price $2,000 

Marne Street. Poul Bav Water- 
front. 51x140. Price $4,000 

Montcrev iuid Central, double 
corner, 120 x 120. Price 
is $5,000 

.Montcrev .Avenue, 50x120. 
Price ' $1,650 

Musgrave Street, 45 x 142. 
I'rice $1,350 

Newport .Avenue. 5o.\iio. 
Price $i,850 

Newport Avenue. 50x110. 
Price $i,750 

N. Hampshire Road, .50x132, 
fine oak trees. Price $2,100 

Oak Bav .Avenue, double cor- 
ner, 167x120. Frice $10,000 

Oak Bay .\venue, corner, 
53x140. Price ....$7,500 

Oak Bay Esplanade. iCK).xn(5. 
Price $10,500 

Oliver Street, 50x140. Price 
is -• $1,800 

Oscar, Street. 50x159. Price 
is . $2,500 

Pacific .-.:nd Cadboro Bay R > u!, 
corner 50x105 to lane. Cash. 
.$400. Price $1,600 

Pinewood Avenue, 48x10'^. 
Price $1,800 

Portage Avenue, 102x120. Price 
is $1,750 

Quamichan Street, corner, 

Regina Avenue, 50x112. Price 
is .' $750 

Robertson and Hollywood, 
573/2x123. Price . . .$2,100 

St. David Street. Price $1,750 

St. Patrick Street, 50x133. 
/Prices ....... $1,WK) 

Saratoga Avenue, 44x140. 
Price $1,575 

Shoal Harbor, 150 ft. water- 
front. Price $2,400 

Thompson Avenue, 206 feet 
frontage. Price . . . .$2,800 

• 11 III |i i ', i|ii . i m i f — I II I I 1 , I 



Close to Colwood, 10 acres, 5 
acres cleared, 4-roomcd cot- 
tage, chicken houses, etc. 
Price $6,500 

Lake District, 127 acres, B. C 
Electric line through prop- 
erty. Price, per acre, on five- 
year terms $425 

Cordova Bay, nearly 7^^ acres, 
all cleared. 7-roomed house. 
Price $9,500 

Saanich Inlet, 53 acres, 660-ft. 
waterfront, unlimited water 
supply, remarkably cheap at. 
per ' acre ..... ♦'•••• • $200 

Close to Elk Lake, 12 acres, all 
cleared, fruit trees, 5-roomed 
house. Price . . . .$12,000 

Union Bay, 5^/2 acres at, per 
acre $800 

Keating, excellent ranch of 25 
acres, 20 acres cultivated,' 
quantity of apple, pear and 
cherry trees, strawberries^ 
laspberries, etc. Also large 
barn, chicken house, good 
water supply. Price is 

Bazan Bay, 56 acres, nearly all 
under cultivation. B. C. 
Electric and W . & S. Railway 
run through property. Price; 
per acre $1,000 

Wilkinson Road, 5 acres, new 
6-roomed house. Price is 

"Wilkinson Road, 14 acres, of 
Avhich 8 acres are cleared, 
new 7-roomed bungalow, in- 
door sanitation, stabling, ex- 
cellent chicken houses, hal-f 
a mile from car line. This 
is one of the finest ranches 
on our books. Price is 

Wilkinson Road, 7 acres and a 
fraction, lo-roomed house, 
quantity of fruit trees, stream 
runs through property, only 
half a mile from car line. 
Price $11,500 

Close to Duncan, 15 acres and 
excellent modern house for 

Duncan, splendid 5-acre poul- 
try ranch and modern house. 
Price $7,850 

Cowichan. 17J/J acres, one of 
the finest poultry farms on 
Island, we can sell at $4,000 
below value, as the owner 
must leave on account of ill- 
ness. Full details at our of- 
fice. Price only.... $8,500 

Cowichan Bay, 534 acres, over 
200 ft. waterfrontage. Price 
is $7,000 

Gordon Head, 10 acres, cleared 
land, for $15,000 

Gordon Head, 5 acres meadow 
land, for $8,400 

Gordon Head, 14H acres, all 
under cultivation, 1,000 ft. 
road frontage. Price is 

Gordon Head, to acres, for 

Pender Island, 22 acres, for 

Denman Island, 114 acres at, 
per acre $50 

N. B. — We have an excellent 
selection of fruit and poultry 
farms, also acreage (or farming, 
at\d suitable for subdivision. ^ 


Albina Street, a minute from 
car, 2 rooms, lot 50x143. 
Cash $250. Price . . . $1,375 

Albina Street, 5 rooms, lot 
50x133. 'Cash $650. Price 
is .] $3,500 

Amphion Street, modern 7 
rooms, lot 64x125. Price 
is >7,350 

Ash Street, 7 rooms. Price 
is $5,850 

Bank Street, 5 rooms, bunga- 
low. Cash $750. Price 
is $4,850 

r.ank Street, 6 rooms. Price 
(ni ly . . ... . ...... . .$3,000 

Battleford Avenue, 4 rooms. 
Price $2,500 

Beacon Street, 6 rooms. Price 
is $6,500 

Beach Drive, 8 rooms, magnifi- 
cent view. Price ..$8,500 

Beechwood .Avenue, 5 rooms, 
excellent value. Cash $800. 
Price $4,500 

Beecliwood Avenue, 5 rooms. 
Price $4,700 

Belmont Avenue, 5 rooms. 
Price $4,000 

Bourchier Street, 7 ' rooms, 
new. Price $4,900 

Bushby Street, 7 rooms. Price 
is $5,500 

Caledonia Avenue, 9 rooms. 
Price $6,500 

Carberry Gardens, 9 rooms, 
two 60-foot lots. Pn'ce is 

Chester .Avenue, 9 rooms, lot 
92x140. Price . . . .$13,600 

Clover .Avenue, 4 rooms. Price 
is $3,150 

Collinson Street, 7 rooms, lot 
90x120. Price ....$12,000 

Cook Street. 7 rooms, lot 
60x120. Price ....$12,000 

Cook Street. 9 rooms. Price 
is $10,000 

Cowichan Street, 4 rooms. 
Price $3,850 

Crescent Road, 7 rooms and 
half an acre. Price $9,000 

Dallas Road. 7 rooms, lot 
66x123, Price ....$8,000 

Denman Street, 5 rooms, onlv 
$500 cash. Price.. $4,200 

Duchess Street, 6 rooms. Price 
is $4,600 

Duchess Street, 5 rooms, cash 
$800. Price $4,200 

Earsman Street. 5 rooms. 
Price '.$5,100. 

Edgeware Road, 5 rooms. 
Price $3,000 

Old Esquimau Road, 4 rooms 
and ^ of an acre. Price 
is $6,000 

Fern Street. 7 rooms, lot 
80x240. Price ....$9,450 

First Street. 4-roomed bunga- 
low. Price .......$2350 

Fisguard Street, 6 rooms, lot 
50x140. Price $8,100 

Florence Road, "4 room.s. lot 
55x250. Price $3,250 

Gonzales, ti rooms, one of the 
finest hou.nes in British Co- 
lumbia. 'Price ...$50,000 

Gonzales, a beautKul house. 
Price $25,000 

Graliam Street, corner lot, 5 
rooms. Price ..... .$4,500 

Graham Street, 5 rooms, Prjcc 
is $21,300 

Harbinger Avenue. 7 rooms, 
lot looxiso. Price $1.0,000 

—*——*—**— ■—*'T*W«"—*W ' ' il i' il I 

Harbinger .Avenue, 5 rooms. 
Price ...;••'. $5,500 

Haultain Street, 4 rooms. 
Price $3,000 

Hollywood Crescent, 6 rooms. 
Price $6,800 

Howe Avenue, 7 rtjonis. Price 
is $5,000 

I.)seph Street, 5 rooms. Price 
is .' $4,300 

Johnson Street, 6 rooms. Price 
is $16,000 

King's Ro?.d,, 3:r_ooms. Price 
is^ $2,000 

Lee. Avenue. S_ rooms. Price 

Is ...::. :v:^.~r::..p,ooo"" 

Lillian Road, the Gorge, 4 
rooms. Price ....$2,600 

Linden Avenue, 7 rooms. Price 
is $9,500 

Meadow Place, 4 rooms. Cash 
$400. Price $2,500 

Monterey, 6 rooms. Price 
is $5,500 

Monterey Avenue, 7 rooms, t 
acre. Price $16,750 

Monterey .Avenue, on a double 
corner, 100x120. . Price is 

Monterey Avenue, 7 rooms, a 
beautiful home, for $7,000 

Moss Street. 5 rooms. Price' 
is $5,000 

Niagara Street, 8 rooms. Price 
is $10,000 

North Hampshire Road, 7- 
roomed bungalow. Price 
is $6,300 

Oliver Street, 6 rooms. Price 
is $5,000 

Oscar Street. 5 rooms. Price 
is '. $5,700 

Oxford Street,' 5 rooms. Price 
is $5,100 

Pembroke Street, 6 rooms.. 
Cash $400. Price . .$2,400 

Pembroke Street, 5 rooms.. 
Cash $800. Price . .$4,000 

Pine Street, 7 rooms. Price 
is. $3,1-50 

Richardson Street, 7 rooms.' 
Price $7,000. 

Robertson Street, 6 rooms. 
Pnce $4^750 

Rockland Avenue, 12 rooms. 
Price $14,000 

Ross Street, 5 rooms. Price 
is '.$4,750 

Saratoga Avenue. 6 rooms. 
Price $5,500 

Scott Street, 4 rooms. Price 

is $3,000 

Seaview Avenue, 8 rooms. 
• Price $7,000 

St. Andrews Street. 6 rooms. 
Price J^7,500 

St. Patrick Street, 5 rooms. 
Price $5,000 

Shelbourne Street, 6 rooms. 
Price ....$4,000 

South Hampshire Road, 6- 
roomed bungalow. Price 
is . $6,000 

Southgate Street, 8 rooms. 
Price $12,000 

Taunton Street/ 7 rooms. 
Price .• $0,000, 

Victor Street, $ rooms. Price 
is .$3,<k>0 

Victoria Avenue, 7 rooms, an 
exeellent house. Price is 

is,^.,,,...'..'. -v..... f6,760.. 

Victoria Avcnui, 8 roovoM 
Pricte $0,300 

Wellington Avenue, 6 room$. 
Price ^^^ 

i ' ^ m' 1,1 -III 1 1 II, n. .'r :.i..,.u.. " ' 



m^*m'*^ wm 


. I ■ :....' . „ »i.,»».,. M. , l .i I. , ^ , w. . l i. . i / i. 'w , . .'.< — ^- • - 

• ,, , .1,1. ■ -~^ ■ ,..■ _ .. „ ..■ > ■..,. , . j .|l,i . i ! ■ ! 1 ^ » ! .• " " | 4 , | P n in II I ■! ■ i iy i w llili n I » .1 . — — 


Daring New 

This is Uif- headquar- 
ters for ultra styles — 
daring creations — new 
things that appeal to 
young men and men 
who want to look young. 

The service we render 
in supplying novelties 
has no counterpart in 
Canada. Yet every Suit 
in the w a r d r o b e — 
whether priced $i8 or 
$40 — is characterized by 
that air of perfect taste 
and refinement which 
has made Fit-Reform 
internationaily famous. 
If you are tired of or- 
dinary styles, and want 
something really new, 
just come to the Fit-Re- 
form wardrobe and look 
over this splendid as- 
sortment of Suits. 

Allen & Co. 


Corner Yates and Broad 

For Sale 


New, Tcn-Roomeil Hnnxni - l-nclud- 
Ing den; c«n make It ttalrtepn roomn; 
cement baaemeitt. furnac<r, w«ah 
traya, •tc. ; modern throughout; lot 
B2 ft. « In. »iv Fort at. by JU it. 
deep, wltK 9-ti. lane from Cheatnut 

Price i* only $8^00 

With » c«*h payment or ll.SOn juid 
1100 per moiitb. Including prlnrlp»i 
and Interaat on remaining purctiaa* 

McCartef Bros. 

rtim* RUM. 

e4« HillaM* 4v«ii«t. 


fa M^t «l(t*. wHh eirtlra 

HM MHklcnt. la t« eoMW t» 
TUM'mi T' ';■••■ . 

Ki^Io ,-<Jti«»ii»lit«», Perfume 
JttocallMnit Hair Rruahea, Rhav- 
fni ' fHrrora.- ftacori, Perfum- 
iff, U^aXoiirt and Toilet Ac- 
jtwnvrlat' «ft# • itoat of oth*r 
tl$*t^- tlttm, at) reaaonably 



The ' (lyo^W Dnu Stem 

_. Phoii*' i«»;?«» y«tM St- 

Cured of Thb 
tlorribli Disease 

a«mom«<m^ CMrt ■•▼•« By '•TxtilUb-Ut**'* 

EDMONTON. A.L.TA,, NOV. «Oih, 1»11. 

"I bftd b««n ». aufrertr from biU»yh4od 
vritii ttisA tarrtbl« oomplaint, Conatl- 

I have b««a treated by phyalclana aAd 
have taJieii e^«ry medlc'ne th«t I 
heard of. but without the aliffhteat bene< 
flt. I concluded that there was no eura 
for this horrible disease. 

Finally, I read of "Fruit-a-tlvee".and 
decided to li'y them, and the effect was 

The flrat box gave nie ifreat relief, 
and after I used a few boxes, I found 
that 1 was entirely well. 

"Frult-a-tlves" 1b '.lie only medicine 
that ever Uld mo any food for Chronic 
Constipation and I wi.nt to say to all I 
who suffer ae I dU: — Try "Fruit-*- , 
tlves — " why suffer any longer when j 
•.here Is a perfect ciiif in this great 1 
fruit medicine." ! 

(Miss) K. A. GOODAI^U ; 

"Frult-a-tlves" Is the only remedy in i 
the world made of fruit and the only • 
one that will completely and absolutely 
cure Constipation. 

60c a box, 6 for *2.o0, trial alse, 25o. 
At all dealers or at'it on receipt of 
©rice by Frult-a-tlves L/Imtted, Ottawa. 

No Matter What Supreine 
Court May Decide,- the Final 
Judgment Will Have to 
Com6 from the Privy Council 

Questions of the hlnThest conatltu- 
tlonal Importance as regards the rela- 
tions between tlie Dominion «ntl th« 
Provinces «re lnvolv<;d In the staterl 
lase In reference to the flsharles whl.h 
was heard hefora th« Supreme Court 
of Canada, on N'ovember 26 and 27. 
Hritlrjh Coluiiibia wa.-j directly rep. »?- 
.HontPd at tlu- hearnng of the arBumem 
by Mr. 11. A. Maolean, K. C of thlH 
lity, und, indirectly, by iMr. KuBene 
Uafleur, K. i"., of Montreal, one of ilie 
ablest counsel in Caiuida. Mr. Maclean 
lias Just reliirncd fro);n the i''edaral 
CapilHl unil he aUlfo that the artjn- 
;iieiit in which .Mr. Newccmbe, ]>epnty 
Minlisler of .Justu-e, and otliers. .U'- 
peared for the Dominion, and Mr. Wal- 
lace Nesbltt, K. C, for the other I^'ra 
Incps, was mo.^t Interesting and o 
highest importance, 

The main contention between the- i:>o- 
minion and the I-Tovinces' has regard 
to tlie legislative control of fishing. It 
is claimed by the P"ederal authority 
that, a'-';ordlng to the ICngli-'i '•<, 
law, the control ot h.-liliiL ''"I 

"vvatevK -is under Tfie'IuVrsdU' c t rti.- 
ceiural power. British Coluiii'.il8 /;"- 
tended that tii'is common law righ^.; 
been done away with- by Prov' 
and supplementing Federal legislation, 
and that as, according to fhe det-i'iioii 
of the Privy Council, the beds of tli. 
fisheries are ve.sted in th» '^^'^^^{^T^^'^ 
fi.'jliing riglits go with that tl^W^Mp 
the other hand,, it Is contended ' ™y !.••• 
Dominion tliat as tlie B. N. A. .Net 
glvejs the Dominion control over i-_.ii 
inland, and sea (Isherle.s the rlplit to 
fish can only he granted by virtue "r 
Federal legislation. 

The necessity for a decl.sioii ha.i 1.iN-n 
obviated, for the present, by the agree- 
ment which has been reached between 
the two governments within the past 
year, hut It is desirable that the points 
involved should be settled onee and for 
all. and while tlie decision of the Su- 
preme Court, which i.«f expected In Fel)- 
ruary, niay not affect the .present i^H- 
uatlon. it Is lielieve.i to have a 
final <lPclsion liy tlic I'rivy Council 
which will bind «il future governments. 
t>ecaiise no matter what the decision 
of the Supreme Court may be It is cer- 
tain to he appealed to the highest court 
in tlie F^mplre. 


The we<ldinK took place on Thursday, 
November 28, at Holy Trinity Church, 
North Saanich, B. C, of Miss Mary 
Violet Xorris, elde.^t daughter of 'Mi-, 
and Mr.s. Frank G. Xorris, Xorlli Saan- 
ich, and Mr. I-'rederIck Burr, third mm 
ot Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Burr, of Brom- 
ley, Kent. Khgiand. Hev. Mr. De 
Barrels officiated. The bride looked 
very becoming In a cream laocadcd 
satin gown trimmed with lace, witli 
usual veil and orange blossom, carry- 
ing £1 brida! borjuet of white cliry- 
santhemuin.«i and asparagus fern. The 
bridesmaids. Miss Olive an<t Xnra 
Xorris, .listers o.f . the bride, looked 
pretty, the former Itl Rrey fancy silk, 
with ti.inlc of «H\f*r and silver fringe; 
the iatt( r in white •.slllt, trimmed witii 
lace. Mr. Walter Burr^ brother of tlie 
groom acted as best man, After tlu^ 
ceremony the bridal party departtHl to 
the bride's home, where a dainty re- 
ct'ptlon was held, after which tlic 
couple left for their. ■honeymoon trip 
to the Sound cities, With the heartie-jt 
congratulations of theiV" friends. Zl.i- 
bride was the recipient of mtliiy beaii.'i- 
ful presents. On their return, Mr. and 
Mrs. Burr will make their homo at 424 
Langford .Street. Victoria West. 

Mr. rohn Spcirs, of Glasgow, Scotland, 
is at the Hotel fitrathcona. 

Mr. and Mrs. .f. E. Hopkins, of Moose 
-.Taw. are iitaying at the Hotel Strath- 

Mr. K. It. Sandys, of London, Kngf., ar- 
rived at the Kmpreas last night. 

Mr. and Mrs. .T. D. Bowles, of Winni- 
peg, have arrived at the Empress. 

Vancouver arrivals at the Empress irj- 
cUide Messra. V. .T. McQulgan, T. <,. 
Mitchell, F. C. Smith, O, H. Halse. W. 
A. Pender, and R. A. Carpenter 

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Howard, of Wlnitl- 
pef, arrived in the city Monday and 
are staying at the Prince George HotAl 
for the winter. 

Mrs. R. Steele, Carrie 8tr««t, will not 
be at home tomorrow, Thursday, but 
will receive the second Thursday In 

The heti'othal has been announceil of 
Hon. Odmund Burke-Roche, yonr.rfei". 
•on of the late B^ron Fermtty, Qjeeno- 
town, Ireland, and Klluibeth Blanche, 
youngest daughtbr of Mrs. Omves Clap- 
ham, lata of Quebec, and now of Pem- 
b<irton RoAd;. The marriafe will ba 
•olemnIi|«d »t Christ Church Cathedral 
on Ttfesday. 17th Inst, at 2:S0 

Mr. Donald reriruson, of London, Ont., 
is at the l:rtii>rMs. 

Mr. D. T. Ptdgeon, of St. John, N. B., 
Is among the arrivals at the Kinpreaw. 

Mr. William Hotne, df Toronto, Is 
riB«l«t4nv»d at the Empresa. 

^Mr, J, Ivphson ham arrived at the 
1Qmi>r«a« from l^hce Raiwrt. 

Mr. C. n A. ^|*ftt, oe WoMiHt, l» 
•t«yinv mt th» immprtHmy 

Mr M Mr.. Sf. Xmitm^^fUbcw. 
X^. WK tn toWA «M «M M»kylt^ at ths 

, Wi H i»i| T ii j i tjl^ i r I.I I I. n B||, | || III 

Irnishts lAM 







Silver Miiuntcd Perfunu.' ndiile^. up 

t'l-din 75^ 

Fine quality Gold h'illcd Piani^lcs. 

plain and eni^Tavcd. u\) i'roin ^2.50 
Richly cut Glass f'ui't jars, u]) 

from ^4.50 

Cut Glove and Mandkerchicf 

Boxes, up from $16.00 

h'ine line of Jewel Cases, in leather,. 
• pkish-and silver, up from. . .$2.00 


Silver Handled Manicure I'ieces, u]) 
fniin 35^ 

4k. Ring, sei with five whole ])earls. 
Price \ $6.75 

v^olid Gold, numerous desig-ns, in vSig- 
net Rings, up from $1.60 

Solid Gold Neck Chain, every link 
soldered, up from . $2.70 

Solid Gold Bar Pin. plain, engraved or 
.stone set. uj) from $1.50 

Gold h'illed Watch — good time- 
keeper $14.50 


S'did Gold Lockets, up from.. $5. 00 

Giold iMilcd I'ohs, ])lain and engraved, 
uf) from $1.15 

Waterman or Conklin iMuintain Pens, 
up from $3.00 

Ideavv Solid Gold Cuff Links, suitable 
for constant service $5.40 

Solid Gold Cuff Buttons, up 
from $2.75 

Line Leather Bill Fold and Letter 
Books, up from $2.00 



SPECIAL— Thin mr.dd case, reliable 
seven-ievvelied movement, net.. $5. 00 

Strong Knockabout Watch, up from 


Sterling Silver Cuff Stuils. ])er pair. .50c^ 

Solid Gold Scarf Pin, up from $1.00 

Solid Gold Signet Rings, u|) from. .$2.75 

(Tood Leather. Coin Purse and Ticket 

Holders, u]) from 50^ 


Sterling Silver Spoons, uji from 85^ 

Sterling Silver Drinking Cup, up 
from $4.50 

Dress Pins, .'•xdid gold, up from 75^ 

Drinking Cup, good plate, up from $1.60 

Solid Gold Bangles, up from $4.50 

Solid Gold Rihgs, up from 75^ 

Good Gold Filled Baby Pins, 3 for . .50e 

Remember Each Purchaser Has a Chance to Get One 
of the Handsome Presents Which We Are Giving Awaii_ 





Central Building 
Car. Broad and View Sts. 


Victoria, B. C. 


' f''i ' , > if M 



dealer pays 

more for this 

flour than for 

any other/but 

he's .satisfied 


3 for 2Sc 

At Ail the Grocers 

< '\ (IV 


C5 Acres of first-clas.s la^, 
nearly all under cultiva- 
tiott. Apply 



i'f^&mfsl^*^* "l^»i»»tr« on 
I'TllW^^i^mg, th« uth iftst., 

'- Ai^^^^li ^lletiveM by 

Comox Farms 

If yoo are looking for a Tmrtn. 
w« have aeveral from which you can 
m«h« irour choioe, Urt» of •mall, 
on th» vary baat of tarma. Writa, 
or .batter atill. 


And wa win gU-e you a motor r\^i^ 
throUBH th* beat farminr aattlamantt 
%ii Vancouver Iiland. 

The e, P R *nd C. N, By** «|U 
Mfrtmnitt* kar» naatt.yaae, and «l«ii' 

Uiftii. Wirt *• *bt«tni.l»t* At fli*^'(»ir*if. 
aat af *•».**. bfcaUi* mt ^b«t»« mHi- 

Bt hU wwit «U»r f«r •» i^«««a». , 



i'%4iicli W|li^: ill iB/im. ~ 





HOB t<i matcbt iftfitt».....f .M 
(toic ianif «HM« Md«) \..*^.S'm 


fer l»*nrteaa, 



MM iRSi AVI ^.SJ: A. J r ■ J ;,. ", 



- M-> 



Wr'wviSr^Tv '^■^' 











One cent a word each Inaertloii, 10 per 
cent diecount for >lx ur mure coneet-ulivo 
liieartiona— caah with order. No adveriUe- 
ment accept^i} lur leet than -J leiila. 

Uuslnesa a!>d Proteastonal CatU* — ut tour 
tinea or under — $1.00 per week. 

No advartlaement (.'harged on account for 
1f»» than la.OO. Phone No. 11. 


ART Olftsa — A. F. Hoy, over ihlrly yeura' 
experience In art gluaa leaded litchts 
lor churches. m;hooIa and private dwellingu. 
Worka and alore, V15 l>audor» at., next lo 
Uethodtat church. Phone 6'J*. 

BC81NB»8 DlllECTOBV— (CoatlBiMd) 


done. AU 

bteve'a. llll 


UTO Vuciu 

promptly and carefully 
.1 of machlaory repalra. 

■ I, 

jtT. Phono 1-3757. 


Delivery — Victoria 
Tel. i:!9. 


Priming — Kleclrif Blue rnnt and 

Co.. Ltd. 

BLUB Priming — Kleclrif B 
Map Co.. 'JH (.'eniral bUlK.. Vlt-w .St. 
Ului- printing, map*. driiu«iitlntt; deaUis in 
aurveyora' lni?lruriit;nta wi^U tiittwlus {jiili.*e 
»npplic«. rhune IfiSl. 

BOOKBIXDERS—The Colonist ia ,lhe beat 
hookblndery In the province', the result 
Ik equal in proportion. 

7ill kinds of bottles wanted; 
good prices paid. Victoria Junk Agency. 
liiiO Store St.; phone liS6. 


»LILDI:R— Ernest Q. Cooper. Specials: 
country work, ropalia and alterations. 
McKenile av. 


iMaywood P. P.. Victoria. 

and Contractor — W- 
receive prompt attention. 

J 1664 Dallas Ud. Uepulra. 

I'ustcard will 

/ CEMENT work—Fourteen years experi- 

V.,' ence In all classes; also rock wtills and 

repairing. Ed. Itawlo, phono evenings, 



~<HIROPODT~71« Fort at. 

/ 10NTR.\CTOK ana puimei — iv. ... Cum- 

\J nilngs, corner liroughtoa and Dougiaa. 

office phone 4 009. ■ ' , 


■«H1MNBY sweep— Lloyd. Phone MISS. 


"UNDOSV Cleaning— .■Vllendon— Til secure 
ihurougnnraa and promptitude, phone 
L18S1!. The Island Window Ciuanins <- <>■• 
731 I'riiicesa .\v., lor window cleuniiis aad 
Janitor work. 


AKCIilTECT— S. B. Birds, A. R. 1. B. A., 
aoi; Central bldg., Mctorla. B. C, ; 

pnune SUSS. • ^^^__^.^_______ 

A UCHITBCT — Thoinua Hooper. In prac- 
^Tl tlce iu B. C. for -i years. Plana and 
specifications lunilslied on application. Oi- 
fico Now Royal Bank bid J.; phone i>ji7. 

iTcirPrECT— IT B~arlffllha. 10U« Oov- 
ernment st.-; phon e H8». 

A~ RCHITKCT- C. Elwood Watklns, Rooms 
1 and a Ureeii bloclt, corner Truunce 
avenue and Broad. Phone JliJb; resldeuco 

phune 1,1 3»S. 

m IL Engineer — George A. Smith, British 

■/ Columbia land surveyor. Ulfica al Al- 

beriii, B. C. , _ _ 

C1IV1L Engineei- — U. M. T. Hodgson, Ass. 
/ Mem. Inst, of Civil Kntflneers and Pro- 
vincial l^nd surveyor*. Ofriee, Port Al- 
bornl. V, C. 

C11V1L Engineers — Greer Bros., Burden & 
J Co.. civil engineers. Dominion and II. 
C. laud surveyors. 114 Pcmberton block, 
branch offices in .Nelson. Fort George and 
Hazel ton, B, C. 

C'^IVIL «nglneera — Canavnn and Mitchell, 
J offices 2UT-228 Pemberton block. Tel. 
13a9. P. O. Box 3a. Examinations and re- 
ports, irrigation and drainafce. hydro-elec- 
tric deveiopmoht, waterworks, sewerage 
and sewage disposal. ^ " 

— — :b,.i" 

surveyors, lai»d 
agents, timber cruisers; P. A. Liindry. J. 
H. McCJrcgor, J, F. Tenipleton, T. A. Kc'.ly. 
timber department. Chancery Chambers, 
Langley at., Victoria, U. C. ; P. O. Bux. 
Ibi: pnone 684; McGregor bldg., Th^'d ^• 
South Kort Qeqrge, B. C. 

WAMTEP— Jii>X » ( 


'ANTED, sign writer- at Bpencere. 


fAJS'TED, Imniedlaiely. flrst-cilHSS sign 

writer; good wages; permanency tor 

right man. B ox 4«33, jjolonlst. 

\7f7ANTED— Boy to "drive delivery w»;»on- 
^^f Apply Oaklands Uroc«i-y, HIT UlUaWe 

avenue. _^ 

A.NTED — Good real estate Salesmen; 
must be hustlers, «1'J JFrounc e Av. 

\\'.\.N'TED — Flrsl-clMSS engineer, with 4lh 
»V class certificate. Must b« familiar 
wilh machinery and electrh.lly, and able to 
repair ^anie. Write, giving relerences and 
Hifciary expected, lo P. O. j3ox 4&i), city. 

\^rE~have an opening for one or two live 
VV real estate salesmen; only hustlers and 
tiiBM who know the city need apply. Sales- 
manager, .Mitcheil-lnnus, LlnUjed. 


Ip^NGLlSHMAN, educated In France, pre- 
J pared to take pupils In grammatical 

FROrEBTT rOR SAl-K— (C«»Um««> 


tlonal Fren'-'h; terms moderate. 
Athene," P. O. Box »t2. 

J A I' boy; wanted; night work, or cl**^ 
offices or store. Box 4481, Colonist. 


'APANB8E boy wishes poHtion aa Cook. 
1«39 Store St. 

MAN wants work In office: has thorough 
knowledge of book-keeping, etc. Col- 

onlat Box 4{>il3. 

MBCHANU", capable Iti main building 
trades, can help you oulld your bouse 
throughout; country no objection; reason- 
able. Box 4(182. Colonial. 

ellef engagement dally. 


CIIVII- Engineers — Gore & McGrcgor- 
■^ tish (;olumbia land 

& Walker. WeUlngton 0«»l» 

/^OAI.. — Hall 

tZ^^neRe?" coal ; - CamWt" ■ ttB t Hri « e}t e' 
blacksmith's and nut coal specially 
pared. Phone 83; 1232 Government. 

/-^RCSIIBD rock and gravel— Producers* 
V^ UocU and Gravel Conipnny. Bunkers, 
yiore St., foot of Chathiim »t. Phone S0&. 
Crushed rnck. washed sand and grrnvel. de- 
livered by teams at bunkers or on scows at 

quarry and grav el pit at Ro>'al Bay^ 

ESICJNER, contractor and builder; CaU- 
fornla bungalow a specialty. J. Lang- 
ford, 2379 Hulton at., cit y. 

raTm AN'— Joseph lieaney, office at 65 

Wharf St.; pho ne 17 1. 

& Dray Co., 

("^IVIL Engineer — Clarence Hoard, member 
J Can. ..Soc. C ' ■ ' ^ '"'■ ':■:.-:•. 

Association. Bt< 

ways, Englneerlut, ^.,.i " ' '■ '■ 

401 Pemberton bldg.; phyne US4; res. 

pre<« Hotel; phone laso. 

TvrirvA fKnellsh) thoroughly taught 

1>1A.N1ST desins r 
4437. ro'onlBt. 

^ITI'ATIUN Waited— By fjrsi-class Fish, 

f^ Game and J'oiiliry salesman. Can 

handli- provisions also. Box 4CB1, Colo- 

:. Kl' expert player; Instrumenta »upp 
Black, 849 Fort St. 



VrPLY lb.! Devert'ux Agency, 1S14 Fort 
St.. phone 117; hours 1 to 5. Wanted, 
IK'UB expe-rlLuced house parlor mulds, also 
lulir compwienl cooi< general nialda. Two 
capable cook housekcepeis seek pi.>»ts in 
bHi helors' eiiialillt-'nni. iii. early risers and ta- 
p.ible women. .>4c\eral stnmg willing women 
want lii'UK« cleuiiina, long experience. A 
; or S-room house iH40"<'J '" James Bay 
dlKlrlci, auitablu for IclUiig rooms; good 
lenanM. Reply phone 447. giving parllc- 
ulurs. - ; 

\ T the Ladies' Educational, Domestic and 
J\. Business Agency assistants In ;iny ca- 
paiil> may bo iibttiined; governesS'-B, sttn- 
ographer.'*, wHllreaaea, nursLf. Iiouji. Keepers 
and (loineaiic liolp blways disengaged; part- 
nerships arranged and businesses ti-ans- 
terred; school and homes recommended. 4i'B 
Saywurd Bldg.; phone 24Sii; olfirc hours. 10 
to 4; Saturdays, 10 to i. Mrd. A. Clarke, 

BY wire, lelephorje and raall, our list ol 
l>o»lUonB, rcgulring every sort of help 
riians-c». and Is inci-cased every day; wc 

1 ,1 anabitloua workers In Victoria, at Red 

,■: !•- . i.'n- .1... ,nent Ofike, 1011 Oov- 

' "'7. n e ar Pos t OlBce. 

C^,i . ,,.ji>..-. ^ ;...-* for young children, 
' Oak Bay; cook kept, }25. Children's 
nui-ae, experienced, children tour and live 
years. »2B. .Vpply at The Ladle*' Agency, 
4 25 Sayward Bldg . 

GOMPETBNT Woman to wash and Iron, 
' gBna r ai ' llOUg e wotK, — two * m o mtn ga ' a 

rnu i;oiitractors — An all-round experience 
-i- Hardwood. Finisher or riench Hand 
wanis Job. .'Vpply C. P., 1011 Collinson Av. 


VmilGHT, mkldlf-aged, refined, edu- 
cated ivoiuan. »ho moiiugi'd her lioniu 
aod servants for twenty years, lis, died ex- 
tensively, speaks French and English flu- 
ently, very fond of children, wouhl like 
position as iravelllng conipanUm or limisc- 
iteeper; would gladly assist ^n llglu work; 
object, right, cliccrful home more than 
salary. Address, wlili lull particulars, to 
Box 232 Torrinlo Unl, 

BY a competent woman. Old muff stoles 
altered up to date within a week. 
Phono R»14. 

C COLORED Woman wishes work of any 
■> kind. 850 Droughton St. 

BIO aacrlUce — One fine lot. Just north 
Mt. Tolmle, ♦(>7a; »1«0 down, bal- 
ance easy. Box 4 4:iU, Colonist. 

A big »nap in Fairlield— l<&XlS7, r<i lant-, 
Chapman, near Linden; only 12000; 1-3, 
u. 12, lb months. "g.," P.O. Box 5t»l», city. 

ACREAGE — tJrofton, B.C., 5 aorctf at »»00 
per acre. Soolte, 18 acres at I2UU; 
.Villi Bay. lOU acres at »200 per acre, with 
Hi feet of walerlront. Strawberry Vale, 
acres wltlf modern liovuc, land ali lii beiii- 
Ing fruit trees, J'jtiUO complete. Saanicii. 
1.1 acree at Elk Lake at liiOO per acie; 
this property Is the best located in the dis- 
trict, overlooking Cordova Bay and Elk 
Lake. A. D. MaUt * Co., 403-404 Central 

A LBEHNl— ^Close-in Lots, clear and level, 
few minutes from station and post 
ofiice; I25U; easy terms. Box 466U, Colonist. 

A CHRISTMAS Snap in Oak Baj — First- 
class, lull-slie Lot, close Fort St. car 
line, only »1,35U; |150 boUny adjacent lota. 

Phone 3130. 1'. O. Box 1124^ 

to Hlch- 

PBOPKftTV FOB EAIJC (C«iili»M«4>> 

[^■un Sale~40 Acre*. 1 l,-- 

miiee from Col- 
X' wood P. O.. and 1 ' mile from Esqui- 
mau Lagoon. Part of the land has been 
slashHd and burned, the reii is fir and 
cedar; u stream of aprln. water runs 
through the property; deer and birds are 
plentiful. Price 115.000. Terjna. 
1404 Hillside .^v. 




;^OR trule — Korbee l-t. 

J127J, from owner; 
Rnx 45»2, Colonist. 

fourth lot off Haul- 
bargain. Apply 

part orchard, •>•- 
r-araons Bridge and Col wood, |l«0 acre. I'artleulars at Interview only. Box 4 321', Colonist. 

IJ^CK sale — 100 acres. 
. uvcen Pa 

A GOOD buy— Haultuln St.. close 
mond ltd., »100v; quarter cash, bal- 

DAILY help. Kooti housimali 
<lrisf>; plain cooking; il. 

laid and Ituin- 
.50 to i- •' 
ilii.\- Apply to the LudleB' Agency, 425 :-iiy- 
ward Building. Phone 248^. 

anco two years. 
Blanihaid St. 

Uenny &. L'heeseinun 


GuoU buy on .'VlcNalr St., close to Cook 
oii.\l2l.', JKOO; $200 rusli, balanc-. 
Denny & I'heeseman,, 13U.') Bland.- 

I^IOR Sale, two 


1,'^ORT St., 
. Fort St. 

. splendid 

2 years. 
lU'd Sf. 


(CONSULTING Engineer— -"W. O. Wlnter- 
J burn, M. I. N. A., receives pupils tor 
examination for certificates. Stationary and 
Marine. 616 Baallon square; pho ne 162<1. 

JT^"wrF. FraserTD. M. D. Office 
732 Yates St., Uaresche block; office 
hours: 9. SO a. m. to 5 p. m 

taught by 
Dallas rd.; 


MANDOLIX, banjo, piano, 
Miss Winterburn, 


phono 1531, 



Phone 13. 

.Mrs. J. Roberts, dress- 
maker. lt>4 Gorge rd., ladles' day and 


vening gowns; Batlafactlon guaran teed. 

Steam Dye 'Works, 

DYE Workt 
31? Fort St. We clean, press and re- 
pair ladles' and gentlemen's garments eiiua! 
to new. Phone 624. . 

Dr.S'TLKY Vacuum Machine and Sweepers, 
fl3 to »1T5: machine rented by day 
or week; tree estimates on cleaning. Phone 
4618. 721 Yatts St. ■ 


r^LECTRlCL\NS — Carter 



practical electricians and contractors. 

Phone 710: res. phones L2270, R2fie'. Tele- 
phone and motor work a specialty. iJia 
Broad St. . 


j"'^MFLOYMENT Bureau — Wing 
Government St.; phone 23. 

On, 1709 

Co.. 608 Flsguard st. 

-Wah Ying Tal 
P. O. Box 1220. 

Bay Window Cleaners 
phone L28S2. 

and Rc- 

J llab'le '.Janitors.' H. Keiway, 344 Coburg 

A f ECHANO-THERAPY — D. J. Morrison. 
jM. ji. T. D., graduate Aifierlcan college 
inechano-thorapv. physical deformities and 
chronic diseases treated. Office, Suite 6. 
921 Fort St. 

URVEYING — W. Meyersteln. British Col- 
mbia land surveyor, :;il-27 Brown bldg. 

Broad st 

week. Apply, mornlnga, "Glendale, 
and Lampaon Sts., l>»)*ulmaIU . 

CAOOK, good plain, for English family; J 
/' people: hfiu»c purlonmilil kept; $30. .\p- 
plv to the Ladles' Agency, 425 Sayward 

I\KESS,MAKlNa Apprentlcca and Improv- 
' IMS wKt.ied nt once. Apply to MIsh 
ArniKtrong, D«ivld Hpcncer, Limited. 



P. O. Box 1571); phone 4319. 

SWA^'NEL & Noakes, Dominion and B. C. 
land surveyors, etc., removed to Promis 

block. 1006 Government 
542; telephone 377. 



VETERINARIAN — Charles Richards, D. 
V. S. (SIcGlll). Office 1501 Douglas 
St., opposite city hall. Office phone 3404; 
residence Vt. Douglas; residence phone 


jt\. North 


JUNK- -Wanted, scrap brass, copper, zinc, 
lead cast iron, sa'ks, bottles, rubber. 
Highest prices paid. Victoria Junk Agency, 
1020 St ore St. ; phojie^ 1336^ 

LANDSCAPE Gardener — James Simpson, 
811 Superior, plume LSHGl: expert on 
I'rults. flowers and vegetables; beHt rosea, 
shrubs and herbaceous plants now ready, 
lists free;, bulbs, berried ancubas and 
hollies. extra fine; wlchurlan roses a 

LANDSCAPE gardening business ot the 
late Mr. Fred. Street, whose office was 
in the Brown blo<'k. Broad st,, has been 
taken over by .Mr. E. Hobday, and will now 
be carried on as before from the new offices, 
413-414 Jo nes bldg.. Fort St . 

LANDSCAPE and jobbing gardener, tree 
pruning and sinaylng a specialty. C. 
Poderson, 606 Francis av.; phone LI 862. 

LITHOGRAPHING — Lithographing. en- 
graving and emboKsing. Nothing too 
large and nothing too small; your station- 
ery Is your advance agent; our '.vork is un- 
equalled west of Toronto. The Colonist 
printing and Publishing Co., Ltd. . 

NCIENT Order of Foresters, Court 
thern Light, No. 61i35, meets at 
Foresters' Hali, Broad St.. 2nd and 4th 
Wednesdays. W. F. Fullerton. Sec. 

OY'AL Orange Association, Premier Loyal 
Orange Lodge, No. 1610, meets 2nd 
and 4 th Mondays, at the Fore.slera' Hall, 
Broad st. J. C. Scolt, 042 Pandora st.. 
■Worshipful Master; W C. Warren, 30 Cam- 
bridge St., Secretary. 

(JONS o'' England, 'B. 8. Alexandra Lodge 
►O lit'., meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday". 
K. of P. Hall. H. G. King, Shelbourne St.. 
president; Jas. P. Temple, 1063 Burdette St., 

secretary. _^___ 

of the 
meets 2nd and 
4th Tuesdays In A. O F. Hall, Broad St.; 
president. F. West, corner Hampton and 
Hnrrleth rd.; secretary. W'. H. Trowes- 
dale. 520 Williams St., city. 


SONS of England, B. S. Pride 
Island Lodge. No. 131, 

JJ Ing at Red Crusti Female Employment 
Agency, lotl Government «l., near post 
office. Phone 4257. Mrs. Francis, late of 

Parlormaid for private family 
at once; $30. Housemaid 

Waltr.'ss, dally, tor Instituiion. at once; 
$."!(>. <Jeneral .'^.•rvitnt, for James Bay, small 
family: no washing: gooil outings; $30. 
.Moihcr'i* Help, young, oxi)erlenced. for Oak 
Hay; $25. .Mother's Htflp. mlddleaged; 
small family: $20. Housekeeper to gentle- 
man wifh family: $2.*;. ,\pply at the 
at the Ladles' Agency, 4 25 Hay ward Bldg. 

IADY help, small family. Chinaman kept, 
J all washing -icnt nut, $30. $35. I^ady 
help for country to assiirt daughter keeping 
house, $20. Children's nurse. $25. Lady 
nurse, $25. I,ady he)]), companion one lady; 
Chinaman kept: $15. $20. English lady for 
store in town, $40. Dally help, $20, $2J, $30. 
ApFily at The Ladies' Agency, 425 Sayward 


DY Canvaaser or DemSnstrfttor; $10 
■ek. Apply lo the Ladles' .'Vgency, 
4 25 Sayward Bldg. 

DAILY help, English, ngc 2f!; good plain 
cook; small wushln;; al house- 

work; can be recommeni to »30 u 

month. Apply at tb»} Ijiai. s .agency, 435 
Sayward Building. Phone 2!SS. 

•p^RBS S.MAKiN G — Cut and fit guara ntceii 

tng aud rest guwoa, fanuy tailored suits, 
etc. Watts. 707ti Yatea. 

evening gowns; 
Miss Line, phune 

best work; dally, 

LI 297 

J wc. 

.\DV cashier tor branch office. $10 a 

■eck- Apply to Mrs. Clark, secr'^^ta.ry. 

Ladles' Ap"n>'v. 4 2u Sayward Building. 

OTHER'S help: two children; no wash- 
ing. P. O. Box 995. city. 

J W( 


ENGLISHWOMAN, mlddleaged, thorough- 
ly experienced and energetic, excellent 
cook, wants post as housekecpir to bachel- 
or or widower; fond ot children. Box 4689, 

E.MPIX)Y.MENT bureau IVancouver Inl- 
and) — -Help wanted and supplied. 1323 
Douglas St.; i)lione 2919. 

GIRL wants housework and look after 
children from H till 6 o'clock. Box 
4 216, Colonist. 

upcrlor, intelligent, 
ged woman, good cook; lake all 
duties f(j- 2 or 3 gentlemen; very good ref- 
erences. $30. -Vpply to the Ladles' Agency, 
4 25 Sayward Building. I'lionc :;|63. 

HSOHITELY the best on Flnlayson St. 
— Doub.e corner, level, high and grassy. 
$.'7U0, exceptional terms. .A-Pply Box 454 9, 

CRE.\GE, clpjie In. suitable tor subdivi- 
sion. H. Booth, 7 Bridgman Bldg., H)07 
Government .St. 

4 R.M and Selkirk— Corn»r lot. 63x99. very 
ji'\. commaiuling site, close to public \Va- 
teri'ront, $2500; terms $500 cash, balance 
6, 12, IS and 24 months. Local Land Co., 
214 Jones Bldg., F ort St. ____ 

BBAUatlFCL homeslle on Foul Bay rd., 
contatalng one acre, all In oak trees, 
tor $9500; term» to suit. E. R. Stephen 
& Co.. 1007 Govern ment gt. 

BURNSIDE— I wni sell for live days only, 
a good residential lot. very close to the 
car lino and inside two-mile circle; $950; 
»I7S cash; this la a snap. Box *4a4. Col- 
on l.-^^t. 

, corner lots In Hollywood 

Park. $2,000 each, third cash, balance 

easy. Box 4 881, Colonist. 

corner Stadlcor.a, 198 feet on 
by 120 feet deep, revenue produc- 
ing, for only $28,000; snao this up. Knott 
Bros. & Brown, Yates and Blanchard 8t. 

Ii'^OUL Bay— Owner will soil ftne level lot, 
• one block from car and beach; paved 
i^lrcei; bargain at $1675. Box 442 8, Colonist. 

ELD rd,— Fine largo lot, 60xl«9. 

lid site for store, right on the 
ear line; big snap at $2,100; on easy terms. 
WlBe t Co., Pemberton block. 

GOUGE waterfront— Splendid lot. nicely 
treed. 55xlSS, beautiful homeflte: only 
$l.SoO; on easy terms. Wise & Co., 109 
I'embanon block. 

-1 ONZALES— Half acre, beautifully situ- 
ated, niagnlflcenl view, very cheap at 
$4,000: on easy terms. Wise & Co., 109 
Pemberton lildg. 

rooms, bath, pantry. 
JfiOO below market 
Apply Box 1496, Colonist. 



iiiidilleaged wor 

LADY wishes inonding and darning for 
bachelors and business ladies; work 
calied for and sent honte; charges mod- 
erate. .\pply at The I^adles .\geacy, 42G 
Sayward Bldg.; phone 24S«. _ 

ADY would take baby to nurse at her own 
Id be well cared for. Box 

iy C K LBP r « ^-Bx cigptionnlly- -ftne »»uildii.« 
-> lot, corner ot Selkirk av. and Biu- 
lelth drive, 48x120; price $2,300; terms, 1-3 
cash, balance 8, 42, IS months, or arrange. 
Jenklnson, Hartley & Colby, 603 Sayward 
block; phone 2B93. 

I>L.\.\'('U.\ltD and Chatham — CornA- loi. 
> on V. and S. Hallway and one block 
from Hudson Bay site. $10.uOO. Terms 
arriuiged. Apply Arthur (.'olea. 

Walnut St., 
}ne 3565. 

$1,150; third 

HOUSE and lot. 
large basement 
price, $3800, 

HILLSIDE carLinc Is now running — A fine 
corner on Cook and Montrose; only 
$2500; 120x127. .Vddress, "Q.," P.O. Box 599. 

HILLSIDE — Corner Seavlew and Jones. 
00x112, splendid view lot, with oak 
trees; It sold this week $1,760. Knott Bros. 
,t Brown, Ltd., Yates and Blanchard Sts . 

AULTAIN sr.— Level and on street grade, 
100x150, rlpo and suitable tor a build- 
er; price $2600, easy terms. Local Land 
CO., 214 Jonos Bld g., Fort St. 

aTTf-PRK'E — "20 acres for sale near 
Lethbrtdjrr, ABa., aSe aer«» uudw uul- 
tlvatlon. which produced 11,000 bushels 
grain this year; price $22 per acre; $1,600 
cash, balance In 6 years at 6 per cent. 
Cree & Sloanc, 1021 Government St.; phone 

OXFORD St., close to Cook il. and stores, 
an e»tra large lot, for a few days only 
at H,»60. Phone _I04^ 

PORT Angeles— : good Lots, Just oft 
Washington, 50x140, for three days only 
at 1360 e»ch; $125 cash eac'* balance easy; 
get in and buy now, property moving very 
rapidly. J. C Linden A C^.. 4 MacOrogor 

Block. Ph une 2879. ________ 

UABTER acre. Bowlcer »v«.: prica »I«»0; 
termi. Pullen. Oak B ay, ^ 

"ijHAW^iuAN— One block of about 1 acres. 
O 10 iiilnutea from Koenlgs. very light 
cieating (about I acres have been cleared 
and stumped) $780; on very ea»y terms; 
this Is an exceptionally good piece of land 
for a amall chlcktn ranch. Olabert N. Witt, 
McCallum Block . Phone »I00. 

NAP^Pembroite st., 2 large lole. com- 
manding excellent views; price 1147c. 
each; quarter cash, balance easy. Davies, 
Bhaw & Co., 206 Union Bank: ptione 1459! 
P. O. Box 14JI. 

CJHAUGHNBSSY Heigh ts~Ons good-slaed 
O lot for sal e, cheap. Box 4890. Colonist . 

SELKIRK avc., Burloith, ;arge waterfront 
loi, 50x176, beautiful homeslte, for 
$4750; quarter cash, balance one, two and 
three years. For one week on'i E./ R- 
Stephen & Co.. 1007 Govcrnmei.L _et. 

tJNAP for tew days only — 1,280 Acres 
So Good Agricultural I>and, lialt-mlie from 
proposed townslte. Hardy Buy District, very 
light clearing. Full particulars Box 4672, 

CJTEVENSON St. — Fine level lot. within 
fj IH-mlle circle, very cheap at $900; on 
Wise & Co., Pemberton block. 

Lot, cleared, lity 

cash, balance easy; 

Box 4686, Colonist. 

easy terms. 

SN.\l' — -V li 
... water. $560; $200 
70x125; Having town. 

^HO.\L Hay —Splendidly situated lot, :iv.-i - 
O looking the water, magnificent view, 

It «2,700; on easy terms over two 
wise & Co., 109 I'embcrton bio<:k 

BEST r>ot on 
cash. Phoni 

BLACKWOlU) St. — Nice grassy lot, good 
building site, big snap at $»0U; oa.iy 
l..rm.H. Wise & Co., 109 Pemberton block. 

BKAC'l'IFI'L Lot on Dundas Av.. close to 
Hea<rli Drive. 50x140; price $1950; 
worth J2."iO0. A. O. G. t.'rawford, 317 Cen- 
tral Bldg.; phone 3229, 

IF yc",i want to make $7000 In twelve 
months by an investment of $2000 casli 
come uj) and sec me regarding water front- 
age in Port Angeles, Wash, Open evenings. 
W. A. Halgiil, Room 16, Green Block. 

H.V\'E some ot the best buys In Port 
geles; would also like to have your 

CJARATOOA av. — A homeslte you won't seo 
fo every day; price $1,760. Phone 804. 

iiP — Hauitali 

"t. For quick sale 1 lac. 
i. Davlcs, 
Phone 4469. 


Co., 206 Unio n Bank ^______ 

ST PATRICK St. — We can positively de- 
liver a full sized loi, beautifully treed 
for $1550. Usual terms. Davies, Shaw & 
Cu„ 206 Union Bank. Phone 4489, ...... 

S.NAP — Lot. 60x132, one lot from Indian 
Reserve, clear .and level, price $3,500. 
and terms. Box 4667, Colonist. 


AY St. — Don't wait until 


LADY would t 
home; wou 
4542, Colonist. 

M. ETERNITY nurse open to enga«omcin» 
at her iiome. Modern rootiv always 
ready. 2809 Prior St., Hill side ave. 

1 POSITION as housekeeper or plain cook. 
D., 756 Courtney st. 

nurse attendant, or gen- 

■JJOST as nurse, 


VaiC mistress for girls' school, salary 

Agcncy.~425 Sayward Bldg. 

iPBRATORS for electric sewing macTilnes. 
lour day. Apply Turner Beatoii Co.. 
"Big Horn" brand shirt and overall fac- 
tory, corner of Bastion and Wharf St., 
Victoria , 


OOKKEPING thoroughly taught by 
terms very reasonable. 



Best service in the city. 

LONDON l..endlng Library — Subs, $1.00 
per month. Balcony, Room 1, Hlbbcn 

MORTGAGES — A. D. Maiet & Co.. 408 
404 Central bldg., financial agents. We 
place money lor clients in first mortgagea 
ori improved property at 8 per cent, without 
charge lo clienis. 

OLD muffs, stoles, cleaned, altered up-to- 
date within a week. Phone R914. 

LASTBRlNa contractors — Hunter & RIgg, 

estimates free. P. O. Box 1009. 817 

Fort St.. Victoria. B, C. 

PCTTERY Ware — Sewer pipe, field tile, 
ground fire clay, flower pots, etc. B. C. 
Pottery Co,, Ltd., corner Broad and Pan- 

DUMBING and Heating Contractor — iiS. C. 
Minckler; estimates given. Jobbing; 2530 
Vancouver St., Victoria. B. C. ; phone 2931, 
___ — ^^^ 

1821 Quadra St., Victoria, 

countant ; 
O. Box 1370. 

T'UTION — French lady frSm London and 
Paris desii'S position. French. Gorman. 
English, i)l'ino and drawing. Pupils have 
passed College ot Preceptors examinations; 
Christian home appreciated. Box 665, Vic- 



H01,ICIT0R wanted, able young lady ot 
neat appearance and good address; 
must be e.\perlenced. tactful, and capable 
of Interviewing ladles of .iiandlng; no house 
to house canvassing, but merely Interview- 
ing interested parties: to a lady meeting 
these ifuallficat'.ons, the advertiser has an 
excepllonallv fine proposftlim: state ex- 
perience, credentials, etc. Box 4691, Col- 

l2TENOGRAPHb!r required at once; lady 
^ having real estate and legal experience 
preferred, salary $50. Apply to the Ladles- 
Agency, 425 Sayward B ldg. 


REltlNED English girl wants situation 
mother's help in small family; ex- 
perienced. Box 4377, Col oniyt. ^^^ 

'ANTED — Position oy experienced wail- 


$3100, and watch prices roar when the line 
does come. Cameron Investment and Se- 
curltlta Co., Ltd., 618 Trounce Av.; pho.-.c 

3760. __^ 

IR.NSIDE Rd. — Two blocks from Douglas 
on car, 63x231, $3500. Imperial Realty 
Co.. 54.'> Bastion Hl.^ 

BA<:K to the farm! We have the best 

farm land on Hie Island at the lowest 

prices and best terms. I'all at ■office today. 

l^?onarrt, Reid & Co.. 420-21-22 Pemberton 

r H> 

-L All 



Address P. O. Box 859. 

subdivision — 38 acres on the 8- 
mile circle, all cleared, magnlflcant 
view;. one of the prettiest places In Victoria; 
with beautiful oak and maple trees. r/. 
1-c- Llevre, Royal Oak P. O. 

M St., between Vancouver and 
jok, 40x120, revenue producing, for a 
few days $9,600. Knott Bros, -t Brown, 
Ltd., Y'atea and Blanchard Sts. 

ff Coo 

KING George terrace, 172x92x105, splen- 
did pofltion and sea view; no rock; 
$1,750; $660 cash, balance over two years. 
Arthur C oles, 1205 Broad St. 

IEO.NAHD' St. — Oft Cook, near park and 
J sea, lot facing south, $2600. on easy 
lerms. Local Land (.'o., 214 Jones Bldg., 
Fort .St. 

SMALL blocks of land close to New Hazel- 
ton at $10 an acre. W. B. Lennard, 209 
Pemberton block: phone 1641. 

nyj worklngmcn — Three lots within two- 
-L mile elide and one bloci'. from car. 
size of each, 40x108; two inside lots. $650 
each: the corner lot $750, $150 cash, bal- 
ance $20 per month. Paul Edmonds, 201 
Jon eg Block; phone 262. 

TWO lots, double corner. Vancouver, Bay 
and Empress sis., for $12,000; terms 
eaB.v. B. R. Stephen A Co., 100'( Govern- 
ment St. 

X with good shack, $840; quarter cash. 
Phone .'^6 C3. 

U~ PLANDS. only four lots from, on Mus- 
grave St., extra large, $1,900; |400 
caahj balance 6, 12, 18; apply Owner. Ans- 
comb, P.O. Drawer 619, City. 

'VrJN'lNG St., near 


resa. Address Box 4810, t":olonlit. 

^STENOGRAPHER for solicitor's 
io must bo tiiorouglily capable. 



rock blasting. 
B. C- 

CALP treatment — .Madame Saretta cures 


floor, room 218. 

SHORTHAND — Baay terms; begin January 
term. Phone 8»1. 


HORTHAND — Daniel's Business College- 

specialty; one week free; easy terms; com- 
plete counte. Shorthand. Touch Typewrit- 
ing Correspondence, Punctuation and Office 
Practice (189); Bookkeeping, Rapid Calcu- 

* latlon, Pani janship and Telegraphy taught 
for tK* l**r month; positions await our 
gradunteg; home study or correspondence 
couraa In all branches. For full particulars 
inquirv at Room 22, Srown block, 1112 
Broad uf- Victoria. B. C. 

S** HOBTHAND — Shorthand School, 1109 
Inroad St.. Victoria. Shorthand, type- 
writing, bookkeeping, thoroughly taught. 
Graduates fill good positions. <3, A. Mac- 
Mlllan. principal. 

SHORTHAND — Three months' course Pit- 
man's almpllfied system (Royal Short- 
hand), baaad on the world-known Pitman's 
•yatam. Mva ttma, make money. Complete 
eouraa In Ukr«* months, with a speed guar- 
aataa of it-lW words a minute. Individual 
tutlon by a:p«n Kngllali teacher. PHyi 
VoaltiinM «il«Winl««d. Touch Typewriting. 
beakkaAtac. marnory training. Day and 
nl(M oiuSSt. Apply „f or new term at the 
TuSr^i Staaofraphto Schoet, 4>« sayward 
bloak. phoaa HOI. j___ 

STBMCII^ Mid Mai Kb graviag— General 
' attcravar m»A ateiicli cuttar. Oco. Crow- 
th ar. M« Wt»arf at., bahind P. O. 

UKDKRTAKtNO — Hannk A Thompson, uh- 
dartakan Parlota til Pandora av. 
(h-adaatav. ■. OalUd* «t ■mbaiming, Con- 
™S« U H H. Nftvy. Ofttoa phone 4»8; 

• iraa. pfc<»» <U- 

■ ■tTW0*»if AJCI»<Jh--ft, ■'<:. Tatuurml FurnlsH- 

laekburn, A. B. Blackburn, 
This well-known and popu 
lar hotel, entirely rebuilt and refurnished 
Is now open to its patrons. Steam heat, 
fine commodious rooms, tlrst-cli., s dining 
room, best attention to comfort of guests, 
American plan, 11.50 to $2.00 per day. 
European plan, 76 cents upwards. 218 Main 


ATTE.N'TIO.N boys — Chance ' to make 
money for Christmas taking orders 
for Chrisimas trees. Apply Room 1, 1010 
Langley St., between 4 and 6. 

AVJCTORI.^ man wanted to list ana as- 
sist In selling good local properties 
only; a liberal arrangement and every factt- 
Ity will be provld(>d for the right man. Local 
Land Co.. 214 Jonci Bldg. ^^ 

A PROMINENT financial Instttullon de- 
sires to obtain the services of an 
energetic young tnan, who has had exper- 
ience in a law olflce in the preparation ot 
legal documents, and one is familiar 
with and can write shorthand and operate 
a typewriter rapidly. Address Box 44 44, 

BOY, with whoel, wanted at Common- 

BOY — For office work, $20 a month. B. 
G. Prior A Company, Ltd. 

from man who thor- 
oughly understaiids cutting out tlmlier 
round house, clearing up same. Apply Sec- 
ond House on left on Transit HiL, Shoal Hay, 
off Beach Drive, between the hours ot » 
and It) In the morning. ____^_ 

IGHEST prIXes for your Cast-off Cloth- 
ing, etc. 609 Yates St.; tailor upstairs. 

must be 
Mactarlane A Phelan, 


t^TANTED — Position as stenographer, as- 
> » Blatant bookkeeper, by young lady, with 
5 years' experience In real estate and whole- 
sale business. Box 4 265^ 

^-I'.^NTKD by a practical maternity nurse, 
»> maternity cases, will take cases In 
counlry. Phone Iyl845. 

\'\T.\NTED — By lady, sick nursing, or care 
VV of children, by the day. Box 4843, 


^^'ANTED — In Foul Bay district, Hoiise- 
VV work, daily; well recommended. Tent 
6. 1617 Hollywood Crescent. 

Y\7ANTBD — 2, 3 or 4 days work a week, 
VV by capable woman/ Box 4 314, Col- 

D — By experienced woman, work 
e day. cooking or cleaning. Bo" 
4 105. Coloni!»t. 

lA-onartl. Reid & Co., 420 Pemberton Bldg. 
I'honeb 2 21, 34 5. 

TTaR Une snap — Dun levy st., 100 yards 
\.J from Upland", 50x115; $1,725; easy 
terms. Owner, P. O. Box 1107. 


1HEAP acraege and waterfront In Sooko 

Phone 1841. 

nard, 209 Pemberton Bldg. 

\^ WANTED— By 
» > \..y th 

-\rESTMAKERS wanted— P. M. Llnklater, 
V t ailor. . 

W'A.VTKU for Kamloops. experienced 
>V English children's makl. second rnaid 

kept'. .\pply Devercux Age ncy. 1314 Fort. 

VX^^ANTED — An exi.veri«nced young lady 
VV Stenographer for real estate office In 
Prince Rupert; good salary. Apply. , wllh- 
referenoea. to Hall A Floyer, corner View 
and Douglas jSts.^^ 

•TTANTBD — Salesladies for David Spencer, 
VV Limited. Apply at the Drug Depart- 


reliable Englishwoman. 
4 days a week, or half 
plain cooking If required, or housu- 
M.. 1029 Yates SI. 

» * Work 3 or 

ITTANTED — Sewing, all kinds, also dress- 

VV makii 

Delta St., Burnslde. 


C^ECIL St.— Good, level lot, 50x110. $1075. 
,- Onc-thli'd cash. Moore & Johnston, 
Yatis and Broad. Pho ne 627. 

jplR.tlGDARROCH — A fine lot. Price $3000. 
^J Gillespie, Hart and Todd, Ltd., 1115 
Langley -St. Tel. 2040. 

"~iAN.\I>lAN Northern Pacific. Victoria to 

Cowichan Lake 3 hours; 8 subdivisions 

surveyed ready 'to advertise. Box 4291, 


CIR.'JFTO.N — 10 acres with house worth 
/ $3000. $4fi0 feet of waterfront: a real 
bargain for anyone a» $7,000. A. D. Malet 
& Co., 403-4 Central bldg^ 

C1ADBORO Bay — 5 seres, close to hotel, 
J unrivalled view ot Bay. Owner must 
sell and will sacrifice for $3,000 per acre. 
Terms to suit. X^ls Is $5000 below market. 
Davies, Shaw & Co., 206 Union Bank. 

LI.NDE.V Av. — A lovely, level, grassy, 
corner Lot, the cheapest buy in this 
delightful residential district; price $2,600. 
R. H. Ducc. 1113 Douglas St. Phone 304. 

LILLIAN Rd — Splendid, leve.l lot. near car 
line. $1500. Compare prices. Moore 
& .lohnslon. Vutcs and Broad. Phone 627. 

LOOK— -Lot 
$1400. ' 

Good terrns. Box 4622, Colonist. 

-Fine building Lot, SOx 


0; $1525; 1-3 cash, balance 6, 12 and 


IS months. Crompton & Barton, 108 Union 
Bank Bld g. 

LANGFORD — 2Vi acres, 1 minute station, 

lid make an excellent chicken ranch. 
Price $600 per acre. '4 cash, balance to 
suit. Davies, Shaw & Co., 
Building. Phone 4469. 

206 Union Bank 

Barton, 108 

OUNG lady desires position in olTlce, real 
riencc. good typist. slight 
stenography. Apply Box 


knowledge of 
45.15, iTolonlsl. 


''ANTED — Woman to do washing: small 


1239 Oxford. St. 

tlTANTED— Salesmdy tor dry goods; n^.jst 
VV h*v« had good English ext,orlence. 
Seabrook Young, 62S Johnson St., between 
Government and Broad, 

TflSTlMATE wanted 

\X7ANTBD — Good general Maid; must do 
VV plain cooking; Scotch preferred. Apply 
ply 29 



A CHOICE piece of Long Beach water- 
frontage: exce_ptlonalIy easy trrms. 
For full Information write S. C. Gordon, To- 
flno, B . n. 

CADBORO homeslte for $1360 on easy 
irms; one-third acre, nicely treed In the 

for civic Improvement: an exceptional buy. 

Mall A Floyer,' Douglas and View; phone 


X\. ter 

frontage on Douglas st 

ply 29 Dupplin Rd. oj- pho ne M2 367. 

:rANTBD— General Servant. Apply Mrs. 
'an Pindry, 241 Bellvllle 3t. 

-^ . - _ assist with 

Vlgh't" housework and care Of children. 

Apply 1020 Pendergast^L 

TaNTBD — A capable lady help for ooun- 

ry. S'o washing, plain cooking; two 

Wages $20 a month. B6x 4467, 

r\7ANTBD— A yo^^t »'■■' '° 

In family. 


P. M. LInklatsr. 

HXVE room for 
commission basis 

Real Estate .^gent on 
Apply 602 Hrotigh- 

lon St. 

and women who are desirous ot 
earning additional compensation aside 
from their regular duties; no canvassing 
necessary. Introduction to your friends will 
bring them In touch with high class pro- 
position; let us explain to you. Addreas 
Box 4270, Cotenlst. 

-Real estate salesmen, on com- 
mission basis; must be acquainted 
with city and experienced In real estate; 
bring credantlals If possible on applloatlon. 
232 Pemberton bldg. 

"VCBN and women 


W/A NT ED— Nurse girl for one child, for 
VV afternoons, from 1 till 6. Apply 504 

Linden avenue. 

rt^ANTBD — Young 

ladles nnd gent'lameh 

ivestlgate our office positions, 

where'good salarleil are paid. 22 Brown 

blk., 1112 Broad St. 

l\7ANTED— Reliable girl as general; no 
VV children: help given; p»)one P.4I90; 11 
Cook Street. 

dora. Address 

nsldo lot with 80 feet 
close to Pan- 
Owner," Box 4 439, Colonist 

/AOWIOHAN at.— Fine Lot, 51x124 

v^ on terms. Crompton 

Union Bank Bldg. 

C CALEDONIA Av., close to Quadra, 26, Gx 
J 90.6, with good 6-roomed House: beat 
buy In dUtrlct at $4 350, Knott Brox, * 
Brown, Ltd., Yates and Blanchard 
Phone 287i. 

MILL Bay — 100 acres for sale here at $2t0 
per acre; easy terms. Cree A Sloane, 
1021 Government St.; phone 4246. 

Belmont sL $2101', 
within a few blocks of two carlines, 
cement sidewalks and nicely treed; 50x136. 
1-4 cash, 1 and 2 years. Apply Arthur 
Coles. ^ 

"VT'IEW Royal, lot 8, block 2, price $1,125; 
V close to Bay; or lot 4, $1260; 1315 Min- 

to St. , 

WHY hesitate when others are getting the 
benefit ot our unique acreage oppor- 
lunltice at, town lot prices? Alta Vista over- 
looking Elk Lake and Cordova Bay is a 
certain profit maker, and prices and terms 
appeal to all. t'omc and see the British t;ol- 
umbla Investments, Ltd., 636 View Street; 
phone 3248. 

'ANTED — To purchase first-class agree- 
ments of sale on Victoria property up 
to any amount: must be absolutely sound. 
Yeomaji A Pllklngton. .McCallum bltig. ; 

phon e 4292. ' 

ITTiATERFRONT lot at Hollywood Crescent; 
VV price for few days only $4000, half 
cash, balance easy. S. G. Footner, P. O. 
Box 994, or 320 Central Building. 



-Between Pleasant and 
lampshire rd; good buying at $1,576. 

Phone 304. 

USORAVB St. Snap — Nice lot, $1,366 net 


/■<LOSE-IN Business Snap— Cormorant St., 
V,' adjoining Falrflsld Block, corner Doug- 
las St . revenue producing, only $7 50 per 
front toot. Knott Bros. & Brown, Ltd., 
Yates and Blanchard. 

COWICHAN St, — Snap, 51x124; $1600. 
Crompton & Barton, 108 Union Bank 

Bldg, _______^ 

^ in Tolmle Park — This Is 

,e lot for $450, and only $100 will 
handle It. Cameron Investment and Se- 
curities Co., Ltd., 818 Trounce Av. : -phone 
8760. _^^___ 

J a fine 

RAIODARROCH— A tine corner lot' for 
Tel. 2040. 

ANTED — Carrier for The Dally Colonial, 

Ridge district. Apply at th« 

lepartment of The Dally Col- 



WANTED — Men and women to leam ,th« 
barber trade; wages paid while lejrp- 
ln«: 81? to Ml per week Whsn ouallfimJ. 
tVa (•*»• tha only reoogniaad diplomaa tn 
tha world: laarn a trad* and be Inde^iandr 
ant; the moat complata caiteva In tiia wafU* 
Call or write for ttM aatalogtta. Molar 
Barbar CoUega. «<* )<ak^ at.. VAaooiivar, 

9._c- • ■ ~ 


WANTED — Young ladles of fair educa- 
tion and neat appearance, to Isarn 
telephone operating. Apply, In person, to 
District Traffic Superintendent, B. C Tele- 
phone Co.; corner Allanchard and Jobnaon 
streets. ^ -t ,- 

fTlTOMAN lo do small washing at owa 
VV home. 828 Menxle*. Phone R8088. , 


A steady bruah haii[d wants work with a 
painter on Job likely lo last aoma time. 
Box 4681, Colonist. ^ 

ARBSPBCTABLB OHflfl aaeks a poattlon 
as painter; kno'wa VlottoHa well, and a 
first-class brusU .hand. Apply to Box 4481, 

A TOUXO man raqitttfaa altaation ai 
iX'taamster; wida «xp«rfMo«j knows Y«c- 
torjli WaJJ. Addreaa Bos . *101. Colo nial. 

A TOONO «»« ***tii »<Hit *• portw ar 
A, watwhaUMMAiMt rmta§ a«« dbilflaa. 


A BIG snap on Heron st., near Uplands, 
only $1,600. Monk, Montelth A Co.,, Government, corner Broughton; phone 


A good chance tor a quick turnover — 
About 3-4 of an acre, close to Cook i)t., 
beautifully treed and commanding a fine 
view; would make a splendid homeslte. 
Price, for a ffw dayc only, $2650. quarter 
cash. J. W. D. York, McCallum Bldg. 
Phone 2829. 

A farm snap — The best yet offensn. 1* 
acres of the most beautiful olearei^ 
land: large orchard; running water on 
placf>; 8-roomed house, bath, toilet, etc.; 
nniv 12 miles from city, on main trunk 
road. Price only $5000; 1-2 cash. Just 
think once Owner must sell. Apply Build- 
ing and Finance, Ltd., 7S3 Fort st. Phone 
2 808^ ^ 

A CHEAP buy — 146 acres watcrfrontage 
Deep Bay, at entrance to Bayncs 
guuiid, nu rock, $150 per acre, terms ar- 
ranged. For further particulars address 
owner. Box 4099, Colonist. 

AMPLE profits are secured In Alta Vista, 
where, acreage can be bought for the 
price of town lot's. Ideal surroundings make 
thla sub<U«'lslon second to none. For plan 
• nd prices see British Columbia tnvestments, 
Ltd., «8« View Street; ptione 1246. 

A CRBAaB vtrsus Lots — Acreage wltta; 8 
J\- acraa of fenced, level,, cleared park 
land, ideal for a large chicken ranch, 8 miles 
from Violoria, and 2 pilnutes from Colwood 
station (E. A N.), post office, store, church, 
electric Ught, etc. Modern housa of 8 rooms, 
bath h. and c. water, full cement tMue- 
ment", best of plUmWng. bam, chicken 
houses, efc. Prioa. complete With furnltura. 
Including nsw »8» rangB. t*«58; 81800 
eaali. 1 and t y«ar«, or, without furnltura, 
M4Mi awnar la aaorif Icing to get to fitrtn 
a* Camax. Come up between trains, and 
atk at aiore for A.D. Waoda. 


Hart and Todd. Ltd 


ARBY rd., between Oxford and Cam- 
bridge, 8 lols, 60x1 ijO each, fronting on 
road; also 7-roomed house, ready for 
plaster: good barn, city wate:. Inside 2ii- 
mlle circle; all for $8,800; easy terms; this 
la a snap. Peden A Cooper, 104 Sayward 
bldg. ^ . 

DO you realise that Lot* In Wakefield 
subdivision, on Cadboro Bay Rd.. are 
af least $250 cheaper than surrounding 
nrlcesT Prices from 81150 up; 1-4 cash, 
cro mpton & Barton, 108 Union Bank Bidg^ 

DON'T overlook Port Ati'geles, she Is a 
iiiiniiner Just now, can't help make 
See Mettler-Re*llllng Co., 22 Green 


Phone 3566. _ 

MADRONA Park — Third acre overlooking 
Cadboro Bay, nicely treed; splendid 
buy at $1360. on easy terms. Hall A 
Floyer, corner Douglas antT'-TIew; phon« 

MONTRE.^L St. U the direct and logical 
route tor railway extension from the 
Reserve to ihe Ocean Dock area; study the 
map and recall the opinions of eminent au- 
thorities on the subject of bascule bridge 
ot Laurel Point, then consider the future 
commercial value ot such trackage to the 
following properties: Corner Montreal and 
.Michigan, 60x120, improved with a modern 
residence, well rented: price $10,600; terms 
quarter cajih, balance easy. Corner Mont- 
real and Ontario, 60x120, improv^ with a 
modern residence, well rented; price $11,500; 
lerma quarter cash, balance easy. Local 
Land Co., iy* Jo nes Bldg., Fort St. 

M.\DDISON and .Metchosln, near Oak Bay 
car line, several ripe building lols 
from $1350 up to $1500 each, on easy terms. 
Local Land Co., 2 14 Jones Bldg., Fort St. 

MILLGROVE St.— Close to the car Una 
and ready for building on; city water 
and electric Ught ready for Installing; SOx 
131,. $1000 ; $260 cash. Box 4486, Colonist. 

i.NTO St. two lots. 80x108; quarter caah. 
«tx, twelve and eighteen months; a 

\T^ATBR/FRONT lot on Oak Bay Esplan- 
VV ade in tlie block adjoining Unlanda, 
size 50x210, improved with a bungalow, 
commands a magnlflceni view of Mount 
Baker the Olympic Range and the Island:i 
of th4 Straits; price $5300, on very easy 
terms. Local Land Co., 214 Jones Bldg., 
Fort St. . 

1X7ALTON St. — Nice, level Lot. 60x120, a 
W good building lot, price »2,C-50, with 
usual terms. J. C. Linden A Co., 4 Mac- 
Gregor Block. 

\"\7*TBRFRONT lot — Corner Crescent Ave.. 
VV ' Burlclth. 142 feet waterfrontaga by 188 
bv 100; price $4500; terms quarter cash. 
Local Land Co., 214 Jones Bldg., Fort St. 

ITTATEBFRONTAG-E— Deep Bay. entrance 
W to Baynes Sound, 146 acres Jirst-class 
land $150 per acre, tea-ros • arranged. Ad- 
dress owner, Box 4100, ColonlsL 


sell Port 
Reehling Co., 

Angeles loU, Mettler- 
22 Oreen blk. 


E. K. Stephen A 
■ t. 

Co., 1007 Qovern- 

OAK Bay — Two nice, level Lots, 80x180 
tect, two blocks from the ear line. Just 
the Ideal spot for a beautiful home. 81.500; 
14 cash, balance over two years. J. G. 
Linden A Co., 4 MacOregor Block. 


DOUBLE Corner on Dupplin Rd. and 
Tennyson, with good 6-roomed House, 
with good chicken houses and lot well set 
to frulJ. trees; price $7,600; ask about this it 
will pay you; in the looallty of develop- 
ment. J. C. Linden A Co., 4 MacOregor 

DEAN Heights — Corner Foul Bay Rd. and 
Nell, 100x120, for $2100 terms. Ap- 
ply P. O. Box 297, Victoria. 


AK •«*<M»rdl«ary bardma— 80«1II. oP 
Seta IM.. far^tWW; tM» ilea rtgw b«* 

mA Ik taMAHbUiM vatttai Jfatloaal ItadilF 

SQUIMALT — Valuable corner for sale 


835,000; on terms. Cree A 
Oovernroent St.; phone 4246. 


E18QUI.MALT and Nauairoo Railway, Vic- 
t tbrla to Cowichan Lake 8 houre. 60 
carloads (814,000) lumbar par dgy for 26 
years, vU Pana ma- Box 4 201 ,, Colonigt, 

AJR FIELD— Best LolT on Howe M., 

close to Dallas Rd., tor 82.000. Knott 

Bros 4 Bro»n, Lid. Tatiea and Blanchard 

Bts. Pho ne 2878. 

on Salt Spring 

Island, firat class soil, JO acraa im- 

orovad: would make a fine chicken and 

r .. V „_ . — . — .. ..»._ !„.-, .1 |j6 per 


■ClOB Bale— 180 Acraa 

frolVVancb; prioa la vary low at ,825 per 
acra. Addraaa Ow aar. Bog it U, Oolonlat. 

FOR lala— I4|rda^iat, narthaaat aavnar 
C«ok and IPABdora. aultaWa tor apart^ 
mcnta or atarMi t#»i«g waaonabla; H ,oa»h 
wm handia. . iippty Arthtir »aila», 1J44 
Pandora at. 

OAK Bay— A line double corner on Orchard 
Ave., close to sea. 100x108 to a lane; 
treed: price for quick sale, $4800, terma. 
Dawson A McOalllard. 704 Fort 8t. 

AKBay — A beautiful homeslte on MItohalt 
St lot 54x120, on the best part of 
street: line houses od.ilning; only four min- 
utes from car. Improvements In; lols op- 
posite are held at over '-""* V^S," rf.*ni.fV 
this at $1760, terms. Dawson A McOalllard, 
704 Fort at. 

OAK Bay— Linkleas Ave flna lot, baautl- 
tuily treed. »1BOO; Quarter cash. 0*k- 
lands Rd., very cheap lot, $1*00. Imperial 

Realty Co., 545 Baatlnn gt. 

AK Bay — Triple corner Oliver and 

McNeil, 140x180, nicely treed; a real 

■nap at $6,360, or will sell separately. Knott 

Bros A Drown, Ltd., Yates and Blancljard 


OAK Bay Snap — «0x25«, with frontage on 
Linkleas and Oakland Rd. ; 86280, 1-4 
cash, two years on balance. Coast Invest- 
ment Co. . IIS Pamberton Bldg. ^ 

AK Bay snap— 87x112, cloaa to VjriUows 

oar; price ^or a few daya «nJy._U.i»: 

fi«y tarms. Leonard. Bald * Co., 4I0-2I-i> 

I*mbarton Bldg. Phones 221. 8*8. ^ 

AKLAND Rd.— 40x120. lavaL aa rtxik! 
_ flvaa tninutee from Hlllalda carltne; 
8750; only 8»«e to handle It. Jaa. Cripps. 
1828 Oak Bay Av. Phone 8200. ^ 

ONB acra, nne garden soil at I^tston ttt- 
tlon. A bargain for 8B00. Laonard, 
Reid » Co.. 421 Pamb#rton Bldr 

WE '•an point you out fellows that cleared 
up from $1000 to 81500 this last week 
In port Angeles real estate with from 1200 
to $4 00; can you beat ItT We will show 
you how It can be done; come In and see. 
Meetler-Heehling Co., 22 Oreen blk., 1216 

YATBB.St., near Blanchard, 80x120, for 
quick sale 8980 per foot. KnolU Broa 
A Brown, Ltd. Phone 2878. , 

YOUR chlokena will enjoy scratching 6n 
one of those extalleot two to flve-aore 
lota In Alta Vista; for aale at tha price ot 
town lots. See British Columbia Investmenta, 
Ltd., 838 View St.; phon e 8248. 

3 ACRES parkland, 80 minutoa from Vic- 
toria by rail, on* minute froni station, 
store and P. O., watermaln, ^•'•>«t':"». "jjl*- 
Phone; fronu on Island HIgbiray: $1,800; 
terms; «nsideratlon for larga oaah pay- 
ment. Owner. Box 4882, ColOBlat. 
,4A-ACKB farm, close Cobbia Hill station; 
4:U good 4-room housa, kltohan. chl<?k«n- 
housaa etc., ate; I acre olaar, raat , vary 
iiatt- caih »10«0; prioa 8W00. Sldwln 
yvanJpton. McGregor block, opp- 8pan«>ar'a 
phone 828, 


ABBAUTIFUl/L, little, •raomad Banga- 
low, Irf Fairfield Batata, one blAck 
from car, every convenlenoa. open fireplace, 
built-in w*ah tuba, cement baaament and 
floor piped for furnaoej ao mort(M«: »"«=• 
84,180; 8760 caah, balaaea |10.« Wrteriy; 
this ii alx hundred ¥»l«w jjiarHat, Awply 
Box 4 888. Colonial- 

A4Jheap home for aomeeiia— Wva rcioviia. 
all modern, 50 foot lot. fruit treea. ce- 
ment walk*, etc; In the Oak Bay diairlc^ 
one block from carllne; price, <oj a, few 
days only, l»«00: flW payment 8S0O, bal- 
ance 825 monthly. Sn». Crippa, H|i Oak 
Bay AV. Phone HOP. 


OFF Oak Bay Av„ Cllve Drive — Fine, high 
lot. half block north of car; onir flTBO 
If aold thla week. Howell, Payne * .Lom- 
pany, Ltd.. 841 1-8 Fort »L'. phon» lt8». 

0I4TMPIC Fenlmnila— F^r aetaa lasrai 
land an railwwid. •"ifSSli*.!*" *5*j' 
in Part T<>wnaand, WdgWMrtep. IM^j 

A home bargain— 4-roomed ColtMia . ui. 

A fine, w» Jot; '»:«• "s^st-rSS^hiri 

Plumbing, ett. Price 82600; f4W oai«. bal- 
SncT Ilk" rent, oaly baiter. Naila8li4 Baaity 
Co., 12*2 qovemmant gt. . 

i Chrlaimaa m»Mit — Kew *'nm*'^ 
A House; lot 50Mt«. faemf aoutb? • ""J^- 
utea fSm Wlll-lde A^. i^h*iO; ^^^l\ 
oaah. bitfaiioe |t» per »«^'U-Jf»-2**'T S? 
delay. Mewell. Payne" » Oampaay, Md.. 
841 1 -2 Fort bl: phowa 1780. 

A House Una!*— Prior BL, I roama, lot 
50XU5 to %0 root lane; good baaamtar; 
prtca 84480. aAay tarma ^fP'f ,l:,''_"t"J 

ft. .: - 

A ttlOO bandaiaw g«l«« t«e •«•♦•, I*" 

A than acimti coat, if aold •» •••^J^ 

A % auautee from «•* "»••? _S?'^fflJE 




-^-r i ff y,S|HV«^MBi{j^j^ i wfia;a ' |^^ ^ ^ 






II01:H£8 VOtt 8Ai.£ — (C«Btlnu«d> 

A LL, T.coern ti-roonn J huu«e. luperlor 
Xi. work Ihruughout. cm line lot, eloee to 
<^ar and iii.'!i, yood illati'lut; cash tKau; ;jrlco 
»4,7oe. OwniT Uox 441(1, ColonUi. 

AbeauUrul, modern, S-roonjed honii< on 
ilio lallu and half clroli?. »iuiidliiK on 
1 1-4 Kcr«« or land; Ij'-uutlfully liiiiiiuvcd. 
Tlio puvchaat'i- could hiivi; tliu liouwi and 
one loi rui ' nothing by nubdlvidlnx the pio- 
Jirrly. Prk-t only f730(>. |2.1aO ciijiti. bal- 
iinci? arranaeii. Apply iluUdlng and t'lnuut:-", 
J-td., 733 Fort m. Phone 2S03. 

\ 6-rooin, new bunKa'.ow In Oak Hay for 
■^ J4000, one blotk from th.- i^ar Ini', 
• veryllilng modern and up-to-daie; 1700 
caah, balauc-o lo iiuii purchaser. Jai. 

Crippa, 1S3» Oak Bay avo. ; phone 3:;0f). 

BEECH WOOD av. — ti-roomcd liouse In thin 
BCleci neighborhood, on an t>xira liirdo 
lot, bea'nod ceilings, hardwood floors, elPc- 
trlc light nxtur«B, only »4,S60; xmall i-aah 
payment, balance arrang»d. K. H. Ducu, 
1113 UouKlaB at. 

BUNGAr^OW cottage — 4 rooms, open fire- 
place, beam ceiUns, bath and toilet, 
iuat O'Jtsklo the mllp dicle; iirke only 
JilSOO; make your own ntter on icr:ns. Brit- 
ish t'oluinbla lnve»tments, Ltd., tf36 View 
street. * 

BEACH Drive. — A brand hew, modern 
House with all conveniences and pos- 
sessing a maunlficenl marine view, tor 
jsaoo. with only JIOOO cash, and balance ar- 
ranged to suit purchaser. Havers & Nor- 
man. 'HO Hibben Blk. ; phone 4269. 

BBECHVVOOD ave. — A very choice B-room 
house for #4000, with a quarter cash. 
Beckett, Major & Co., Ltd.. G48 Fort at.: 
lihones 3515 and 2967. ' 

C'^OOK SI. — Seven-roomed on carlhie, 
J cement basement, furnace In.stiillod, ■ 3 
open fireplaces, the dlnlntf room and hall 
Ri-e panelled; all the roonia are tinted and 
finished In a neat and artistic manner. 
This li! a snap at J6700; terms arranged. U. 
'R. Duco. 1113 Douelaa .St.; phone 304. 

CLOVEKDALE — Modern, 4-room«d bunga- 
low, fireplace, built-in kitchenette, bath 
and toilet, basement; this bungalow Is 
built on K very large lot and is an absolute 
gift at »S!,975: $360 va»h wJU handle U; 
\ery easy ternaa. Wise & Co., 109 K-jra- 
be rtori blo6k. ^ ■ '. 

OUGLAS St.<toSi|j||!|jJ>l' -with nice house; 
seml-bUBlpeflH'^III^wai Str«et, 100 feet 
' tflil t i r' a t fflttft » Wi. t a ot , th e 

w id e , ■ d o ubl y 


loweat r>T^c^mW^^ ^°'^^^'^' Payne & 
Company. t,ti:t<tn I-S Fort 6t..; phone 1780. 

^JAAlRnELD — 5-rooihed HouK.' on Moss 
- St., south side of May; fui^riace In- 
slallfd, beamed celllnRa, panelled walls, 
bullt-ln buffet; In tact, the nicest, cosiest 
little house In this locality; price J5000; 
lerms arranged. It. H. Ducel 1118 DoUglas 
Si. ; phone 304. 

J710R Sale — New house, overlooking Shoal 
• Uay. modern Irriprovcments; price $3,400; 
cash J50U; balance easy terms. irunnlng- 
ham. 21T9 Fayette Ave., .Shoal Bay, off 
Laurel St. 

FAIRFIELD— Beautiful 7-ioomed nouse; 
street made and boulevarded; on car 
lino and three minutes' walk fi-om the park 
and beach, at the exceptional price of 
:r...'50. .H. H. Duce. phone 304. 

■|,>AlltKlh;LU snap, direct from owner— New 
-*- 6-room house, complete In few days, 
close to sea, one block from car, Bushby 
St., opposite Joseph; panelled rooms, beam 
celling, open fire, bullt-ln buffet, separata 
bath and toilet, pli>ed for furnace, cement 
basement and front walk, Inrgc rooms and 
lots of closets, large kitchen, woll- fitted 
pantry; price $5300, on terms. Phome L1931. 
p. O, rioji 1111. 

IT^GR sale — New, modern 6-roosn ■ iiouse, 
full-sized basement, piped tor fiirnacc, 
10 minutes from two car lines. For terms 
and particulars apply C. Chlslett, corner 
Tolmle and Linwood ave. 

FOH Sale — A beautiful, new. 14-roomeU 
modern House, situated at Oak Buy 
Junction, on two car lines; the house con- 
tains five bedrooms, two bathrooms, draw- 
ing rooms, living hall and den. fireplaces, 
furnace, etc.; also a fine garden and new 
garage, and every known modern conven- 
ience. lio,x 4675, Colonist. 

OH f-ale — ^4 -roomed House In Parkdale, 


l<iol'.lnK foi 

13 minutes from Douglas car, *2.il09; 
SCOO cash. $1'5 monthly; or would arrange 
terms. (i. W., P. O. Uox 1420. 

I;^'",Ort sale — 1 acre, with' new 6-roomed 
house, off Burnelde rd., 10 minutes from line, an Ideal spot for a country homo, 
with room to raise' chickens; a snap; $2,750; 
terms. Holmes, Strawbeiryvale. 

I^OK sale, on very easy terms, new hciso, 
4 rooms, close to car and beach See 
me at once. Owner, 425 Jessie it. 

J:j^IVE-KOiOil house on corner lot in Oak 
B;iy. nicely iJnI.iWed and splendid vlew^; 
price $4000. Phone 304. 

C't OHCIE waterfnuit — 7-roomed, fully mo- 
^ dern Hou."<e; cement foundation and 
basement, gaiuge. chicken hou.sea. sea wall, 
cement walks, fruit and shade trees on lot 
60x240; anSOO; 1-4 cash, balance arranged. 
J. B. Watson Iti-alty Co.: phone 4S20. 

HOLLYWOOD district— Very well built 
9-ruomed house, with all modern con- 
veniences, remarkably choap at $fi.300; on 
easy terms. Wise & Co., 109 PerabCBlon 

HACLTAIN St. — ii-rooined modern Bunga- 
low; lot 4,5x100; cawh $500, balance ar- 
ranged; price $1300. J. B. Watson Realty 
Co.; phone UVJO. 

louses! Houses! — If you are 
IK for houses that are up-to-date 
In every partleular. sec H. H. Duce, 1113 
Douglas St.; phone ;10I. 

I am leaving the city and to get hold of 
pome ready cash 1 am Hncrlflclnn my ful- 
ly miirlern 5-rooni bungalow, near car line. 
In Fairfield, for $4,30". with uninll cash 
jiaymenl und balance as reni. for quick 
Dale. ■ This Is (jriulne. No agents need ap- 
ply as It Is not for listing, but for selling. 
For anpointment apply Box 4469, Colonist. 

TACKHON Av. — .N'eat 2-roomed .Shack; lot 
78x11;;; price $900. J. B. Watson 

Healty Co.; phone 4620. 


arrange. A. U. .Mnler & Co, 403-4 Central 
Bids. I'hone 32 86. 

THING'S and Prior— Well- hullt. fully mo- 
-«-»■ dern. S-roomcd House, pannelled. full- 
slzed cement hTsement and cement block 
foundation; heat buy in the city; cash $2000, 
balance arranged; price $fio00. J. B. Wat- 
son Realty Co.; phone 4G20. 

■=■ INtSEN Ave., third lot off. S-room 
,*-/ home. 4 large bedrooms. nxiures. 
blinds. et(;.. Included. This is a snap buy 
at JSiOO. lot iidjiilning II you want it at 
$2000; excellent terms aranged, no fnoiT- 
p^ge. A. n. Malet & Co., 403-4 Central 
Bidg, Phone 3235. 

I^/TANCHK.STISR Rd., near Douglas St. — i- 
.i.«X roomed House, rnodern. $fl300. .Moore 
A Johnston. Vnte* and Broad Phone 627. 

IIOt'HKH FOH M.4.MS — (CoDUoiied) 

0.\K Hay — New bungalow, S rooms, all 
modern conveniences, lot .50x140, $6750. 
on vi r.v easy terms. Imperial Realty Co., 
645 Bastion St. • 

OAIC Uaj — Near car lino .'i-room, now. 

m.iidern bungalow. $400o; $500 casb. 

balance monthl.w A. D, Malet & Co.. 403-» 
Central hldg.; phone 32"j. 

OWNER leaving elty wants offer on large 
6-r .om modern housu and furniture; 
also 4 room house, large lot; 3 blocks to 
t^piliig Hidge car; no agents; 2416 KciWOod 

OUTER Wharf — Best buy. Willing to 
sacrifice house und lot. one block from 
water, closr to trams. Offers wanted. 
Merchants' Trust & Trading Co. 

OAK Bay— A 7-roomed, fully modern 
home, close In car and beach; this 
iiouse Is without I .'.I'eiition the l>e»l fin- 
ished one In the di-strbt; there is a large 
slcuiilng-porch uj'StaIrs, and every room is 
exciulsllely finished; price only $5,600. R. 
H. Duce. 1113 Douglas at.; phono 301. 

1>LEAS.\NT av. — A well finished 6-roomed 
house, all modern conveniences, close to 
the car line, price $4,600. R. H. Duce, 
1113 Douglas St.; phone 304. 

KEG IN A s;. — New House, end of Douglas 
' .St. carline. <37i cash, $375 In si.x 
monlh.M, $750 in three years. E. White .V 
Sons, lOS Pemberlon Block. Phon e 267 9. 

RICH.MOND rd., 100 yards from Oak Ray 
av., 6-rooraed bungalow, new 1911. 
price $6.00i);. 1-8 cash. 1102 Hillside av., 
for owner, 

SPLENDID Investment on easy terms— 8- 
roomed House, with $600 worth of fur- 
niture, on the car line, and Just outside the 
mllB..cIrcJe; Lilt 63x127 to lane; renting for 
?!)d per riionth; price $8,000; cash $1,600, 
balonco monthly. A. 8. Barton, 216 Cen- 
tral Bldg. Phone 2901. . 

VJTYLES St.. Vlctpiia. West— Seven-roomed 
to house on lot 96x132, ovfrlooking' Sel- 
kirk waters, $6,800. LanKfaJr A 04ki 911 

Central bldg. ., 

\ \-^ATl!;RFUONT--0Elon>'-woo4!<*^p»«Bi». .fSSl 
VV Bay; ivvo niUgnlticent' 1|i»t*rtr<mt l0|«> 
with mod ; ' •'■ •_...—-.. 

sea view . 
Prtce. tor inime 
$3500 cash, ba< ' 
Box 994, City. 

low roslile'nce. unilv«^«4[ 
oad Olympic MoumtalMb 
>. $13,S<H», with #itiy 
'H ftPP'J' owner, x*. o. 

T.\MES Bay Homo, f- largo rooms, mo 
ern; price $(i50fl; $1'00 cnph, balan 

MOSa St. — 3-roomed House; lot 50x120; 
$500 cash; price $2300. J, B, WatBon 
Bralty i."o. ; phOne 4 620. 

■\rOSR St — On south side of May St.. 6- 
Ifi roomed house, modern In every v.-ay; 
the tntraiica hall has a very Impo.iing ap- 
pearance on iic-iiuiit of an extra wide ami 
beautifully finished staircase; the sitting 
room has a splendid fireplace, with a large 
overmantle; blinds and electric light fix- 
tures Included; price $6,300. R. H. Duce, 
lUJ Douglas St.; phone 304. 

MODERN 6-roomed house, cemented base- 
ment (7it feet high), piped for fur- 
nace, lot .S7x2»6. on n line corner, room tor 
two more houses on the property; price 
$5000; only $1000 cash required, balance at 
7 per cent. Local I..*Vld Co.. 214 ,'one» 
, BUIg.. Fort at. 

MONTEREY ave — Splendidly built and 
wuil finished house, 9 rooms, contain- 
ing all modern improvements; If you are 
• lu search of a really nico house at a reason- 
able price, come and see us about this one 
Wise tt Co., 10» Pembefton block. 

■VrORTH Hampshire rd. — A fine, new, 
AM modern house of seven rooms, sleep- 
ing poroh and every convenience; almost 
ccmptsted: lot 60x160 to a lane; splendid 
view of Oak Bay and Straits; price $6,821; 
terma, tl,600 cash. balance arrange. 
.lenklMon. Hartley * Colby. 801 Sayward 
block. _^ 

NBAR Oak Bay .'unction, one and a quar- 
ter mile circle. ne«- »-room home, 
larff* lot; price $7860; exceillen'. terms ar- 
rangea. A. X>. Mal«t * Co., 40S-4 Central 
U'ttfr Phone tm. ' 

f\iA.^ Bay-^New. mod«rn bungalow^ ,4 

VXTE have to»- sale on Shakespeare St., 

» ' near Pembroke, two particularly 

* six-roomed hbitses, now completlac. 

have cement basements with tumkoi; IBU 

dlnlngrooms have new English- gnttfa 'mrltn 
mantle, bulli In buffet, plate raltg »i4.tbeii 
nr, ■■. ■ -ed. Tie kitchens are' HVAg With 
i^.^ ' ind have built In cupboards and 
111' I i.vers. The bedrooms (three) are 
largo ajid have cupboards; there are extra 
linen closets. Fine bathroom, and pantry. 
Electric fixtures Installed. The rooms are 
tliited. Lots are 45x136. fenced. Price 
$4,200; $800 cash. Harrison & Henderson, 
1647 Fell St.. Phone L3394. ^ 

V'tT'ELLINGTON av. — A substantial looking 
' T 6-roomed home, on an extra wide lot; 
the rooms are exceptionally large and well 
finished; nlce-sxass lawu, and fenced; only 
$6,750. R. H. Duce. 1113 Douglas St.; phono 

VTTOULD you like a turnlshcj house that 
' ' is nil ready to step into and hang up 
your hat? See R. H. Duce. 1113 Dotiglas 
St.; phone 304. 

V"X7ITHIN half-mile circle, modern 6- 
' » roomed house; bath, furnace, rang'e. 
etc; price $33X0; ?l000 or less cashi balance 
arranged. 2579 Graham SL 

X'^OC'LL have to hurry to get this ont — 
-»- li-room modern house In Oak Bay. close 
to car, full basement and piped for furnace, 
for the small price of $2650. R. H. Duce, 
1113 Dougl as St.; phone 804. 

3-ROOMTaD shack on McNaIr, 6 minute.^ 
from cor, on lot 60x120. $1000; $300 
casli, fi, 12 ^nd IS. Owner. Box 4S15, Col- 
onist. " 

(j&KArt CASH, no ;«ore to pay for six 
<lpt/W 'months. Buys a New B-Roomed 
Bungalow at Foul Bay,' near car and water. 
Owner. P. O. Box 1464; Tel. R4606. 

^KTOn '^-'^'^H — New, modern bungalow, 1 
flpl v'^^ block from Foul Bay car. A ver>- 
attractleo house for $4,100. Leonard, Reld 
& Co., 4 21 Pemberton Bldg. P hones 221, 34 6. 


AT reasonable price and on good terms. 
I am willing to purchase lot on Trent 
St. (in city llnmsj, also one on Granito 
St., Monterey or Hampshire rd. ; not leas 
than 50 teet frontag e. Box 1080, post office. 

IF you have a house for sale answering the 
following description, kindly send us par- 
ticulars at once — I'rico $12,000 to $16,000; 
large drawing and dining rooms; no less 
than 4 bedrooms; must bo well designed and 
built In beat style and in good residential 
locality. Beckett. Major & Company, Ltd., 
643 Fort St; telephones 3616 and 2967. 


I WANT two good building Lots In Duns- 
muir Road., Victoria West; owners only, 
uc, agents need communicate. Box 4 559 

Iivant cheap Acreage near Col wood. Box 
46 IS, Colonist. « 

r BONARD. Reld A Co., 420-1-2 Pember- 
■*-^ ton Bldg.; phones 221 and 345, want 
your ll-silnss because wc have the facilities 
to sell your property quickly; a well or- 
ganly.ta sales l orce tor your service. 

LOT wanted on Foul Bay Road, between 
I'"ort and Haul tain preferred. State 
cash price, etc., and terms. Box •1463, Col- 
onist. . ■ , 

OAK Bay, Foui Bay, Fairfield— Wc have 
clients to buy lots in these districts; 
let us have your listings. Jcnklnsop, 
Hartley & Colby, 603 Sayward block; phone 

OWNERS of good lota, when you have a 
snap to offer, not over $2000 each, 
telep;i'jne H147; cash waiting. 

/~\NE of our ollents requires . a Lot on 
V7 which lo Ijulld a garage; lot mus-l be 
close In. with a frontage of not than 
50 feet, and not exceeding $12,000 In price. 
Bwkelt. .Miijor & Companj-, Ltd., i>13 Fort 
.St.; telephones 3515 and 2!/«i7. 

IJROI'ERTY owners — Jf you have any va- 
cant property at reosonable price that 
you want to sell ijulckly, let us hiivet par- 
ticulars. We make quick sales where price 
1» right. .National Realty Co.. 1232 Gov- 
ernment St. 

RELIABLE and old established real es- 
tate firm with exccpt/.inul facilities for 
getting sales sollclt« subdl vl.iliin properties 
on Vancouver iwland. If you want quick 
results write Box 4303, Colonist. 

\■\7'^^"'" '■''••'• "' once, (julck sale, good 
' ' building- Lot, between .Moss and Cook 
pout'h .VIny St. A. D. Malet & Co., 403-404 
Central Bld g. ; p hone 3235. 

ryANTKP. fr«rp cr.-ner« only. I to~~20 
»» Acres Fanning Land, within 16 miles 
of Victoria, near rnll-A-Ay. Improved or other- 
wlge; lowe s t ca sh prk'e. Box 4674, Colonist 

\ t r A N T E D— 1 t o 20 a c i"^"~hu iTa w7~f o7 
» ' dairy ranch; will pay up to $150 i)er 
acre. Must be reasonably dose to Victoria. 
Owners only. Box 404 1. Colonist. 

U».\.NTEU — To purchase first-class agree- 
ments of sale on Victoria property up 
to any amount ; must be absolutely sound. 
Yeoman ft Pllklngton, McCallum bldg.; 
phone 4292. 

r\7ANTED— A Lot In Fairfield Estate from 
TT owners or agents, between Cook and 
.Moss .Sts. Box 4707, Colonist. 

tT[7ANTED, ImmPdIately— We are having 
T » numerous Inquiries dally for 4 or 5 
i-oomed Cottages on easy terms. If you 
ivant a quirk sale, let us have full particu- 
lars right aw.iy. National Rbalty Co.. 1I.')2 
Government .St. 

T»7ANTED — Yon- listings oT Esquimau 
T» iiroperty; we have buyen; give descrip- 
tion, price and terms, wm. Dunford A Bon, 
311 Union Bank bldg. 

WANTED for client— One acre or more, 
unimproved, M the north end, within 
five minutes oi; car. Full particulars to 
Hbaw Real Bstatn Co., 302 Pemberton bldg. 


tTtTANTKD — Aut'omoblle for equity In two 
Vt of the best lotr In Courtenay, US feet 
on B. and K. rljfht-of-w-ay, f«-tv feet from 
•tarkm loeatlon. Box 44191, Colonist. 

r ■ " „.,,,,- , .... ^ 

WB hava two rtne hpusea. now ranted for 

Bovasa iTAJrncD 

WA.NTBD. about Jan. 1, a roumlng house 
In good locality that $500 wIP. 
iiundle, balunce to arrange. Htsle full par- 
llcumis 114 tirst letter to Box 4iJ2ti, Coliinnt. 

W^ANTED — Furnished or unfurnished, 
f T modern Iiouse. 9 or 10 rooms. Box 

4496. Colonist 



T 4 34 mmcoe St., neai' Mentles, fur- 
nished, sea view, L>, piano. I'buiiu 

AiieWJy lurnlshed houik-ekeeping room for 
HMUi B'lU Wife, right in town; |io oil rciu for woiin».i to do two nour* 
li^iu work uaily; fuel, light, htui und uam 
nee. 61tf ilullevllie St., opposite J^lWpres* 

CMJMi''ORTABLi£, furnished housa^'xeopli.g 
J luuui 802 Buy St., close in; corner Ua> 
und Ituso; phuau 118172. 

X.^Oli. rent — One unfurnished room. In 
. almost new, und inoderu huusu; goou 
uistrict. Enquire »Uil wuaura. 

I^'^UR rem — i'urnishuu h'>u,.-<!Keftping ruunis. 
X' 974 Flsguard u'.iijet. 

trMJRNlSHED huuaukcaplng room, modern, 
' $10 per n>onth. 1036 HllUlde av. 

At'RNUbHELi housekeeiJing rooms, close In 
and cheerful. 'riie lioyel, 829 Pandora. 


,">!. R.Nl.SliKl.J Housekeeping Room, 1123 
Grant St.. just off Cook, 

inCRNlSHED housekue-ping Rooms; two 
. blocks from Post Ottice. 734 Humboldt 

FURNISHED or unfurnished housekeeping 
rooms to let, 2 minutes from Douglas 
St. car. 760 Topai av. 

HOUSEKEEPING Rooms, suitable for 
business lady. 681 Niagara. 

"pryUSBKBBPING Rooms. 
JJL wood Hd. Phone K4269 

1800 Fern- 


"OUBEKEBPiyO rooms. 832 Fort street 

OUBEKBBPINO Booms to rent. 


HOUSBKBJSPIKQ rooma to rent. 762 
lOUT houseke«ptug room*, SU DaliM rd.; 

U "j>Uuu a "I »ft lH 



ICB housekeeping room; moderate. 
Cook Btreet 


NICELY furnished housekeeping Rooms; 
no objection to children. 738 Hum- 
boldt St. 


SL'tlTE of furnished housekeeping rooms 
for rent; best part James Baj-; near 
car. Terms moderate. 4 Menzles, comer 

rpHREE fumlahcd. also two housekeeping 
-I- roomr, 104 Menzles st'. Phone L315S. 

ryyo Rent, two comfortably furnished house- 
JL keeping rooms, with bathroom. every 
convenience, 1626 Fort. cor.. Belmont Ave. 

TO rent — 3-rooraed furnished suite In new 
modern building: gas range, bath, etc.; 
close in. Phone R3918. 


O Rent — 2 furnished housekeeping rooma, 
1029 Burdette ave. 

ryyo lel — Furnished housekeeping rooms. 
JL 1937 Blanchard. Maplehurst 


lO rent — 2 furnished housekeeping rooms. 
627 Hillside. 

TO Let — Furnished 
gas for cooking. 
t>nk Hay Avenue. 

housekeeping rooms. 
Cor. Richmond and 

riTO Rent — Furnished Light' Housekeeping 
-L Room. 1219 North Park St 

rpo let — Furnished suite of housekeeping 
-L rooms; adults only. 1178 Yates St 

a"K> let, 3 or 4 housekeping rooms. 1845 
Oak Bay ave.. lower flat. 

1"^wp sunny Housekeeping Rooidb; sa», hot 
and cold water. 884 Courtney St. 

aAWO or three furnished Rooms for liouse- 
keeplng, with hot and cold water. In a 
modern house. 117 South Turner St, James 

TWO unfurnished Rooms, with coiklng 
stove, close lo sea, 5 minutes to car. 
40 San Juan Av., James Bay. 

TWO furnished housekeeping rooms for 
rent, near Gorge; close to car; $12 per 
month for two. Box 4 477, Colonist 

WO furnished housekeeping rooms, 
re.isonalile rent. 204 6 Oak Bay av. 


•T) LARGE, furnished Housekeeping Rooms, 
—J light and bath; no children. 1136 Cale- 
donia Av. 

ty FCRNI.SIIEU Housekeeping Roomt. mod- 
^ ern reasonable. 461 Chester St., near 
Cook and Fairfield Rd. 



NICELY furnished room, furnace heat- 
ed. 1121 Fort St. 

A large, well furnished double Room, open 
grate; and two single rooms, with use 
of sitting room; breakfast If desired, or 
housekeeping rooms to refined couple. 1485 
Fort ; phone 2S81. 

ARLI.VJOTON Hooms, R19 Fort it. Steam 
h'-ated, hot and cold running water, 
clothes closets in every room; moderate 
rates. Phone 2842. 

ACOSV room, suitable for two. all con- 
veniences, grate, bath, light, two blocks 
from Parliame nt im Udlng; 429 Perry »t.. Just 

BK.-VND new, furnished 3-roomcd Apart- 
ment Suite, 4 Bellevue Court. Oak Hay, 
block from sea and car. Take car to Bond 
Station and Uellevue St. 

BUSdNESS lady wants to s-haro largo 
front room with another business 
lady, single bed, open lire place. 1260 
Fort St., corner Moss. 

■COMFORTABLY' furnished front Room,, 
.lultablo for two, 209 Meniles St 

10MF0RTABLE furnished rooms to rent 
opposite Park. 920 Humboldt St. 

C10MF0RTABLB bedrooms In private 
J family; single or double; $2.60 week. 
34 4 Niagara at 

OR Rent — Superior furnished Bedroom, 
open fireplace; no other roomers. 1326 
Stanley Av. 




IT^URNISHED front Room, new 
light, furnace and telephone. 




Fi:hni.sHED rooms with gas stoves. 
Fort St. 

FUR.VISHBD bedroom for gentleman, 
bath. Three dollars per week. 716 
CoUlnson St. 

iriURNISHED Bedroom, very conveniently 
sltnaled. only two blocks from City 
Hall. $10 per mouth. Apply 723 Herald St. 

FURNISHED Rooms. 140 Menzles St. car 
parses door; use of sitting room; break- 
fast if desired; bath, tiectric light. Phono 
R3964. _^ 

FRONT Room, furnished, all conveniences, 
fireplace, use of piano, double block 
from car. 16 minutes from City Hal;. 
Phone, evenings, R3488. 

^ (./LLIISS, I2« Michigan; conifortable 
-Q- room, breakfast, furnace. Phone 


HOTEL Dunsmuir, VJOH Fort St. Is 
now under first class management; our 
patrons find everything comfortable and 
homelike at reasonable rates; running water, 
telephone and clothes cibinits In all rooms; 
plenty hot water and heat; plenty good 
bath; location eiccelirnt; near opera house 
and P. C. and all places of business. Geo. 
B. Parry, Pro prietor. 

JAMB8 Bay — ^^Comtortable room, hot and 
' cold running water. , Jeamond HouM, 
697 SImooa st. 

LARaK front room, #lth fireplace or heat- 
ing atova, suitable {or two ladles, or 
two gentlemsn. fll Blanchard at _____ 

NBWIiT furnlabed room* In madam home, 
furnace, 12 ' minutcK to post office. 
401 Ch««ter av. .FalrfUtd. * 

TO LET— rtlRNISHBD B9OM8— (tent'd. 

and run- 
ning water; lurinH $4 pi r week and up. 
Corner of Broad and Pandora. 

rpHB Columbia' — First-class fu 
-*- furnli'hed rooms; steam heat aj 

a"iO Rent — For gentlemen, 2 furnished bed- 
- rootiiB, single and double; furnace heal- 
ed, uU modern coiivenleiux*,- 2 blocks from 
Foul Bay Cur. Breakfast It dcslra'd. 1636 
Chandler Av., off St Charles St., Cit y. 

rpo let — Newly rurntshed rooms. electric 
-»- light, bato, use of sitting room, break- 
fast if required. 1522 Elford street'. 

To let — Parlor-bedroom, use of bath, tele- 
phono and piano. 611 Avalon rd., next 
to Government st, James Bay. 

Two nicely furrtls'hed from rooms to let, 
suitable for gentlemen. Apply 1316 Qua- 
dra it. between Yates and Johnson. 


wo nice, largo ro-jms to rent 616 
Springfield av. 

1AT,V\'ERLY Rooms— 1409 Douglas st, mod- 
'» ern and well furnished; all outside 
rooms; bath adjolnliig every room; steam 
heal. Phone .1290. 

i} FUH>i.^IIEXJ~lioomB lo let. Apply 714 
*^ Klng-j r.5. 

KA Cents per night. $2. 
«jU 1211 Langley st 

00 a week and up. 


Vword to the wise — H-owell, Payne & Co.. 
Ltd., beg to announce that they have 
leiuoved their office from lOlti Douglas St. 
lo 641 1-2 Fort St., between Broad and 
Douglas, where thqy will be in a. bolter posi- 
tion to •ii,*et Lihe lonuirements of their 

ADVERTISER wants to meet business 
mail willing lo share cost of office and 
services o£ sluqographer. Address P. O. 
Box 1493. 

A' UTOS for Hire, day or night Phone 
-Ci- 4-473. _ 

AUSTRIA.N' Velour hate, with Tagcl straw 
trimming. $S. Seabrook Young, 623 
Johnson j^. ' 

BAGGAGE prumptiy oandlsd at current 
rates uy the Victoria. Transfer Co., 
pho ne 129. onieo open night and day. 

/ ' • Building Investments, Ltd.. 

' i to their new offlues Union 

LunK :5iUk.. icoom, 210.^^ _ • ■•' ■_ 


OOKOi eomfortabl*. Tl Lindan av. 

C^REAM. pink, bro-wh, black and blue ■wool' 
J shawls, $2.60. Seabrook Young, 6S3 
Johnson st 


pock feathers and 'invii 
>. Seabrook Youns, i-:i 

/1HIROPODY, American hatrdresslng. 719 

\J Fori St. . 

D-A-ILY Express Paper Bags — ^In order to 
ln-i.iinluce these splendid cooking-bags, 
we have decided to offer tham for Xmas 
tiresenis at very much reduced rales. Com- 
plete outfit, English grids,, book, 100 bags, 
$3.50. Soio importers Gtsb«rt N. Witt & 
Co., McCallum Block, Room i. Phone 3309. 

DRESSMAKING— Cut and fit on latest 
lines guaranteed. Witlklng, reception, 
evening and rest gowns, fancy tailored 
suits, etc. Watts, 707 '^ Yates. 

ENGLISH muslin aprons, afternoon tea 
aprons and colored overalls, from 26c. 
S.'ubrook Young, 623 Jolinaon st 

ENGLISH flannelette, 26c, 3oc per yard. 
Cream casement cloth, 2 yards for 36c. 
Seabrook Y'oung, 623 Johnson st. 

FOR sale — WJi-olesale and retail produce 
business as a going concern; best con- 
nections In town. For par'l''"'»'-ri' apply to 
A. F. Grif fith. 531 Baatlo n. 

INSIDE- business properly for rent — 60x120; 
splendid site for store or theatre. Par- 
tlculors ,1. R. Bowes & Co., Ltd., 643 Fort 
St.; phone 2724. 

LET us keep your books, collect your ac- 
counts and do your correspondence; 
monthly rale. Apply for particulars, P. O. 
Box 1129. 

MADAME -Saretta cures dandrufJ and fall- 
ing hair; baldness a speciality. 216 
HIbben-Bone block. 

MISSES' serge suits, very nicely made, 
from $9. Dresses from $6. Seabrook 
Voung, 623 Johnson St. 

"VfOTICB to Owners — Room Papered $6 
-LN Jind up; material Included. H. M. 
Harris, 276 Superior st 

IJROFESSIONAL Member ol Estate 
Agents' Society — public school and uni- 
versity man ha« been visiting Canada on 
u special inl.tBlon and is returning to Lon- 
don shortly, ivould be v.llling ta undec,tciii« 
txny buslni-as or confidential matters In Eng- 
land, on very reasonalile terms. Reply In 
first case Box 4695, Colonist 

PIT.MAN'S simplified (the royal system of 
8liorth;>nd >. easy to write, easy to read; 
no unintelligible syllables; expert English 
teachers; three indn'ha' course. The Royal 
Shorthand School, 420 Sayward block. 

OCIBNTIFIC Masseuse — Special treatment 
^ tor rheumatism and spinal complaints. 
Homes visited. 2118 Sayward av.. Spring 
Ridge; phone S130. 


TT^OR sale — 100 shares British Canadian 
X: Home Builders, at a sacrlflco; what 
offers. Box 1041. Victoria. 

Ij^Olt Bale — A medlum-slsed Taylor Safe, In 
first class condition; will sell on terms, 
or good reduction for cash. P. O. Uox 1463. 

FOP. sale — Good stable manure, free from 
sawdust Apply J. Richards, 1204 Olad- 
Btone av. ; phone L809t. 

AHDEN mould, principally manure. 18X6 
Oak Bay ave., phone 662. 


MISSaON Oak Dining Room* Suite — As 
new, and other furniture; lOlB Pen- 
dergast St Phone n8883. 

MOTOR-CYCLE — Harley-Davk^aon, 1912 

model, cost with fixtures, $376; will sell 
for $286. Apply P. O, Box 208; phone 2290 

"V^EVV washing machine, with wringer, for 
-i.^ sale cheaai. Apply 1203 Pandora ave. 

TVKQ Gardeners — A quantity of good box 
X. edging for sale; S6S Humboldt st 

ANTED — AC once, some agreements of 
sole. Room 9, Green blk. 


-J Q-J Q E.M.F., In splendid condition, for 
JLi7X>J sale; $1000. Ill Pemberton Bldg. 


AMERICAN family wants roomers and 
boarders. R3267. 

AT St. Helens, Courtney st, single and 
double bedrooms, with board; very 
libo.-al table; English cooking; steam heal- 
ed, electric ligl't baths. Tolephono 4252. 

BO.VKD and room, with flreplaco, in quiet, 
comfortable home, 208 Quebec St., near 

C.l'.R. Wharf. 

' , .— 

OARD and room. lOii McClure st, oft 



BEST table biiuKl, with newly furnished 
rooms, new house, steam lioated, mod- 
ern conveniences, phone, use 9£ parlor; 
reasonable. 2630 cjuadra, ' 

BOARD and room for respectable ybu'ng 
men. 640 Avalon rd . , James Bay. 

CAHALAN— as* Douglas «t. Beacon Hill 
park; tel. 3183. ' 

OUBLB room, -wltJi board, two minutes 
from car line, Coitt and Pandora. 1216 

i *' M < l,ltB.M e tn I' J.. II .'' . 1 - 1.... M ,., ■.,. :■ , — 



HINGLING done. Phone L2098. 

THE .\rt Emporium. 581 Niagara St — 
Picture framing our speciality; see our 
liisploy of calenders. 

rno real estate ogents niiil .Tlhers — 1 have 
X. taken my Oak Bay property off Uie 
market E. Coventry. 

TO Rea.) Estate .■\Kent-a — Lot 4, at the cor- 
ner of Pnlbuk and New Provincial Hdi>.. 
Gordon Head, having been pold. Is with- 
drawn from the market. .V. J-I. Hnrnum, 
1207 I-angley St, opposite the Courthouse. 

allLLlCC.M Grocery— .Mrs. Cralgmyle de- 
sires to thank all patrons for past cus- 
tom, and hopes for a libera! continuance 
of same. Orders will be called for aji usual, 
and will receive prompt altrnilon. 

y'DRKSIIlKK Folk — Don't forget our 
I'nnce. Supper and Kntertninment, nt 
Conn-Jiight HhII. on Tliursilny, 121h, at 
8 p. m.; bring your friends; tickets may be 
had at the Berhlve .Store, Douglai St; 
Victoria Book and Stationery Co.; Army 
and Navy Store. Governrhent St. 


,\ T a bargain: The well known auxiliary 
X\. schooner yacht Tenderfoot; also one 
40 ft auxiliary yawl. Both these boats are al- 
most uc-n-. Several launches sullable for 
work or pleasure. Canoes, etc. Apply, 
Richards & Mackle, Point Elllce Boat Houio. 


NEW typewrite.', cheap; easy terms; 
latest model. Box 3882. Colonist 

BUGtiV, well cushioned, lamps, $50. 
SingU- Harnesa, $15. Double Harness. 
$20. Incubator. 200 eggs. $10. Box 4666, 

EXTRA good Garden Mould, principally 
manure. 1H3« (Jak; Bay Av.; Phono 662. 

[."^OR sale — Second-liHiul Victor 


X mouths old, medium size, price $60 cash. 
[. !0 Johnston st; Phone 2020. 

IpUR .Sale — New laid Eggs, delivered fresh 
twice a week from poultry ranch. 1,000 
laying hens; alcn, 1011 lioxes Apples (kings, 
-■fpy and baldwliisl. $1.00 to $1.60 box; Po- 
tatoe,! at market price. W. B. Hill, Gordon 
Head Rd. 

OlTPBRtOR fumlalMd rooma -averv mib» 

FOR Sale — One De Laval Cream Separa- 
tor, five Cream Cans; also, one single 
Buggy and Hamess. Rey Bros.. Keating. 

iirjOR Kale— Furniture, 6-xoome.d flat mo- 
JL dern. wa»klng distance, nleo on carline; 
rent cheap. Box 4«4B, Colonist 

FOR sale — Thomson shot gun (almost 
new), hunting coat, knitp and case, 
shell bolt and 2 boxes of shells; this whole 
outfit as goi^id as hew, valued nt $86, can 
bn had for $60. Bn<luire at S24 Moss at ; 
phone L116C. 

ijlOR Sale — Agreement on Improved pro- 
perty; $1,000 offer. Box 4657. Colonist 

IpoR sale — Five- passenger Franklin tour- 
ing car. 1910 model; Just been ovar- 
hnul'd; tires new. ' For further particulars 
w rite H. C V. Hai!. P all to hotel. Victoria. 

]7lOR aale— About 2 tims of oat hay, cheap. 
. Hotmea, Strawbertyya|«. 

FURNISHED roomi, board and aultes. 
Apply 1251 Pandora ave. 

IT^URNISHED room, with board, close to 
. Beacon Hill; private family; terms mod- 
erate. 614 Niagara at 

Jj\URN.A.CE heated single and double rooms, 
- -with boara, also excellent table board 
at 1255 Pandora Ave.; phone L3563^ 

URNACB heated rooma and board at 1128 
Emprsiss avenue. 


IARGE Room, with board. In refined Eng- 
-i Ush home; suitable ter single genllemen 
or two friends; every convenience; terms 
moderate. 1175 Fort St, cor. Linden A v. 

LARGE Room, with board. In refined Eng- 
.llsh home, for single gentleman; close 
In. Hex 4676. Colonist 

MOUNT Pleasant — 1131 Mears st, near 
Cook, facing Hockland av. ; every 
modern convenience and attention; well fur- 
nished; excellent cuisine; select patronago. 
Mrs. A. E. Green, proprietress; phone R835. 

JICE furnished room, with board, tor 
two gentlemen. 1131 Pandora. 


ORMIDALE — English cooking, Room and 
Board, $7.60 per week. 1308 Stanley 
Av.. corner Fort 


OOM and board for two gentlemen. 121 
• South Turner st 

FOR sale — Motor cycle .(twin erltw$«ri 
fully vftu^lpped wjth preat-o-mie t*nli,v 
l»mp< , tandem seat, etc; 4 tnoitt^* ott. Md 
In Rood 00<iaHt0h: at l#ak thftn «i ooat artna 

ROOM and partial board In private family, 
fully modern house, home comforts. In 
the best part of the city and close lo cars. 
Phone 1995. 

1">0'>.M and board. 44 San Juna -Vve.. 1 
A' .James Bay. 

ROOMS, with or without board, terms 
moderate. Mrs. McLeod. 1116 North 
Park st 

TyyO Rent — 2 furnished double Rooms, wItK 
J- breakfast. In select family. Box 4581, 

VACANCY' for two boarders; best Eng- 
lish cooking. 1621 Quadra St Phone 

/:»;'TO Niagara 61. — ^Nicely furnished Rooms 
'J<JO and Board. Hooms are amply 
large enough for two. Moderate rates. 


FOUND — On Thursday, the 6th Inst, Seal- 
skin Collar. Owner may have it by 
paying for advertisement al Colonial Office. 

Ij^OUND — Dog. Owner can have same by 
proving ownership and paying expenses. 
-McKio, Harriet Road, east of Burnslde 

inOUND — Some time ago, a handbag con- 
taining money and concert tickets. 
Owner can have iame by proving properly. 
Apply Colonist office. 

IOST. Dec. 0, 1912. small gold Wxtch and 
■i Fob; Initials H. E. O. Reward It re- 
turned to Hox -I63H, 1. olonist 

LOST, lar.1 Friday or Saturday, In Empresi 
ilotel, or some office or store, small 
black Pocket Diary, 1913; $2.00 reward. 
I'hone L912, 

LOST — Between Post Office and Johnson 
St. on Government, 5 tickets for York- 
shire dance. Finder please return to Bee- 

LOST, Monday night gold nugget Stick 
Pin between Government St and Col- 
lons Camp, Uplands. Finder return to 

timekeeper at Uplands and receive reward. 

LOST — W,A. gold Badge. It returned to 
E. A. Woods, 1028 Pandora Av., 60c re- 

LOST — Day of St. 'Mary's sale. Cathedral 
School, Mink Muff. Please return 1126 
Richardson St.; reward. 

IOST — Sunday evening, a $10 Canadian 
■i Bank of Commerce Bill. Reward, Box 
4583, Colonist 

LOST — On Wednesday night 1 shoe, pat- 
ent leather Oxford ties. Phone L2783 

LOST — Strayed; or stolen, lemon and white 
pointer puppy. Anyone found harbor- 
ing will be prosecuted. 

LOST — Knight of Columbus charm; reward. 
Box 4474, Colonist 

LOST— Woodmnn'i charm, gold mounted, 
with ths Initials "W.O.W." engraved 
on it The finder U asked to return It to 
U L. OuptiU. at the Transfer Stables. 

LOST — On Thursday night. either on 
Douglas St. car, Yates rt nr Princess 
theatre, a lady's small black leather purse 
with large sum of money enclorcd (owner 
can HI afford to lose same). Reward on 
phoning to L2844. 

IOnT — Monday afternoon, on Linden, Fort 
■i or Douglas sts. a long bar, set with 
rhino "tones. Uciurn to Miss Fleming, 
707 H Y'ates st; reward; phone LSIOO. 

LOST — On Saturday, a sum of money at 
or between Spencer's and Clay's. Tel. 


<J-ritA,YET) away from 1623 Pembroke st, 
^ a field spaniel bitch, 6 months olu 
color, dark liver and white, llver-eolored 
ears and head, few spots on nose. Finder, 
please n otify Mr. F. Hatcher, phone R2141. 

STRATBI>— Oh Monday, a grey Jeraey 
cow, medium Slse, horns fairly large 
and wall rounded, dark face, body lighter. 
Purohasad from McLean, Esq., of Saanlch. 
She may hava cons In th* diractton of 
Colwood. Information leading to her re- 
covery will abllge the owner, who will pay 
any ex pense Incurred. XX. C olfnlst oftlca 

WILL the person who was aaen taking a 
bicycle from the back of. the Burrldga 
Mercantile Store, on Friday, Dec. <, kindly 

return s*m« find sava furtbar treubieT 

.._ — «. — . .. I — '^ I III. II , 

WILU party *ho took 9*Foel t>y mistaka 
frooi BtorMida p«m. ear, laavlng 
t.iwn. plaaae ratwrn Mti»« tn & C. BUactrlo 
oifioe a nd »»ya |>H!ttig>r inqotriaaT 

ILL thi 'mtirtif wjtt. tqok lady« win- 
brelte. Ml liwBday (ram tha detlk itt 
Post KAtax,, 'mWtk.VtaxMm an wiidMTa at 
•«H. A." MidiNMrad. v^M «Im timm-to^ 


A MOTOR cycle wanted, must ba in good 
running order; owner state cash terms, 
etc. Apply Box 8826, Colonist. 

IjlMPTY Boxes, 12x12x18 Inches or more, 
■i not less; about 100 wanted In souua 
condition; thickness H-li inch. Write H. 
Harris. Cobble Hill. 

ROOFING Paper and Compositions fof 
outside, also good bul.ldlng papers for 
Inner worlt Oamplei, quantities, weights 
and quotations wanted by H. Harris, Cobble 

Hill. ' 

SCRAP brass, copper, sine, lead, east Iroo. 
sack! and all kinds of bottles and rub- 
ber; highest caih prices paid. Victoria Junk 
Agency, ICtO Store st ; phone 111- 

YI7ANTBD, to rent or buy, 3 second-hand 
T» barber chair. Give description, etc. 
Box 4682. Colonist. 

Y\7ANTED — 2 or 1 second-hand leather 
Vt Travelling Bags, by a lady. Apply 
P. O. Box 208. Phono 2290. 

ITI/ANTBD— Tuition In Higher Mathe- 
TT mallei. Astronomy, etc, Apply, stal- 
ing terms, lo Box 4601, Colonist. 

WANTED — To buy berried and unberrled 
holly. State price and quantity. Van- 
couver Floral Co., lOh Uasltnga st, W., 
Vancouver. B.C. 

\\TANTED— A Trlcyole with gasoline or 
T T electric power, to be fitted with box 
for peddling domestic articles. Apply, with 
full purticulars, to Tricycle, care of General 

VyANTED-— Wo want to Invdet $3000~ In 
TT first-class Agreements of Sale. Beck- 
ett, Major & Company. Ltd. 


AN old established Mercantile Business, 
preeonl motahly Jules avori'.ge $10,000 
monthly; owner Hiahea lo retire from active 
business; will bear strict iiivestlgatlon. For i 
liarticulars apply Box 4670, Colonist. 

SNAP — Small rooming house, close in; 
always full. Owner, 44 S9, Colonist 

BRICK Manufacturing — Thoroughly Prac- 
tical Claymaker, highest references, 
has be?t opening on the Coast, also aonie 
capital; will you Join me in developing a 
plant which wll! pay enormous dividends; 
no promotion scheme entertained. Box 4667, 


AIRDALB Puppies — Parents pedigree. Im- 
ported by myseii direct from the ken- 
nels of Major Kluhaidsoii, Harrow, Bnglcnd, 
the well known war, police and walcn dog 
breeder. Write; L. H. Snapter, Port W««h- 
iDgton, B.C. 

p~^OR sale — -Young nanny goat. Ill* Farn- 
-s- wood rd. 

li^OR sale — Good horse, buggy and hamaaa, 
-C suitable for delivery or hack; gentU and 
reliable; horse woman can drive. Vurtbor 
partkulurs address Harry T. Welsh, Paravu 
Urldgc, B. C. 

1;i>Ult Sale — «o pair Homers; these blrda 
■ are worth looking at 2221 Farnvtood 
Rd.. City. 

FOR Bale — Team good. young Horsea 
suitable fur delivery rig, weight 1,200; 
owner has no work tor them to do. Apply 
Bray's Stables, Johnson St. 

FOR Sale — White Pomeranian Pupplea and 
Persian Kittens. Apply French'a Uaa- 
ugcrle, Saanlch Rd. 

I.'^OR aale — Just arrived, two car loads of 
heavy draft horses. 1,500 lbs. to 1,800 
lbs., Just out of work; sound and true lo 
work. Apply City Livery, '726 Johnson st 

lAOR sale — White Urplngiuns and White 
-T Wyanduiios, about 200 pullets March, 
-Vprll and -May hatches,, many of them lay- 
ing; also a few choice cockerels, all of Inc 
best egg-laying siralns: also a number ot 
poultry coops, Philo paltcni and half doseii 
Cycle Incubators; price on fowls and sup- 
plies very reasonable for quick sale. How- 
ard .Millar, 1462 Hillside Ave., Victoria, B.C. 

TTVOR Sale — Laying hens and pullets, $1.25 



BEHT little 6-room rooming house right 
close in, will go cheap, • Mettler- 
Reehilng, 32 Green blk., I..I6 Broa d st 

DO you want to make 25 per cent on your 
money? If so, write us and we will 
.ihow you to your own sailsfaxMlon that you 
can do this In this manufacturing business; 
J2.'),000 worth ot orderj on hand; $14,000 
more capital needed; this Is to be put Into 
the business. Address Box 4402, Colonist 

FOR sale — Tailor shop, doing good busl- 
nesc. Apply 676 Yalos at, or 961 
Johnson »t. 

IT^OR sale, by owner, rooming house, pay- 
ing handsome profit; good reason for 
selling; central location; 36 rooms. Box 
4443, Colonist 

IT^OR Sale: Grocery business In Port An- 
. geles, $1,500; lerms, 14 cash, balance 
ono and two years. Three year lease at 
$40 per month. Location the best Goods 
invoice $4,300. Box 4512, Col onist. 

i[^OR sale — 1^-lon motor truck. In first 
class condition. Apply Box 4387, Col- 

TAOR saU — Wholesale and retail produce 
-T buslnesy os a going concern; best con- 
nection In town. For particulars apply to 
A. V. Griffith, 631 Bastion. 

GENTLEME.N'S boarding house for sale — 
12 rooms elegantly furnished, clos» In. 
only $500 cash needed; a money-maker for 
some one. British Columbia Investments, 
I>td., 63C View St. 


■I-'-'- lo your localliy, when the mail oi-der 
system will extend it to any part of the 
globe. I have studied this progressive 
method, and can show you ho-«' to double 
jour turnover with the minimum expense 
In the least possible lime. Write for ap- 
pointment. Mall Order, 184 Howe St. 

MEDICAL — Good class practice for sale 
In pleasant residential locality, Van- 
couver Island. Apply Box 4468, Dally Col- 

ArOTHER Country calling me, must leave 
itX soon; -R-IU sacrifice Confectionery Busi- 
ness. I'hone 3B26. 

I3ARTNER, with, small capital, restaurant 
and outside business. Call 616 John- 
son St. 

ROOMING house, right In centre of town. 
26 rooms, completely furnished, hot and 
cold water In each room; bath and toilet 
on ea-oh floor; no agents need apply. Apply 
749 Vi Fort St.; phone 3434. 

TX/'ANTED — Manager to lake charge ot 
» » stationery business; a*man with so-me 
capital preferred; sts^e experience and sal- 
ary expected. Apply Box 4666. 

■»\7.\NTBD — Medical Practitioner for Clay- 
* T oquot .Sound, West Coast Vancouver 
Island. Minimum Income ot $1200. .-^.pply 
for full particulars lo C Wllberi A. Drader, 
Secretary of Medical Committee, Toflno, 

B. C. ■^__ 

rXJILL sell my rooming and boarding 
>» House for $60 cash; answer quick. 
Phone R82o7. 


HOUSE for rent — 8-room house, Glad- 
stone ave., $40 per month. E. R. 
Stephen & Co., 1007 fJovernment st 

^EWLY furnished home for sale, cheap; 
Jol rent $80. Apply Owner, 826 Urough- 
ton St. 

"VriNE-ROOMED House lo rent ivHh gar- 
-i-T age, on car line, good locality, $66 per 
month. Phone 2823. 

13ARTI^Y furnished house, Langford Lake. 
Apply Box 4529 , Phone R1611. 

SIX-ROOMED House to rent 3»1 Phoenix 
Place; call after 6 p. m. 

a'XHREE-roomed House to rent on Alblna 
St., 5 minutes from Gorge car line. 
Apply Tllllcum Grocery. 

TO Rent — Six-roomed House. Howe St., 
Fairfield, near car; $80 jier month; Im- 
mediate possession. Wm. Dunford A Son, 
Ltd., 311 Union Bank Bldg. 

TO Let — New 4-roomed House on Inver- 
neis St. at $25 per month; would lease 
for one or more years. ITnlon Heal Estate 
c'o., phone 2709. 

TO Rent — F'ourToomed Cottage; $20; fur- 
niture for sale. Apply Davles & Sons, 
556 Yates St 

TO Rent — 8-roomed House, In good condi- 
tion, on Quadra .St., $36 per month, or 
$40 with large stable. Knott Bros. & 
Brown, Ltd., Yates and Blanchard. Phone 


TO Let — Two 4 roomed houses, on Scott 
ave.. near Haultaln; also 6 roomed 
house, near Hlllsldo car. Apply 2690 Cedar 
HIU road. 

rpo let, 1827 Hollywood Crescent. Foul 
-L Buy; rent $45 per month. S. G. Foof- 
ner, P. O. Box 994, or 320 Central Building, 

O Let — S-roomed House. $25. 760 

Market street. 

TO let — 6-roomed house In Highland dlt- 
trlct, 7 miles from Colwood station. 
Rox 4284, Colonist 

3 NEW T-roomed houses on Oliver Ave., 
one mlpute from Rurnslde car. Rent 
$40 per month, rity Land Co., Ltd., 130 
Pemberton Bldg., Phone 1878. 


At or i-roomed Cottage, or Bungalow, 
ciraful tenants, close In; state tarma 
to Box 44tl, Colonist. ■ 
■ ■ I I I 1 1 1 1 I II. 

rpo L«aa« for 1 jraar or more, ik 4 or S 
-L room, miidarn bungalow, not to far out. 
Boat 44M. CoionUt. - 

WANTED to Rent-— Modem house, f or 10 
room*, furnished or unfurnished. Box 
44 »t. CoV>ntgt. 

XX/AKTBO^To rent, i room bungalow, 1% 
■Sy AtllvtM «f p. O. Haply T- C. Kliartvn, 
P. O. Bttx <lt. 

' ■ " ",»« ' ■!» ■ I' iill ■ III I - I I ' ■ n il II 

WaNTBGM* ar T rtMtoMd hotwa l»y Jan. 
; 1-:- rant ai<td«Mta}'- l«3»;„!tV(Ck.- SR. -- ' . 


each. T. M. Bird, .Maplo St., Maywood 

P. O. 

FOR Bale — A xory choice pedigree Hol- 
steln bull, 4 months old. Apply George 
Clark, Sidney, B. C. 

C^ OOD ranch Horse for sale. Apply after 
T 5 p.m., 1809 Foul Bay Rd, 

HAVING selected our 6. C. W. Leghorn 
pullets for the egg contest w« have 
about two dozen more for sale; also a 
cock and cockerel, both prlzewlnneri. Wo 
shall make a specialty ot baby chicks, 
hatched from fowls mated for high egg 
records and exhibition qualities. Order at 
once and avoid disappointment. White 
Angora rabbits Just right for Christmas 
gifts. Plnehurgt Poultry Plant, 2138 Bel- 
lOiont .av., . Vletoria. 

HIGHEST pen of Wyandottes In the lay- 
ing contest; second prixe winners; full 
range cockerels, $3.50 each. Geo. D. Adams, 
Box 840, Victoria. 

HORSES for sai>) — Have on hand 10 head 
of heavy horses, also one aaddla horsa. 
Can ba seen al our sale barn, corner 
Cook and Pembroke streets. Stephenson 4b 
Derry, pro pa P. O, Box llg*. FhOBta 
112578 and Y209. 

IF you are Interested In poultry, writs for 
my catalogue. Address L. F. Solly, 
Lakevlew Poultry Farm, Westholme, B. & 
iN, Ry. Breeder of the most profitable 
strains ot White Leghorns and White Wyan- 
dottes, also Pekln Ducks and White Indian 

MARE. 7 years, weight about 1,600, for 
sale, cheap, with dump cart and har- 
ness, $360. n.34 Hillside Av. 


HOPE Island Red Chlcker.s Hot aale. J. 
Browne, 563 Island Rd., Oak Bay. 

TO Trappers — Wanted, Live mink, Irving, 
416 Sayward Bldg. 

^T'ALI'ABLE St Bernard Pup, pure bred. 
Address Box 4701. Colonial. 

\T7ANTED — Good Horse, about 1,300 lbs. 
V> 1021 Cook st 

t^JANTED — Good price given for fat hens, 
» T chickens and ducks. Address Box 
4250, Colonist 

WHITE Orpingtons, Faverolle, Royal 
AN'Tiltc Indian game, Cornish Indian 
game, Sliver Grey Dorkings and Lang- 
shan cockerels for sale: all prlie stock; 
some actual winners; prices from $3. Ma- 
drona Poultry Farm, Gordon Head, Victoria, 
B. C. 

7'OUNG Amazon talking Parrot for sale, 
price $60. Apply 3047 Washington Av, 



AGENTS wanted in everj* town and city 
to handle our patented Duslless Clothes 
ijlne Holders; absolutely new and never be- 
fore on the market; sells on sight In every 
household; send 75c and we' will mall 
sample prepaid, and give particulars. Th» 
Prometheus Importing and Sales Co., 407 
-Vshdown Bldg., Winnipeg, Man. 

ONB rellabla man In a^ery towa to tstka 
orders for best custom-made olbthaa la 
Canada Highest eomnxlsslon. Hex Tailoring 
Co.. LImltad. Toronto. Out 


FOUR gents want two Rooms, with alngla 
beds, house to be healed and cloaa in, 
or need not reply; boiling water for morn- 
tea requlrefl; slate If bathroom or nAt Box 
4669, Colonist 

Ir^URNlSHED housekeeping room wanted; 
close In; state rates. Box 4680, Colo- 

Ij>URNISHED housekeeping room wanted; 
close In; state rates. Box 4610, Colo- 


MARRIED couple want Room and Kitchen 
for housekifoplng, furnished or partly 
furnished; price musl be moderate; no oUII- 
rt-ren. Box 4708, Colonist 

' " • I I' II, ' 

WANTED — Two or three furniahed hottaa- 
keeping Rooma In north-eastern part; 
must be clean. Answer, stating priea, to 
Box 4687, Colonist 

VXTANTED— 2 housekeeping rooms, furalah- 
VV ed or unfurnished, in Oak Bay district. 
Phone 3855 and ask for Mr. Myera. 

\\7 ANTED — Two-roomed Shack; plaaiM 
T T slate location and terma iBox 4t$l, 


TX7ANTBD — Two furnished hoiiMkaapiac 
VV Rooms (bedroom and living room>, 
with gas. cloaa In, in 4ieat«d hoaaa, for two 

business girls. Box 4695, Cotonlat. 


A NICE 8 roomed housa (Jasmea Bay oar 
line) handsomely furnished, to let, with 
lease, to party taking furnttura; a rant 
payer. Box 4646, Colonlat. 

A large Cabin, nicely furniahed, aultabla 
for two, near car and Crialgflotrer Rd. 
Apply 705 Connaught Hd., off Alderman 
Rd., Victoria West 

■n>OR Rent — Fumlfhed Cottaga. aultahla 
X for married i:oupie, 10 minutes' walk 
from Gorg e car. Apply 1112 Johnson St 

FOR Rent — 4-roomad, partly furniahed 
Flat, on corner- of Bmpresa'and Van- 
couver Sts. Inquire 1010 FIsguard St 

FOR rent" — 7-roomed furniahed hotua, 
Mensles at, near 3 car linea, Addr«a 
P. O. Box 1891. 

FURNISHED house, 10 rooma, to ra- 
sponslble party, no small children; from 
Jan. 1. tor about four months. Phon«,'ll11. 

I I II' I II I iii^i . 

TO Rent — Well fiirnlshei), 6-roomed, mod- 
ern House, every convenience, good lo- 
cality; to careful tenant $46 per month. 
Address Post Office Box 1S80. ^ 

-1/y ROOMED House, near North Ward 
"." Park, close to car line; modern and' 
good •furniture. Phone 2181. 


ROOM and bonrd for two genUaUM) 
private family;; central, and honia cvm- 
forta. Box 4 602 Colo nlat ■ 

\"17ANTBD, by young man. room - and >«fk)M 
T> with private English family; Oak Bay 
preferred. • Box 4651, Colonist. 

I. ■ " ■' ' ■■■ ' * " ' " ■' " ■ 

tTITANTED, by two gentleman. tooiA, 
VV double bedded, with board. prtvaM 
family: phone. Address H., P. O. Box tl(. 


WAKTiCI>— By two young , 
and board In private family. J^MrMg 
Box l««0, Colonist. 

■ ■ - ill ' I ' I Vf" I ' I' 1^' 

.«lt7lANTBD by buaineta lady, raoHlr mA 
V* batrd, cloa»^ In; moderate t«ff$ail> iNljl 

•. m i if i Vl ili 

4Stl. Col onla t 

owalstitfii»h^T«dy, pai-uy ftfwMkttiCjL, 

Paris. woOld give French In fm>tt*vm} 
h«a«tt»ttty ^rougti'Dut Januanr- VW •<n4 

cttimiw.. -.1 ' , ■ 1. • ' ,. -L,, . 

„ii » ,i V7 i --ir " " .• ' '•" ' I" '. " ' ' ' ■'i***'****'*;*^ 




I I ii m i i » III II II I w- i tviitiWilWn , 1 ;i.i!|Mi i i ii'.iT i. l i J . ligJggWyflgjWjfR'^WOT'^arW' 


l(*5t^;3j^*fjj:?!5»;^TJi ; ;, 




TO masKT 

rary nice unfurnlahed Flat, (round 
floor.. »1» >!la»ara Si. 

N Offlca to iet. Board of Trade Bldg. 
k. Apply aecretary on the prenil«ea. 

Ij^OR Rant — l-roomcd Flat, to party buy- 
JP inic furniture, »250: ready for houie- 
k«»pln«. Box .46<0, Colonial. 



OB Rent, an office, apply Dr. Oreavea. 
T07H- Fort St. 

ALU. Store to Let. Apply Capital Meat 
Market. 11S2 Htllalde A v. 

OIPORB to rent. (43 Pandora 
a3, Ki 



(round floor office. 

TO rent — Desk room In one of the fineat 
and beat located (round-floor office* 
In ■<>!•) tlly; 4io real eataio; atate nature of 
bwaluef ie. Ap ply Box 1247, Colonist. 

TO Leaae — A (round floor corner In bu»l- 
neaa centre; (Ood locality: aultLble for 
■ tore or jifflce. P. O. Box 810. 

TV Rent — Lar(n, (round- floor Office, with 
vault, centrally located. For further 
particular* apply Uallanilne, Jenklncon & 
Co., 709 Fort St. Ph one 341.5. _ 

fllO Let — Pour Muht and airy Office*, Bteam 
-»- heated, I'.ct find cold watfr; moderate 
rent. Apply P. R. Brown. 1112 Rroad St, 



•UnfurnUhed front rooma, on car 
2085 Chaucer at.. Oak Bay. 


O Let — Front Office, ground floor. Apply 
S70 Johnson St. 


I have 14000 or 15000 to loan on mortgage; 
Inside proi)erly only considered and 
Wharf St. preferred. Box 4B94, Colonist. 

MONEY to loan at current rates, first 
rnortgago Improved City property and 
Oak Bay proojerty. Wise 4 Co,, 108 Pern- 
Ijsrton block. 


301 Fambarton Block 

Phone tin 

OAK Bay — Victoria and McNoUl, corner 
40x112, I16B0; third cash, 6, 12, 18. 

OAK Bay — Cllve drive, tpxlQO, »1800 
third caih, 6, U. IS. 

OAK aay,Hr-0»kland rd,, 
third cash, 6. ISl, 18. 

BO*UO, »H0O; 

CLARKE and Denmao— Pine corner neai 
seml-bualna** area, 46x120, tlSOO; third 
cash, 0, 12, 18. 

CADILLAC and Harriet— Corner, com- 
manding fine view, ."50x112, »800: third 
cash, 6, 12, 18. 

RICHMOND Park — Cowlchan and Kunny- 
meade, 86x130x126, $1850; third cash, 8, 
12. 18. 

FOUL Bay — Facing sea, 70x129, $1800; 
third cash, 6, 12, 18. 

AULTAIN St. — Flni lot, southern 
aspect. 40x100; only t960: third, 6, 12, 



TRACKAOB, V. & 8. — CJoae In, 210x120, 
38250; t'hlrd, 8, 12, 18, 24. 

— 5-roomrd bungalow, 
close to can?, $25 per month. 

rvyo rent — 5-roomrd bungalow, modern 

MONEY to loan; first mortgage. Im- 
proved city real e.itate. A. R. Sher- 
wood, 12.1B Qovernment St., Victoria, B. C. 

MTONEY to loan and agreements for sale 
x»X thought. Apply E. A. Harris & Co., 

1013 Douglas at. 

WE have $3O0d to Invest fii gooa" agree- 
ments of sale, Beckett, Major & Co., 
Ltd., 643 Fort St.; phones 3515 and 29e7. 

WE have $10,000 of clients' money to 
lend on discounting agreements of sale; 
only city property considered, and title 
■ u*t be clear, MacFarlane & Phelan, Bar- 
rl»t6r.s. 105 UnlQn Ban k Hldg. 


TEACHERS- Wanted for Junior grade tvork 
In the Prince Rupert Public Schools; 
salary $90. per month; dutla* to eommence 
January S; applicants will please state ago 
and experience; applications close December 
19. W. D. Vance, Secretary, P.O; Box 428. 

Y\7ANTED— Teacher for Metchosln School, 
» » salary $60. Apply Secretary' Metohosin 
P. O. 


Rooma 189 and 130 Peraberton Block 
Phone 1863 

A.MPHION St., Juat off Oak Bay— Fine 
building Lot. $2500. $7r 

700 caph, very 
easy terms. 

ON Burnslde far line, close In — Nearly new 
S-roomhouso on corner, $5500, on terms; 
also one block of oar lino. Ane 6-rooih 
residence, new, fitted with every conveni- 
ence, $5500, on good tern>». 

ST. Patrick st. — Between McNeil and Cen- 
- trai, beautifully treed, large 
on terms. 


NINE splendid buildings lots on 1 H mile 
circle, $925; quarter cash will handle. 

VXJB control the flneat gubdlvlalon proposl- 
VV tlon on the market, most beautiful 
acreage In Gordon Head at scap prices; 
come In and Investigate. 

MOSS St. — Between Faithful and Dallas, 
fine, high lot, $2300, on terms. 

NORTH Rampahlre — Four large lots. 31700, 
on teiuns. 

"]^BWPORT Ave. — Two very large lots. 
-i.^ beautifully freed. $2000 each, on terms. 

DYS-iiBT St.. overlooking Gorge: fine wa- 
ter view. Fine large Lot. Only $1350, 
1-3 cash, 6. 12, 18. 


V^. Miller Ulgga 

5 ACRES, with 3-roomed house, on Sooka 
harbor; about HO feet waterfront; 1 
acre slashed and partly olearad. aoll eX' 
cellent, timber good; backs on tu new road; 
good timber runway for boatinc splendid 

3(\-t ACRK3, close to waterfront, with 
•m'J- frontage on new road; uncleared; 
■pUndid timber and soil; $400 cash, or $4*0 
Id two payments. 


OMB fine 10-acre lota, suitable for 
poultry ranches. |C0 per acre. 


Okk Bar Office, 19<( Oak Bay Aveaa* 

(Corner Poul Bay Road.) 

Phone 4350. 


LOT with unsurpaased view, 41x215x206; 
arbutus trees In foreground. Price 
}I,IOO; third caah. balance 6. 12, 13. 

BKAOHWAT Ave. — Nice level lot, close to 
car, 70xlt0. Price $3,400; term* third 
caah.-tMlanca 6, 12, 18. 

NEAR Upland* — Lot* with beautiful view, 
t#o block* from new car line on highest 
part ot Cadboro Height*, 60x120 to lane, 
llfOO; third ca*h. 67.1x130x131x138 to lane. 
$2000; Quarter caab. 

WB can (lv« you a large choice of homa- 
•Itea In this d«*trat>le locality. 

OIiTMPIA ava., eortrtr of Cadboro Bay 
r^., lOzlIO to lane; price tSfOO; ueual 

Ot.TMPIA ava, — Nica oaka on thi* prop- 
arty. (0x151x63x143; price $1800; usual 


1133 Broad St 

Ufa iBaoranea. Fira iDauranea^ 

M oil ar to Loaa. 


OUTER Wharf — ^Bcst buy. Willing to 
sacrifice house and lot, one block from 
water, cloae to trama. Offers wanted. 


1342 Governraeul <t. TelapbOB* 3<(>. 

GORDON Head — Fine ae& 
all cli^ared and plaiHai 
$2bCu; $1000 cash. »>^ 


§07 Central Building. Phona llll. 

-pURNSlDE av., 471116. 11.400, 

CBCONO 81., 30x105, $650. 

QBCOND at., 40x106, $960, 

TJEGI.N'A av. and Lurllne, 69x148, $900. 

BLACKWOOD av.. 60x108, $1,250; $325 
cash, balance 1, 2. 3, 4 and 6 year*. 

/"4BDAR Hill rd., 40x200, $1,575. 
A CTON *t., 40x120, $1,826. 

GLANFORD av., 60x116, $560; $50 only 
to handle. 


Real Estate and Financial Agent. 

Mahon Uldg., Government ft., Victoria, B.C. 

Tei#i>huiii, 1749, 

rpWO all modern, new houses to rent on 

(Quadra at. 


A GOOD lot on Reglna at., at $800, 

rpHRES good lota on Walnut st, $1000 


no Impri 
.cl o ia.ta . i rftllw a y . M flft nnr . fttirft 

_^^„ „ ' J ^ ; g!g*!! i »^>,*r ■ . '\.±:^A flafiAliilKZRE! Rd.-Lot eoxisa.- house with 

p^OLWOOD— 60 acr«ii.'?W SiMllia, 3»MHIiy ■ "^aBPrwSm* and Ian 

V-^ improvements. $800 per acre: runnlnf 
stream on property: soma heavy timber. 

car line.. 100 feel wattrfrolrf.' tartSdIng 
a good business.- $30,000. 

T^SQULMALT harbor— Two 

CORNER Pandora, Maple and Ash »t,, 
four large lots, 240 feet frontage, one 
block from car; price only $8400; a good 
site for building stores. 

BEAUTIFUI. 10 acres, all cleared, new P- 
roomed house, barn, all under oulMva- 
tlon, fenced; close to church and school; 
$7500; third cash. 

\ LSO 3.1 acres at $125 per acre. 
^V a good buy. 

This !3 

BBEOHER Bay — 160 acres; price only 
tS.'iOO; close to .lea. ThI? Is for five 
(lays only. 


Real Estate and Financial Agent 
731 1-2 Fort Street Victoria, B. C. 

BETHUNE Av. — 2 LotF, each 50x120, high 
.and leveJ, near carllne. Price $1050 

aach. Specially good terms arranged. 

/ 1ADBORO Bay — 5 Acrea exceptionally 
^~J fine subdivision prop<?rty. nicely treed, 
with view of sea. high and dry. Price only 
13000 per acre. Cash $3000. Terms very 

/"CORDOVA Bay — 3 Lots. 60x120; good soil, 
V.^ no rock. Price $40O, 1-3 cajh, balance 


Real Estate, Financial & Insurance Agent*. 

A. R. Langley, Manager. 

Room 212. Central Building. Phone 3064, 

P. O. Box 810. 

137, $4 

and Topaz — Double corner, 



Seven-roomed house, 
$5, £00. 

overlooking Selkirk water* — 
on lot 96x132, 

LEE av. — Eight-roomed tnodern house, 
cement basement, piped for furnace, 

■DROOKE St.. lot 66x110, $1,800. 


Real Estate and Inaurance. 
Cowlchan Station and Cobble Hill. 

Of* ACRES, 8 cleared. 8 acres partly 
OU cleared; good 8-roomed house, stable, 
small orchard, water by gravity; two mile* 
from station; price, $9,000, on terma 

ft(\ ACRSB — 3 acres cleared, 6 acre* naar- 
\J\J ly cleared; small house, water by 
gravity from running atream; 2 miles from 
station; price $6,600, on terma. 

f)A ACRES light bush, very easily cleared, 
*^" all good land, good spring; 3 mile* 
from station; price $125 per acre, terms. 

-| OA FEET on. Quadra St., $12,600; terma 


. 1016 Oovftrnm<" i 

TH.B tt3C HuMJ!^ 

-JQl/ ACRES — 17 acre* cleared; limall 

XO/^ house and stable, good water; 3 

miles from station and 1 mile from aea; 
price $6,600, terma. 



UcGregor BIk.. Cor. View and Broad 

House Phone XX3133. Fhona 923. 

FOR 4alek mU« — Radumd from |*,(oo to 
f4,S00; MYan-roomad house on Grant 
«t, Wltlk IMTS* lot llxKi; thi* houae ranta 
tot M( ud U » b*r«Un. 


<M|t> Mai Ouar Point Ra*I Satata Ofllca 
faaka, B, c. 

ACMM harbor (rent. lUiOO*. 

& I 


5ACK9S ■•• (ttmtt houaa. (nniltiir% 
•kMkMi% % U*», 

lent ^^'^'°* "^ "^*' "*'**** 

*A ACKlW «w>ka rfvar. b«m% aUMaa, ata.. 

■»■ iil m i III ■ . I ' ll 

nhy n <iAiiNn(:R<^ 


Sti TfWl — ^"a 1°' Roaa st, (aea view); 
qllX i V/U Foul Bay car cloae to; third caab 
and rerm*. 

OnnrvA — corner in Falrtlald, cloaa ear 

(Cambridga at.); third caali 

and temiia 

AM orkA— Lot 48x173, Arnold at.; third 
^-a-UUV caah; ua'ual term*. 

a^OQKA— 'VV*nin(ton av., Fairfield. 60x143; 
qP^OtJU 1-3 ca*h and terma. 

SS, eloaa to botii 
Baanichton; |4fO par acra. 

Syr ACRBS, eloaa to both railways, 

1 inCi '^(^'(BS — Heimcken dtatrlct, ftna land 
XUvf on Kokailah rlvar, old Crown (rant; 
only 116 p«r aora; amal) eiuih paymant. 

(if\ ACRBS — row mlhutoo from Cobble Hill 
Ul/ atatlcte; |T6 par acre; l-t caab, balance 
(. IS and II. 

K(\ ACRBfl. f',..'wnl«an dtatrlct; «ood rod 
0\J loam, light cleartna, fronta oa-read. 
cloaa to atatlon and poat MRoa; |TI Mt aora; 


-| QA ACRBS, Joining nuiwar aaar Coblil* 
l.ij\J Hill; |Y6 par aora: tarma. 

R. 6. MELUN 

aooKB MMkt. BltA^rs orlntca 

SOOK8 aaatroat f a j . «> mtw with » 
ttuagtar of a miia w«t«r(r««Usai b«aa- 
tuul viaw and attsstiaai lilt yar *era. 

large hall and bathroom; 
faaiement, furnace, and all modern conveni- 
ences for $6750, on easy terms. 

/■ \HPHANT St.— Lot 

Ith 6 rooms; concr.i.- ..i^. ment. piped 
for furnace, and all modern convenience*, 
for $5250, on easy terms.' 

TOPAZ Av. — Corner lot, 60x104, Bu,ngaIow 
wltH 6 rooms downstairs and 3 rooms 
unfinished upstair*; concrete t>nBement and 
foundation, cobble stone pillar In front, 
piped for furnace, and with all nvidern con- 
veniences, for $4 769, on easy terms. 


Heal Estate. Timber, ■ Mine* and Coal iJinds 

Phone 2999,- - -. P.O. Box 660 

121. 125 and 128 Peraberton Bldg-., Victoria 
V'^ancouver Office, Winch Uldg, 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

/^AKMOT'NT Ay. — 50x120; $600. 

HARBINGER Av. — Mo.)ern House, 50x150; 

^"\NTARIO SC. — 80x120; $3700. 
-VrATES St.- 

DALLAS Rd. — 100x165; 


-Full-Sized Lot; $16,000. 
good buy 
St. — Inside of Oswego 


/"■CORNER St. John and Quebec St*. — Best 

buy at the money: $12,500. 

from Dallas Hotel 

132 ft. frontage, 

1 block 

60 acres at 

^AANICH. adjoining railway, on ' line of 
•O development, all cleared, 
$700 per acre. 

"T7<D.MONTON Rd.- 

-5-rooTned House; $1000. 

i LrH.\ .St. — Good House and three Lnls; 
XX $9000. 

COR. Belmont and Edmonton Rd, — Bun- 
ga.]ow; $3200. 

"VTINB St.— Bungalow; $3100. 

IJORT Hardy — The northern terminus of 
the Vancr)uvGr I.-sJand railways. Consult 
us before buying or selling. 


Members of Real Estate Exchange. 
123 Pemberton Block. Phone 3766. 

ARTISTIC and beautifully finished bunga- 
low, containing six rooma. on large 
lot f92xl25>. with every modern convenience, 
In one of the beat residential localities In 
Victoria; price $5.i60; H cash, balance 
arrange. ' 

LINKLEAS av.— Fine lot. 60x120; price 
$1,360; 1-3 casb, balanga arranged. 

ARNOLD av., only two lot* from car; 
price $1,650; 1-3 ca*h. balance 6, 12 
and 18 month*. 

QA ACRES, with good watorfrontage. In 
^\j beautifully sheltered bay; fine view of 
the Olympics and surrounding country, with 
one of the best sand beaches near Victoria; 
3U the Metchosln rd., and close to the now 
C. N. R. line; this property Is suitable for 
subdivision purposes, or for country resi- 
dences, being an Ideal summer resort; price 
$12,000; term* arrange. 

FINE lot on Lilian rd., 50x106, $1,760; 
easy terms. 


7 Brtdginan Bldg.. 1007 Government Bt. 
Tel. 1479. 


EST Bay— Stanley St., one Lot; $2000. 



ORTH Sftanleh— lOMi Acres on Breed"* 
cross-'roftd, with, commanding view; 

OAK Bay — Nl^e-roomed, new House In 
Granite R.^.. with good view of sea; 
$9000. Nlne-roomod new tlouae on Pleasant 
Av. One- half Acre on Beach Drive. 

YATBfi St., between Douglas and Blanch- 
ard, 60 feef frontage at only $1860 a 


SaeeesBora to tha Brain Realty Co. 
1106 Oovornment St. Pkoaa Hi. 

NEW, four-rootned hnuca; bath, toilet, 
full concrete baaement and foundation, 
water, wired for aleotrio light, on a large 
lot. 61x128; price t2,700; only |IOO caah, 
balance to arrange. 

Y\TB have a lot. on Priocaa* «v., lOxliB; 
VV thla la a anap at. (3,800; ottcquarter 
caah wiu handle; balanoo- to- arran(«i 



111 PambartoD Bl«c. Pbona till. 


ACRES near Pumping Btatioa. 

IT^INB houae, with over 4 aerea ot land. 
In SaanlcU, all cleared. 4 mlnutaa walk 
from aea, beautiful ahnlter bay, an Ideal 
■pot; reuaonable price and term*. 

TWO acre* on Foul Bay rd., beautiful 
building alte, or- for aubBlvtalon. 


Tenders will be received by the under- 
signed for the construction of that portion 
of the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway 
kn.<<wn in the Lulu Island Branch, extending 
Iruni a jiOliii gn the East Boundary of Sec- 
tion 11, BlocS i North. Range 4 Weat, to a 
point on the West Boundary of Section 12, 
Hlock 3 -North, Range 7 West, a total dla- 
taiice of ap|)roxlmately 10.2 miles. 

Tenders to Include Clearing, Grubbing, 
Grading, .Bridges, Treslios, Culverts and 

< 'onlractors will be required to submit two 
alttriiHilve bids for tha Grading, based upon 
tile following ilasslflcatfons: 
"A" — Solid Rock. 
Loose Rock. 
Hard Pan. 
••B"— Solid Rock. 

All other material. 

I'lans, profiles, specifications and form of 
I'ontract may be seen, and forms of Tender 
obtained at the offKes of Mackenzie. Mann 
*, Co., Ltd., 719 Metropolitan Building. Van- 
couver, B. C, 

The work to be completed by the first 
day Of June, 1013. ' 

Temlera to be received at the office* ot 
-MHfkediJe, Mann & Co., Ltd., 713 Metro- 
I'oiiian Rijlldlng. Vancouver, .B. C, not 
i:ilrr than 12 o'clock noon on Saturday, the 
14th of Drcember, 1913, and to be en- 
clnsed In sealed envelopes marked "Tender 
for Construction," 

The lowest or any tender not peceasarlly 




Notice la hereby given that the reserve 
existing over the lands Included within 
Special Timber Licence .Mo, 14S30 situated 
on Upper Rendezvou.". Island, Sayward Dis- 
trict, by reason of a notice published In the 
HrltUh Columbia Gazette on the 27th of 
December, 1907, Is cancelled, and that the 
said lands will be open lor entry by pre- 
emption on January 16lh, 1913, at 9 o'clock 
lu t'>6 forenoon. 

Deputy Minister ot Land*. 

I,and» Department, Victoria, B. C, 26th 
September, 1912. 


Notice 1.1 hereby given that application 
win be made to the l.,eglslatlve Assembly of 
the Province of Hrlllsh Columbia at Its next 
.session by the Colonial Trust Company, 
Llinlled, for an Act confirming to the Com- 
pany all the rights, powers and privileges 
now held and enjoyed by It under the Cor- 
tlflcato of Incorporation Issued to It by the 
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, for the 
I'rovlnco of British Columbia. dated the 
7th day of_ December, 1909, and empowering 
any Court of Law or etiulty to appoint the 
Company without security to exercise me 
ofllce of executor or administrator or 
•.rusiee or guardian of the estate ot any 
minor >r committee of tha estate of f>ny 
lunatic or liquidator ot any company or 
corporation, or receiver or assignee for the 
benefit of creditors, or Official Administra- 
tor under the "Official .Administrators Act" 
lor any one or mure counties In the said 
Province, ^and giving the Company the right 
to be appointed a sole trustee notwithstand- 
ing that but for such Act It would be neces- 
sary to appoint more than one trustee, and 
enabling the said Court to direct that 
moneys brought or paid Into Court shall be 
deposited with the Company, and giving the 
Company power to guarantee by means ot 
policies ot insurance or otherwise the pay- 
ment of moneys secured by or payable un- 
tie/ or In respect of debenture bonds. de- 
benture' stock, contracts, mortgages, charges, 
(ibllgatlons and securities of uny Company 
or ot any authority, supreme, municipal, 
local or otherwise, or of any pernons whom- 
soever, whether corporate or unlncorporate. 

Dated this 5th day of November, 1912. 
Solicitors for the aald Company. 

Victoria Land District — DIatrlct ot Conai 
Range Ona 

Take notice that George B. Larsen, of 
Los Angeles, Cal.. occupation merchant, in- 
tend* to apply for permission to purchase 
the following described lands: 

Commencing at a poat planted on the 
north shore of Arbutis Island. a small 
Island near the southeast corner of Lewis 
Island. Applying to purchase tha whole 
inland, containing twenty acrea more or 


Agent: S. H. Ford. 

Dated thi* ISth day ot AuKU*t. 1(11. 


Take notice tltat application will b« madt 
to tha Board ot Llceualng Commlaaionara 
of tha City ot Victoria at their next 
ilttlngs. to be hsld after the expiration of 
thirty days from tne data hereof, for the 
iranafer to Bmll lidlchaux, of Victoria. B. 
C, ot the licence now held by ma to a«ll 
■ plrltuoua liquors by retail upon the prem- 
ises known a* the Empire Hotel, attaat* 
at 146 and 148 Jobnaon atreec. In tba City 
of Victoria, B. C. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C. tha day ot 

Eeptember, 191t 

ElQCOR ACT, 1910 

Notice la hereby given that, on the Otta 
day of t>ecember next, application will ba 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for the grant at a licence for tha 
aale ot llauor by wholeeale in and upon the 
premiae* known aa Meaars. Turner, Bceton 
& Co., Ltd., situate at Victoria. ^.C, upoa 
the lands described aa 1232 Wharf St. 
Dated this 6th day ot November, 1913. 


Asalstant aeeratarr. 


Ounean. Xk C 


ACRM of good land, with craMt 
mntitng tkrducH It: * *eroa 
tfloara*. balanca |I«m ol««rtn#i amal] hotUM 
*nd banii thia »ri»»«nir,ja.a nil* Md a 

r have, under a landlord'* dlatrei* war- 
rant, diftrained the gooda and chattel* In 
and upon the premlee*. No. 2011 Dougla* 
Htreet, conklstlng ot one computln( aoale, 
show case, atove, cooking utensil*. ohalr> 
tables, looking glasa, etc., and will offer the 
same for aale at public auction on the 
promlaea, on Tliursday next at 10:80 a.m. 
Terms of sale, cash. 

F. U. RICHARDS, Shariff, 
Bailiff 'for Landlord. 
Victoria, BU;., De cembei- t, 1»1>. 

MQLO K ACT . T»l». 

Netloa, ia .hereby (Iven tbat, on tha tirat. 
day of December next, application will ba 
tade to tha Superlntendant of Provlaelal 
poiic* tor ranawai of the hotel lioanoa to 
aaii liquor by retail in tl>e hiatal known aa 
tlia Sidney Hotfl,. aituata at flidnay. in tha 
Provlnca of British CoWmbla. 

Oatad thia tith day of October, 1111. 
P. N. TB8TBR. 
' ApyllCfBt; 


<iai »«■ 


Creditors, take note that all 
bills against-'above be rendered to 
William Craigmyle, 560 John 
Street, before I4tk inst., to whom 
all parties m-his debt will please 
matec p^mc*t; »» ; early, i| potr 


Novloa Is hereby given that an app)te*Hoa. 
will be made to the Le(ialatlva Aasambl)r of 
the Province of British Coluntbia, ai its 
next aeaalon, for an Act auihorialng tha 
Dominion Truat Company, a Company in- 
corporated by the Parliament of Canada, 
under the provision* of Chapter 19 of' (Jje 
Btatutea ot 1912. and hereinafter referred 
to a* the "Company," to take over th^ en- 
tire property, bueinesa and undertaking In 
the Province of Brlilah Columbia, of tha 
pominion Trusi Oompany, Limltad, a body 
incorporated under tha Companiea" Act. 
1897, and Amending Acts, of the Province 
of Hrltleh Colur^bla, and whoa* powers 
were aub«equently extended W aj» Act\ o( 
the Legl»lative Aaaembly of. the Pr<)vlnca of 
Brltl*h Columbia, being Chapter •» of tfta 
Act* of 1908, and enacting that all trust 
funds, property, estate, sacurltias M<I 
powcis of every nature ftnd kind held or 
eiijoyed by said Dominion Tru»t. .CoTOpany, 
Llroifrd, Bhall oe vested In 'he Cnmpa.iy. 
*ubject to Buoh conditions and trust* a< ' 
ti;j same are now held upon by the Dp- 
mlnlon Trust Company, Limited, and de- 
claring that the Campany shall be sub- 
"tltuted In the place and stead ot Domin- 
ion Trust Company, Limited. In any »uch 
offke or trust as aforesaid, and that In 
every trust deed, mortgage. Indenture, con- 
veyance, register, certificate ot title, will, 
coUlcll. letter ,>f administration, appoint- 
ment or other document of authority, in 
which Dominion Trust Company, Limited, 
is named or appointed to any such office 
°'' ,"'"'". Including any will or codlcal of 
which tho testator is still living, shall be 
f''*!^ and construed in all respects as It 
tile Company were named therein In the 
plai.-e and stead of Dominion Trust Com- 
pany, Limited, and giving to the Company 
the rights, powers and privileges heretofore 
enjoyed by the Bald Dominion Trust Com- 
pany. Limited, and authorizing the Company 
to car-y on Its business and exercise Us cor- 
l)oVb.t„ powers within the province ot 
orltish Columbia and enacting that It may 
bo appointed by tho Supreme Court ot said 
1 rovlnoo or any Judge thereof, or any 
other Court, Judge, Officer or person aulhorr 
Ized under the l.,aw of said Province to 
make such appointment, to execute the of- 
fices (if executor, administrator trustee, ac- 
countant, arbitrator, adjuster, auditor, re- 
ceiver, assignee, liquidator, sequestrator, 
official guardian, guardian, curator, or com- 
mittee of a lunatic, and perform the duties 
of such offices or trusts as fully and com- 
pletely as a natural pemon so appointed 
t:oul.( ,jn; and to oxerri!.,, m relftlton Ibere- 
U) a. I lis corporate vowt-ra, and enacting 
ibai the Company may be appointed to ex- 
ecute any of the said offices by any parson 
or persons having authority by deed will 
or other Instruments to appoint a person 
or persons to execute any such offices, and 
that the Company may be appointed to be 
a sola trustee notwithstanding that but for 
such enactment u would be necessary to 
appoint more than ono trustee, and that 
the Company may also be appointed trUs' 
tee Jointly with any person, or bod^- cpr- 
Korate. and enncting that It shall not be 
necessary for the Company to give any »o- 
curlty for the due performance of It* 
duties In any of the said offices, unless 
otherwise ordered, and to receive money on 
deposit and to allow interest on the same, 
and givins to it all such other powers and 
privileges as are usual or Im-ldental to all 
or iLny of the aforesaid purposes. 

Gated at Victoria, In the Provlnca of 
British Columbia, thi* ISlh day of Novem- 
ber, 1912. 

Solicitors -.o r tho Applicant. 

LiqilOB ACT, Iffia] ~ 

Notice I* hereby given that, on tho l«th 
of December next, application will be made 
to the Superintendent of Provincial Police 
fur the grant of a licence for the »ale of 
liquor by wholesale lu and upon the 
premises known as 1019 Wharf street, situ- 
ate at Victoria, B. C, upon the lands de- 
scribed as 1019 Wharf street. Victoria. B. C. 

Dated this 16th day ot November, 1912. 
PITHER & LEISEB. Limited. 



Public notice Is hereby given that the 
Victoria Harbor Railway Company have de- 
posited In the Land Registry Office at the 
City of Victoria, in tho Province of British 
Columbia, the plan, profile and book of 
reference of that portion of the main line 
of their railway between Stations 100X00 
at Camel Point to Station 246X40 at Sel- 
kirk Water. Including loops between Sta- 
tions 100 and 112X54.3 and Station 100 and 
312 A ■''5,4 and connection with Esquimau 
and Nanaimo Hallway from Station 00X00 
to Station 10X72.4 Rock Bay. All In tho 
City of ^•lctorla. 

Dated Victoria, B. C, 3nd December, 

H. J, Haffner. Chief Engineer 


Coaat DIatrlct, Ranca S. 

Sealed tenders marked "Tendera for I<ot 
4tl, Coaat Dlatriot, Range 3," will ba ra- 
Calved by the underal(hed up to 13 o'clock 
noon ot Friday, the 1st day ot December, 
1912, for tho sale of that small fraction of 
land lyln( between the Indian Reaerva at 
Bella Coola and the Necleetsconnay River, 
which parcel of land ha* bean aurvayad and 
i* now known aa Lot 451, Coaat Dlatriot, 
Range 3, and comprlaea 13.41 acres, 

Tho upset price to ba at tho rata of 
flO.OO per acre, and the payments naay ba 
mad* in four instalments ot 26 per cent 
each. The first instalment ot 25 par cent 
to accompany the tender and the balance 
In annual Instalments, with laterast at * 
per cent per annum. 

Each tender mus! be accompanied by an 
accepted bank cheque or certificate of de- 
posit on a ohartarad bank ot Canada, made 
payable to tha undersigned. 

Tho highest or any tender not nacassartly 

Commlaaionar of Landa 
SOI Fender Street West. Vancouver, B. C. 

Victoria Laqd Dlatrlot-.-Dlatnct of Coitat 
Ban(0 On* 

Take notice tbat I^eona Ford, ot Pitt 
Meadows, B. C, occupation lady, intenda 
to apply for permlaslon to purcbosa tba 
following deacrlbed lands: 

Commencin( at a post planted on tba 
north sbora of Ooat lalaiid, a small island 
at the mouth of a large bay at tha south- 
east corner of Lewis Island. Applylni to 
.purchase the whole Island, containing tan 
acres more or leaa, 

Agont. a. H. Pord. 

Dated thia l«th day of Auguat. 1»13. 

In the DSmtter of tho Batate of John Sheri- 
dan Annette, I>eceased, Intostate 

All persona Indebted to the estate of the 
late John Sheridan Alinette are required 
to pay tha amount ot their Indebtadneaa 
forthwith to the undersigned, and all per- 
Bons having any claima against Uie said 
estate are requested to send full particulars 
thereof, duly verified, to the undersigned, 
before the 23rd day of Deoembar. 1913, 

Dated 22nd day of November, ill2. 


Solicitor for David ChrUtle, Administrator 
ot the Estate of John Sheridan Annette, 

tcTjosbph yr/urmn i,a #oit-niNB. 

Cobble HUL VaneoaTer Islwtd. 

Take notice that an action haa.been oom- 
menced acainst you In the Supreme Cokirt 
of British Columbia (Victoria Ra(istry) by 
Bmest A. Scott and John Pedan, . carrytnjt 
on bualneaa under the firm name ot Scott m 
Paden, dealers in hay, (rain, feed, ate., 
' Store street, Victoria, B. C. for tha sum of 
11203.30, being the amount due by you- to 
the said Brnest A. and John Pedan, 
and that unless an appearance is entered by 
you or on your behalf within twenty-tlv* 
days from date hereof, judgment fnay b4i 
(Iven In your absence. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C, tUa >4th day «f 
October, A. D, lill. 

Solicitors for Bmaot A. Scott 

and John Padan. ^. 

OoMt B«i|* tBL— >Belto C««l« Matrtel 

Take aetlca that I. Peter J. Kenyon. ot 
Bella Coolm. oocupatloa proapaotor, IntanA 
ta apply for permlaslon to purohaaa tha 
felloWtnK described land*: 

Cemmanolng at a V*<»t pdantod at tl|a 
a^uthoMt eoratr ot Lot 111, foitowlag a«Mttlt 
alont tha Indian Beaarra Itaa to «oriha«ai 
corner of I* It, pro a aa d tBg wvttarty AM 
forming ft ptttnt ftoiaeant to tha iratarfrMUi 
containing ftbovt I* aoraa mora or laaa, 

Oatad t|>te Ita «fty of Aw«wH« \n$. • 




Sealed tinders, supera<:rlbed "Tender for 
Motor- Launohea,'' will ba received by the 
Hon, the Minister pf public Works up to 12 
o'clock noon of Monday, i«rd day of Decem- 
ber, U12. for the conetruetlon of two 25- 
foot motor launches. 

Intending bidders will give full descrip- 
tion of the hull, engine, etc. 

Deliv<jry: On« launch at' Acrowhead; the 
other at Nelson. 

F*ch proposal must be rtccompanled by 
an accepted hank chetQue or certificate ot 
deposit on a ehatner'ed bank of Canada, 
made payable to the Hon. the Minister of 
Public Works, for a sum equlvfilent to ten 
per cent of the amount of the tender, which 
shall be forfeited if the party tendering 
decline to enter Into confracl. when called 
upon to do so, or if he fall to complete 
the work contracted for. The ch<iques or 
certificates of dcposlit of unsui.'cessful ten- 
derers will be returned to fhem upon the 
execution of the conti'act. 

Tenders will not be considered unless 
made out on the form* eupplled. signed by 
the actual signature of tho tonderer, and 
enclosed In tho envelopes furnished. 

Forms ol tender can bo obtained from the 
Government Agente at Vancouver. Now 
Westminster, Revelstoke and. Nelson, and 
the Department of- Public Works, Victoria. 

The loweet orany lender not necesurlly 

J. E. GRlp-riTH, 

Public Workfl Engineer. 
Public Works Departuieat. 
Victoria, B. C, 29th November, 1912, 



Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tender for 
Motor Launches," will be received by the 
Hon. the MInlBter ot Public Works up to 
and Including 23rd day of December, 1912, 
for the construction of two 55-toot and 
four 3B-toot motor launches. 

Planp. flpeciflcations, contract and forms 
of tender may be seen at the offices of the 
Government AgentB at Vancouver a.nd New 
Westminster, on.l tho Department ot Pub- 
lic Works, Victoria. 

Each proposal must be accompanied by 
an accepted bank cheque or certificate of 
deposit on a chartered hank of (panada, 
made payable to the Hon. the .Minister ot 
Public Works, for a sum erjulvalent to ten 
per cent of thejunount of the tender, which 
shall be forfeited It the party tendering 
decline to enter Into contract when called 
ixpon to do !Po, or If he fall to completo" 
the work contracted tor. "The cheques or 
tertiflcates of deposit ot unsuccessful ten- 
derers will be .oturned to ibem upon the 
execution of the contract. 

Tenders will not be considered unless 
made out on the forms supplied, signed bv 
the actual signlture of the tenderer, anil 
enclosed In the envelopes furnished. 

The lowest or any tender not necessarily 

Public Works Engineer. 
Public Works Department. 
Vlrtoria, B. C. 29th November, 1912. 


Per a License to Take and r*e Water. 

Notice la hereby given that Geoffry 
Thoma* Butler. of Keatlngs p. o., will 
apply for a license to take and use Ave 
hundred gallons of water per day out of a 
•prlng which rises on tho land herein 
described. The water will bo diverted at 
the spring and will be used for domestlo 
purposes on the land described m the east 
,f T,°' '*"* "'*" twenty acres of Section 
14. Range 2 East, South Saanleh District. 
rL"'*..".°"f* *" posted on the ground on 
the 9th day of September, 1912. The ap- 
plication wli: be filed in the otBce ot the 
Water Recorder at Victoria. 

Objection* may be filed with the aald 

Water Recorder or with the Comptroller ot 

?*^V"x>^Jf'""' Parliament Buildings. Vic- 
toria, B. C. 



— }*?.""• '• •••'■•«>J' «'»en that the reaerva 
eglstinji on orown lands In 'he Peace River 
Land Clstriot. notleo ot which bearing data 

^S'"'!^ *."*■ k'.*"a "■• published In tha Brit- 
Uh Columbia Oasette of the 6th of April. 
1111. ia cancelled In ao far aa tha aama ra- 

nivar X,and OlstrloL 

, _ I>eputy Minister of Lands 

Lands Department. Vloiorla. B. C.. 33ad 




In the matter of WlllUun Bramwell Abra- 
ham, I>eceased. 

In the matter of the "Official Administra- 
tors' Act" 

Notice Is hereby given that under an. 
Order granted by the Hon. Mr. Juatlce 
Gregory, dated Srd December, 1913, I, the 
undersigned was appointed Admtnlatrator 
ot the Eatate ot the above deceaaed. All 
parties having claims against aald Batate 
are requested to aend particular* of same 
to me on or before the 3rd day ot January, 
1913, and all partle* Indebted to the said 
Estate are requested to pay auch Indebted- 
ne*s to me forthwith. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C. thI* 6th day ot 
December, 1912. 


Official Admlnlsliator. 

LIC)t'01S ACT, 1910. 

Notice Is hereby given that, oa the 12th 
day of .December next, application wll' be 
made to the Superintendent ot Provincial 
Police for tho grant ot a licence for tho 
sale of liquor by wholesale In and upon the 
premises known as 1117 Wharf street, situ- 
ate at Victoria, B, C, upon the land* de- 
scribed as Ulock 15, "Goad'H Map," 

Dated this 12th day ot November, 1912. 
R. P. RiniET A CO.. LTD.. Applicant. 

Ot that very valuable corner Pender and 
Camphei; avenue. Lots 39 and 4 0, Block 65. 
District Lot 181; one of the choicest scml- 
buslness apartment sites In the city. In- 
come from tour houses about $128 per 
month. Full double corner. Improved with 
four houses. This is jiart of the R. Leigh- 
Spencer estate. 'I'rndwrs are lnvlt«Ml for tlu- 
purchase of this property by the under- 
signed receiver up to December 14, 1912, 
A certified cheque for C per cent of bid 
must accompany tender. The lowest tender 
not necessarily accepted. For any further In- 
formation apply to L. A. Rosteln, receiver 
for the R, Lelgh-Speneer estate, .^lulte 3!. 
R. LeIgh-Spencer bldg,, S53 Granville si.. 
Vancouver, B. C. 

In the Supreme Court of British Columbia 
In Probate 


In the matter of the cfttalo of >fary Alice 
WatNon, late ut Victoria, UrUi(>b Coluni- 
Wn, deceased. 

Notice is hereby given that all creditors 
of tho estate ot Mary Alice Watson, de- 
ceased, are required on or before the lOlh 
day of December, one thousand nine hun- 
dred and twelve, to »end particulars of 
their claim, duly verified. To t^,o iiV.Ci"."- 
algiied Solicitors for the Executrix of tho 
said estate, and all persons Indebted to the 
said estate are required to pay such In- 
debtedness to the undorrjlgned forthwith. 

Dated at Victoria. B. C, this 6th day of 
November. 1912. 

11'.4 Langley St., Victoria, B. C, 

Solicitor* for the Executrix, 

Victoria Land DIatrlct — Dt*trlijt ot Coa>ii 
Range Ona 

Take notice that Mabel Lareen, of Los 
Angeles, Cal., occupation married woman. 
Intends to apply tor permission to purcha»o 
tho following deacrlbed lai.ds: 

Commencmg at a. post planted on the 
southwest shore ot Ralph island, a small 
Island lying at the northeast corner of 
Alder Island, near the west end ot Tur- 
ner Island, applying to purchase the whole 
Island, containing twenty more or loss aorea 
Agent: 8. H. Ford. 

Dated this 16th day of August. 1912. 

UQLOn ACT, 1910. ~~" 

Notice Is hereby given that application 
will ba made to tho Superintendent of Pro- 
vincial Police for the grant of a licence for 
the Ktio ot liquor by wholesale In and upon 
the premises known aa 1206 Whart Street, 
situate at Victoria, B. C, upon the lands 
described as No. 1208 Wharf Street, Vic- 
toria. B. C. 

Dated this 8th day of November, 1912. 


Notice 1* hereby given that an application 
will be made to the Le(ialatlve Aasembly of 
the Province of British Columbia, st Us 
next session, for an Act to Incorporate a 
company with power to carry on the busl- 
ne*s of i**uln( or undertakin( liability un- 
der polloie* of insurance upon the hap- 
penln( of 6r against personal acoidOaU 
(whether fatal or not,) disease, or gfcktiess 
or Issuing pollclei Insuring employers 
against liability to pay compensation or 
dama(es to workmen In their employment: 
or to make oontracta ot inauranoe, or re- 
! nay ranee frits any person, or peraons, dr 
bodies corporate or polltto, any itccl- 
dent or casualty of whatsoev«V nattice 
or from whatsoever . cauae arlsln( 
to Indlvlduells, or to the property 
of Individuals other than the insured 
and also to the property of the Insured; 
to carry on the busineas of guariantee ~ in- 
surance in all. Its branchos; to carry .^n tb*^ 
business of insurance a(aln*t «prll(ikler leak-. 
a(e in all Ita branches; to carry on . the 
business of ataam boiler Insurance In all US 
branches; to «iirry oq the business <tf 
bur(lary insurance in all Its branches; to 
effect and obtain all stich re-insuranoea, 
counter insurance, and counter (uaranlees 
and adopt all such meaaurea for mit)(atihg. 
tha rlaka of the Company aa may aeem ex- 
pedient to the Company; to aot aa Truatee 
for bond, debenture or other ((nanoial Is- 
Bues and have such Judiciary, ^-jMm^ri as 
may be consistent . 'theirewlth - a'nd - to - trader- 
take and oarry out any tr.uats; to purchase 
or otherwls* acquire, sell, dispose of, aa4 
deal In real' And personal propei'ty . of , all 
kinds r to Invest its funds In aecup-itiaa of 
any, kind; and (enerally to carry on the 
business of an accident, guarantee. Surety, 
Indemnity, burglary and emplpycrs* liability 
insurance comt>any in ail the raspeotiva 
branches, and with all gueh bthor powers 
and priviiagea ' aa are usual or inoidantai to 
all or any ot the aforesaid purpoaea. - 

Dated this 13th day of NoveB(»l(er. IMS, 

Bolici tore for the Aro lH^t: ' 

ooMNmATzoir or *n nnmxov 

oy OAK nkit. 


Coal mining right* of the Dominion, lu 
Manitoba, ejaskaichewan and Alberta, the 
Yukon Territory, the Northwest TerritorIeK 
and in a portion of the I'rovlnco of British 
Columbia, may bo lease for a term of 
twenty-one years at an annual rental of fl 
an acra. Not more than 2,660 acres will 
bo leased to one applicant. 

Applications for a lease must bo made by 
the applicant in person to the Agent or Sub 
Agent of the district In which the rights 
applied for are situated. 

In surveyed territory the land must ba 
described by section*, or legal subdivisions 
ot sections, and in unsurveyed territory tba 
tract applied for shall be slaked out \fy the 
applicant himself. 

Bach application must be accompanied 
by a fee of 36 whlc'n will be refunded if 
the rights applied for are not available, but 
not otlierwlse. A royalty shall be paid on 
tho merchantable output of the mine at the 
rate of five cents per ton. 

The person operating the mine shall fur- 
nish tho Agent wth sworn returns account- 
ing for the full quantity of merchantable 
coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. It 
tho coal mining rights are not being oper- 
ated, such returns should be furnished at 
least once a year. 

The lease will Include the coal mining 
rights only, but tho lessee may be permitted 
to purchase whatever available surface 
right* may be conslderetj necessary for the 
working of the mine at the rate Ot $10.00 
an acre. . 

For full Information application should, be 
made to the Secretary of the Department 
of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or 
Sub-Agent ot Dominion Landa 

W. W. COBT. • 
Deputy Minister ot the Interior. 

N. B. — Unauthorised publication tit ihh 
advertisement wi ll not be paid for. -^^ 


NOTICE — Notice Is hereby given that ap- 
plication win be made at the next sit- 
ting ot th0 Board of Ucensing Oommis- 
nloneri, after the expiration of thirty .day* , 
from the date hereof, for a transfer fif the'' 
license to sell spirituous and tentnested ! 
lii^uuvc 6n r^o present premises known as - 
the Prince Uuorge Hotel, situate on the oor^ i 
ner ot Douglas and Pandora SareclS^' \'lc- i 
toria, B. C, from Jason Grahatn to TT. L. i 
Poateji, Manager Prince Qeorg© Hotel Cornel 
pany, l.rlmlted, OatefJ at Victoria, BcC.-j 
this 23nd day ot August, ISlt. j, • Jaaon | 
Graham. , . , • 

city of Port AlbeiBL 

aoatrd «t BolMOl «nu«iggh. 

Apullcatlom w^l be reeal'red 'by the 
Board vp t<f IS o'olook, noon, «n THura- 
day, Dacambof IS, lilt, (or thg foUoir- 
liiB poalttom: 

PHiMlpAi. male. Oak Bay ' Arcnua 
Schsol SalAfir, |1>5 par montti. 

Aaatgtont. -fcmala, Applte«at 'to gtat« 
' safaHT aakpaotML 

J. a Thoiix 

.- SgctitipjTr. 
lI*kVslp«l« HBll. Oak Bbt. 0/ a 

Sealed tenders, marked "Line SW^ilal" 
and addressed to the underalgned wilt be 
received up to December 34, 1913, -for the 
supply and installation ot material for aQ 
elacirlc ilirht distclbution system, lacttitflnB 
the fOllowlitc 

Erection of 350 Poles. 

Cfoaaarma and Insulators. 

»«,000 lineal feet ot Wlra, 

3S Street Lamp*. 

\ Tenders may be tor the whole or any part 
of the Itistailntion. 

Plans and specification* on tile with An- 
derson, Warden A Wilkin, v^ancouver Block. 
Vancouver, and at the City Hall, Port 
Albemi, The Poles will be supplied by iJia 

The lowest or any tender will not neces- 
sarily be acoapted. - 

R. F. BLANDT, OUT Clerk. 
City Hall, Port Albernl, 

December <, ISIZ. 


MatMa "la aeraby «l««a iaat *oi_ 
Hardla and Harloa Whitwonk KarAla 


ViataMa, Brtitah. CManMa. aia appttiM t* 
.- _ .. oia «tovaraa»-€l«aafil 




,,---,-T, _. ,^ , fae" appViwa* " •< „ 


af wit 

a I 







Stock Markets emd 



After Another Break, Lasting 
All 'Morning, Stocks Recov- 
ered — Change in Sentiment 
Believed to Have Set In 

NEW YORK, Dec. 10.— After another 
severe break, which forced quotations 
to a new low level for the iiroiracted 
Jownward movement, the stock ninrket 
rallied effectlvt?ly today. The opening 
was weak and throughout the mornInK 
there was a -steady stream of selling 
orders which at times almost demoraliz- 
ed the market. No effe<;tlve resistance 
was offered and stocks were unloaded 
in Increased voluni. 

Steel WH8 down to 64 1-8, Union Ta- 
i.lflc to 161, Reading to 165 1-i and 
.\mal)[famated a fraction. The less Ini- 
l)0rtar.t l.ssues declines were more se- 
vere extending: to 15 points* in I.iicka- 
w a nua.flnd .U.ia JSTaUonal Biscuit. 

The turn of the market came with the 
noon hour, and prices mounted steadily 
until Steel, Ripadlng and -ii number of 
"thor isucB showed net j^ain.s M a point 
IT more. Just before the the mar- 
ket heeamo heavy, altlioiiprh prices did 
not relap-se to tlie low point of the day. 

The recovery lii prices was regarded 
as indicative of a marked changre In 
.senthnent. Tlie downwanl movement 
which beg-an on the retention of the 
Harrimnn decision passed beyomi the 
point at which that decision may be 
rxpected to liavo inade itself felt. There 
has b&cn no -'specific development since 
that time to account for the continued 

In general terms the decline has he<n 
ascribed to the feellnp of lnsocurit\-. 
Thi.s view was streni?thened by heavy 
liquidation by out of tor.n stockownera 
lis distinctive from Wall Street specula- 
tion. There was reason for a change 
of sentiment today, and it was tlie opin- 
ion of market observers today that the 
rally was In a large measure due to 
short selling. 

The bond market moved in close pym- 
patliy with stocks but some of activo 
issues leas recuperative pow<>r. Total 
t-ale.«. par value, |2,9,35,00ii. I'nited 
tJtate.s Bonds unchangred on call. 

1 Furnished by I'. W, 

.\Tner. Agr. (Chemical . 
.-\mer. Beet HuRur ... 

Amer. Can. pffl 

Amer. Car 

.\mer; (^otion Oil . . . 
Amer. Ice .SecurlUeg. . 

.\mer. r.,6co 

.Amer. Smeltlns 

.\mer. Sugar 

Amer. Tel anil T»l. . . 
.Amer. Tobacca pfd. . 

-Vmer. Wuolen 



do. pfd 

K. and O 

B, T. R 

^■. P. R 

' »ntral r.'-ather 

Ches. and Ohio 

C. and Q. W 

do. pfd 

■'. M. and St. I', pfil. 
I'olo. Fuel and Iron.. 
i"olo. and Southern . . 

< 'on. Oas 

O. and H. G 

do. pfd 

Distillers Sec 


do. lot. pfd. .... 

do. 2nd pfd 

• Ooldfleld Cons. 

Ot. Nor. pfd. 

Ct. Nor. Ore. (-trs. . . . 

IlllnoU Cent 


do. nfd 

Inter. I^irvester .... 
Ka». CItv Southern . . 

I., and N 

r,ehl«h Valley 

Macka.v Co.'* 


Cnl. Petro 

ITlex Petro, , 

M.S. P. and .S.S.M. pfd. 
M. K. and T 

do. pfd 

Mo. Pailfjr 

Nat. BI»ruU 

Nat. I,ead ... 

Nt. Rya. of Mex. lat p. 

do. 2iiit pfd. .... 

Nov. Cona 

.N'.Y, Central 

N.T.O. and W 

Norfolk and Weat .... 

Nor. Pac 

Pacific Mall 


People'* Gail 

Preaaed Kteel Car . ■ ■ • 
Kallway Steel Spit. . . . 


Ttep. Iron and Steel 

do. pfd 

Rock laland 

do. pfd. 

KJIoM SUefflcld 

Hou. Railway 

do. pfd 

■''enn. Copper 

Texai Pacific 

"Twin I'lty 

t;nlon Pacific 

do. pfd 

W S. Rubber 

do. J»t pfd 

do. 2nd pfd 

T'.H, Hleel pfd 

rtah Copper 

V». Car Chemnlcal. . . . 

•'O. i/'v. 

V?a»teTn TTnlon 


TTlBconiln Central . . . 

Money on Call 


'>tal Bale* — l.niA.SOO 
Money — 6H p.c. ; 4 p. 

Stevenson & Co.) 
High. Low. Bid. 


7 TVs 

56 S 


70 '4 


3 US 

lor. H 

104 V4 






41 ^ 



1 KtH 




(U Vi 


ill w 













261 li 

76 H 




4S 1, 



59' -J 


50 'a 



2 5T4 




1 1 2 1.1 





44 ^ 








58 Ti 


. M\i 




c. : 5 p. 

1 .5 '.4 

SI '-4 


103 ',4 

165 '4 

2 3<,t 






90 ^ 



1 07 14 

57 '4 


72 '4 


76 »4 

26 H 

4 1 '4 

115 >i 


1 05 U 


27 H 

77 H 

110 1, 

20 '4 
31 \. 



133 "i 

60 '.i 



50 1-1, 
60 *V 
79 Vd 



26 V4 

4 ',4 

27 4 


1 1 1 H 










36 U 




62 V, 



41 '-4 


73 '.4 




5 '4 pc. 


LONDON. Dec. 10. — Money Is Bhort 
■upply. Discount ratea atendy. Th« 
txtlitnaci of th« void available in th« 
market was taken -by Oenmany and la 
expected a portion is Intendsd for 
Vi«B»a. Tb* atock market waa princi- 
pally eiiyaired in the aettleni4mt of 
American mils which are otoarced S I-X 
to • l-> per cent. Labor troilMea and 
a break in Wall Street eauaed the mar- 
ket to be dull and lower from which 
tmljr frftetlonal rallies took place. Con- 
•ola iMt E-ie but Mexican ralla anil 
aome' oontlnental atocka .wer« ateailr. 
Amerlc»t» X>ept.. opaaed unehanaed but 


WINNIPEG, Man.. Dec. 10.— Timdlng 
on wi« wheat market waa fair and 
option values firmer on the ateady Liv- 
erpool cables and ■tranrei' American 
markets. Advices on the Argentine 
crops continue favorable and continent* 
al markets were undecided. Winnli>eg 
opened 1-8 to 8-8c. hlaher and flueta- 
tions were narrow around opening. Both 
months closed 3-8 hl«rhcr Mlnne(H)oU8 
opened unchanged to 1-4 lower but 
closed 1-4 to 1-2 higher. Chicago opened 
unclianged, 1-4 to lower for both 
months. Cash d-emand was fairly good 
for contract grades and offerinifB some- 
what scarce, while a few exporters were 
buying to finish shipments. Prices were 
l-2c. higher for No.'s 1, 2 and 3 North- 
ern. Cash Barley was 1' to 2c. lower. 
Oats and Flax were firmer In sympathy 
with wheal. Oats closed l-8c. higher and 
max 3-4 hlghef. Canadian visible 

shows IV decrease on last w^ek of 1.276,- 
400 bushels while as compared with last 
year, the Increase is 31,116,258 bu."?hel«!. 
IX'llverles through the clearing 
today were 4500 bushels of fl( 
.Mpections Monday were 808 cars 
sight Tuesday morning were 700 c; 


MONTKKAU Que., Dec. 10.— Sora'' 
prtsurc at .H^verHl points cyt\ the Hat 
was responsible for a weaker feollng in 
tlio local stock market today and de- 
clines were fairly general at the close. 
The one outstandlnR- exception among 
the market leaders was Canadian Paciflc 
Builway which displayd a somewhat 
firmer tone aft<>r Its stiarp break of the 
ijrevlous day and closed about one point 
up. The close in a number of cases 
showed rallies of small fractions from 
the low but undertone was more Inclin- 
ed to lieavinass than for some time past, 
Dominion Steel. Montreal Power, De- 
troit and Textll? which ranked with 
(Canadian Paciflc Railway among the 
more activo stocks of the day closed at 
declines. Cement ch).'»od at a decline of 
one point. St'cel. which closed 38 1-8 
Monday, broke to 57 1-4 in the morning 
and to 57 in the early afternoon, the 
lowest price since .Spring. ft was firm 
In the afternoon and closed at 5" 7-8. 
Detroit went off a full point to 72 and 
closed at the low. Montreal I'ower, 
comparatively inactive recently, fell 
back to 226 1-2, a net decline of 1-2 
points; close was steady at 226 1-2 bid. 
227 asked. Textile dropped one point to 
18 7-8 and was 1-8 higher at the close. 
The Bond market was also unsettled at 
one or two points. Dominion .''teel 
Bonds sold at 92, decline of 1-2 point 
and Mexican at 89. a decline of one 
point. Total business. 4084 Shares. 75 
Rights and »52.400 Bonds. 


(Furnished by F. W. 

Wheal — t>p«n. 

Dec S3% 

May t(9H 

.July 86<.» 

<Jorn — 

Dpc 47V4 

May 4 7 % 

July 41 S 


Deo .114 

May 33 H4 

July 32% 

Pork — 

Jan 19.05 

May IS. 60 


.Ian 10. «s 

May 10.15 

Short RIbi— 

Jan 10 . li 

May 9. so 

Stevenson & 

.5 3 % 






IS. 65 

10. 4T 

I'M 2 





3 1', 
32 1* 





<."o, ) 





4 8 '4 

4 8-.; 



IS. 95 




DaaUalea .. 
HaaatUea .. 
Impertst .. . 
Mev^JMBta .. 

• •^*« ftj « * «* a • 

H9*% leeUa 


Toronto . . . . 




















1 96 

I. 2.20 

1.65 2.0092.25 

J. 70 


.12 .26 



.10®. 2b 

.OS©. 20 

.12%®. 26 





Amal. Dev 

Amer. -Can. oil 

("an. .N'orth-VVfat Oil .... 

\',ati. Pac. Oil of B.<" 

Alberta O. and C 

Crovf'i Nodt foal 

Inlc^rnatlonal ('. and C. . 

McGllllvray foal 

Royal <:omert««ii 

B.C. Pack-m Com 

Balfour Patpptir 

f'.N.P. Flshcrlea 

run P|rf, 8. Lbr, Co. . 
fapltal Furniture Co. ... 
North Shor? l^onworka . 
K. 3. Iilnnd <'reain»ry 
'\''lctorl«-Pho<>nlx Ilrnwerj' 

n.C. PBrm. Ix>an 

Dominion Triiat Company 

O. W. Perm Cai 

Rtpwart T,and 

laland Invealmeni To 
R. C. Topper 


. H4 

. n 




Granby 63.00 

roronaflon Oold 
T.uoky Jim Zinc. . 
Nujrimt Oold .... 
Bamhler Cariboo 
standard Lead . . . 
Olarler Cre«k .... 
Portland Canal 

Red Cllfr 


Hlocan Star 

American MarronI 
Canadian MarronI 










. 10 
















stock — 
B. C. Packars Com, 
B. O. Packer* Com. . 

B«1I Telephon* 

Burt. F- N, Com. . . 
Can. Bread Com. 
Canada Cam. Com. , 
Can. a»n. El*fetrlo , , 
Can. Ijoco. Com. 

do. ptd. 

CUy Dairy Com. .. 

do. pfd 

Conauraora Oaa .... 

Crow'a Nesf 

Detroit ITnlt«d 

D. I. and Stael pref. 

Dom. C«nn«re 

Dom. Sta<»l Corp, 
Duluth Buperlnr . . . 
T..ak« of Woods .... 

do. praf 

Mapl* L««f Com. . . 

do. pr»f 

Oaltvls Com 

Pac. Burt. Com. . , 

do. prof 

Ponrnan'a Com. 

do. prat 

Torto RIro Railway 

P. and O. Nav 

Rogara Com 

do. praf 

Sawjrar Uaa 

do. |»r«f. 

St. U awd C. Nar. . 
flhfaddad 'Whaat CoM. 

do. praf. 

Spairtati Rjvar Com. . . 

do. prmt 

ataal of Can. Com. 

do. ^raf. 

Tw*# Braa. Com. . . , 

4a. vraf. 


































• IH 






Alfalfa Hay. par ton 

Timothy Hay. par ton 

Barlay, par 100 Iba 

Cruahod Barley, per 100 Iba. 

Brao, par 100 Iba 

■horu, par 100 Iba 

Chop Faad, per 100 Iba 

Corn, per 100 Iba 

Crtckad Corn, par 100 Iba.... 
Oruahad Data, per 100 Iba... 
T—& CornmeaJ. per 100 Iba. 
Feed Wheal. p«r 100 lb 

Oats, per 100 lUe 

Straw, per bale 


Beef, per lb 

Broiler*, lb 


Mutton, J«'r lb 

Mutton, Australian, pBr lb... 

Veal, dresacd. per lb 


Bral or Alberta, per baa.... 

Lake of tlio Woods 

Hobln Hood, per bac 

Royal Household, bag 

Hoyal Standard, bag 

Moffat's UeJt. per ban 

Purity, pi<r bdg 

Prairie Pride, per ba({ 

.SnowflakB, per bnjr 

Wild Rose, per sach 

Drifted Snow, per sack.:.. 

. Fruit 
Cranberrlee, Cape Cod. per qt. 
illtornla Grapea— ^ 

[alaga, per lb...... i. 

"okay, per lb ". 

led Emperors, per lb..... 

mlsh Malacca Grapes, per 

■lb ; 

Lemons, per do» 

Oranres. iier doa. ......... . 

.iapBno!>f Oranaros, per box.. 

I'rat) .\ pplps ............... 

Wlnlrr XeITIe1»ea?»7Car.,'per 


I'ears. per box 

Apples, per box 

Wenatrhle Applea, box 

Hananas. pi;- dorcn 

Cassava Mcloiui, each 

Plmefranntes, 2 for 

Italian Chestnuts, p<?r lb 

Eastern Sweet (.'hestnuta, 


Grape P'rull 

.New Smyrna Flga, per lb... 

I.>ate8. Golden, 2 pkga 

Dates. Fard, per lb 

Dairy Produce and £aa» 


Alberta, per lb 

B. c. Butter 

Hp»t Dairy, per lb 

Cowlchftn Creamery, per lb.. 
Comox Creamery, per lb. ... 

Xew Zealand Butler 

Salt Sprlnit Is. Creamery, lb. 
N'orthwastern Creamery, lb,. 
Cheese, "'anadlan, per lb.. . 

Cowlrhan Creamery EKgs, per 


L.ical Fresh Ekkb, per <3os. 
Eastern Eggs, per do». .... 


Brussels Pprouts, 2 lbs 

Beets, per lb 

I'abbaee, new, per lb 

I 'arrntu, per lb 

L^aullf lowers, each 

Celery, 2 stalks for 

I 'urly Kalo, per lb 

Garlic, per lb 

Green Onions. 3 bunches.... 
Hothouse Lettuce. 2 liunrhet 
Local Hothouse T'lmames. lb. 
Outdoor ToniRSoes, per lb... 
Local Tomatofs, per baaktt . 
Potatoes, Ashcroft. p<.r aack 
Potatoes. Fraaer HIver. sack 
Potatoes. I,ocal, per .lack , . . 

Xweet Potatoes. 6 lbs 

Oreaon Onions, JO lbs 



.SO .40 .50 

.to .es 











.10 .16 






1 ,•.0 
1.26 1.50 


Rolbrook Bllun Tonight — ".-V Romance 
of the rnderworld." in which Holhrook 
Bllnn appears at the Victoria Theatre 
tonight. Is a carefully chosen page from 
the •dra,'na of life, Paul .\rmstron,g, 
the playwright, tias palntwl a uiarvt'l- 
ously vivid picture of the tragedy of a 
brother and slHier, who by rea.son of 
the boy's arrest are drawn into a police 
court, that borderland t>etw.een respec- 
tability and "tlie otlier half" where, be- 
ing In trouble, all clasRos meet on an 
equal footing-. Through the pull of a 
crooked polltican whom she ha."" refus- 
ed to marry tlie g-lrl's brother is falsely 
accused of bciiiK a thief. Tlic boy's 
case seems hopeless but a young law- 
yer, a graduate from the ranks of new.^- 
paperdom. learns of the case from the 
court bailiff, find after getting the true 
story of the politician and his conspir- 
acy from his si.ster agrees to use fvery 
effort for n postponement so that he 
can get new evidence. \ stay of exe- 
cution is granted and nt the next trial, 
one ■wook later, evidence Is submitted, 
with the result that the boy is pet free 
and Ills aceu.sers held for perjury. Mr. 
Blinn's supporting company of fifty peo- 
•pl* Include Ruth Benson. Anna Mel'wn- 
ald, W. Tammany Young, George Mil- 
ler, Leonard HolUster, James Marcus 
and Ben,1amln Plarza. 

Tha Empraaa Tbaatra — There are 
many laughable situations In the play- 
let which Miss I'auUne Fletcher and 
her company, the i-ast numbering four 
in all, present at tlie Empress Theatre 
this week. The playlet entitled "The 
Girl AVIth the Taking Way." has a 
laugh in every fine. Miss Virginia 
Grant, who Is entitled on the pro- 
gramme as "The Enchantress of Vau- 
deville," shows that she Is worthy of 
th^" name. She is a djtlnty character 
aongstress and that she pleases her au- 
diences is Indicated by the generous meed 
of applause given her at every perform- 
ance. Don Carney, a society entertainer 
who In addition to bis clevernesH at the 
piano. Is a singer and monologulst, of- 
fer* a versatile turn which amuses 
from tha time he comes on the stage 
until he responds to his last encor*. De- 
Vere and Jjewls. a couple of instrumen- 
talists who have given much car* to 
the costuming of their act. eontrlbut« 
a malange of melody, and .lacobs" Doga 
at* «e«»n In many feats which ehow th« 
high d«gree In which they hava been 

"¥ha Boa* of yaaaaa**— Miss Eveleen 
Dunmore, who la playing the fole of 
"Ai^galV* In John Corfu production of 
"The Rose of Panama." to be seen at 
the Victoria Theatre for two nighti an4l 
mattnae, <^minencinir Deciiniber 13, ha« 
the distinction of being one of the vary 
few prima donnaa In Am#rlea' who can 
claim IrcUnd for bar birth Dlace, lilaa 
Dutimore 'Waa brouffbt to thla countrr 
by Mr. John Cort two years aito^ and 
haa nMda a ramarliabl* auccaas. She Is 
tha T—\ typa of Irlsb beatify. ^Ih ft 
charmlmr pAraonality. and thla, eomMn- 
«d with a aopraiiko votca of muck powf r 
and awatftnaM, bda mftM iMr ft «tr«PK 
fatorlta la Amartttfti Kfdft lluttmdra 

pla y tha tax Hag Vli|ft lb klft uNiftaliftB 
of Johft ^itltp taaMw'd apttft. "TIM 
Olaaa Blowara," 

Oryital «lu«1fta— A chaaga «f 9I0- 
turaa for today and AmAtawr alakt TiM 
amateura are aa foUowat MtM MM 
McGregor, Mr. J. gpanoar, Xotttla MiM 
Parker and Jaok Clayton tha pomilar 
impersonator. Ttila ia tlta last day of 
the preeent bill of vaadavtila. Tha 
Bru4'aa. c«l«r«d comadlaaa. ore making 
a big hit tbia weak In thalr Ulklnc, 
Hinging and datxdng aklt. Kapaolally 
good la the dancing on rolUr akatM a 
big novelty In Itaalf. MoOravay A 
Davta have a neat wire walking and 
club svvlivging act. One of tha taam 
aliio does aome difficult Juggling with 
a laimp and irlaaa «f water. The pic- 
tures are heeded with the avar popular 
OnLmont English Waekly of topical 
events. "The Old Doll" la a Vlta«raph 
comedy drama that Is exoaptlonally 
«-ood. Thia picture featurea Bunny, the 
Kreateat character In moving pictures. 
"The Doomed Ship" lb aJi Kdlaon drama 
full of exciting aituatlons. "Trabljomd 
and .StirroundlnKe" i« a pretty acenlc; "A 
Man for a l>ay" la a comady. Opening 
Thursday there will appear In vaude- 
ville McGrath and Fage. a man and wo- 
man In (i alnglng, talking, dancing and 
musical act. Tliia act has .bean making 
u big hit in Vancouver and It la aeaured 
It will do the oame liere. The alngle 
on the bill Is Ered DeSylvla, a alnglng 
and <lanclnK comedian. 

Kajaatlc Ttaaatra — "The Hunchback of 
Xotre Dame," a stupendous and mar- 
velous production 3,00u feet In natural 
color, will he the l>lg feature at the 
Majestic today aivd Thursday; "The Iron 
Heel" ip one of the month's greatest 
dratpatic films, A plot of olrcumatan- 
tlal evidence entwined about an inno- 
cent victim that Is flendlsli in its un- 
yielding- clutch ■nntli -f«thom«d In the 
nick of time. "Battle of Wlte," this la 
a story of mountaineers' life and love. 
"The Island of Ceylon" Is a beautiful 
scenic picture. "After the Hon4jymoon " 
biograph comedy .qhowing a young, man 
of a small country town married to the 
bellf of the town. They are 'botb con- 
.■sidered the fashion plates of the village, 
and hence, the pair aro well matched, 
but six months after the honeymoon la 
jKist, wliat a difference! ".\n Abaent- 
-Mlnded Burglar." a comedy showing the 
experiences of an amateur would-be 
burRliir ugainflt a real crook. 

Victoria Land Utatrlct — DVitrtct of Bayward. 

Taki) notire that Edith Coatea, of Vic- 
toria. B.C. occupation married woman. In- 
tends to apply for perinisaloa to purobase 
Uie folluivlng described lands: 

Coinmunclnjf al a post planted at Ihe 8. 
E. coiner uf Ixii 220 isurveyed but noi ga- 
zetted 1 thence south 20 chains, thsiice west 
20 chalni, Ihence north 20 chains, thence 
east 20 acres, and cuntalnlna 40' acrca more 
or less. 

Thomas Stanley. Acent. 

Fepleniber 17th. 1«I2. 


Dr. Morse's IndUtn Root PItIs 
Hoalod Mr. Wilson's Soros 

When the sewers of the body — bowels, 
kidneys and skin ducts — get clogged up, 
the blood quickly becomes impure and 
frequently sores break out over the body. 
The way to heal them, as Mr. Richard 
Wilson, who lives near London, Oot., 
found, ia to purify the blood. He 

"For some time I had been in a low, 
depressed condition. My appetite left 
me and I soon began to suffer from indi- 
gestion. Quite a number of small soret 
and blotches formed all over my skin. I 
tried medicine for the blood and tued 
many kinds of ointments, but withont 
satisfactory results. WTiat was wanted 
was a thorough cleansing of the blood, 
and I looked about in vain for aome medi- 
cine that would accomplish this. 

At last Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pilh 
were brought to my notice, and they ara 
one of the most wtmderful medicinal I 
have ever knoira. Vy blood was puri- 
fied in « very short time, sores healed up, 
my indigesdcn vanished. They always 
have a place in my home and are looked 
upon as the family remedy." 

Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills cleanse 
the system thoroughly. Sold by all 
dealers at 25c a box. 

Sheriff's Sale 

Under and by virtue of an order of the 
Supreme Court ot Britlah Columbia dated 
the 18th day oi" Octo'oer, IK12, and a further 
order of the said Court dated Ith day ot 
November, 191J. In an action wherein 
Frank Flour Is Plaintiff and Frank Pulica, 
Felomlna Pullce, Jamea Drummond and 
William Wllla ara Defendanta. I will, on 
Tuesday, the 10th day of December. 1»1X, 
at my Office, Law Courts, Bastion atreal. 
Victoria, at the hour of 10.10 a. m,, oftar 
for sale the Interaat of the abova-nomed 
Defendants In and to Lot thirteen (IS) of 
Section! seven (7) and algliteen (II) of 
Block H., Fairfield Batata, Victoria City, 
accordlna to a map or plan thoreof de- 
posited In the I.iand Raalitry Office. Vic- 
toria, and therein numbered (2(. 

The followlna charge appeari on the 
reflater aaalnst the aald deanrlbod lands: 

Mortaaga In favor of Bernard B. Helatar- 
man and Jamea Foreman, dated the Itth 
day of April, 1912, to secure repayment of 
the sum of |S,000 and Intereat therein at 
the rate of g per cent per annum, sold 
charaea having baan raglatared on the 
10th jay of September, ]*t2. Tha amount 
of Judrmcnt secured by tha above-named 
Plaintiff naatnat the above-named Defen- 
dants, Frank Pulica %nd Felomlna Pulica 
Is te4l.46. 

F. O. RICHARDS. Sharlff. 

Sherlfrt Office, Victoria. B. C. 
November SO. W.3. 

LIQUOR ACT. \»{i, 

Nottea ia hereby given that, en tha I'tth 
day ot December next, application -arill be 
made to the Suparlntandant of Provineial 
Police for the grant ot a Iteanoa for tha 
aale ot liquor by wholeaala In and upon tha 
prcmlaes known aa tha Hudaen'a Bay Co., 
altuate at 11 10 W'harf atraat, upoa the landa 
deacHbed at tha Wattarljr Portlea of bot 
II, Block Tf. 

Dated thia ISthday of Xovamber. l»lt. 
TH« HUDSON'S BAT CO.. Applleaat. 

Haral d V. Pr?tt. Maaagar. 

Maynard & Sons 


Inatructed by several owneni, we will 
aellat salesroom, 72C View street 


t p.111. 


New Furnitare and 

:l«iM t&«''iilaew'^.<^;'lttri»itliti 



Preliminary Notice 

inatruotad by tha Ownar, wa will aell 
at the 

Delhi Hotel 

tates atraat 

, Oommancinr at 11 o'clock 

Tuesday, December 17 

All tha 

Furniture and 

Containad In the 39 Rooma of thia hotel, 
and which la alnvoat new, only recently 
baen rafurnlahad with braaa and Iron 
badateada and fine dreaaera, baddlny, 
etc. Full partioulara later. 

KATarABs » ■oara 


Messrs. Stewart Williams 
& Co. 

Duly Instructed, will hold their drat 


At tlveir new quarters. 7B5 and 757 
View Streat, opposite the RO'inan Cath- 
olic Cathedral. 


At 2 o'clock, 
A quantity of """ 

Household Furniture 
and Effects 

Including. 8 eteel framed arm chairs, 
upholstered in green velvet, 2 steel 
framed setloes upholstered In green vel- 
vet, quarter oak bureau and washatand, 
solid oak chiffonier, mlaaton sideboard, 
walnut desk, walnut dressing table, 
walnut chiffonier, walnut table, ma- 
hogony bureau and waahstand, rocker, 
dlnr>er gong, very handsome bedroom 
suite (quarter oak), 5 heaters, double 
Engliah brass and Iron bedstead, hair, 
wool and spring- mattresses, brass bed- 
stead, 2 mahogany rockera. rattan chair, 
banjo, guitar, water cooler, door mat^, 
a quantity of nearly new mission oak 
furniture, hou.«(ehold linen, glaasware, 
blankets and other goods too numerous 
to mention. 

■VXWAST -«rXI>Z.ZAlU, Tha Aoatlonaar 

Davies & Sons 


OW2 Toir or . bbxtisx 



Silverware, Cutlery, 
Guns, etc. 

Genuine First Class Travellers' Sam- 
ples to be sold by 



At corner of Oovernment and Pandora 
Streets, adjoining Weatholnve Hotel, 


2 and 7 p.m. 

And every day until cleared. 

Comprising: Fine lot of Oanulne Dia- 
mond RInga and Tie Pins. 

Sheffield Silverware, Tea Sets Mani- 
cure Sets, Fruit and Fleh Sets, Cruets, 
Pcppeta and Salts, Napkin Rings, etc., 
in Caaaa, 

Waltham, Elgin and other Standard 

Carving Sets, Table and I>e8sert 
Knives, Prongs and Bpoons. 

Diamond Ring*. Signet Rings, Dress 
Rings, Wedding Rings, Bracalets, Bang- 
les, Blouse Sets, Bait Buckles, Cuff 
Links, Studs, "Watch Fobs, Vest Bets, 
Lodge Emblems. Lockets, Ladles' and 
Oents' Chains. 

Eye Olasses and Spectacles. 

A Magnificent Assortment of <3old and 
Silver Mounted Fountain Pens; Best 
Stsndard Makes. 

Rasors, Raser Strops, Shaving Sets, 
Shaving Mirrors, Shaving Brushes. 

Pen Knlvos and Pocket Knives. 

Smith, Weatern and Bnglish Shot 
Ouns, Rifles, Revolvers, etc. 

Hair Bruahaa, Hair Cllppars, Clothes 
Brushes, Scissors, "rrlnket Beta, Money 
B«lts, and a thousand other tilings too 
numerous to mention. 

woTx na ASBMmi 

Ooffmw IHmdora unA <lov«nua«a« ■««., 


• aaif .r V IB. 

.1 a>i 


A* A< AlMllWHMV 

Albaral taad PW w i ea i MatHrt •! 

iTaks notice that Harrla Brtiaat Wlldmaa, 
of Port Hardr, B. C, oeeupation farmar, 
intanda to apply far parmlaaioa to purohaaa 
tha fellewlag aaseribad land: €(>ihma«eing 
at a poat pTaa^M at tba aouthwaat oeraar 
9f Pra*#mptloa Vt*. tUt, on inirat lalanA; 
thaaca north M ahalna; tkanea wast i» 
ahata abaat ■• akalni: tbaiwa seath and 
east along shora Has to eatiiaMuMiaant; 
aaatalatag «• aeraa ■saraar laga 


Oatad this tn« tMf «t |wtaMb*r. ittS. 


Burnaid* ttoad, juat oft Douglas, 50x1 10 .^SOOO 

Sumaa and Olivar Btraeta, double corner, 83x100. . . .|(30C0 

Sumaa Strcat, 50x1 10 1^1850 

Mancheatar Avantie, 50x1 to $22900 

Falmouth Road, 60x216 $675 

Western Dominion Land 
& Investment Co., Ltd. 

Corner Fort and Broad Streets 

Phones 2470 and 2471 



Membera Chicago Board of Trade, Victoria Stock H.Kchange. 
103-106 Pemberton Building, cor. Fort and Broad Streets 

Stocks, Bonds, Grainj Cotton, Real Estate, Timber, Insurance 

Private Wires to Chicago, New York, Boston and Montreal 




Mathieu's Syrtip 


of Tmx and Cod Liver Oil 

■ not only stops a cough but curea 

H it. Its tonic and restorative 

I properties enable the system to 

I permanently throw ofF a cold. 

35c for large bottle. 
Sold everywhere. 






Syrup of Tar 





R 6k 
R 01 


O A 1 I. V M f . 



V9 U>A3r 

Ta Bur ar BaUd Hoaaaa 
arr Pay OK Kortgagea 


tlO-tll Oatral Bldg. 

Ptaone 1638. 

$620 Cash 

will buy new 4 Room. Bath and 
Pantry, Cottag«, and lot on 
Roderick Street, near Douglas 
Street car line terminus. Pay- 
ments. $40 per mojjth. Total 
prioe 92400 

Baaobwood Ara^ FV>ul Bay, five 
Room, new. modem, cement 
baaement: easy terms, ^4500 

Hoanar to xmam. 


1018 Douglas Street 
Phone 2631 




Notica li karaby glvaa tbat, mi tha firat 
dar ot Dacambar naat, application win bs 
made to tha Kuparlntaadant of Prerlnclal 
Pallea for renewal of tha hetal lloanca to 
aall Uquer by ratall In tha hotel knows aa 
tha Mayna laland Hotel, altuata at Mayua. 
In tha Proriaoa of Britlah Columbia. 
Daiad tbia lat day of Novambar, i»ll. 

' MOVOK ACT. 10I«. 

Notlea la hereby givaa that, on tha a6th 
day ot Daoambar- nast. appMeation will be 
made to tha Suparlntandcnt of Provincial 
Poliea for tha grant of a lleanea tor tha 
aala of liquor by ratall ' in and upon tha 
pramlaea known aa tCatahat Hotel, altuate 
at K-mlla poat, BAN. RaUway, upon tha 
landa dasorlbad aa oa iWath sida of MaUhat 

Dated this Itth day of Novambar. l*lt. 
THOMAS OARVIN. Applicant. 

Rich soil, apple trees, 
clover field, all fenced, 
beautiful view. ^275 
will handle. 

ataaaaa ^^'^** I raoaa 
Allay Em^^J SMI 


All purchaaera, from Fruiela H. 
fiUrllng. o< loU. subdlvialooa of Lot ! 
Bloven (11). Albeml £}lstrlct. under ' 
llaps number 611, 61IA and CISB.. ar« 
bcraby notirled that appUcaUoa haa 
bean mods to tha Supreme court for 
an ordar to amend Map 611 by doatng 
the road shown thereon running be- 
tween Lots 16. 26, S» and 80; and that 
aald application has baan adjourned 
until ten-thirty (lO.tO) a. m. sii Ttt«4t- 
day. tha 2lnd October, 1912, to enable 
All parties mtaraatad to appear aad 
a$ata thalr objecttona^ If any. 

IDatad at Victoria, B. C. tbIa ttb 
Ociobar. Ittlt 

aoUeltor (Of Vfanols H. atlrUaa. 





Until f urth«r 1^^ 

.off froin- r ta 3|i.' rtic 


Baalad tandara win be r«calvad W <ti* 
an«ars$gMd tip to 4 pm. Monday. Z>ae«|is*«r 
t% If IS. far tha instbllatloa ot ciastar )l^t 
flitlnts upo^ tfie praaant trolWr »al«« 
4r«<;fM Ml tlia daoaswi^. ptMJia dad ifael- 
:';'i1eatl4|M-.'Mf:r'.««'saNtn at tlta'effUhi at^a, 
^!m*M^''Mim*i*<> «rb«W all t«n«M« liMt ' 

'W/: »( l i i S st ;id ,'"s;a» .mirtt*^ -vrntofn' r«( 
ci!iMmt:Mi^*^:" ,*)fiw: «<«»••« or aibr «••' 








David Spe ncer Ltd^s> S hopping News tor Today 

Regular 75c and $1.00 Silks for 25c; $25 to $37.50 Goats for Women at $ 18.75 

and Stylish Costumes at $12.50, Worth From 
Twice to Nearly Three Times As Much 

Your Girls and Their Christ- 
mas Presents 

PRESENT that most girls will- appreciate. 
They are useful, will last a consideralile 
time and will form a prominent part in her 
dress. She is proud of her clothes and will appreci- 
ate them partly on that account and becauBe they 
proxide her with a constant comfort. 

Wool IKltta, weU maile, and to be liad in colors navy, n'd ami 

wliite, will fo.«t you only 36^ 

Wool«n Olovoa art- to be had in a variety of fancy mixtures. 

also plain browns, greys, srt^ens, navy, scarlet and whlli'. 

Tliey are a iliirable ciuaUty. and very warm anil comfori- 

dble. Per pair only Srjf 

Wool Klttc, in colors navy, red. White and black, are here in 

a superior riuallty. Per patr 35^ 

Wooltn CHo»«B come in the pupiiiar heather niixtiirea and 

(plhiT mixed (-ulorn. I'ricf. only 35<J 

Miaaea and CWldran'a T<!d or <1i3.(;.=fTtlTi plDves TTrairn -v^rr nf 

ceptablo presents, and We have them In all size.s. 

per pair, TTpc and .'. . . . 

Mocha Ititta, «iti. iur wristf:, eome at 



7.=-)C "and $1..00 

$1.75 and $2.00 for Night 
Dresses Full of Comfort 

NGLISH flannelette is the material, and al- 
though the average flannelette night gown 
is not so attractive as the dainty lines in 
lighter materials, they more than make up for this 
slight deficiency in the extra comfort that they 


However, here are some styles that are close 
rivals of tho^nmmer garments for good looks, and 
their soft and fleecy finish, their velvety touch, and 
their sensible proportions will make them strong 
favorites this winter. All sizes are to be had and 
they are the best values that your money will buy. 
Trices. .Si. 75 and $2.00. 

Comfort and Pleasure for 




ITHER boys or girls will delight in the.^e 
lines, and if they are fond of skating, a pair 
of "Lightning Hitch" Shoes will prove a de- 
lightful surprise. 

rait >lipv«ra of good quality, fitted with an ankle strap, 
are to be had In all sizes, and In colons red and blue. 
Price 50^ 

•k»Uiir Boota. The "Llfjhtning Hitch" are the mo«t ser- 
viceable, comtoitable and practical boots on the market. 
To see them ts to be convinced that these statements are 
more than true. For bovs and girls at, per pair, »2.!')0 
and fa.OO 

Cback Fait Sltppa'S' fitted with an ankle strap, and either 
fell or serviceable leather aoles, are to l>e had in all siz«« 
at, per pair 604^ 

aum Boota, made of pure rmbber, are here In all sizes. Saves 
the children from many a cold. Per pair 12.00 and lft2.50 

Ovar Oftitara, made of good corduroy, are here in colors 
white, red, blue, fawn and brown. Price, per pair, ipi.(>0 

Xaa Kid Oaitara, lined with felt, are a most uaefiH and 
pleasing gift. Per pair ^H.'ZTt 


Hearth Furniture for Christ- 
mas Presents 


E.\RTH furniture is very often a very ac- 
ceptable gift and one that is rarely thought 
of when making your choice. Here you 
will find a splendid assortment to pick from, and 
all are of the very best quality. So many different 
styles are here and we have so little space that a 
full description is out of the quesiton. Visit the 
Stove Department on the third floor. 

Oo»I Boxaa, Wood Bonaa amd SnffUak Oo»l Boxaa, in Opper 
and Bras.«i. plalti or hammered, from $11.75 down to |(2.75 

Coal Tonra, Brass, Copper or Art Black, from 11.75 down 
to »0<J 

ra&or Haartb BruiliM $1.7S 

Haarth »ar«ltar». Andlrona and Fire Sets, In endless vari- 
ety. Solid BrfcSs, Colonial, Flemish, and Art Black finish. 
Prices ran»e from »24.50 down to $2.00 

Xarlia and ioltaa. Brass, Satin Brass. Antique Copi>«>r, from 
145.00 dowT} to fS.SO 

nra •cMau, asd Spark QtM^Bi from |17.50 down to |ll.niO 

BaUttwa. In Fan«;y« Brass and Copper flnlBTi. Oak and Lea- 
ther, from 12.75 down to 75^ 

■ ii .-W i iii 

For Women 



^■^\^ Soeda. Th^ae ar« to b« had In a jrreat assortment of 
dainty oolors, a|id^»«^ !«•* **»• thlmr 'or throwing over 
Awg to any social function where It la 

75c and $1.00 Silks Are to Be Sold 

Today at 25c a Yard t^B 

IX THOUSAND yard.s of bcatuiful silks ^() on .sale today, and we shall be 
siirpri.sed if there is an}- of it left by nnon. 'riic small price is one in- 
ducement for earl)- sh()i)pin.L;-, l)nl ii is the si)lendid quality of the ma- 
terials and the beautiful colors lliat will be responsible for the strong demand. 
\o\\ can choose from pongees, watered moire silks, plain and chiffon taffetas 
and a liosTot plain silks, and"3;fri:ome at the same pritrc-."-Per-TaTd7 25c. 

Small But Important Items 
for the Home 




.■\XV people run away with the idea that to make 
tlieir homo really beautiful a large sum of 
money must be spent In furnlshing-t. This la 

not o.xaclly true, the truth la that well <thosen dra.perlc!'. 

curtains anil Inexpensive furniture can he bo nrrnnR-ed 

that artistic effects are the result. 

Mere are a f«w materials cost but llttlf. and conif 

i.i dainty piittcrn.=i and colorings. They are easily 

handled, an.l will Rive most plca.slng results. 

Tapestry Cnrtalna. Today we are offerinR SO pairs of 
those curtains, SO Inches wide and "X yards Tons; all 
mercerized, finished with a heavy frlnpo top and bot- 
tom, and varied patterns In colors R-reen, brown and 
reds. Per pair, only ^4j60 

Madraa KnaUna, 36 inches wide, are here in a variety of 
beautiful de.signs In both white and wru. A good drap- 
erv material, and will make very dainty curtains. I>r 
yard Z-f^' 

Haarth Baca. -^Ve »re .showing a very large quantity of 
hearth rugs In all manner of designs, chlors and qual- 
ities. We Invite you to inspect -our stock before you 
decide to purchase something «lse for your friends' 
Christmas present. Prices from J1.25 each up 
to #n».oo 

Oak KockUtr Chalra. Here Is a special lino of TiO chair.'! 
that are to be sold today at a very small price. Some 
of them have a leatlier covered seat, anil others have 
a I.Iain wocKlen seat. All are In a neat design, arc well 
made and very comforts'ble. Price ^2.90 

The Men's Furnishing 


II' we attempted In tell of all the good things now to 
he seen in tlftK department we would renuiro the 
whole of the page, and then .some more, so we have mentionetl a few lines, and Invite you to visit the 

d<'p*irtniont and e.xamtne fhe rest. 

Kandkarchlsfa, made of pure linen, and finislied with an 
embroidered initial, are to be had ready packed In fancy 
boxes at jH-r do7.i-n ^3.00 

Whlta Oambrlc HaadkerclilefB, made in Ireland, and fin- 
ished in a very neat manner, are to he had in fancy 
<''hriatmas boxes, cnnt.vlning one dor.c-n, at only 1^2. OO 

Fnra Zriah Linan Handkaroliiafa, finished with hem- 
stitciied, borders, al'. full .sii-.e. and packed In fancy 
lioxfs, are here in a var!el.\ nf iiualitie'S. Prices from 
♦ 9.00 a dozen down to ^3.00 

Wklt« Oambrlc Handkarchlefa and pure linen handker- 
chiefs, come in the ordinary style to he sold separately 
or by the dozen. Some very special values at. per 
dov.fc.K 1^.00, 13.00. $1,.')0 and ifl .OO 

BUklna HandkerohiaXs, with fancy colored borders, are to 
be bad at, each', :;,'.c 2flc, and 2 for ,....25^, 

Wblta Sltk Handkarcblafa, with initials, or plain, come at. 
each, 7r.c. nOc, and 3B5<^ 

Silk Handkarohtafa with colored borders, run from 7Bc 

eadi down to 25c 

Wblta Zilaan HandkarcWafa, with colored borders, at, 

each 2S^ 

Mufnara, Tlaa, OoUara, iTndarwaax, Bklrta, »alt Oaaaa, 
and a host of other soo<l lines at reasonable prices. 

$25.00 to $37.50 Worth of Comfort 
Style and Service in These Coats at 



ERV few are a grade that sell in the regular way at $25.00. and the balance ar^ worth 
considerably more, so you are sure of securing an exceptional value if you make your 

choice from this special lot. • 

Some are made to fasten close up to the neck when required, or show an open front when 
you desire. Others are made with smart collars and lapel effects. 

Tweeds, plain cloths, chinchillas and blanket cloths are the materials, and there is a color and 
a style included that -will suit ail tastes. / . . 

Style and quality are the features in this line that will command your special attention in 
this showing, and we are confident that yon will be pleased with the comfort and long service 
that you will get from this small investment. 

Table Cloths and Napkins 


A SPECIAL, purchase has Jtist arrived and we mean 
U) clean them out In as little time as possible. 
That's the reason why -we liave mark-ed tnem 
at a very close margin of profit. 

Many of the lines of napkins are the ■same pattern as 
the cloths, but this Is not the case with all tTie lines, aome 
are odd. The assortment Is very wide, and very dainty 
damask patterns are to be had. They are a splendid 
value for the money. 

HapktBS, In a large .sfze. are selling at. per doien ..fl.50 
Tabla Olotlia.. size' 2 yards by J yards, are selling at. 

each M-OO 

Tabla Olotba, 2x2 "/4 yards. In various patterns, are marked 

at fl-«» 


tha head Whan coins 

UndMlrabe to waar a hat. Prtee. ««ch 


....^IIA.. ^mM.J^ ^*.^ 

Women's Costumes— A Style and Quality CIO CA 
for Which You Usually Pay Up to $35, Now f IA..JU 

EVERY costume in this lot is worth at least twice the price we are asking for it- today, and 
many of them are a grade for which you, would be ready to pay $35.00. 
You don't require to be an expert judge of materials and tailoring to realize the truth of 
this statement when you see the garments— they speak for themselves. 

Tweeds panamas and diagonal cloth? are the materials, and there is a choice selection of 
colors Sonie arc in the plain tailortd style and others are slightly trimmed m a variety of 
pleasing styles. All sizes are to be had, and you will be mor? than pleased with your invest- 
ment if you secure one today. 

Dependable Hose Will Al- 
ways Be Appreciated 

or cannot 
buy gO(i( 
and c\'cn 

'^Q\.' far wri nu 

hosiery. It 

f \-riur friiMul' 

■ it VdU (Icciilc ti 
is ;thva_v> useful 
hai)])cn '.(,) lia\ t; ; 


Eiderdown Comforters 

KING 80 light and warm they are Ideal bed cover- 
ings for the winter. Their 'beautiful colorlngr'a 
and designs make them more than ever suitable 
for Christmas presents. 

We have them In a great variety of styles and qual- 
ities, ln..ludlng some covered with embroidered satin, 
damask satin, satin top with sateen back, and covered 
entirely with sateen. 

They are well worth your careful consideration, per- 
ha-ps yo!> require on« for your own use, or It may be Just 
the tiling that will "make the best Christmas present that 
you could give to your friend. 
VrtM* atart At 119.50, and range "down to fR.75 


Serge Skirts for Small Girls 


SlEes for cltls from S to *. yaam are to be had In oolowi 
RTaen, brown. carOinal, narv *nd creartJ. Th«y »re w«n 
made, tha •Iclrta *?* pUilt«i4 and button oi to AiifiNnt wAtat 

Glove or MerdHandfee 

It Is aomstlmea a difficult ntatter to d«old« irhat to 
irive to one or more of your frleniU. In anch a fi*** 
tho dcrip Mvyn a moat useful pnnxfM- It r»HavM 
vnnr mind, and vou ara aore tfcalt • yotir 

sufficient Mipply for tlic present, tiicy rcciuirc very 
little space fcr sl'd-inc^ and will be ready when 

Plain Black Caahiaere Hose are .a favorite with many women 

because tnev are .<^o comfortable and serviceahle. This 

line Is fully fashioned, and have epllced heels and toes. 

All sizes at, per piilr. $1.00, "Sc and 50<* 

mibbed Cashmere Hose, embroIdere<I In coh- 

that many women lake a pride in. Per pair, %um and 75c 
Bilk Kosa, in black, come with double heels and toes, and 

are both comfortable and servlc«abl 

pair, $2.50, ?1.50, $1.25 and 

Olrls' Hosa, In plain cashmere, black only, comes in sixes n 

. tu Sii Per pair -iOc. 3 6c and ..: . -grSC 

Tor Boya. Ribbed cashmere hose, in black, are finished with 

double knees. Sizes « to i n at, per pair, r,Oc, 4Cc and 35o 
■aavT -Woolen Hose for boy,-^ are here in ail .sUes. Hei- 

pair • y.,..-..25^ 

All s:zr 

at. per 


Dancing Slippers Will Enjoy 
Rapid Selling Today 




a1 . u 

OT simply because ihey are 

smaller price than yuu can iisu;il 
them at, but because tlicy are sd tiainly, 
well made, beautifully finished and fit so snu.^ly. 

There is quite an assortment of styles to cho(-e 
from, and we have all sizes in stock. I'rominent 
amongst these lines are .•^onic dainty black satm 
pumps with Cuban heels and a smart roseuc tiini- 
ining in front. Another fine line comes in a dull 
biack kid and is fini.shed with a ril^bon imw, and 
another line that deserves specia' attenUMU cmiics 
in a patent leather, has an ankle stra)) and i.- fni- 
ished with a very neat leather bow. 


The Prettiest Waists You 
Ever Saw at $1.75 



EVER before have you 
', somely dcsignicd and 


seen such liand- 
\.q\\ finished gar- 

ments marked at $1.75. l-.ven in some of 
our big sales it is rare that a better value is offered. 

In cross-bar muslins and linenetles there are .some 
very smart Peter Pan styles, v^ome are finished 
with scalloped and embroidered collars and cuffs, 
and others with' beautiful lace trimmines. 

1:1 r i^e U^vns li^'::re arc some very liandsomely 
designed waists with high necks and long sleeves. 
The fronts and cuffs are beautifull}- trimmed with 
richly designed lace insertions and eml)roidery, and 
are finished off with fine lace. The liacks are neatly 
tucked and we have an assortment of styles and aU 
sizes. I 

Plain and Fancy Goods 



N ideal present is something that cian be • 
purchased at a price the giver can afford to 
pay and must be of practical value to the 
friend who receives it. , Many such lines will be. 
found in this department, especially in the shape 
of household necessities and ornaments, but space 
will not permit us to tell of more than a few. 

WaalUBV KaoUaaa, from $B.2r> to 922.7<*l 

Sae o\xt Mangles. We hdvo a hamly on« that you can have 

riyht on the table at $14.50, and the Standard Mangle stands 

almost 6 feet high. We can recommend these machines, 

both as to easy running and good results of the work. 

Tlia VaMonal Xlawflo Xnm la the most convenient of any on 

the market. It has been thoroughly' tested, and we glva 

you a B years' guarantee with each. Its. just the thing 

every houaowlfe wants, and packed op In fancy Xmaa and 

Holly paper makes an attractive and useful gift. One 

price. «aoh '.$4*50 

Sow Abeat VomX ToUat Vat. We hdve two dandy value lln^s 
at 12.60 and I3.B0, just the thing for that extra room for 
ChrUtmas visitors. They are made of a good Bngllsh 
Bamnl-Porr.elaln, and the decprfttlons are gre««i. 'i^lnk. a 
dark blue on white .jrrounda, 6 pieces. The ««t« comprts'e 
1 basin, T ewer. 1 chamber and cover. 1 mug, and 1 aOip 

slab. Per -let . .-.^2.5© 

The 10 piece, seta compria* T basin, I ewer. 1 chamber and 
cover, 1 hot water jug, 1 mugr, J bruah vkii. and one 8- 

ptoce'soap diab. Per act , . . . . v. . .||3.B0 

For the housewife, What would be nicer to pive tltjan n 
few pieces of Aluminum Ware. We have a big selection In 
th* *bove to choose from, and all are marked at Spencfer 

A look a-ound the Fancy Goods being dlaplay«d lit lh« 
Crockery *nd Hardware Sectiona will mAk«i your K«lectloB of 
iCfhaa Kifta an. «My tnattar. W« h*W^a>lay«Ml-hoi'a ftll 



* vl